1. Gogetters

    Added anything to either slow down the attack flair dialogue from going so fast or preventing it from automatically skipping without a button press?

  2. Anonymous

    Like someone else mentioned, would you ever be willing to accept bitcoin for donations?

    I wouldn’t mind donating but I don’t personally use paypal.

    • Anonymous

      This. I’ll send you $20 in bitcoin if you’d just take 5 minutes to make a coinbase account. Also, I don’t really post in the /vg/ threads since I rarely use 4chan anymore, so it would be nice if you posted a bit more on your blog instead of the mgq general.

      Thanks again for your time in translating this. I can’t imagine it’s a very easy job so know that your work is appreciated.

    • I tried to make a bitcoin wallet a while back. I didn’t trust all those web-managed wallet services since a few of them had ripped their entire userbase off. So instead, I downloaded a local wallet program that wanted to download the entire blockchain. I didn’t think that was a big deal, but two weeks and 30GB later, I gave up on it, haha.

      Ok, I made a wallet (not on Coinbase). 1LRGWQzJoQHDopsK8UdJeiJuQhGbf8obnQ

      • It’s fine. There are lots of silly ideas on the Internet regarding copyrights and money that have somehow become accepted truth simply by being repeated often enough. Plus, Torotoro gave me permission to translate the game provided that I don’t distribute game assets (art, music, etc.).

  3. Anonymous

    Well, as long as we get something new to do at the end of the month, I’m all for it man! Even if it’s only about half an hour of play, that’s better than nothing ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. sazaju

    Maybe a monthly patch could be useful. Not only for us to see that you are still alive, but also for motivating you: if you are not satisfied of your current pace, committing to provide a monthly patch could provide some incentives to you. The important is not to have a *significant* patch, but to *have* a patch, even if it is 1 sentence.

    • Anonymous

      This might not be such a great idea depending on how much of a pain in the ass it is to release a patch for this game.

  5. Anonymous

    Regardless of progress it is good to hear that you are persistently working on the translation.
    Possibly entire Ilias Continent translated by the end of the year? Well that would be one hell of a new year gift for me ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Shana

    You’re doing an amazing job so far! Keep up the goof work and go at whatever pace you need o: We don’t want you overworking yourself, this is a huge project to be working on! Thank you so much for everything you do and have done!

  7. whenever I boot up v1.21 I keep getting these japanese pop up boxes there is like 3 or 4 of them, is there a way to disable them? Because it is stopping me from enjoying this next Monmusu game. :/

  8. Anonymous

    Yeah… Really glad you don’t give up on this project, but if i wait any longer i will probably lose any interest i have left in this game. So, can anyone recommend a decent program to get any kind of machine translation going? Doesn’t matter how crappy the translation is, since the scenes in Monmuso were always terribly written and i will just read a summary about this clusterfuck of a story. So as long as the translation is getting the names of items and attacks right and i can play the game, it will be sufficient.

      • Anonymous

        Thanks, but it seems i have to go with a full machine translation. I have tried anything imaginable to get this thing to work, but it fucks up my game no matter what i do.

      • Anonymous

        Everything the guide said, then i looked trough older comments to see if anyone had the same problems i have with this, sadly no luck. I give up at this point, tried using ATLAS and AGTH, but it seems AGTH needs a freaking unique code for every game you want to translate (good luck finding those). Then i tried using IHT, actually had to do a full system recovery because it fucked up my pc. I’m done. No game is worth this kind of trouble.

  9. Incubusknight

    Thanks for the update Dargoth. Regardless of when the patch come out I’m sure every mgq fans will appreciate the hard work you (and those helping you) have put into this game.
    I’ll be looking forward to your next update/patch.

    • FickleArchivist

      Dargoth – “Ideally you could play the game up until reaching Sentora without encountering a single Japanese character, except for perhaps battle yells for more advanced skills and little things like that.”

      To me, that suggests H-Scenes will be covered as most people wouldn’t consider them little things. That should include Loss scenes and request scenes at the Pocket Castle but I don’t mean to put words into Dargoth’s mouth or possible misinterpret them.

