• redpanther

      Not really the full game,if I recalled correctly it’s just a one part of trilogy like before.

      Cliff-hanging is the best marketing ploy evar.

  1. sazaju

    Sorry, a bit too fast. From this link: “Over 150 enemy monsters in Part One alone!”, but I think the video speak about more than 500 monsters, so you can expect at least 3 parts like the initial MGQ I guess.

  2. Cellulanus

    Woah. Talk about little warning.

    Hard to get too excited, considering how far the translation patch is. And damn it I play it for the story.

  3. CMrC

    OMI !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Man i was resigned for another 3 weeks of wait
    Words cannot express how i feel right now….. just YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Edale

    So this means there’ll be no patch for the second demo then?

    Because I’d be perfectly happy just sticking around the demo maxing everything while waiting for the patch for the full game to come out.

  5. The Noble Shade

    Sadness, story is what I look forward to the most. Still, I shall wait. Waiting is something I’m very good at. I will not want for an ETA, I, like the stoic Penelope, shall wait patiently.

  6. Anonymous

    Looking on how much time it took to translate the demo(5% of the game i think), I think we will have to wait another year for a full translate. Hope I’m wrong tho!

  7. WildFour

    If the translation time is anything similar to MGQ I guess we are going to be one year behind each release? Ah well, now I have something to look forward to for the next 4 years, assuming TTR doesn’t pull a katawa shoujo on us.

  8. Anonymous

    Somebody better get those CG up on exhentai!! So we can at least see some of it before the translation is done!

  9. Anonymous

    So … what has Dargoth actually been doing this last half a year? Correct me if I’m wrong but hasn’t there been no major translation work completed since the third Violated Hero game?

    • Anonymous

      well demo is translated enough to get main point of it so eather play jap paradox for H or wait for full translation, as i think there will be many mindfuck in story.

    • Anony

      I believe he was tackling a notoriously hard to translate game call “sei monmusu gakuen” or something similar. He made a decent amount of progress on it and then paradox demo came out and he shifted his focus to paradox.

  10. Anonymous

    Thank you based dargoth! you guys are awesome. I just passed jlpt n3, so feel free to consult me if you need a japanese master like myself :^)

    • Anonymous

      Pretty hard to estimate. The demo as a whole can’t be used to help approximate, as the reason its taken so long to get out is because of technical/team problems. It can be assumed that the rate of progress will be faster than Dargoth’s previous translations as he does have a team now. There’s a lot more to translate than in the other MGQ games as it’s an actual RPG this time. It took Rogue (considered incredibly fast) 6 months to translate chapter 3 which had 90ish monsters as opposed to this RPG which has 110ish. The reused h-scenes work can be more than made up for the extra scenes you get from companions. HRGRHGEAHGHG, 8-10 months, depending on his team.
      It’s noteworthy that it took Dargoth alone 3 months for the current patch.

      • NoName

        – There’s a total of more than 150 monster girls. That means there’s tons of dialogue related to them (sex scenes, mob talk, castle talk,…).
        – For what has been showed so far the game seems like it will go through at least two of the continents, maybe three.
        – It also seems like there’s a lot of optional sidequests ahead.
        – There’s an absurd amount of jobs and probably races, which also means lots of skills and equipment related to all of them.
        – There’s also the fact that there’s two different story lines, Alice and Ilias (which may not be that different from each other, specially in part 1).

        That’s a fuckton of content. You’re being a bit optimistic to expect a full patch for part 1 in just 8-10 months IMO.

  11. Anonymous

    Dargoth, i have only one thing to say man.

    Many Many MANY Thanks !! You are AWESOME !! If i have any way to donate for your job i’ll gladly do.

    I’m from Brazil and R$ 1 = $3 but you deserve !!

    Many Thanks again dude and GO GO GO !!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Anonymous

    Anyone else can’t run Paradox demo in fullscreen properly? I’m getting a black screen with a small glitched fragment of the game in the corner. The game is running, the sound is playing, I can even see it displayed in fullscreen for a split second when I alt+enter.

    • NoName

      That’s a problem on your side it seems, since I can play the game on fullscreen. Though honestly, it’s not really recommended since everything looks pixelated when you do that, as this game wasn’t intended to be played fullscreen.

      • Anonymous

        It would be better than 640×480 window I can barely see. I “fixed” it by turning screen resolution down when paradox is running.

    • Caliburn

      Did you end up fixing it, if you want full screen you right click on the window, go to properties and check launch in full screen. Now restart Paradox and it will work.

  13. Anonymous

    I believe thanks is in order to not only Dargoth, but his team as well. Thank you guys, let’s get down to business!

