• They banned my account, Rogue’s account, and many others. The files they flagged as violations on my account were things like 100% save game files and other completely innocuous stuff.

          Essentially, I woke up one day to find 3-4 violations in my e-mail and then a further e-mail informing me that my account was closed for too many violations. No reason for any of them, no notice, files gone. I wouldn’t trust mediafire with pictures of lolcats.

  1. user

    You could try mediafire.com , zippyshare.com , billionuploads.com , 180upload.com
    Definitely stay away from mega or 4shared since they aren’t available worldwide …

  2. Kagero

    So what? Will there not be a version to be added to MGQ3 as additional stories like it was for Breakfast?

    • Michiru

      Dropbox will block your account if there is too many downloads for your files. Had that when Rogue was losing his links to MGQ3 1.0 patch and I tried to help by uploading it there first.

  3. I have heared you are searching for YU-RIS engine tools?
    Since today i am working on one. So far it can extract all the files from .ypf.
    But the party is in the ybn files. I am working on them right now.

  4. Kurei

    Yes. Unfortunately or fortunately, Dargoth might be the only one interested in translating VH4. Haven’t found anyone else either.

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