    • FickleArchivist

      Sometime next year according to Torotoro. First they have to release Monster Girl 100, at least I think it is theirs. A lot of the artists they worked with are contributing to it so maybe Torotoro is just endorsing it for them. It’s a visual novel unrelated to MGQ so I wouldn’t worry about it unless you need more monster girls.

    • FickleArchivist

      I do too Anon. Lately, I’ve been playing a lot of Killing Floor 2 and Portal.

      But if I may ask, are you the same Anon whose been using Smiley Faces are periods or did everyone just figure out how to do that at the same time?


  10. Anonynymouse

    What are you guys struggling the most with? Translation speed or the technical issues? I’ve been considering helping out with translations.

    • Translation by far considering it’s just me.

      Seriously though, shoot me an email at h.dargoth@gmail.com or stop by the #mgq channel on Rizon and message me. We have all the lines in text files in a format that’s easy to just cut the Japanese out and type a translation in. Even if you just wanted to do a couple h-scenes you like, some battle dialogue, a town or two, or whatever, anything helps. We DO have a git repository to manage the translation, but getting set up to use that is not necessary.

      • MGL

        To elaborate on this, Dargoth’s the only one we’ve got actively translating the map files/events/h-scenes. I’m not nearly as good as he is at conversational Japanese, but once I’m done with skills/items/etc I’ll prob at least try to see if some of the other stuff can be dealt with to take some load off his shoulders.

      • Anonynymouse

        Well, all right. I’ve got tons of my own projects to do, but I once I have a little bit more time (between releases of the stuff I do) I’ll drop down by the rizon channel for details.

  11. flazeo25

    I’m stuck on vanilla quest sinc I got echo grass and restorives in her shop, but she wont update about shurikens I tried buying from vanilla and bringing her along to talk to illasport shop owner and samurai but getting nothing.

  12. Anon S

    I’ve avoided playing the game thus far, might as well wait for the 35% or whatever projected patch release it will be.

    Usually I’m not interested in spoilers, but when I start seeing some excitement on here and spoilers flying around I’ll probably know it’s time to play.

    I recently did my final MGQ playthrough, on EX mode. It was still sort of fun but not quite as fun as it was way back when we were all waiting for content patches and talking about the game on Rogue’s blog. I think this perverted little community somehow adds to the fun of playing this stuff.

    • FickleArchivist

      I find doing anything with others makes it more fun whether friends or a community. Things have quieted down quite a bit recently, mostly people posting about patching issues or translation updates, not that there is a problem with that. The initial wave of people who played the game with machine assistance and translation setbacks due to constant patching is pretty much done but that might change with the Christmas patch. If Dargoth reaches his goal of full patching the Ilias Continent, that is over half the game world for Part 1, plus the technical things already translated like menus, skills, jobs, etc. Post-Ilias Continent content does seem to have more areas and quests in the same amount of land so I would put it around 50% content translated by Christmas if everything goes according to plan.

  13. Anonymous

    I wonder if Torotoro is going to make Paradox like Chrono Trigger in regards to good or bad endings? Will there be a bad ending like some kind of dark entity destroying the world? Or something like that. Do you guys get what I’m talking about?

    • Seems to play more on a fusion of Chrono Trigger and Chrono Cross… I’m sure building a timeline for this will be a fun task though I’m not sure if it will go as far as the future refused to change as Torotoro will probably be more pressed to make 500 ish personal monster girl endings to complement the main ending like the last game. Though given the scope of the project I wouldn’t be surprised as questions will come up as to which future is the ‘right’ future.

      • Anonymous

        Same anon here, from what I see so far Paradox looks like its going to be a little more darker than the original in terms of character deaths. So far Micaela is the first death and then either Lily or Lucia. We are probably going to see a lot more in later parts. Maybe Torotoro will kill off one or two of the Heavenly Knights.

