MGQ Paradox Demo Bugfix

This fixes the crash that happens if you save on the world map then reload your game and finish a battle. Download or just keep the old version and don’t save on the map. πŸ™‚




  1. Sageofoblivion

    do you know if you can import to the full game later?
    thought I’ll leep luka at lvl 5 and up all the job xp instead.
    The new version did take away some of the stacking bonuses.

    • Anonymous

      I can’t find it now but I remember reading somewhere that the trial version saves would NOT be transferable, which sucked a lot since I had every member at lvl10 and almost 100000g by the time I found out. For that reason I thought I’d just wait until the full game comes out and haven’t downloaded the new version, so would you mind mentioning what happened to the stacking bonuses?

  2. Anonymous

    why not post a prepatched copy of the game here, its not the full game yet and will make it a lot easer for all the poeple who want to try out the game just a suggestion.

    • That’d still require distributing game assets, which I don’t have permission to do. Plus I wouldn’t want to make people download 400mb for a bug fix.

    • Sageofoblivion

      Im sure it was mentioned in the begining comments that you could recruit all 3 Imps.
      I hope there is maybe a scene with all 3 of them they were most likely my fav non important npcs in the original.
      I wonder how long it will be until the full game is out?

  3. Anonymous

    Just copy pasting my question from the last post:
    Is there a way to hide the text box at the bottom of the game screen?

  4. Anonymous

    I got a problem, mega does not load and anon link is broken.
    Tried reloading multiple times,still no luck.
    Can someone please upload this to mediafire?

  5. Anonymous

    Hey Dargoth, I hope your translation goes well.
    I thought that I could give you some tips to your translation, even if I can’t help you translate.

    When there is a lot to translate you really should put parts of the game into groups and translate one group at a time. What I mean by that is for example you could put all Items and their descriptions into one group and all skills/abilites into another group. That way you won’t be overwhelmed by work and it will be way easier to keep track of things instead of jumping back and forth everywhere.

    If I where you I would make sure to translate the menus, items, character names, skills, attacks, stats and similar stuff first and then move on to Important plot points and questions when you have to pick an answer. Lastly take the rest of the dialoge.

    Well I’m no expert I just wanted to share my toughts, so whatever you do I hope it goes well πŸ™‚

  6. Anonymous

    Dargoth, thank you so much for translating this! I love the demo and I hope you have another patch up soon! Keep up the amazing work!

  7. Anonymous

    One thing I found was very strange, in the Illias Temple cellar there was LOADS of monsters (friendly). Why are they there? I’m looking forward to knowing what they say to you when you talk to them.

    • Anonymous

      They are basically for tutorial purposes.
      I played the demo with ITH translation software so it isnt quite accurate but what i could understand from it was the following:

      some monsters explain what type of monsters they are and what their strenght and weaknesses are.
      other monsters like the lamia explain some basic combat stuff like what you should do when you are binded struggle or attack.

      what i found the most fascinating of all was what a monster told me about making a voracious monster like cassandra or the canaan sisters a companion. apparently once you befriend them you can request sex with them however if your friendship isnt high enough there is a chance they might ” accidently” kill or eat you.

      i do hope monsters like cassandra come back in paradox i really liked her people might think that im crazy. lets hope the rumor about all monsters being recruitable is true.

      • Anonymous

        Ehh, i liked beelzebub so you arent that crazy in my point of view, anyway what i would really like to know is about Queen class monsters being recrutable or not, i suppose that those you’ll only fight them once so i wonder if it will be an event like the slime in your town, or if they will be avilable at all, isnt there any info about the topic among those monsters you mention?

      • Anonymous

        It looks like Hades will let you refight bosses to recruit them. Potentially they’re from a parallel world and not the current one. Mostly speculation, but we have seen screenshots of Promestine in the party.

      • Anonymous

        indeed refighting bosses in hades would make sense.
        after all the pink slime bunny that serves as the very first boss appears in hades after being defeated and you can challenge her again and talk to her to recruit her.

        most likely the big shots like queens or even perhaps even the high ranking angels will also appear in hades if you weren’t able to recruit them in their first offcial fight.

        but like stated above by anon this is all speculation.

