• 2-tall

        not using other people’s saves is the best way to go if you like surprises I can’t unsee the endings for monmusu now. (screwed up with my own save didn’t feel like starting over from scratch)

  1. Dear Guest

    *Desire Dungeon spoiler* :I don’t know if this has been reported yet. The game crashes at the beginning of the Angel fight, if you have lost against her five times. Overfull textbox or something.

  2. TheAllSeeingEye

    just wondering, is there a kunoichi *female ninja) in the game? cuz of the graffiti & traps
    if so, how do you fight her?

  3. Anonymous

    my game keeps crashing during the dialog with dragon newt when i try to leave town. is this suppose to happen or is that suppose to be the end of the game?

  4. unknown

    having same problem:

    0.txt line:54252

    |erasetextwindow 0
    >lsph SP_CURSOL,”:l/2,400,2;cgcursor1.bmp”,388,580
    whats this mean?

  5. Kell

    Thanks Dargoth!
    Btw people, I’m using patch v0.92. Can someone upload a savefile where they reached at the latest monsters which the patch supports? Need it so I can breeze through to them, lol. Played till dungeon 2 harpy and Dragon Newt (God, she was hot!) and I don’t think there’s much story to it. I don’t want to keep levelling, so… savefile anyone? 😛

  6. Anonymous

    what about unannounced MGQ-related project which was supposed to be announced at may?
    Any news? Or they meant Setoichi’s MGQ Beyond The End 2 doujin? If so I’m disappointed

  7. Crimrui

    Any other upload site aside from mega.co.nz? Can’t download with firefox and I don’t want to install chrome…

  8. Kyon

    has anyone figured out how to defeat the succubus on the third level with an ero attack? I am trying to find the address using cheat engine that governs mp so that my mp will never go down

    • Anonymous

      Either whittle down her HP and switch it with her MP using the Moebius Ring (from the final boss), or equip an armor called Coat of Black Dreams; it prevents her from using her ‘strip armor’ ero attack, which causes you to receive an increased amount of MP damage from her subsequent attacks. Also remember to use Battle Cry only when you’re 1 hit away from losing; try to hold on as long as possible, as you deal an increased amount of MP damage when you’re in the pink-ish screen state.

    • Anonymous

      If you’re able to find the Cuisinart Vibrator and Coat of Black Dreams, it’s pretty easy. At least it is once you get to level 30. I ended up leveling to 30 before I was able to find the Vibrator. Any of the lower weapons won’t do enough MP damage.

  9. Brave

    Oh right, just remembered something else when I was looking through the comments on 0.91.

    When you learn Battle Cry from the Dragon newt it says you learned Yell, but in all other instances it is referred to as Battle Cry. Not that it much matters, no impairment to the game itself 😛

  10. Anonymous

    I can’t save or load any games cause it’s bugged… insta quit after I tryin to load… some suggestion?

    • How are you loading a game if you hadn’t saved one in the first place? Don’t try to use any old saves from the Japanese version, they’ll just crash.

      Also, make sure the folder isn’t read-only or user restricted.

      • Anonymous

        I figured out, just deleted my older gloval.sav and every save files. My save files were before your english patch so that was the problem 🙂

  11. Anonymous

    >Have you forgotten anything? Did you save your progress first?

    Ye- wait, no, wait, how do I even answer this

    On a more serious note, any plans to put up a brief list of “hidden” scenes, and endings? Only one I’ve found is the fairy if you get her willpower down but then finish her off with health attacks, then meet her again. The scene when you lose to the sorcerer also has a slightly bigger difference between 1st/2nd losses than the other ones I lost to twice, IMO.

    Also: such a shame this game has so few CGs and enemies, the gameplay is a lot better than MGQ and the mechanics of it are a lot cooler. It’s great having canon loss scenes, and loss scenes that aren’t just 15 minutes of verbal abuse + a dozen orgasms.

  12. Anonymous

    I know it’s untranslated, but the game also crashes when you choose to drain to level 1 option when losing to the succubus.

    • Anonymous

      You can actually get around that by running the game in Japanese applocale as of now, at least it did for me

      • Anonymous

        Thanks, that let me finish getting the rest of the CGs for the untranslated fights, though I’ll wait to update my save until the last boss is translated so I know what the heck happens in the storyline after you beat her.

  13. codered999

    Does anyone know of a good translator program that you can get for free? I don’t need it for this game. I need it for a game that has not been translated, except for the basic menu.