      • It’s possible though the question is in which timeline on what dimension? Under that idea it will still be possible to recruit all girls.
        So far there are a few lines and I’m sure this will expand
        The future where Ilias lost, that is the games Little Ilias timeline
        The present anomaly, where the current Little Alice resides
        The past on an altered setting, younger Promestein for example
        Unknown fragments, anything in Tartarus or Chaos which has Micaela still alive

  14. jchris1_2000

    Seems a bit odd that sealed Alice can use eyes of recovery, needed her true form before. but if she stays sealed until the end it makes the skill usable

  15. Desert Eagle

    I found an interesting item in The Labyrinth of Chaos. It’s an accessory called ใ€Œๅฟซๆฅฝใฎใ‚ทใƒณใƒœใƒซใ€ = Symbol of Pleasure (Looks like a white cape). Equipping it causes the character’s attacks become pleasure attacks.

    I equipped it to Luka. He made a monster girl come with sword techniques. ๐Ÿ˜€

  16. PeacockPrincess

    Seems like a big update to me, even if it won’t be a significant change from the perspective of the end user. Thanks for your time on this, and thank you for the front page update! I check back every week or so, and it’s nice to know what’s going on without having to comment dive.

  17. Anonymous

    Just leaving a note that I am also waiting for some update. The machine translation really is ugly, so every update is appreciated!

    • My Japanese is all right, at least when it comes to reading it. I can pick up a book and read through it no problem. There IS a machine-translated version of the game provided by MGQ_EX however.

  18. pejman92

    i am so eager to see part 2 (succubus village + yamatai village omgomgomgomgomgomg)

    also sad that illias has only 1 requestable move and that she is that bitchy in it :/

    • FickleArchivist

      Where’s the love for Plansect Village? Not a fan of the Little Shops of Horas?

      Joking aside, I’m really excited for Part 2 too, because I really want to recruit Cassandra because of her … genetics. Seriously though, she says she has the DNA of a bunch of different monsters in the original game so if she has a lot of different races to choose from, she can be pretty game breaking.

      While I’m not a fan of lolis, I still like Ilias and it can be upsetting that a main character only has one scene. Alice only got one new scene but she still had access to her old one plus you can see the first Alice scene from the original game. Sonya has one scene with two variants but that’s because Torotoro refuses to let Luka put his dick into a human vagina so until she becomes a monster, that’s a no go. Optimistically, Torotoro is saving more, better scenes with main characters for Parts 2 and 3.

      • Anonymous

        I guess Cassandra has Yoma, Slime, maybe Scylla and earth/seadweller.

        I believe that the monster lord line has the most races, as shown with Alice XVI.

      • FickleArchivist

        Appearance wise, Yoma, Slime, Scylla and the Dwellers, probably but I’m betting on more than just that. She was a contender for the Throne so her power should be close to the Monster Lord’s blood line which she gained by devouring and absorbing the powers of many different monsters if I remember correctly, kind of like a DBZ villain. So maybe she won’t have access to as many as Alice but it should still be a lot. Technically, Alice can turn into any race she wants from a lore perspective but right now she only has access to six. Maybe that has to do with the sealing? After being unsealed, if she can change into any race, aside from angel, she’ll be pretty overpowered.

      • Skuya

        Actually I thought the same about Archangel Ranael. I mean, she’s Angel (obviously), Scylla (lower tentacles), Alraune/Plant (her “carnivorous side”), Lamia (Snake hair), and something else (I think her left arm was some kind of worm arm like Lily, lucia and the Worm Villager had).

        Would be pretty interesting though, I guess I’ll put her in my main team if it ever turns out that she’s recruitable.

  19. Anonymous

    i don’t know how it went for Rogue, but I wonder if part 2 comes out, will Dargoth have to start his translations all over?

    • FickleArchivist

      There was some discussion about that early and really, it depends on how Torotoro releases Part 2. If they release it as a separate game with compatible saves then it might be difficult. But, in the game files, Torotoro left a lot of space between different items, classes, enemies, etc… most likely in anticipation for adding in news ones in Part 2 and Part 3. In other words, Part 2 seems like it will be like a large patch or an expansion, just adding new content in addition to the base content instead of being a completely separate game.

