1. Pim_gd

    Whoa, awesome!

    I want to play without screwing up my save – are any of the names translated yet? Names screw with machine translations the most, so if those were translated then both my save would be free of japanese strings and reading machine translation would be easier to read.

    • The problem with names is that they’re part of your save file. We’ve translated all the names, but anyone in your party will keep the Japanese name despite the patch. We’re going to fix that, hopefully next patch (soon™) so it isn’t going to screw up your save, but also won’t help you right now.

      Save files are fully transferable between the Japanese versions and any patches I release. Just keep them backed up in case.

  2. Player4thegames

    Thank you very much, it’s good to play with the menu translated, because I can understand globaly the history, but the menu are not really good to understand with TA, soo it will help me (more when I chose the wrong action cause’ I was thinking ^^”…)

  3. Cellulanus

    As excited as I am, I’m going to hold off downloading until the translation patch at least has the demo content done.

  4. Anonymous

    Do you expect more updates with the game itself or is it pretty stable as is stands? In other words, is it safe to say the game is officially released with most if not all bugs squashed; therefore, allowing the transition into translation easier? Or will there be more possible updates that may affect and/or slow down the translation process and cause glitches with the game, save file, etc.? I am trying to decide if it’s worth buying the game now and using the current patch or waiting it out for a higher percentage of completion such as say 25%-45% of the game translated knowing I won’t run into any problems during the game-play. I’d like to be able to enjoy the content with little to no disruption. I think one of the worst problems I’ve seen in the past is having to start over because of … (x) problem. So, before even beginning, I’d like to get all my ducks in a row.

    • Anonymous

      P.S. I also forgot to mention, is it possible if you could include a comprehensive list of what is translated within the game currently as well as what isn’t (to be translated at a later point)? If it’s not too much trouble of course, please feel free to say no; I know by writing this someone will bash me for it or complain so I’m expecting that at the very least, there is always one. But, seeing a progress report even if it vague right now would definitely be nice touch. Not trying to add any extra pressure to the process, honest.

  5. tamam0

    Ok now that I can comment on this with a proper name I want to say: Yay another update on what is going on I’m so happy to see more details about how the translation is going its so awesome! 🙂

  6. Anonymous

    Darg I have a question for you…

    Will any new patches interfere with your previous work do you think? Because this here made me wonder:

    “I’m only capable of editing the files in the game, not adding any new ones, and since patch 1.02 added new scripts, there’s no way to patch version 1.00.”

    So for example if TT releases patch 1.04, would it interfere with the work you’ve done for patch 1.02, and cause errors wiithin the game?

    • Not quite sure what you’re asking. Every time he releases a new patch, I have to incorporate all his changes into the translated files and release a new patch. This 1.02.00 patch won’t work with any future updates from TT so it can’t cause any errors in that sense.

  7. Anonymous

    anyone has the game version 1.02, is that I only have the 1.01 or at least know some link to download it, without buying …

      • Civildeviation

        Uhm, this needs to be removed. We don’t want Dargoth getting flak because people post pirated wares. Also, I’m disappointed in your choice to pirate such a quality game. This sort of choice reinforces and validates gaijin prejudice.

      • To tell the truth I pirated the first games but I had finacial difficulty at that time the latest game i bought now myself, and as the seem to be trying to realese an English version of the first trilogy I will buy that to.

      • Lowlightt

        @Civildeviation I am more than willing to give them my money however dlsite uses MasterCard Secure Code which is a credit card anti fraud measure that Merchants can opt into. This system actually has users wave there rights as stated by us law to flip fraud liability on to themselves instead of on to the merchants as it has been. By signing up for Secure Code (which is a 6-8 character password) you basically say, “Hey if someone uses my card fraudulently then I’m liable because a 6-8 character password used on a window that looks like a phishing attack that I can’t actually verify is a really safe way to protect my credit card”

        In short I will not be buying this game until they can offer me a way to purchase it with out giving up my consumer rights.

      • Lowlightt


        As a great example to the above post, I just checked and Paradox has been added to DMM who don’t use mastercard secure card. I have just now purchased the game.

      • Cellulanus

        I would buy it, but I’m not entirely sure it would be considered legal in my country, so I don’t want it on my credit card.

