1. Anonymous

    I can help you make English menu buttons in photoshop, if thats the problem. Or did you meant that replacing them is difficult?

    • Dargoth on phone

      Replacing them is the problem. Distributing the text is so easy, but those buttons would require extracting and repacking the binaries. Lot of work and might complicate the patch for 4 buttons.

      Thanks for the offer though.

      • ChaoticNemisis

        Hmm. I don’t know the system that these games are made in well enough to offer my assistance. My knowledge is around java, the 4 C’s, and Python.

    • CwHart

      Rogue has made it clear he wants to do this Solo. I am sure it’s nothing against Dargoth, but MGQ is like his pet project. He started it by himself, and he wants to finish it by himself.

    • Plany

      It’s not just that, if more then one translator works on a project, you’ll get translation inconsistencies

  2. Anonymous

    About the buttons, i found following thread “http://www.hongfire.com/forum/showthread.php/413450-Desire-Dungeon?p=3401242#post3401242” and applied it. Works fine for me.

  3. Anonymous

    In my opinion your Japanese is more than fine ^^. What games exactly do you intend to translate in the near future?

    • mikceron

      really? there is not much to translate couple dialogues in begining of level and before the boss,
      and main plot is understandable even without translation.

      dargoth you are awesome! did you seen new art on torotoro site? can tell something about it?

      • The new pics he posted are of Alice the 1st and 2 of the 6 original monster ancestors. He’s being very evasive about the game though, just saying it’s not a fan disk or bonus side story. It could be a MGQ prequel, sequel, alternate universe, who knows.

      • Anonymous

        i cannot believe that psychedelic G2 will do the CG’s for the next game. Deff one of the legendary artists in terms of artwork,quality and style. I’m actually 2 times more stoked than from when I was waiting for MGQ3 !

  4. mikceron

    thank you! and i think first picture is mentioned in dialogue with angelgirl in village,but it dark or maybe it’s of another Alice 🙂

    • There’s a sequel to Violated Quest already coming out that’s supposed to actually have some gameplay and story. http://www.dlsite.com/maniax/announce/=/product_id/RJ117172.html

      Here, I’ll translate Violated Quest real quick:
      Intro: “Hey where am I… I went to sleep and now I’m in some crazy forest…”
      *39 rapes later*
      Ending: “I wake up in the real world, but every time I go to sleep, I’m back in that forest. Is the real world a dream? Is the forest world a dream? No, they’re both reality…”

      Hopefully the “sequel” will be more substantial, although it’s crazy that it’s essentially been made in a month. There’s already a trial available with a late June planned release.

      • mikceron

        well main plot it explains perfectly 🙂
        but most delicious there is h-scenes, because it almost not have gameplay.
        at least have many nice art (very liked basilisk (i suppose) and couple others)
        anyway thanks for translation

      • Polo

        One thing I enjoy about the game is that they show (sorta) what happens after the initial rape, it’s something I wish more games would do.

  5. Anonymous

    If you need another project afterwards, the new ROBF seems promising. It seems to have some pretty solid mechanics down, and it has Monster girls.

    Not sure how easy it would be to translate it, cause I seem to remember someone saying something about how it is hard to recode it or something.

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, I want this to get translated so bad. Too bad the engine makes it almost untranslateable 🙁 Someone really needs to make tools for this engine!

    • Can’t extract the scripts from it (or repack them) without the encryption key. Pretty much the same story for half of these games: no one’s ever going to be able to translate them unless someone with hacking skills can crack them and/or write utilities to extract/repack text.

  6. Learch

    Dargoth, do you consider all of these requests, or do you just ignore them (like any reasonable, sane human would do)?

    Because if you’re actually listening to all of these requests, then you have much, much more patience than anyone I have ever met personally.

  7. Hashtag_YOLO.SWAG

    Hey Dargoth, does ROBF have the scripts unlocked? Or is it encrypted like the others?

    Mostly just curious cause I saw that you mentioned it earlier.

    • It’s an RPGMaker game. While I’ve never really fiddled with one before, I’m under the impression that they’re pretty easy to unpack and edit, it’s only the distribution that’s problematic.

      • Anonymous

        I am not sure if you can repack the game archive but there is probably nothing wrong with simply unpacking it and patching data folder.

      • Anonymous

        You can unpack the rgss2 files with a hacking tool (I did so myself to extract cgs and/or cheat in some games) and then simply save the file again as an rgss2 archive. The only “problem” so to speak is that the rgss2 archive is basically the whole game -audio. So you’d be basically distributing the full game if you make it.

  8. ChaoticNemisis

    Great work as always Dargoth. If you ever need help in the Proofreading department, or anything else(so long as I’m capable) just gimme a shout

  9. Anonymous

    I don’t know if Rogue is taking assistance, but if you could help him get MGQ part 3 translated faster I would love you to death.

  10. Prototype909

    Since you asked for suggestions my vote still goes to ROBF, assuming that it’s even -possible- to do any work in regards to translating it after VH3 (And whenever ROBF’s content updates end since it’s already got another updated scheduled for July).

  11. Anonymous

    1.0 patch by the weekend? More like by the heat death of the universe, amiriteguise?

    (You know I love you, Dargoth.)

  12. Kyon

    dargoth.wordpress.com is available. they deleted it, but you might want to keep yours or grab both. You are a name brand now.

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