  20. Anonymous

    Its really interesting how some characters appear more friendly in this timeline, I saw two ladies from ladies village (Cassandra’s Village) in the Sutherland Inn and they were pretty relaxed in there

    • FickleArchivist

      You see, that’s what I thought too … at first. With Ilias gone after the Great Disaster, most monsters and people seemed much nicer and happier overall. Everything about Paradox was just better, Luka’s dad was still alive, Alice wasn’t filled with guilt, Lazarus wasn’t filled with terrorist impulses, monsters and humans got along fairly well, and while there was inter-kingdom tensions, it didn’t look like it would escalate to total war based on hatred or genocide. All and all, this new timeline looked way better in every way. That was my impression after the first hour or so but after playing through Part 1 completely, my opinion is … different. I won’t say more or else risk influencing your opinion if you haven’t played past Dargoth’s translation or anyone else’s reading this.

      • Anonymous

        Well actually I just thought that “it seems that are friendly”, but even so I still have some doubts, mostly because even with Illias gone monsters that have a feeling of superiority will still look humans as mere livestock, or humans who will still think of monsters as abominations that should be eradicated; its just like that, there will always be people like that.

  21. Anonymous

    Excuse me does someone knows how do you finish Caster’s sidequest? I know I have to get a withered cactus in Illiasville but after she takes it I don’t know what else to do

  22. Kais

    Did anyone manage to successfully install the ex patch with 1.21?
    I am having trouble getting it to work with 1.21. I decrypted all files from the Game.rgss3a, moved the Data and Graphic’s folder into game directory, deleted the Game.rgss3a and moved those text files into the directory as well. Problem is, the patch isn’t doing anything, everything is still in japanese.
    I tried to copy those text files into the data folder, that didn’t work so i copied them into the normal game directory, didn’t do anything either, even tried to rename them but sadly the same result. Then i saw the “should something lile this” part in the readme, so i followed it and copied all text files except the english ones into the data folder, sadly that also did not work.

    Here is what the readme says:

    “Move and overwrite using MGQ Paradox Translation EX patched files, all files from the EX patch are important so only cherry pick if you know what your doing otherwise overwrite using all of them files.”

    I guess somewhere here is the issue. There was nothing to overwrite, the files could just be moved and there were no files with the same name.

    ” โ€˜Dataโ€™ Folder deals with how the game works, if you donโ€™t overwrite these then the game wonโ€™t read the rvtext files and thus wonโ€™t offer any translation”

    Again, nothing there to overwrite in the Data folder at this point. So am i overlooking something, is the readme out of date or do i have to try some random things and hope for the best? Any help is appreciated because i am totally lost.

    • Anonymous

      So you Extracted the files from ‘Game.rgss3a’ into the folder ‘Extract’ (size: 551 MB)
      Folder ‘Extract’ contained two sub folders ‘Data’ and ‘Graphics’
      You took these two sub folders and put them into the main game directory, this should complain that some ‘Graphics’ items are being overwritten
      Then you deleted or renamed ‘Game.rgss3a’
      After you took ALL the files from the EX archive and placed them in the main game directory
      (As you are overwriting everything in the folder ‘Data’, along with all other files and folders)
      ‘Game.exe’ is alongside the rvtext files, ALL of them, the overwritten ‘Game.ini’ and with the folders ‘Data’, ‘Graphics’, ‘Audio’, ‘Patch’, ‘System’, ‘Fonts’

      • Kais

        That did it somehow, thanks for your help man ๐Ÿ™‚
        There are some crashes every once in a while but i guess that is to be expected, nothing major.

  23. Anonymous

    Hello, wanted to ask a little thing… in the rapiers techniques there is some with the name “*Element* trois” I have two of them, one is lightning element with the name “Foudre Trois” and the other is fire element with the name “Fue Trois” I might be wrong but… it is french right ? So it might be “Feu” instead of “Fue” cause “Feu” means Fire in french, I’m not expecting it to be translated cause I don’t know if it is a pain in the ass to do so… but still wanted to know if what I say is correct or if is it just me that played the game for too long, thanks for the answer… or not ๐Ÿ˜€
    P.-S. Thanks for ur hard work Dargoth, u rock !