      • Anonymous

        here is my list:

        succubus witch

        and those high ranking angels look really cool i hope they can be recruited there are so many monsters i wanna recruit it’s like pokemon haha πŸ˜›

    • There isn’t, but I’d guess November-December based on the time lag between demos for MGQ and final releases. That might not be a good indicator considering the engine and gameplay changes between the two games though.

      • Are you talking about the original games?
        If so there should not be that much trouble he started on the game a long time ago I remember seeing a pic on his site about the time part 2 came out.
        RPGmaker is a very easy and flexible enigine thought it takes awhile to master it.
        Some people complained about difficulty I’ll admit it was a bit hard the first part in my trial run but when the old RPG memorys came back it turned in to a piece of cake.
        Dargoth did that team thing go anywhere?

  8. Anonymous

    Got an error when trying to steal Alipheese panties upon success.

    Alipheese the 16th in Hades
    Special: Steal undergarment
    ???????? NoMethodError ????????

    undefined method ‘[]’ for nil:NilClass

    • Anonymous

      After finishing the slime mountain quest, talking to the high priest, and talking to the village elder (in the house with chests on the roof), you have to go to the east side of the village and rescue a slime from a swamp. After that, enemies will randomly ask to join you after battles. Increasing their friendliness (through the talk skill) will give them a higher chance of joining you after battle. Friendliness is shared individually for each type and defeating monsters of that type will not decrease their friendliness toward you. You can only recruit one monster of each type. There are also a few that are not through battle (Illias/Alice, Sonya, the slime, and the 2 imps in the village).

  9. pejman92

    Can anyone with everything patched upload it, somehow i have problems (i did the stuff with rpg decryptor too, idk where it comes from, will delete and retry later :'( )

  10. Anonymous

    Hey thanks for doing this stuff. I’m old and I found that the femdom monstergirl stuff really gets me going for whatever twisted reason I don’t actually want to ever examine. You have helped me fuck my wife hundreds of times with the VH/DD stuff and that’ll probably shoot up into the thousands eventually with MGQP.

  11. Dargoth you mentioned that their maybe would be only 1 more patch that would contain it all, so I wonder how does that look so far will there be a third last one at the end of this month or will there be some more small ones?

    • I’ll reevaluate at the end of the month. If it looks like it’ll take longer than another couple weeks to get all the h-scenes, library, and misc. stuff done, I’ll release a patch translating all the NPCs at least then.

      • Anonymous

        Wow, you really will need some help translating when the full game arrives considering how long only the demo takes to translate. I don’t know how but try to find others who have the knowlage and will to translate πŸ™‚

      • The demo probably has more NPC dialogue than all of MGQ combined, and it definitely has more miscellaneous things like skills and items. The demo doesn’t have much to do, but as a portion of the final game, it’s a lot bulkier than your average VN demo.

        But yeah, I do need help.

      • Is there hidden data in it sometimes the demo has item data for stuff that dosent appear in it.
        But I agree thisdemo most likely has 10% of the story 25% of npc dialouge and about 10-20% of everything else.
        Wish I could help but I can’t read Japanese and im rubbish at programing.

      • edale

        I think you’re really low-balling things sage. It probably only has around 10% of Illias Continent. That’s not even counting the second, largest, continent. I’d probably put it at 5% story, 3-4% NPC dialogue, and 5-6% everything else…

      • edale

        part 1 extends to 1/2 way through the second continent….and in Paradox there’s apparently 7 continents, since the great disaster 30 years ago split the lands. I’d guess Paradox part 1 goes to the 3rd or 4th continent, so yea, 10-25% in the demo is quite a bit off most likely.

  12. Snider

    I wish that more people were just more up front about how grateful that they are for your services. I for one would like to think you for being one the best examples as to one of the examples as to why humanity hasn’t completely rotted to the core.

  13. Anonymous

    So i can see there is already a estimate of the release date given by Dargoth november-december perhaps.

    but is this the release date for the first part of the game or do you think the entire game will be released by the end of this year?.

    eitherway would be awsome the wait for this game is excruciating. Seriously i haven’t been so hyped since back in the day when GTA san andreas was released and i could’t give a fuck about GTA at the moment this game is my hype.

  14. Anonymous

    Thank you for putting time and effort into this, I’ve done some translations myself, I know how much work it is. I wish I could help, but my Japanese is worse than google translate.