  8. Desert Eagle

    Thank you very much! The translation of basic interface has been a great help! I hope to see more. 🙂

  9. Anonymous

    Dargoth! Thanks for your great work.

    FYI guys. The patch will ruin your current monsterpedia (I think because of the name changes). Not that it’s a big deal since none of the h scenes are translated yet. No problem with new entries either.

  10. khalayia

    hey guys, ive tried everything possible to install chitrans lite, but for some obscure reason it keeps saying: The installer was interrupted before Chiitrans Lite could be installed. You need to restart the installer to try again. has anyone else had this problem?

  11. khalayia

    finally found the problem, download the zipped version instead of the one it directs you to on the site, its still a bit difficult to understand but its already helping in identifying all the items semi well

  12. Anonymous

    when i try to pay this it what it tells me any solution pls.
    An error has occurred.

    This card is invalid. Please contact your credit card company.

    • Anonymous

      Your credit card company probably doesn’t allow foreign purchases to prevent fraud. Either contact them or buy a disposable prepaid credit card to use.

  13. Anonymous

    I find it funny that the day this comes out suddenly there is like 30 more downloads from the DLsite for MGQ Paradox RPG – tamam0

  14. Anonymous

    I just notice that the harpy girl and the harpy sisters are missing some scenes. I looked at the CG and then the scenes. . .they don’t have some of them. . .pretty sure they are not the only ones.

  15. CMrC

    It is gonna be hard and you will need some luck to do it without cheat, but you can defeat alice (55k health) when you speak with the shinigami, after you defeat her she will battle you. Don’t think you can defeat her without cheats but i will try to see if there is some way to stunlock her, if there isn’t she just deals way too much aoe dmg (also you won’t be in perfect shape just after fighting alice), but still that was another unlocked rape scene XD!!!!!

    • CMrC

      Nice you won’t have to defeat alice everytime, you can go straight to her. Also try out Ilias evaluation after you loose.
      I’ll be trying to see if there is a way to defeat her

      • CMrC

        K not gonna beat her without cheats, not on this part i’d say, 350k life and the best i could do was around 50k dmg with lots of luck (her doing weakest attack and partner ressed with luka skill that make them go berserk doing powerful attacks)

  16. CMrC

    One question, i was comparing the released save with the girls i recruited, and i saw that in that save you could find in the castle:
    The medal queen
    Mini (a loli phoenix girl which i never ecountered)

    For the medal queen im guessing the 45 medal thing to get her is bugged, but is there an actual way to get nanabi? Also is Mini from Ilias route is someone is playing it?

    • Anonymous

      Mini is gotten after you handle the loli bandits and meet amira (ugh) instead of paying the 1500 pick the last option to negotiate, and he will tell you of merchant that is selling phoenix tails a lot lower than others from slum village, this side quest ends with you getting mini and the informant job unlocked and also the information for free instead of 1500

      • Shriden

        bah couldn’t edit my reply but anyways Nanabi is gotten from just beating her in combat (you cannot do this on your first encounter with her, and will have to come back later when leveled quite a bit more than you were)

      • CMrC

        Tried to but it doesn’t seem to work, she only tells me about having to go get hnome (even if i already did it), about soldiers from san ilia not coming back from the haunted house (already rescued them, don’t know if i need to talk to soemone to end it), and about having to o get undine in the next game.

        Also tried to do the quest from an old save and seen what it involves, and the only thing i would need is to trigger Don Daria to speak to me. Right now she just shoo me away from her tent without giving dialogue options

  17. CMrC

    Found a bug, don’t know if it’s fixed in 1.02 and how to report to torotoro;

    In the 100 pt request from the pitcher plant even if she does not kill you, you are still sent ot the shinigami

  18. Cory

    So has anyone figured out how to recruit Chrome, The “Page” Boss, and Queen Harpy? I also can’t seem to find re-find Mia… I’m making it my mission to recruit all monster girls! ^_^

    • Anonymous

      The Queen Harpy is unfortunately not available in part one and to get the third page girl you need a book from winning against a BF