  24. Xoverguy

    Guys I recently ran into the guy that worked on the monster girl quest paradox chaos labyrinth superboss guide, and he has been submitting videos on youtube displaying some of his strategies. Just less than 30 minutes from now he showed a video of one of his strategies that DESTROYED Sonia Mazuda!! This is not a hack, as all stats and equipment are from part one, and the game is in English to confirm that. Just the player knowing how to setup in the game like an absolute champ!! Enjoy!!

    • FickleArchivist

      That’s … impressive. I have yet to fight the Super bosses, busy with other things, but the accomplishments people keep making in this game make me want to reconsider and invest more time in it. With things like this, it seems like Part 2 and Part 3 are going to be total cake walks unless Torotoro caps stacking abilities or makes some Elder God Tier monsters, immune to all debuffs and resistant to most damage.

      • Xoverguy

        I genuinely don’t think they are going to cap stacking buffs, since stacking buffs to a certain extent is already capped. (you cant stack generic buffs that have the same “Up” icon) but he was using buffs like transform which also buff but are identified by different icons on the status section. If they were to do that, they would make the bosses more tedious and linear, and I think they would lose sales on that.

        Since lets be honest, even though some people say that the RPG battle system is bad or was not needed compared to the original monster girl quest…I absolutely LOVE the versatility of the battle system, and feel it is a great hit for this growing series. That guy on the video went full on attack brutality, but somebody like me can equally defeat the bosses in a defensive manner like I usually do, even though it takes much longer (I use Luka to attack, Shinifa for clara/carbuncle buffs, Vitae for Division and Item User Buffs, and Mini for Evasion, Attack and SP buffs. (BTW everybody uses clara in the battle) )

        So yeah, They brought out the labyrinth early due to us as a community owning reaper before time…but upon making paradox, they not only made this game a good story like the original…they made it a non linear game in terms of battle, which is something that is an improvement on its predecessor. And since it is by definition a game, we the community, as gamers, will always find bigger and better ways to get stuff done, even if our levels and skills and jobs are capped.

        Based off all of this, I am sure that if they want to keep the attention up, they will take some extra time to create stronger foes, and or upgrade the current extra dungeons. It would not be in their best economical interest to cut out or restrict certain things in the game, since this is not something that might turn into tournaments like pokemon or other games. But that is what I think at least. Those are my two cents. Talk to you guys later.

      • FickleArchivist

        I enjoy combat with depth in any game because it rewards investment, creativity, and experimentation and I’ve had a lot of fun playing through Paradox trying out new things. I’m just concerned about game balance. Since this game isn’t competitive it isn’t an immediate concern but the longevity of the game will be hurt if the players can curb stomp all your bosses. There isn’t an easy fix to this either as the suggestions I made, had their own drawbacks as you mentioned, as artificially capping players is insulting and just giving bosses more health and resistances will needlessly draw out the fight which is just boring. Of course, not everyone will see these guides or adhere to them strictly and the investment is significant. And it’s not like bosses aren’t challenging. These bosses are significant milestones. I guess the player base just needs more challenges like you said. Plus the depth of the combat system allows for self-imposed challenges which is always fun to see and try. I suppose some of my concerns are unfounded, based on precedence rather than evidence. Doesn’t matter, I’m still going to enjoy the hell out of these games.

  25. Anonymous

    God damn thanks so much! It’s been far too long since MGQ 1 – 3 Rogue did an awesome job ๐Ÿ˜€ I was afraid no one would pick up after him. Super happy to see Dargoth taking the reigns on this.

    You do humanity a service xD

  26. Anonymous

    Nor sure if anyone knows about this but I just read this on Manyeyedhydras comment section about MGQ Paradox: “I found out there is a secret H-Scene with the Imp if you have her wear the Risky Swimsuit and make the request that is unlocked when her affection is 50 or higher. She’s wearing a cow-print bikini…its fucking amazing”
    – Tamam0

    • FickleArchivist

      That’s correct. You can also find clubs in Sonya’s cabinet, kitchen and the clay pot in her house. She just really likes clubs, probably.