    • Dear Guest

      AGTH, Atlas and Translation Aggregator are things you should google.
      There are plenty of guides around, although it depends on the game – I never could get it to work, but don’t mind me, I’m stupid.

    • Brave

      ‘Good is a bit of an overstatement, but you need something to hook the text from the program (AGTH, ITH), and something to translate the text that said program grabs. Translation Aggregator lets you use a few dictionaries (ATLAS is a popular offline translation tool, but is not free) including free options like google translate and the like.

      There’s a decent chance that you’ll need to set text speed to max to properly hook it all, and you could very well need to look into making a custom hook for your game if it isn’t being copied properly. You also want something like TAHelper to streamline adding names and other words you don’t want translated.

      Even jumping through all those hoops, machine translations generally range from poor to entirely unintelligible. That’s why we love Dargoth.

  14. Sylph

    How did you do to get the ending? i beat the last boss but after that i leave the city but nothing (i heard you need to get the 4 event for the monster but how?)

  15. Crimrui

    You know, I don’t want to be an ass posting this on this topic, but I just tried that Lv1勇者が女神 game, and it looks awesome. Shame that you won’t be doing the translation. But yeah, again thanks for everything, this game is nice. It’s great to have someone that keeps us informed about new Monster Girl games. ^^

  16. Anonymous

    For those who dislike to grind you can just go into the 0.txt and change the parameters. That way you can make a single fight from fairy max out your level and gold, get a crapload of items during any event you want (my personal favorite is when it asks if you want to proceed to the boss since it’s easily repeatable), etc. Although everything is intuitive (I am not a programmer), the level one is especially easy (just search for mov %e_exp, 10 and turn the 10 to a 100000) and saves a lot of time.

    I think the game is more enjoyable if you don’t do this the first time around, but when it gives you a new accessory that you can access only by starting a new game, (you get it when you finish the game with any monster girl ending), I think that anything that can ease with the grinding you is appreciated.

    Just remember that you have to restart the game for the changes you made to take effect.

    • 2-tall

      that adjusts the amount of exp the monsters give when you beat them doesn’t it? value on line below that adjust gold given. If you are going to do this the monster fairy will come up first you adjusting values for fairy.

  17. Anonymous

    Okay, I don’t understand — I can’t get this shit to even START, nevermind playing it. Every time I try, a window pops up with Japanese text, and I can’t do anything but close it out. And before anyone asks; yes, I already have everything set to Japanese Locale, so that’s not the problem. Is there a specific version of RPG Maker that I need in order to run this game? Most annoying thing is that I can’t seem to find ANY information ANYWHERE on the son of a bitch, so I thought I’d try here. Little help?

      • Anonymous

        Funny you should mention that just as I found the issue. The files weren’t being extracted properly, I guess. Took a few tries, but it finally managed to work just now. Thank you for replying, though. I appreciate the speedy response, truly 🙂

  18. Anonymous

    The secrets of these game are the following (taken from the translated parts of 0.txt, so there is a small chance Succubus or Uroboros have one extra).

    Extra Items:

    1) Heavy Armor – Finish the Fighter using a physical attack.
    2) Lilim’s Rod – Finish Lilim with a magical attack.
    3) Moebius Ring – Finish Uroboros with an Eros attack (or Drain Kiss).
    4) Erotic Fighter Badge – Leave town and get a monster ending (you need to have at least two wins AND two losses from a monster to get its ending).

    Extra dialog before rape:

    1)Fairy – Use Ero Attacks until she gets to the point where she can’t attack you and just looks at you with pleading eyes, then finish her using a magical/physical attack. Then lose to her the next time you see her.

    2)Sorcerer – Finish her using a magical attack, and lose to her the next time you see her.

    • Anonymous

      When I finished the game and went through the credits, I crash after it’s done, so I don’t get a erotic fighter badge or anything. What do I do?

  19. Anonymous

    so i got this accessory called truth glasses, what is it used for? i battled every monstergirl while equipping it but nothing seems to happen

    • Jikorde

      The slime split attack fails to work when they are equipped I believe. So she cannot hurt you at all when you use the glasses.

      • Anonymous

        after a few tests it turns out that whenever you attack slime girl after she splits while equipping the glasses you hit the real body
        guess i didn’t notice that cuz i always used w-attack

  20. Anonymous

    I’m getting a strange error. Whenever I hover over Kappa’s Cucumber, I get this crash error:

    拡張ボタン指定が間違っています:Male undergarments from an eastern country. Fires you up when worn.