    • Shriden

      Out of these the only one i have gotten so far is Chrome, who is quite easy in fact, after defeating her talk to her and try to get her to become companion. She will tell you to find Doll kit for her and this is gotten by going through cave which is located more on the southern side of this continent (im sorry if this is vague I can’t personally check the exact location because i accidentally over rid my save file and am in depression) after going through the cave there will be tower on the other side surrounded by poison (just walk through it) and you’ll get a cut scene from a person who tells you its located on the bottom floor of cave you went through to get there, simply reach the bottom level grab the kit and return it to chrome, congratulations you now have chrome and fredrika! i hope this helps a few people with getting chrome 😀

  19. Anonymous

    Is it just me or is the 100% save from Torotoro not allowing you to add people to your party cause I need to add Brynhildr to equip her with the swimsuit to see her variant scene

    • Shriden

      Ill give quick summary on them right here, i have all but one atm (can’t seem to find where it is or what it is), names that i list are what my translator tool give me so sorry for wrong name of areas if they are

      Soldier – gotten from Cave of Trials chest, make sure to grab key by returning to where you save slime girl and saving soldier there
      Merchant – in the starting towns item shop there is merchant who wants you to save his friend from Talus Hill (mandragora girl area) when returning choose the LAST option and you will receive all rewards+merchant permit
      Fortune Teller – From pervert village at bottom right, fortune teller is up north in village and will ask for 200% exp bracelet, after getting one for her she will give permit
      Scholar – Gotten from BF battle at top floor of university, to access top floor you must do side quest in enrika to get shell of healing then bring its reward to person at table in right room of 2nd floor of the university
      Engineer – Bring any Machines found in tatarus(black holes in earth) to person with red bandanna at the first one south of starting town
      Informant – Gotten from side quest from unfortunate lamia, after dealing with bandits to west of Illiasburg you will meet him and he’ll ask for 1500G for information choose last option instead and you will get side quest to go to Slum village, received at end of quest
      Cook- *Minor story spoilers* At the village north of the 2nd black hole in ground (the destroyed one) in one of the eastern houses will have papers detailing a legendary chef and that he is now dead, continue with story here then after arriving 20 years in the past go to same house in village and talk to the chef he will mention that he will leave his notes by the tree in front of his house before he passes, return to present and the permit will be there.
      Nurse – Gotten from BF battle on right side 2nd floor of university in Illias Port
      Maid – complete the side quest from Midas Village (slug girl village) to beat the boss at tower, will receive it at the end
      Noble – Trade 3 small medals to queen for permit, Island entrance located southwest of slug girl village

      Sorry for huge wall of text hope this answers some peoples questions and if someone finds the last job let me know please!

  20. Anonymous

    Anyone know why I can’t save? I’m getting that error sound when I try to.

    I don’t get it. I was able to a while ago.

    • Shriden

      her high dex and triple attack (if you choose to leave her scylla) makes her pretty good engineer because of its high SP cost, since scylla’s generate 3 SP per normal attack

      • Shriden

        however leaving her Scylla and not making her minor chaos makes her sorta like a glass cannon because of the low Defense, still i stuck with scylla just cause i like engineer

  21. Kyle

    I don’t know where to post this so ill just do it here Dargoth you know that about loli vampire portrait appearing as an NPC bug right well it also happens at Lazarus house too except Lazarus portrait becomes the San llia king and sonya portrait became Lazarus portrait. Also when you say You’ll need to patch from a fresh copy of the game does that mean I can’t use my old save too or can I copy them to the fresh copy.

  22. Anonymous

    So Sonya has basically 2 identical companion request cg sets.
    i made a post earlier about the Imp cg set and was told that there is no cg going to be added to existing characters in chapter one.

    but that doesn’t make any sense because with a glorious ass like that why would sonya only have a fellatio set that is identical? and surely Ilias will get more CG than just the loli form i mean she is going to revert to her original form right?

  23. Im guessing it’s annoying when they change version but is it hard or is it siimply copy and paste 9999 times?
    Also how far were you in the demo translation if we compare?
    And there is 2 translators in your team do you split it like you take story and scenes and he take items , menus and battle?

  24. Anonymous

    anybody know how to fix fps from dropping?
    my game is so laggy it is about 10 fps when im walking but 60fps in battle scene ?

  25. Grandork

    I wonder if there will be a lot of patches? Usually for these type of games, there are only a few patches to fix up some things and then it stops.