  14. Anonymous

    I cant wait ^^ I’m literally just gonna walk Luka around the map getting him raped over and over by as many monster girls as I can find XD

  15. Anonymous

    I was going to ask how to buy the game since its damn near impossible to understand the japanese dlsite but thats been fixed thank ilias ^^

  16. It is hard to get serius about a demo so I can understand why it took such a long time however you now have a good base for the full game don’t you? are you still alone or have you maneged to get some help towards the translation?

  17. Anonymous

    OMG YES! I can’t wait for this to be translated I even started replaying MGQ 1 through 3 on hard mode just to enjoy it again beforehand and also because I loved all the moves Luka could use in the game I won’t say anything about them though so I don’t spoil it for any new comers

  18. Anonymous

    at 9 pm to 12 am tonight the game will out on the English site that usually the time when the new stuff comes out anyway

  19. NoName

    And the game is out in Japanese store, and in less than 15 minutes (I think) it has been downloaded >1800 times LOL. I will be buying from the English store of course. Hope nobody makes the download public before I buy it.

  20. Anonymous

    Damn…. I can buy this game right now and start playing but… but… DAMN IT, I know it’s a million times better to wait for the translation before purchasing it otherwise I’ll totally regret it. If I had to power to give myself temporary memory loss until the translation was finished things would be so much easier haha! Dargoth, I hope you’re working hard and release a partial before the full, so excited. Also, just a pro tip for anyone who wants to play now and for whatever reason can’t buy the game via the Japanese site (not accepting credit card). To fix this, just register with the website, use a translator to navigate through the process and under phone number put 0123456789, and you should be set. Let’s see how long I’ll hold out before caving in and playing this game raw.

  21. Anonymous

    Damn, I just switched to the history channel to cool off and the first show that comes on is, “monster quest”. WTF!?! lol…

  22. NoName

    How did you manage to buy from the Japanese website, Dargoth? I’m stuck having to wait for the English one to make it available.

    • I’ve never had any problem using the Japanese dlsite. Some people get their credit cards declined, but I think that’s because their CC company blocks online foreign transactions for security purposes or doesn’t do foreign currency transactions without authorization. I just use a card that I’ve used in Japan before and it works fine.

      • Striker J

        My translator, the Japanese DLsite has released the game. You can get a one day head start on the project if it is possible to.

  23. Jollygamer123

    OMG OMG OMG its really coming!?! I’m so stoked I gonna !@#$ the $%^$ out of this game and then #$%^&*^%$ the @#$%^ with #$%^&%!!! Sorry for my language I’m just so happy after so so long were finally getting the next adventure, and a bigger one too, WOOP WOOP!! your translation of this work is much appreciated you will live on as a true legendary hero for completing such a mission. You will most likely be harassed by the impatient but never waver, cause your mission is a noble one and we all faith in you to finish it, we’ve waited for so long we can wait a little longer. Fare thee well oh noble champions like myself whom are prepared to give there virtual lives for the sake of the monster girl threat.

  24. Anonymous

    The wait will be well worth it! So only part 1 got released or the whole game? Also if it is the whole game will it be fully translated by late 2016/ early 2017 or will it be fully translated sooner since I can wait since there are other games and other things coming out that I want to enjoy and I have some other things I have to do so its all good

  25. Chiron Maximus

    Everybody calm down and enough with the “When is it” questions! I’m just as eager as all of you, but we’ve waited this long, since the demo came out, for part 1 to come out, so we can certainly wait a little longer for part 1 in English. Dargoth, we got your back man! Rock the translation!

  26. Anonymous

    If you want to purchase the game from the DLsite I posted a mini guide on the previous posts. I’ll retype it here one last time. To get past the credit card error you MUST register with the JP site and go through the process and provide a valid email address. In addition, under phone number enter 0123456789 and for phonetic spelling please just translated whatever you entered into actual Japanese character (G-trans) will satisfy this requirement (FYI keep it simple, don’t get fancy). Use Google-trans to navigate through the registration process shouldn’t take more than a couple a minutes. THEN enter your credit card info upon checkout like you would on the English site. The rest is up to you. Again please review previous comments, sometimes you’ll find the answer before even having to ask! Dargoth, love ya! Even though the game JUST came out, I can’t help but say it, please hurry, I’m dying inside waiting. Haha, nah I kid, but… seriously hurry up… NOO I’m just kidding haha. 😛 I’ll probably play it raw like a couple of others and get some levels in and what not.

  27. CMrC

    I’ve too say ChiiTrans is prooving quite good for understanding stuff in game. I’m also making a lot of text replacement as i go to make it nicer. If i think it will be worth it i’ll try posting the file somewhere

  28. Obsidious

    Can you please translate the battle texts at some point as well? Or maybe tell us whether you intend to before or after translating the story?

    • Chiron Maximus

      Yeah at Intelliware, but they only have a demo right now, and it only has you fight slime girl, slug girl, and only encounter Granberia, but not fight her.

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