    0.txt line:57674

    >btnwait %btnwait

    What does the loincloth have to do with Kappa’s Cucumber?

    • Dear Guest

      I’ve heard a lot of these Mimic crashes, however have unlocked all her scenes and never encountered one. Have you already downloaded the latest patch? Link is in Dargoths previous entry I believe.

      • Dear Guest

        I don’t know about that. Maybe I will encounter that error sometime. Is it literally everytime she attacks or did it only happen once? Maybe you’ll get lucky and it won’t happen everytime.
        Dargoth himself said that this error seems to defy logical explanation…

      • Anonymous

        I had some weird experiences with the mimic as well. When I first tried to fight her at lvl 15 then the game would crash whenever I tried to do an Ero attack (well I was after her ability so I don’t know if it would crash with other things as well). Then I lost two times with no problem to get the scenes, and when I tried again at level 25, then I saw that I could attack without problem, end even Ero attacks were fine. Haven’t had a problem with the Mimic since.

    • Anonymous

      is she using pleasure attacks? if so it is working but she is damaging you more than you can heal.

      • Anonymous

        Well each time you lose to a monster they get a 10% increase to all of their stats, so if you lose to a tough moster you might be better off reloading or going to the church even if you don’t get the half strength debuff.

        As for the mimic, since she copies your stats completely you might want to equip a weapon with a low physical and strong ero attack and an armor with high physical defence and low ero defence. That way you’ll be well protected from her physical attacks and the drain kiss will become effective. Also make sure you have gone to the inn to reset the cost of the battle cry, since the battle cry/heal combo can be very effective if you have bad luck with her miasma attacks.

        So ideally a Kappa’s Cucumber, Plate Armor (or iron breastplate) and Moebius Ring equipment will make you win without much trouble with drain kisses (or even with normal ero attacks if your drain kiss is bugged for some reason).

      • Anonymous

        Well it is easy enough to fix. Just go to 0.txt and search for “married how” in order to get to the dragon ending. There you should put the “Hmm?” and the “No, not really…” in the same line, deleting all symbols inbetween the two sentences. Then go a bit down and do the same things for the sentences “Ah, but my father is really annoying, I guess…” and “He’s all like”.

      • 2-tall

        interesting doing that caused a problem where after you smack around a girl for the treasure box it will say “Lv.? trap found” stops saying what kind of trap the chest is rigged with. is problem 4 those looking for mimic.

      • Anonymous

        That’s weird. I;ve changed that part, as well as made some other changes to both dialog and some stats and nothing of the sort has ever happened. Well if you want you can search for
        “mov $str_trapname” change the line of the Mimic to “if %temp1 <= 15 mov $str_trapname,"Mimic. " : mov %trap_type,6" (instead of ==15) and delete all the other trap types above. If you do that then the next time you start the game every chest trap will be the mimic (the other types are useless anyway).

        And although I haven't experienced a single problem caused by editing yet, I recommend keeping a backup just in case (although you could just redownload the patch).

  21. Anonymous

    near the beginning of the 0.text doc there is a list of skills and there cost if u wanted to you can mske them cost 0.which can be helpful if u dont have alot of mp yet and dont want to go through the hassle of leveling up a bunch to get more. i thought this was very helpful

  22. Anonymous

    Well as I had said I do recommend playing the game normally once, but if you have to replay for some reason (personally I had deleted my global sav to see something about the mimic crashes, and when I put the copy back the monsterpedia remained empty), then it’s nice to have something that can make the grinding easier, or eliminate it.

    As for the best cheat for me is changing weapon stats. Search for “Excalibur” to get to that part, and from the 5 numbers that are next to each other set the middle 3 to 9999 (first number is the weapon id, and last number is price). Personally I think the best weapon to change is bare handed or short sword considering you have them from the beginning and that way you’ll be able to one shot everything even at level 1. You can do the same thing for armors just below, but it’s not really necessary (cause of the one-shotting thing ^^)

  23. AnonB

    This game was pretty fun; the start at level 1-3 is pretty brutal, trying to just level up with encounters with the fairy and running from the dog, lots of careful gold management too.

    The mid-game starts as soon as you find the tuxedo; its the best armor for most of the game.
    I found a long sword+1 fairly early on as well, just from fighting the sorceress over and over.

    Level 2 is easier than it first appears. The truth glasses are just the key item here (I never had a reason to take them off after either, given their passive).