  26. Anonymous

    So, just got the game a little while ago & tried it without the patch for a bit then with the patch. Long story short, I rather wait for a full translation or 85% plus complete. Game is not fun at all when you haven’t a clue to what’s going on or why, I think it’s pointless to play it in all honesty.

    • Grandork

      Without the story, this is just an average RPG Maker game with porn. Sure, good enough for a fapping, but not enough to engage.

  27. Incubusknight

    Played a little bit of the game so far (up to leaving Luka’s home town) but probably won’t go further since not everything is translated and I dislike missing things.

    So far I’m liking the story, but I’m seeing a few minor graphical errors on my end (such as the vampire loli appearing in the chat window dialog box while talking to a different npc. Same thing happened when talking to the elder but with Luka’s childhood friend who wasn’t present.)

    Hope with future patches torotoro will clean those small errors up.

    Until then I’ll be looking forward to seeing this game translated.
    Dargoth and anyone one else helping have my thanks for that.

    My only question now to Dargoth is:
    Is it planned to have the game fully translated?
    Or will you only be translating the main story, the game over scenes, and the items/skills/abilities?

  28. Anonymous

    Temptation events are kinda a pain in the ass although the concept of it isn’t a bad idea.

    the problem with it is that not only do you constantly have to press yes/continue when a girl asked you if you like it, its also over in like a flash so unleaa you are a premature ejaculator you’re not really gonna enjoy a temptation event.

    For example the Imp temptation event, its over in like 12 seconds even if you run auto text mode (which you can’t because the continue/yes or no/decline button pops up like 3 times) is it because you’re at a low lvl with low health in that stage in the game or are all the temptation events over that fast?

    the should have made it a instant losing scene like surrender and remove the continue button.

    • CMrC

      Most of them are over fast. They don’t depend on your health, but on the way the monstergirl is gonna finish you. This is also to avoid having it last forever if you happen to be high level and want to get to see the temptation event of low lvl monstergirls

      • Anonymous

        that makes sense i guess, if that is the case then maybe they should have included all of the temptation scene’s in the companion CG sets this way you don’t have to wait ridiculously long but it also would’t end in like seconds.

  29. Anonymous

    Dargoth not me or anyone else but you close the game when fighting with the mimic and she takes a technique called dark soul?

  30. Anonymous

    Can anyone tell me where you’re supposed to go after the white bunny girl? I have the full game, but I’m stumped. I went to the Inn/Hotel to talk to the Alice, but after that…I got nothing. I’ve pretty much searched every town and cave/dungeon in the area and there’s nothing. Also, how do you open Blue/Green/Metal chests? Is it because I’m on Very Easy or something? Anyways, if you could let me know, I’d appreciate it, thanks.

    • Anonymous

      You have to find armia but she was kidnapped by the 4 bandits so in order to find her you have to talk to various npcs in the correct order then you will be able to go rescue her I don’t remember the order right now but if your using some sort of machine translator you should be able to get an idea if your on the right track. Remember to start with the npcs closest to the town entrance if I remember right one of them is the information dealer that tells you to ask armia because she always knows whats going on in town and that she is near fountain. When you go to the fountain one of the people near it will tell you she went to some other spot and you end up talking to like 10 people trying to track her down before you finally find out shes kidnapped and who did it then your allowed to go rescue her.

      • CMrC

        I’ve been running the game with ChiiTrans 1.15 and it worked well. I had enabled the Babylon, Honyaku, Google TL tabs open. It also has a integrated kanji dictionary that let you see the meaning if you hover the mouse on the untraslated version

      • Anonymous

        To anyone else who is at this spot and did not find this out, Do Not Recruit the Pig Girl before doing this. She will appear randomly around towns and just chill out, but in this case she will literally block off one of the main people you have to speak to in order to continue following Amira. One thing I really hate about this tile rpgs, if something blocks your way your progress if just over…

        Personally, i did a lot of busy work and ended up raising like a total of 20 levels on 8 different characters, an made a bunch of money and exp and all of that is now useless because i have to start form one of my old saves.

  31. Tyler-B312

    The thing about names not being translated for existing saves, is that just individual character names or all names?

      • The translation patch wont work after you gain a party member, unless Dargoth releases a specialized name correction patch. I’m not sure how that would even work, but it’s been mentioned to be on their to-do list so they probably have a method in mind.

