1. Dear Guest!

    Had to read the third paragraph a couple of times to really get what was going on. Kinda weird…
    Anyway, thanks for the update. You should be one step closer to Nirvana by now.

  2. TheAllSeeingEye

    you should make the patch that has the succubus’s scene fixed, but have a big ass warning on it so that people dont fuck up their game. with about 3 lines of “WARNING” or something lol

    since i wouldnt mind starting anew. I’d be fun for me XD
    also, i keep multiple versions of different games so i have more than 1 back-up

    • Anonymous

      Even if he were to put that much warning, people still wouldn’t read it and would complain about getting their save files messed up.

      • TheAllSeeingEye

        you’re right, because society doesnt even read the terms of use agreement….. lol
        [ I actually read most of it ]

  3. Crimrui

    Thanks Dargoth, I’m grateful for any Monster Game that you do. Hopefully when the time comes, you’ll translate Violated Hero 3 as well. ^^

  4. animeloverxX93

    Thanks a lot for your great work, Dargoth.
    I guess we really should be grateful to you and Rogue for tranlating so many awesome games.

    Also, I pointed out something.


    Maybe you should consider to proveread some of the text again.
    No offense, really. 🙂

    Also, will the encyclopedia be translated as well?
    Can’t wait for this game to be finished (though I will, that is. :P).

  5. Brave

    Thanks for the work.

    Personally, I appreciate the partials, untested or not, it’s not a big deal, I’m willing to work around a few bugs.

  6. Anonymous

    If anyone is having trouble with the succubus’ second not level draining hentai scene then open 0.txt, search for “both too weak”, and put the symbol after the singing note symbol there.

    And the only reason why you release those partial and untested patches is because you want to bring us the translations as fast as possible, otherwise you could just release one completed patch in a year or more and be done with it.

    If a little of playtesting is the price for having the game sooner and freeing some of your time for either translations or for that pesky rl thing, then it’s a small price to pay (especially if there are monster girls to keep us company ^^ ). You and Rogue make us enjoy things that would otherwise be inaccessible to us, so thanks to you both for your work and ethics.

  7. Anonymous

    I am having troubles in the second dungeon, seems the difficulty went up quite a lot and I don’t know how to improve except grinding until a higher level… Any strategies for Newt / Harpy or do I just have to grind till 11/12/13?

      • Brave

        In case it isn’t obvious, the way to do it is to use magic to get her as close to death as you can without killing her, then chip away with your 1 damage physical attacks. If her damage is an issue, open the fight with Ero Attacks until her damage bottoms out.

        I didn’t get that armor until I reached the third floor (and subsequently had no use for it whatsoever), but I lucked out and grabbed a Tri-Blade from my first chest on the first Dragon Newt of floor 2.

      • Brave

        Also, make sure you get the skills from floor 1 (beat them with Ero Attacks for the skill). Counter (beat fighter with an Ero attack) should make quick work of the Dragon Newt, but I didn’t get it until a bit later.

  8. Hedoro

    There’s actually an odd little bug with the fighter, drain kiss for some reason also gets classed as a physical attack in addition to an ero attack, so if you beat the fighter with it she gives you the armour like you used a physical attack to beat her.

    • Good catch. The check is whether %last_atk equals 0.
      0 is a physical attack
      1 is sonic/blast
      2 is an ero attack.

      Drain kiss was apparently an oversight and doesn’t count as anything. So if you physical attack and then win with a drain kiss, the game thinks your last attack was a physical one. I suppose you could cheat Lilim the same way.

      It’s an easy fix, but may as well leave it in for fun. There’s no way you could get drain kiss and not be able to kick around Fighter/Lilim anyway.

      • Anonymous

        except our ninja obsessed lilim damages you with drain kiss so you do need to use sonic or blast, also with lilims staff don’t equip it against certain monsters as it breaks the game, don’t remember which but last boss was one of them.

  9. Anonymous

    it’ still Japanese, so you’ll need to run the game in “Japanes locale” if you don’t want to crash.

  10. Anonymous

    Thanks for the translation & 0.txt, with it the playability of the game has improved a lot.
    Why have the designers not put a button to go to the different end games of the girls once you done all scenes with them ?
    Luckily changing $str_enemy_id to the number of the girl (1 to 13) you want in 0.txt fixes that quicker
    add $temp1, $str_enemy_id ->add $temp1, “1”

    Rematks on Patch 0.93
    – The dragon end is missing an @ -> He’s all like
    -I think Mimic has an incomplete translation
    You’ll carry it, of course. @
    >It would be awfully inconvenient withOUT it

    • Anonymous

      You need to cast Mirage before you start the fight and everytime she concentrates her magic, since that means she will cast charm the next turn. Apart from that equip the anti-sleep bracelet if you’ve got it and high magical resistance armor and you should be ok.