  15. Anonymous

    Become a Soldier, Become a Merchant, Gather the Monster Girls, Win a round at the tent for life sucking orb, woo the Girls with gifts, level 10 playboy and steal panties, get every other job/race/character to level 10 though getting more powerful job combos is not implemented yet, collect miscellaneous stuff, wait for the grand Dargoth to translate what half the library means… 89% Library, 84% Cheevos, 100% Character Book, 100% Monster Book, 100% Weapons Book, 100% Armor Book, 64% Accessory Book, 90% Item Book

    Neither the Harpy event to the right or the Four Bandits to the left are implemented.
    Wonder why Ilias is so underpowered compared to Alice… Those that tried Alice only she has additional races (6 in total) and a unique job (Noble) that Ilias lacks as the Hunter is a generic job so Alice can master every job in the demo while Ilias along with every other character can get everything but noble.

  16. Anonymous

    Can anyone help me out here? The decrypter is missing and I can’t find a download for it. Can someone please link a new one?

  17. Anonymous

    Never10release just release v1. VH4 translation on his blog if you interest just check it out.But for me it hard to do as his explain on install method so I will wait a bit lol

    • Anonymous

      I know what you mean. kikiriki was hard for me to in the first minutes. but if you want i can try to explain it to you in my own words.

      • Anonymous

        Main problem for me is after run kiri and stuff run but not have data from kiri output so can’t replace data from mega = =

  18. anon

    where do you meet the white rabbit. I had the angel halo stolen from me and I also the got hero thing from the cave from soldier quest and came back to him and he ran off.

    • Anonymous

      indeed i’m also looking forward to another update from torotoro themselves.
      it has been some time now i’m wondering if they are currently to busy working on paradox to post a update.

  19. Anonymous

    Hey just a quick question regarding decrypting. I’m using the RPG maker decrypter linked by Dargoth a few posts back and I can’t decrypt the file. I get an error that says:

    “Value of ‘-1’ is not valid for ‘Maximum’. ‘Maximum’ must be greater than or equal to 0.
    Parameter name: Maximum.

    I don’t know if this is an issue with the decrypter or the actual game, but if its an issue with the game then you guys must be geniuses because I can’t figure out a way around it.

    Hopefully I’m the only one with this issue, but if someone has an idea on how to fix this (or if Dargoth himself would grace this question with his presence) I would be grateful.

  20. Anonymous

    Is the Demo actually worth playing with the actual patch or would it be better to wait a bit more for a complete experience? In any case, thanks for the work Dargoth πŸ™‚

  21. Anonymous

    You where going to evaluate on how much translation you have done and how much you have left at the end of this month right? So if you are not competly done it would be nice if you posted a new patch that includes what you have done so far, later you can post the rest when thats done.

  22. Anonymous

    Dargoth, If something happened that slowed you down somehow please tell us. It’s the silence thats killing me :O

  23. Anonymous

    take your time dargoth because it is already good that your taking the time to translate this game and I and other people don’t wont to rush you and wish you well it translating this game.

  24. Anonymous

    Too bad the comments don’t show when a comment is made, however maybe next week, or the following week or even the week that has October 31st. I am not trying to sound pessimistic, but optimistic, hell waiting for Sei Munsume Gauken might be released by the end of the year or even earlier if we are lucky.

    But Dragroth it is fine, if you are busy with your job to make ends meet with rent, food, utilises and so on. Also one more thing about Sei Munsume Gauken will you release a demo like you are doing with MGQ Paradox?

  25. Anonymous

    Every time I leave the game, dropped/stolen object disappear from the monsterpedia (replaced by ??????) Am I the only one with this bug?

    (sorry for my bad english, i’m french)

  26. YOLO

    Where’s the bare bones translation? is it already done or are we waiting on it? he said extract the patch but there isn’t one. Also, he gave a link to 1.01 but that was toro’s official link to the 471mb demo right?

  27. Anonymous

    you know with all the stuff thats going to be in the game you should atleast expect torotoro to give more updates instead of only one per month.

    Are they to busy with the production of the game to post updates or are they only teasing us?.

  28. nrogara

    Dammit this is being so funny!

    “[Ilias]: Yeah, frustrating, isn’t it? I created this world and now I can’t even get the benefit of the doubt.”