        Basically in RPG Maker the names of things like items, classes and spells are tied to the item/class/spell/etc. Once the translation changes the name, it changes the name for every instance of the item. However character names don’t work that way. Because so many RPGs have the player enter or change the name of the main character RPG Maker is programed so that the characters’ names are stored separately from the character default info. While the translation patch updates the default name, your save file will remember the name as it was when you first gain the character.

        The end result is the game assumes that you found a “name change” NPC and entered in the katakana version, refusing to update the character name just because the default name changed. Come to think of it, somehow adding a Name Change NPC to the game might be an easy fix for this situation. Though I’m not sure how kosher it is to add such a feature when it wasn’t present in the original.

      • Anonymous

        The save files are just a serialized object. You just have to unserialize them in the language they are in, edit them, then reserialize them. It would just create more work to do it before the names are finalized, though.

  32. Anonymous

    Does anyone know what the new patch actually does that Torotoro uploaded on their site?
    will it conflict with your patches Dargoth?

      • NoName

        What do you mean, not cause problems? After some time playing the game, when I try to save, some annoying message appears in the save screen, forcing me everytime to close a separate window unless I just close the game completely (F12 does nothing). Apparently it seems a pop-up window about the new patch installed. Fortunately it still saves, but it’s still annoying, specially since I tend to save quite often.

      • Idk if this is still helping but i found a way to stop the pop up blocks and keep your save file. just install MGQP again with the latest version. meanwhile copy your latest save file to another map so you can import it in the save file of your new installed game directory so for example copy:
        Save55.rvdata2 and Save55
        Nothing more nothing less
        that should stop the pop ups or atleast thats how i stopped it

  33. Anonymous

    I really hope ur doing this translation full-time, ^^ cuz i would like to play this game ASAP in full english 😀

  34. Player4thegames

    For who don’t know, Torotoro have actually made a new patch, version 1.02.01, it’s on their site, no need to dl again the game
    And yes, I’m actually trying it, it seems like the english patch work well on it.

  35. khalayia

    hey, does anyone know how to access the locked area at the back of the cave that has the kitsune’s and spider girls?

  36. Asking a question I’m sure has been answered, but looking through the previous blog posts I can’t see it.

    At what level is a class or race considered mastered? In the original demo all levels capped at 10 but it took a lot of grinding to get to that point. I’m stubbornly refusing to advance plot very far until patches come out and I’m playing on Very Hard difficulty, so level grinding in the basement of cave number one has been a slow process.

    • Player4thegames

      Job and race are at 10, and normaly won’t ever change (btw they are soo many race and jobs that would take too long in the end to grind all XD) for normal level, it’s 30 for part 1, surely 60 – 65 for part 2 and 99 for part 3.
      Soo you can only grind, first play, do it on normal, it’s hard but not too much, go on more harden on the second play (normal is pretty easy, but for exemple in the forest where is Sylph, it’s hard even in normal (for make me use that much healing item, I think I’m not the only one who found this abnormaly hard if you think of chrome just before ^^”…)

      • Thank you. I’m not planning to maximize them all. I just wanted to know how practical it was going to be to try and go for the more advanced classes with the limits I’ve set on myself. I don’t plan to lower difficulty, Very Hard is a good place to be. Paradox difficulty can’t even be attempted from the start without serious luck and a lot of patience, though I might increase to that difficulty now that I have some levels and a party. Once I figure out how to change it that is.

      • Anonymous

        To change difficulty, go to the second floor of Ilias Temple and enter the door to the north, then chose the NPC’s first option. You need to have visited Iliasburg once to get into the door.

  37. redtack2009

    does anyone know the exact order you have to follow in order to get the quest to go save armia? I’ve spoken to everyone in town like 30 times and still nothing and I cant get translation software to work… please help…

    • Player4thegames

      -After the scene at Illiasburg’s entrance speak to the man standing to the right of the entrance. He’ll tell you about Amira and that you should look by the fountain. Speak with the young girl there who will direct you to the blacksmith shop. Speak to the guard inside, who will then direct you to the weapon shop, and finally someone in there will tell you to speak to the man in the alley behind the priest.

      from : http://www.ulmf.org/bbs/showpost.php?p=654742&postcount=330

  38. aitor

    When i go to aply the patch say that: System.OutOfMemoryException and dont work the patch, can you please make a manual patch?

