1. Anigai

    Seriously Dargoth, your a great guy like a demigod but i want to know just how can i donate.
    I might be exaggerating if i said you could make a living off translating games but the scary thing is there’s a change im not exaggerating because you have so many people who love you work, myself included.

    Dargoth, how can we donate? Lots of people want to do anything we can to help you in your translation quest.

  2. Anonymous

    How do you beat the Mimic using pleasure attacks? do you drain her health first or just go for pleasure attacks?

    • Anonymous

      The mimic isn’t that hard if you know how to handle her. She always attacks the way it causes you more damage (the stat with bigger difference between that stat’s attack and defense), unless you have low MP which will make her resort to ero attacks regardless.
      If you want the win-to-ero scene the best way is to make the one with bigger difference to be magic and have at the very least the skill “heal” from the fairy. That way not only will you do MP damage, but she will also do it to herself. I’ve defeated her this way even when she used miasma wave a couple or three times in one battle.
      Of course, the more skills you know, the easier is the fight. Especially with the dragon’s cry or the succubus’ drain kiss.

  3. Anonymous

    I don’t suppose there is any way to get the soundtrack for the game?
    The mimic’s battle music in particular is fantastic.

  4. drchaos

    can someone post the h scenes somewhere online since im using my mobile and cant download zips i really wana see vampires 2nd lost 😀

  5. Anonymous

    Sorry to bother you Dargoth, but i get this error when i leave the town: http://i.imm.io/1dDQs.png
    I didn’t lose twice to any girl during the game, so i got the solo ending, but is this popup normal or am i supposed to see something else after the end?

  6. Anonymous

    ^ I got the same error the first time i played the game. I don’t remember it happening again after the “good” ending though.

  7. Anonymous

    Randomly. It’ll sometimes happen during one of the mimic’s attacks, other times it won’t happen at all. I’m half tempted to reinstall the patch.

  8. Crimrui

    Finished it. It was a bit annoying cuz’ of too much grinding. Cool about the each monster’s ending. Werewolf and Slime were my favorites. ^^

  9. Hi there,I notice there is an untranslated script when you got defeated and raped by Angel,with the “Already viewws H-scene” skipped…Shall I send you the screen-shot of it?

  10. Anonymous

    Whenever I try to open the game, I get a really weird error message, concerning curser1.bmp, and a certain line in 0.txt

    • Anonymous

      When I reach the end of the credits, I get this thing that says
      F(the curvy one)GF(The curvy one)%.[
      (a bunch on letters here I can’t copy)
      o.txt line:6041
      | gosub *Meswin_set
      It’s the same thing whether I have a monster end or not. Is this what you’re talking about?

    • Anonymous

      I looked at the 0.txt file, which is the 0 text document in the folder, and I went to the line it talked about, and it was that exact words in the problem. So, there’s a problem around it and I have to figure out what it is.

    • Anonymous

      I figured it out! At the point of text I was talking abut, I took out the 4 @ and tried to run it again, and when I reached the credits, the error did not pop up, and when I did a monster end, I got the Erotic Fighter Badge! That’s the fix in the credit crash! Just go to line 6401 in the 0.txt file and delete those 4 @s and leave that line blank!

  11. Balcerzak

    So, I tried Lilim Rod on Succubus because I couldn’t put her to sleep normally. First time successful it crashed (she did the attack where she tries to remove your clothes). Silly me, forgot to screenshot it, so I go in to try to reproduce the problem, get a few trials where she wakes up normally, finally got another crash for you though:

    I realize this is probably a year too late for you to care, or maybe just a problem on my end, but still… figured I’d share the news.

    Been loving the game, thanks for your hard work.

  12. theblindoldman

    i dont mean to bother you, but when i try to download from both anon or mega, they dont even seem to start downloading…i wait a long time but theres no progress… maybe its te locale, but its set to japanese just like the game told me to be in. so i dont know the problem…maybe another link set to mediafire would be amazing…IDK..Great work though!

  13. Anonymous

    when i unzip the file and run it, there is some weird message that pop up and i cant play the game. Any idea why?

  14. Anonymous

    I did. I downloaded and installed HF pApploc, right clicked, and chose “Run with Japanese Local as Administrator” Same thing.

  15. Anonymous

    The game wont start for me, I’m not sure if I messed up somehow. When I open the wrap it gives me a short bit of code somewhere along the lines of
    “0.txt line:55483

    (theres a vertical line before this)erasetextwindow 0”
    sorry if this doesnt help.

    • Anonymous

      print 15

      yOuroboros z
      ;@‚»‚ꂶ‚áA’nã‚É‘—‚Á‚Ä‚ ‚°‚é‚í‚ˁv

      this is what I got when I found that line

  16. Ike

    Hey Dargoth, I am trying to play this and I downloaded the file and unzipped it. However when I click to run the application there is some sort of error that occurs and it closes out no matter what. It says,

    0.txt line:55483
    |erasetextwindow 0
    >lsph SP_CURSOL,”:l/2,400,2;cg\cursor1.bmp”,388,580

    I honestly have no clue on what to do. If you or anyone knows how to fix this that would be greatly appreciated.

  17. Roy

    You can pretty much edit the whole game from the 0.txt file. Add new dialogue, alter lewd scene animation count and speed, edit stats. Pretty dope. Wish this game had more animation tho.

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