      In that same vein, there is an old couple living together in the Nameless Slums. Sonya asks if two old people will be okay living near some many thieves and the thugs and the old woman simply laughs it off and says they’ll be fine. Search the cabinet behind her and you’ll find a battleaxe.

  27. Anonymous

    hey guys just a question, is it a good idea to build up sonia knowing that we’re likely to face her as a boss later on?

    • Anonymous

      I don’t think there’s really a way for any of us to be able to answer that since we have no idea how P2/P3 will go…

      Either way I wouldn’t build up Sonia just because she sucks.

      • Desert Eagle

        Didn’t Hip/Orc Girl mistake Sonia for an orc girl at first? I think it was because of the size of Sonia’s hips.

      • FickleArchivist

        When Sonya and Hip talk in the castle, Hip will ask Sonya if she is an Orc because she is a fellow club user. Sonya says she’s a human and asks if Hip couldn’t see that. Hip remains silent, Sonya flips out and Hip says Sonya is plump like an Orc.

    • FickleArchivist

      There is a good chance we’ll face a Sonya later on as a boss but maybe not our Sonya. Forcing Sonya to leave our party, hopefully de-equipping all her gear, and making the player lose a potentially high levelled party member isn’t a very good design choice as it takes away a measure of control from the player. JRPGs do have a habit of forcing players to use certain members at times so it is not un-precendented and if they story demands it, we might lose her later on but I doubt her level as an enemy will be affected by her strength as an ally because players who ignored human characters will have her drastically under levelled and would then have to fight a very easy boss.

      As for whether or not you should use her depends on if you want to optimize and Min-Max your characters. If you want to do the most possible damage and take on Bonus Bosses and Super Bosses, humans companions aren’t good enough.

      If you just want to play through the game normally, enjoying the story with the characters you like, choose whoever you want. Depending on the difficulty, fights can be challenging but not unwinnable so as long as you have a basic plan, you don’t need to worry about planning out character builds to God Stomping detail.

  28. Anonymous

    I can’t wait for the patch on November 1st, I just got the game a few days ago for it and also have level grinded for about 7 hours before I get to illiasburg when the patch comes out XD

  29. Anonymous

    I hope for Dargoth’s sake he’s able to fully translate Paradox before Summer 2016 hits. Because that’s when Paradox Part 2 is projected to come out right? I’d like to think the guy can finish before then, that way he can take a break from all the translating before Part 2 hits.

  30. Anonymous

    I was wondering if any of you tried a third option when you have to side with Lilly or Lucia. I mean, you could tell the two that you won’t side with any of them and then defeat them both?

    • lordkane01

      I don’t think that is an option if it was I imagine someone would of told us by now and I haven’t seen any comments saying that it was possible. But I might be wrong been holding off on playing the game till translation is out. So you might have to do another game to take the other option like with Alice and Illias of course its possible that in part 2 or 3 you will be able to recruit the other option.

    • Events probably play out after you beat either one of them. I believe “Defeat” options only opens up the dungeons early on. (Both will stay open after one faction have won anyway.)

    • Desert Eagle

      If my memory serves me, that’s not really an option. If you try to stay out of their fight, then you stay out of it. You can’t advance the quest without taking a side. (There’s still a way to recruit both of them though.)

      • Anonymous

        Thanks Dargoth, good to hear from you again. I actually just got the game a bit ago because I heard about the update and while I wait I’ve been mainly level grinding (which is fun as well)
        Can’t wait to play with the new patch and thanks for mentioning this ๐Ÿ˜€

  31. I was replaying MGQ 1-3 and I just found something I forgot about and want your guys take on it when you learn Lightning Sword Flash skill. The story that Alice tells you regarding the skill mentions Death God Girl Thanatos “yea that is exactly what she is called”. Which makes me wonder if she is a creature similar to Reaper same species perhaps? I just figured it was worth mentioning because I know many people like trying to figure out what the future games story lines might hold would be interesting in this bit of information.