  39. Desert Eagle

    Huh. I didn’t realize that you can switch out party members mid-combat – without any penalty. When your frontline fighters have used up their SP, they can be switched with the reserves who can still use SP abilities. Switching K.O’ed party members is OK too. Handy!

    Too bad I didn’t realize this until I was in Sabasa. Maybe I’ll go pay a visit to Nanami again…

    • Player4thegames

      My team level 20 to 23 didn’t do it to kill her, and I’m in sabasa too, I don’t think I’m low in level x)

  40. Anonymous

    Good to hear about the progress. I’ll get to patching once a more stable and translated version comes out.

  41. Anonymous

    Yo, honest opinion Dargoth. What I’d like to recommend is rather simple. Focus on straight translation. Then, do four (4) releases. One at 25%, 50%, 75%, 100%. Forgot about fixing every little tiny problem people are experiencing until you’ve hit an initial goal. To many variables can result from someone experiencing an issue with the translation and/or actual game itself. Nonetheless, it is important to address issues as they come in and some people have legitimate issues which would directly relate to the translation but identifying each and everyone is (at least my opinion) a bit time consuming and delays the overall work. On that same note, sometimes certain issues which do come to light can provide useful information and help with the overall production when someone misses a beat and help with the work overall. But, I think (again, my opinion) it would increase translation production if we just ignore the general complaints but not forgetting them altogether and focusing on the main task at hand. Keep scanning comments and and jot down notes of people experiencing issues and place it on the back burner until you’ve hit that one (1) of four (4) releases and then tackle them. I am speaking for myself, but, again if I can speak honestly, the most important thing is completing a project swiftly. I know what I’ve said is rather selfish and a bit narrow minded perspective but I can’t help but think like this sometime when I feel (completely one sided and nonfactual: mostly faith in your team) that you and your team have the potential to get so much more done if you just focus on what’s important (my subjective opinion). No need to to comment back or response to this Dargoth (under that same logic I presented, responding back to me would be useless so I rather you read this and just take it or leave). Please, don’t flame me, I do read what other people type. This is simply food for thought, take it or leave it. I just wanted to express a bit. Thanks.

    • Anonymous

      IMHO, that kind of system works… once all the menu’s are translated. It’s good for plot, not so good for menu’s. Ideally you have the game controls released as soon as possible, and then you start on the plot.

      • Arj

        I feel like Menu, Items, Abilities and Battles are what should go first, then when that is out of the way focus on the story… I know some feel exactly the opposite way, but it seems (to me) like it would be easier to focus on the story and conversation, once all the other stuff is translated.
        Of course, it’s all up to Dargoth, and we’ll all be happy whatever way he does it!

      • I agree with menues and items first then story and battle the monsterpedia and cheevos can be last out of everything. But as long as something happens im happy. thought i wonder the new trans patch was it just the same as the old one or did it contain more stuff translated?

  42. Anonymous

    anybody know how to fix fps from dropping?
    my game is so laggy it drops to 10 fps when im walking but then up to 60fps in battle scene ?

  43. Lokisama

    Can anyone tell me if the Dlsite takes Visa Electron as card? i would have loved to use paypal but that’s not an option sorry for reposting this here didn’t know if people still checked the comments in the earlier post

  44. Anonymous

    I hope he gets to like 25% at least around April. Its a long shot but would be nice. I believe the currently translation patch is 2%.

    • Player4thegames

      25% for April ? It’s maybe a bit short, I’m actually playing a lot the game, and they are a lot of more to translate than the first game ^^”…

    • To be honest I just hope the jobs, skills, items, armors, weapons get translated, the story can wait I grinded jobs and my characters have a crapload of skills and abilities that I have no idea what they do.

  45. Anonymous

    Nice, now if Dargoth can actually get off his ass and actually work instead of re-uploading the same content under different update names, we’ll all be good.

      • Anonymous

        Dargoth is squandering around 2% on a demo this entire time. For a year, he’s a lazy ass shit. These latest updates are just to fill in the news posts. Do you even read the descriptions of the patches he uploads. and Dargoth does have a donation page. It’s not like he’s not getting any money. Keep sucking his dick idiot gaylord fanboy. Any smart person can see Dargoth has been a unproductive shit who hasnt released anything except stupid 1-2% demo patches in the last fucking year.