  11. Anonymous

    Is anyone else bugging out at the ouroboros fight? I get an error about 6 chat boxes into the fight, although it’s untranslated as well. Other than that, thanks for all the work!

  12. Kell

    So when you mentioned the Succubus having 3 separate h-scenes, did you mean 3 separate CG as well? I’ve seen all 4 variations of the regular reverse-rape CG. The 2nd CG would be when I beat her with ero attacks (which I haven’t gotten around to doing yet, lol. I’m level 30 and can beat her with physical attacks but my ero weapon is a kokenshi doll which doesnt seem to do much damage). When does the 3rd CG activate?

    • Anonymous

      There isn’t a 3rd cg. She just has 4 reverse rape scenes instead of 2 (although you can’t get all of them unless you either load the game or go to the church, as 2 of them are available only the first time you meet her) and the normal 2 for when you win.

      Also I can’t imagine getting even the vampire with a kokenshi doll as an ero weapon, and you should always defeat all monsters at least once with ero attacks since they give you a new skill, (although I guess you knew that otherwise you can’t make it to the 3rd floor). Check however if you have defeated the mimic that way since she gives you a +2 to your thief skill, and with the +1 from the werewolf skill and the +1 from the thief tools/truth glasses (+2 when you get the ten virtue thief tools), you should be able to get a much better weapon in no time.

  13. Thatoneguy

    Uhmm lilim just instantly casts charm before i can do anything or the battle even starts and defeats me anyway to stop this odd occurence?

  14. zanky

    I don’t know if somebody already mention this.
    ending for lizard girl error.it got 2 line.
    err the untranslated text is on the auroboros both battle and ending and sucubus ending when i play with 0.92.when all text got translated. is it soon?

  15. zanky

    @Thatoneguy dude, why don’t you think a little. Hahahahaha. Well actually I got the same problem for about a few hour to figure it out.

    THIS IS SPOILERRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Now to defeted lilim and got lilim rod you must:

    1. go to step 99.Just before you fight lilim.
    2. open skill menu
    3. cast mirage.
    4. viola lilim first mirage is miss. Suck on this sucker. Now my turn to violate your pussy.
    5. be carefull when lilim cast pink magic.well she prepare something and not demage you.
    6. It is sign to cast mirage again.
    7. don’t use drain kiss skill[i forgot the name]. the skill you got from succubus. It will backfire.
    8. as long as you carefull, she is really easy to beat.
    9. use pysical attack to do huge damage. W attack with muramasa edge or excalibur will do alot of
    damage or you can use sexcalibur for ero attack.
    10. get skill from vampire. i think it’s blast or something [i forgot the name].this skill is magic
    11. use magic to finish her.you can weaken her with pysical attack. but last hit must magic attack
    12. lilim rod could cast sleep in the begining on battle randomly.
    13 skill you’ll got from lilim is sleep.

  16. greendragon2978

    i was wondering if you maybe thing about translation Marionette Fantasy i read some post said that someone else had start it a few years ago but from the post they did it to the 1st town and change some other thing in the game too i read it a fun game but since i can not found any of the translation now i wonder about it and nice job on Desire Dungeon i have a fun time playing it i hate the slime girl at 1st

    • Anonymous

      Well at first the trick is that not all attack types work all the time. At first only physical damage attacks work. Then once she uses the spell that reverses her hp and mp, only magical attacks work. Once you deal enough magical damage she will use that spell again and at that point you will be able to attack her with all your possible attacks (ofc ero attacks are prefered the first time since you’ll get both a new item and skill if you do so).

  17. Evan Rowe

    whenever i run desire dungeon i get a window that says
    0.txt line:54700
    | erasetextwindow 0
    >lsph SP_CURSOL,”:l/2,400,2;cg/cursor1.bmp”,388,580
    can someone tell me what i need to do by the way i use microsoft applocale

    • greendragon2978

      i do not think the applocale work with that much jap games to change your location you need to go to your control panel then clock, language and region then click on your regional and language options and go to the admin then change your system locale

  18. zanky

    if you get this message
    0.txt line:54700
    | erasetextwindow 0
    >lsph SP_CURSOL,”:l/2,400,2;cg/cursor1.bmp”,388,580

    i guess it’s because the line on the “lsph SP_CURSOL,”:l/2,400,2;cg/cursor1.bmp”,388,580” is error. are you use Desire Dungeon English v0.93? if not working try use version before(0.92). and don’t forget to update patch 0.91 http://firestorage.jp/download/a4181ba121a80c0ab2346e229de1c074b4ff228e

    or hope dargothtranslations reply to this.