    Another reason I pointed it out is she is clearly stating that the race Thanatos belonged to is “Death God” just like in a couple of her other stories she states the race the character in question belonged to. Some may say that “Death God Girl Thanatos” might just be her title rather then a reference to her race I personally think that would be strange because considering that Thanatos is the god of death in Greek mythology it would be sort of redundant to call yourself Death God Girl Thanatos but then again we have all seen stranger things in games so it is possible it is her title I want to hear your guys opinions on this.

    My opinion is Death God is her race probably originally said Shinigami and Rogue chose to translate it as Death God for those who don’t know what Shinigami means.

    • Desert Eagle

      Hmmm… I’m not sure… I find it more likely that Death’s name is Thanatos (Recruitable in part 3, maybe?) or that someone called “Thanatos” was given the nickname “Death God”. It’s a pretty common kind of nickname to give someone who’s felled countless foes.

      That, or perhaps Death’s role is “inherited”. If that is the case, then perhaps there’s a chance Death can be recruited (in part 3?). In any case, I simply cannot imagine that there’s a village of Death God Girls somewhere in the world.

      • lordkane01

        Well if they are a whole race they might not have villages take the Dragons for example all the ones you meet are very strong they are just all spread out for the most part. Besides even if they did have a village wouldn’t be that bad considering there is a succubus village and succubi are very high ranking monsters. Besides there could be a race of “Death God Girls” with Reaper or Thanatos being the strongest basically the queen of that race with the others being much weaker. I mean come on we have angels as a whole race and even the angels of the 9th circle “the lowly angels” are as strong as monsters that are considered very very powerful. With the ones of the higher circles being totally op when compared with almost any monster other then the 6 ancestors, Monster Lord and a few of the more powerful queen class monsters. When you think of things like that does a race of “Death God Girls” sound so strange? Plus don’t forget we have the 3 Lilith sisters in the paradox games and you know all 3 are going to be crazy strong once we see them use their true powers. I could be wrong I just feel like it might be hinting that there might be a monster race we might get to see in the future.

        On a different note I hope we get to see more goblins in paradox made me sad in the first 3 that we only saw Goblin Girl.

  32. Anonymous

    One question guys, I have notice that in some attacks there is no dialogue, just the animation of the attack and that’s it. So is that supposed to happen? Or maybe is a bug or something?

    • Anonymous

      Oh, sorry if I sounded a bit rude there I didn’t mean to offend you at all and I sadly don’t know any other way to help with this so again sorry

    • There are a few methods

      From Running Game
      F1 (Properties)
      General Tab
      Check ‘Launch in Full Screen’
      Restart Game

      From Running Game
      ALT+ENTER should toggle Full Screen

      If using EX
      When Game Isn’t Running
      In the Main Game Directory
      Edit ‘Game.ini’
      Find entry ‘WinMode=’
      Change that line to equal either ‘WinMode=Fit’ or ‘WinMode=Full’
      Save ‘Game.ini’
      Start Game

      • Akushi

        Thanks for the answer, i apprecied.
        I have tried every method, but no one work, if only i know why, i think there’s a way, but i don’t know how i can do.
        There’s a way to disable text during a scene, like left click in the others MGQ ?

      • Perhaps it has something to do with how RPG Maker utilizes the graphics card or OS dependent.

        You said you tried the EX version method, what version where you using?

        I’m not sure if there is a way to disable text, though something can probably be added.

      • Looks like the script that handles other resolution settings for EX depends on ‘user32.dll’ which should be available in Windows

        Added a Debug Option to test Basic Window Resizer script calls
        Added script “efeberk – Message Visibility” to toggle text visibility
        Uses Function Key ‘F8’ To Toggle

        Will be added to the next release or you can pull the current dev version

  33. Anonymous

    I don’t understand you people that actually thought a patch was coming out yesterday. This is Dargoth. Take any estimate of time he gives you and triple it. In other words, expect this patch in December. The end of year update will get pushed to next year, because he’ll have just taken the effort to release this patch.

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