  29. Anonymous

    It’s been over a month since your last patch, surely you must be pretty close to finishing now. Unless you are planning to release the patch very soon it would be nice to know how much is left and an aprox date when it’s done :). I know I shouldn’t rush you but waiting for so long without any concrete info is rather painful, so I hope you can forgive my impatience πŸ™‚

    • Anonymous

      He replied like a week ago:

      “I’m fine, just busy. There’s still a ton of work to do and it seems everyone has either 1) played the demo already or 2) waiting for a 100% patch.

      Seriously though, it’s just a demo where your saves won’t even carry over…”

      So basically, no he is not finished and won’t be, so stop looking and come back for Christmas or so.

    • Anonymous

      “I know I shouldn’t rush you but”

      But nothing. Unless you’re donating money to him or something (which I’m sure would open up a can of worms), he has no obligation whatsoever to set deadlines for himself just for your convenience. He is allowed to take however long he wants with each patch and shouldn’t have to cater to your “needs”. Hell, he could suddenly bail on this project if he wanted to and you would have no real right to complain.

      • I actually disagree with this. If someone makes a promise, others aren’t wrong to complain when that promise isn’t upheld. Society is a much nicer place when people do what they say they’ll do, even if there’s no contract or consideration involved.

      • Anonymous

        A person making a promise, putting genuine effort into it regardless of the time it takes, and ending up not fulfilling it in the end I feel doesn’t merit an actual complaint directed at said person when, again, there is no real obligation to fulfill that promise in the first place. The only time I see this applicable is when someone is making false promises from the start, but I don’t think you’re doing that now are you Dargoth. At any rate, society can also be a much nicer place if people were more considerate of others, since a lot of leechers just like to make demands (subtle or not) out of some sense of entitlement.

      • Anonymous

        as much as i agree about leeches being annoying and always asking for more…this is the internet dude. its going to happen whether you like it or not. if dargoth doesn’t mind it then you shouldn’t either, so you should just chill out before you turn into one of those online SJWs. we are all here for the porn so lets leave it at that shall we?

      • Anonymous

        hah, you’re right. MGQ is rather unique for that reason. however i would be lying if i said i’m only interested in the story now and can go without the porn. both are essential to me at this point but i do place more emphasis on the story.

    • Anonymous

      There were quite a lot of jibber-jabbering npc’s in that demo. I’ve a feeling this translation will take a while. Hopefully translating the demo will give a pretty hefty head start on the final product though.

      Or it could just be the tip of the iceberg with the final product turning out to be a monstrous beast of a project. D: Which could be both good and bad.

      • The NPCs are so boring to translate too. Lots of them say different things depending on your progress and even your party members, which results in a huge amount of mostly filler dialogue (and some jokes).

    • Anon S

      There’s absolutely nothing wrong with asking for an update and encouraging a translator. I don’t like when somebody attacks or harasses a translator or any other writer for a blog etc., but it’s just as bad to see people fly off the handle because someone is interested in an update.

      Also when people just kill projects it completely lowers interest in future projects for everyone.

      If you’re going to get serious about translation and get a community invested in it, it’s just courtesy to provide some status updates and interact a bit with members of the community.

      I usually don’t bother playing demos or partial patches precisely because I know projects can be dropped, so I wait to see if it’s done. However if everyone waits, translators and other creators of a product can get discouraged and quit. So there is a definite give and take.

      The original comment was in no way attacking or harassing, but the reply was a pure attack and needless.

      My 2 cents that nobody asked for, but it’s the internet so I can make the comments just as much as anybody else :p

      • Anonymous

        The original poster admitted that he may be “rushing” Dargoth to some extent and he hopes his “impatience” can be forgiven. Sincere or not, this just tells you that the poster is aware he may be stepping out of line in some form or manner even from his own point of view. Then there is the part where he says “surely you must be pretty close to finishing now” as if placing an expectation on the translator for where he should currently be at. It wasn’t about whether or not the comment was harassment to the translator, rather, it was about being considerate of someone that’s essentially providing a free service to you.

        Now, I’m all for the “hey, it’s been quite a long time! I was wondering if there was an update?” kind of posts as long as they weren’t being spammed, but the actual post didn’t come off as simple as that now did it? If the poster was trying to make it that simple, then he could have definitely worded it better. Also, I’m not saying that updates shouldn’t be provided to the community. However, it’s like you said, if they are provided then it’s done out of courtesy, not obligation. The translator does not owe the community anything unless he was provided incentives and whatnot.