    Level 3 is not to be trifled with, especially at level 29.
    The best I did early on was barely getting the angel and vampire’s MP all the way down one at a time, but then getting stuck in a cycle of dying to them over and over. The angel has some of the most BS kills sometimes.

    I wouldn’t try to take down the succubus’ MP until you get to 30, unless you have some of the better items in the game. Once you do finally get drain kiss from her the angel becomes much easier to manage.

    I got Excalibur and Impure wave at this point and used them to finish the game.

    The final boss is kinda gimmicky and didn’t seem that hard. Lots of text though, so I’m certainly interested in what she’s saying.

    Thanks for the translation!

    • Brave

      Eh, other than Ouroboros and the Succubus Ero ending, you shouldn’t really have much trouble with floor 3 at levels under 29. This is assuming you’ve collected the skills from the previous floors (Mirage, Battle Cry, Heal, and W-Attack most importantly). Stay away from an Ero fight with Succubus unless you’ve got the Coat of Black Dream or Moebius though.

      Against Angel you need to keep your hp up, since her heal is the only dangerous thing.

  24. Anonymous

    Can someone explain exactly how to get the monster endings? I’ve lost to the fairy twice, beaten her with ero attacks twice, and now what?

  25. Anonymous

    Found a weird bug with the slime. If you use the Mirage during the fight, then she will just make a copy and attack you the same turn, and do you some damage without leaving you a chance to react.

    If however you have the Mirage already activated before the battle, then it is absolutely impossible to lose to, or even be damaged by the slime. Even surrendering does not work, and all it does is make the game stop responding.

      • Anonymous

        Well I wouldn’t be surprised if it was the game, the only reason I found out about it was because I was curious if they had a different sequence if you did the mirage beforehand. It’s not a very important bug, as you could always win the battle, but I did come up with a quick fix by putting
        “if %mirage_flg==1 : gosub *enemy_skill_mirage_7” just before every “goto *enemy_start_talk_end_7”, so now it checks if you have the mirage just before the slime stops her introduction.

        I have to say I’m glad the patch is in .txt form so I fix minor bugs on my own and experiment on programming like this. Now who said H-games can’t be fun AND educational? ^^

  26. Anon-chan

    somehow I can’t download it from Uploaded.to nor bitshare….
    anyone mind upload it to somewhere else?

  27. anonymous

    from all the scenes ive seen dragon newts are the only ones where the character is pretty much just a shadow

  28. Kell

    At the succubus now, but its in Japanese after she offers us the choice. Just to be sure, there are only 3 floors in the dungeon?
    Also, any idea when the succubus and onward text will be translated?

    • Anonymous

      Yes, you can even leave town after you beat the 3rd boss floor, and if you’ve have at least 2 wins and 2 losses from a monster girl you can get her ending and an accessory that disables attacks that don’t deal erotic damage for both you and your opponents. Oddly enough it’s a pretty good equipment against the succubus, especially if you haven’t got the coat of black dreams since it disables her undressing attack.

      As for the complete patch only dargoth can say for sure, but he had said around a week from the time he released 0,9 patch, so I guess around the weekend if nothing has changed

        • Haha yeah, the major reason for throwing out the partial patch was so I could play MGQ without feeling *too* guilty. Succubus will be finished tomorrow at the latest, and hopefully Ouroboros in under a week.

    • Kell

      Ok, gonna wait for that patch. Slightly disappointed, though. I didn’t think the game would end so soon after Succubus. I remember reading somewhere that there were 5 dungeons/floors, when I got the game. But ah well, I’d still have felt sad after reaching latest boss anyways lol. Great eroge, and thanks again Dargoth!

  29. Anonymous

    I’ve run into a rather annoying problem after copying the game to a different computer. First off, the global.sav file doesn’t seem to carry over any of the data, which is a bit annoying, but not as bad as the other problem, which is the completely removal of all sound effects. I tried deleting my saves and redownloading the patch and the translation, but it didn’t help. Would redownloading the entire game yield better results?

    • Brave

      It’d be simpler to archive the game folder and copy that over, that would essentially be the same as redownloading it. Though your issue in general seems odd.

      No idea what could be messing with the sound of all things, unless it is a codec issue (unlikely) or you’ve somehow disabled them in the config menu.

      • Anonymous

        I don’t think there’s even any sound options in the config menu. Redownloading it did fix the problem, and I made sure to keep the zip file this time in case it happens again.

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