  46. I’m totally stumped, what do you do after the first tartarus, I read you have to go back to Ilias Village and examine some gravestones and Alice should start talking to you. I checked all the graves and nothing happens, how do you progress? And how do you initiate the Harpy Village quest? I talked to the Tiny Lamia and the Sunderltan(can’t remember the exact name of it) Inn keeper and exhausted all the dialog, the harpy village is empty and the tower north of it is “locked from the inside”

    • Anonymous

      You need to check graves in “Other” Ilias Village (destroyed one). To get there, go through the metal door in Tartarus. Oh, also, when you`ll come out from it, don`t step away from the road, or you`ll encounter angels who`ll OHKO your whole team in single move.

      • Thanks for the tip, I didn’t realize there was an alternate world after you get out of the first tartarus. I just thought the teleporter just took you to the overworld map so I backtracked fought the scylla in one of the houses and used that item that looks like an envelope to get out. Thanks for pointing that out.

  47. khalayia

    casian, im fairly sure after the first tartarus and the meeting in the pocket castle, go the the harpy tree next to the village, you should find nero there at the top which unlocks the place you can’t get into.

    • I had no idea you can climb higher than the first screen, there was no door or any sign that you could go behind the house and around the tree.and at the time of my question I did not visit the alternate Ilias Village yet.

  48. Anonymous

    Is it possible to rematch Armored Berserker/play as Nero without starting new game and making it to Sylph?

  49. So I’m missing 5 jobs of the base tier between Flirt and Nurse. I’m guessing they’re Informer, Cook, Engineer, and 2 more I don’t think I came across yet. My question is are they obtainable before leaving the Ilias continent and if they are could anyone tell me how to get them?

    • Player4thegames

      No problem
      I just finished the game, that was soo good but hurt soo much cause’ I have to wait ^^
      Soo I think I will just up much jobs and race, and do again the game with Alice, and try the difficulty paradox… That will be hard (finish all the game in paradox I say :3 )
      But with a little training I think that is not soo hard, I hope… Maybe I will do video, the Paradox Challenge ? lol, My imagination always go too far when I think I have nothing and too much things to do.

    • Player4thegames

      For that, I really don’t know, try a bunch of place, speak to people and all, I’ve take soo much job change item I don’t remember where, I will look in my bag and say to you if I remember where I have it.
      Ps : There is a reply bottom, you can just do that for answer me ^^”.

    • Player4thegames

      Around level 8, or it’s level 9.
      After Thief you have to level up Hunter and after that you unlock the job master thief, with master thief level ~8 you can open green chest, but all of that is later, for now just max out thief :3

  50. anonymaster

    So when do you think you’ll release the next patch dargoth? And is there anything we can do to help speed things along? Perhaps easy repetitive tasks like the “Luka found blank item” in the demo?

    • Kurobane Sayuki

      I was wondering too, if I could help. Wish I could help(I understand japanese to understand it, the thing is I can’t read it). And I doubt that english is enough.

      • Grandork

        From what I understand, translation is not what is slow, but the whole editing process. Not to mention the technical difficulties.

  51. Anonymous

    I love this game! The plot, the jobs and races, level up, everything! But there’s something what is making me uneasy: I can’t get into the Skill command y the menú. Every time I try to do it the game crashes and close! Why?!

  52. Anonymous

    how exactly does it work with the jobs, and how do I open the chests ?

    I have a lvl 10 thief , but can not bear to open? Why?

    • LostDGod

      You must activate the Lockpick ability to be able to open higher grade chests. With the Thief job you get Lockpick lvl 1 which allows you to open the blue chest. To get Lockpick lvl 2 you need to switch/upgrade your job into its intermediate version and so on. You can do that by talking with the priest of the first village.

  53. Anonymous

    Need help! I’m stucked at the harpies quest. After I talked to the lady in the inn, I went to the tree right next to the hapiness village. But no one there.

    • LostDGod

      Harpies left the village all of the sudden for some reason and you are investigating why. You need to get to the top of the tree and speak with whoever is inside a certain house.

  54. Slashe

    hi i wanted to know where is amira i cant her in the ilias temple(village of the begining) i think i recruited the pid girl is this a bug?do i need to restart

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