  19. zanky

    i forgot to tell you. i run it with windows xp service pack 3 32 bit black edition.
    windows update to 3.1
    net framework 4.0.

    what your OS? maybe it’s your OS so you unable to open desire dungeon

  20. Incognito

    Is there any way I can purchase this game legally? I looked around the english DLsite, but I couldn’t find it.

  21. zanky

    @dargothtranslations hei i got error when i playing ending for Dragon Newt
    this text:
    >yDragon Newt z
    >Ah, but my father is really annoying, I guess… @
    >He’s all like
    >”I’ll only let someone marry my daughter if he beats me! Raaawr!”

    i got error on the last text. but when i change
    >He’s all like
    >”I’ll only let someone marry my daughter if he beats me! Raaawr!”
    >He’s all like @
    >”I’ll only let someone marry my daughter if he beats me! Raawr!”
    it’s solve.

  22. zanky

    @Evan Rowe i guess you get an error when game run at this text on 0.txt
    try to open 0.txt.then find this line bellow or search word for”lsph SP_CURSOL”
    I try search lsph SP_CURSOL and I got 2 line for that. and it’s say
    lsph SP_CURSOL,”:l/2,400,2;cgcursor1.bmp”,388,580;‰üƒy[ƒW‘Ò‚¿ƒJ[ƒƒ‹
    try change those 2 line to that and try it’s work or not.
    but it’s weird.i i think your os is fine and when i try don’t used patch 0.91.it’s still working.
    are you install all of supplemental language support in regional and language option on control panel?if not then when you open that, look on languages tab and check 2 option and install it.
    Also make sure to change Standart and format, Language for non-Unicode Program to Japanese.
    And change Location to Japan.If it’s still not working then try play it on another PC to look it’s work or not.
    If all of those can not work,then i don’t know.

  23. Anonymous

    This game was fantastic. I think I like it more than MGQ since the females actually aren’t just into it for sustenance. Thank you for the translation!

    • Anonymous

      Well, it had a different style. you could say it was a bit lighter. No evil Monster Lords/ goddesses, no battle of morality, it just focused on fun. And with the perfectly linear dungeon and all, it didn’t even try to hide it.

      Oddly enough however, I think it allowed a bit more bonding with the girls than MGQ does (Alice, etc of course excluded, I am talking about “random” monster girls).

      The main reason for it is that you could fight with them again, and your previous fights would affect the current one, with every possible way, from them being stronger from having beaten you before, all the way to chastising you for running away before, or try to take revenge if you beat them with the specialties or leave them hanging, a feature which I found brilliant.

      Another reason is ofc the more h-scenes per girl, and the personalized endings.

      Well there were other differences ofc, with the equips and all, but I think that the thing about the fights made the most difference. Not sure if I like it more than MGQ since I can’t wait to find out how the story ends there, and MGQ was a better programmed game (here you can’t view past scenes, except by replaying them, and there isn’t even any backlog), but it certainly is one of the best h-games I’ve played.

      In the end I have to say, Sorcerer ftw.

  24. Anonymous

    Dargoth, by any chance do you know what project, if any, you will be picking up after Desire Dungeon? I’d be curious to hear it.

  25. Anonymous

    Is this more information regarding the ????



  26. Anonymous

    Is this information regarding the ??? on the site?



  27. Rel

    I’d really like to play, but I keep getting the SP_Cursol error as stated above i couldn’t really seem to find any way to fix it, please someone let me know if I’m missing something.

  28. Devil Face

    my game crash whenever I fight with Mimic using attack, but okay with ero attack, sorry can’t get the SS, I can’t meet mimic again for whatever reason

    • Anonymous

      Make sure your level is high enough. I also thought to quickly level up in dungeon 3 and risked myself too far a couple of times and bumped “into the 5 times lost penalty”
      If you lose more than 5 times to a monster, their damage is significantly higher.
      You can pay to erase everybody’s memory in the church that undoes the 5 penalty
      And level up in the lower dungeon to be surer of defeating them and have good weapons with you.

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