        If the project is ultimately dropped due to lack of interest then so be it. It would be disappointing, but in the end I understand I would have to suck it up, and I expect others to as well. Just my opinion, just like everything else is on the internet. Dargoth will carry on however he sees fit regardless of what we say.

  30. Anonymous

    I wish there was a way we could help with the translations, i really wanna see the MGQ dinner that just came out translated, but I realize you’re like the only one doing these, and attempting to do it myself with Google translate is a joke hehe.

    Also when you get it, don’t miss the bonus Alma Elma scene

    • Anonymous

      Dinner really needs to take a backseat dude. No offense but it’s been two months and the Paradox demo is only half way done. I think people should prioritize on finding help for Dargoth, because this is not good imho.

  31. takata

    timestamp:20141017 0701
    I’m a bit confused… why am I encountering lots of hostile slimes in a village full of neutral slimes? Are the neutral ones just not hungry or horny right now? …or is there a split, with some monsters okay with raping Luka, while other monsters aren’t?

    • I think the idea is that the bunny slime has whipped the others into action and they’re just taking advantage of the situation. The peaceful slimes have probably learned their lesson from the past. After you defeat the bunny slime, you don’t get randomly attacked there anymore.

  32. fou_lu

    Dargoth, your problem is that you are not having time to translate or the demo really has too much things to translate?

    Also, how much of the translation is done? Do you have any idea when you can finally release the full patch?

    Sorry if I’m being impertinent(and if my english is bad), I just want to know how things are going since there was not any official updates in, like 2 months.

    • Anonymous

      is it really so much interesting? 1)demo is quite short 2)there still no full game (and nobody knows for sure when it pops out)

    • Anonymous

      Yeah the demo is quite short, but on one hand that’s the reason why some people are concerned. If the Demo is taking this long to translate, then what does that mean for the full game? Is Dargoth struggling that much? Does he not have time? Or is he not translating full steam because it’s just a demo? Hopefully Dargoth will make a new update soon, just to inform us what he’s been up to.

      His RL issues must always come first, but a little communication would be appreciated. Last update we had was a month and a half ago, so it’s not surprising that some people are just worried.

      • Not translating full steam, busy with life, demo translation is boring, etc. I post tons in these comments, I post on 4chan, I’m in #mgq on rizon 24/7. I’ll make a new post for Dinner this weekend.

      • Anonymous

        that would make more sense, continue/start translating sei monmusu gakuen instead so MGQ paradox can be released first. Also you can request for some people who know Japanese and are willing to help.

      • Anonymous

        but you cannot effect on speed of his translation and all the time spam “how much is done?” etc can really work on nerves.
        he is a nice guy and often replies here and as he said on rizon and such.

  33. fou_lu

    I think a game like Dinner would be a lot easier to translate(a nice change of pace, a project that he could finish quickly to up his spirit a little). Gakuen looks about the same level than paradox or even harder(Lots os people already dropped the idea of translating it).

  34. Sniper

    I feel like people are trying to press too much out of the guy without offering any aid to help him. If you want this translated so badly why don’t you try to find some one else to help Dargoth here translate the repetitive dialogs while so Dargoth could be able to focus on the battle texts and h-scene dialogs.

  35. One little question : Do the 0.2 patch is the full one for the demo ? The demo is good, now ? For the translation ?
    In same time, do the computer can crash when you play Violated Hero ?
    I never finished the 2 (so never did the 3 and 4) because of that …
    Or it’s was because my computer was not powerful ?
    Thanks for your hard work !

  36. 2-tall

    Been a while since I last came here. How’s the translation of Paradox demo going so far and when will the complete version of Monmusu Paradox be released?

  37. raza

    Taking a stroll down memory lane just seeing the pages of some of the most giving translators I’ve ever come across Dargoth you’re one hell of a person πŸ™‚

    Between you and Rogue(May his retirement from the Translation scene bring him good fortune) Yee both got me interested in the MG scene with both of your respective translation projects appreciate that πŸ™‚

  38. Takata

    Interesting… Ilias seems to remember some events from the previous 3 games, but Alice does not.

    Aside: Sonya’s character design reminds me of assassinroid from MGQ 3 for some reason.

    Also, I found the place where I could set the difficulty to “Paradox”. I wonder if I could play through the full game with this setting. O.o

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