1. mikufanboy

    As if the ability to halve your current Hp/Mp wasn’t enough! Thanks for the update patch by the way and your work on the translation~.

  2. The Kin

    Anyone have any hints regarding the S rank items? I’ve found 2, one by mistake when I was just going through and reading the various responses from monsters. I figured out a bit of a pattern to two of them and have fighters armor and lilm’s cane. Any hints are preferred. Right n ow I’m toying with the mimic because i feel she has to have something…Thanks.

    • The Kin

      Edit: I found a bug. If you use Lilm’s rod and it puts the enemy to sleep (at least on werewolves) when you attack, it crashes the game. (Was farming chests for a mimic.)

      • That’s the kind of bug that makes me want to tear my hair out. The werewolf doesn’t have any special sleep code, yet it seems to work fine for every OTHER monster. What’s so special about her that causes problems? This is about the 100th time I’ve had to ask myself that question.

    • Others are all just from chests. S rank items are level 6, 20% chance for a level 5 chest to get upgraded, or if you have 3 unidentified level 5 weapons (or 3 armors), one will get upgraded to level 6.

  3. Anonymous

    Hi all, i’am stuck with some crashes and didn’t find a solution for them.
    It is with the witch H Scenes 1.) i lose error message in line 33988 2.) if i win with Ero Attacks line 33215.
    The third Crash occours when i want to enter Boss room on first floor. “You feel intense pressure …” Error in line 3314.
    I tried to find a program to have a look into .ns2 file but i haven’t found one. Maybe there are just a misspelling in filenames.
    It is the same with version 1.0 and translation 0.9 as for game patch 1.09 and translation 0.91. Just some lines have different numbers.
    If there is another way to Report bugs please let me now.

    Bye AzurFalcon

    • Anonymous

      soo i started from the beginning, set my System to japanese, made a new game Installation, patched it and start a new game. until now it is the same … also a mimic chest crashed. Line 28325. In each error message there is … “NSA … cg…” at the top.
      Until now, scrflash.png, dungeon1_e.jpg and mimic_sta1.png
      Maybe that helps.

  4. Anonymous

    In MGQ you can use mousewheel-up to look at the log of text that’s been output, e.g. the conversation so far. Since I tend to click like mad through battles I sometimes miss bits of conversation, is there a button to show the text log in desire dungeon? Cheers for the translation btw, love how professional you and rogue are about releasing this stuff

  5. Anonymous

    i tried using the patch but it does not work its still in jap the when it starts how do i install the eng patch to part 3

  6. Anonymous

    How do you install the 0.91 patch when i put it on it’s still in jap and it sometimes does not work theres no instuction on how to install it

  7. Anonymous

    You just have to unpack those two files from zip Archive into game directory. Thenn start the game with “DesireDungeonwrap.exe”. The 0.txt fie is the Translation so you need it two, not only the exe file. Please mention that start Screen is in japanese but text in the game is translated.
    Greetings AF

  8. Anonymous

    am still having trobles the 0 txt file won’t let me load the game and when i move it out it works and when i use the DesireDungenwrap it parlyly zoomed in so i can”t reas the botem half of the screen

  9. Anonymous

    Dargoth, I find my encyclopedia list resetting everytime I exit and re-enter the game. The save file is working just fine, it’s just the monster girl collection book that’s acting up. Any idea about what’s causing this?

  10. Anonymous

    where do i put the 0.txt file so it works and how do i fix the Desire dungenwrap zoomed in so i can”t read the bottem half

  11. Prototype909

    Hey Dargoth, I realize this probably isn’t the best place to ask (Or best time(?) to ask when you’re working on other projects so diligently) but have you spent any time with ROBF?

    Granted it’s an RPG Maker game and thus pending content updates from its creator it could present additional complications in translating (In addition to the normal woes) but have you spent any time with it to determine if it would deserve a translation? Not trying to influence your agenda or anything but just genuinely curious as to what you think of the game if you’ve tried it yet. Last I checked you had only mentioned the trial.

  12. Jikorde

    Not playing the update but did not see anyway report this their, but in the vampire’s lose to scene she says, “The two pleasures mix together, and ehance the sensations.” — Should be enhance.

    • Jikorde

      Okay, I meant I wasn’t playing this update, but as I did not see anyone report this typo in this post or the last one I would report it here.

  13. Anonymous

    Thanks for your continued effort in allowing English players to enjoy these games! I’ve been trying to learn Japanese for a few years, but it’s always nice to play these games with English translation.

  14. unknown

    need help cant play get this

    0.txt line:54252

    |erasetextwindow 0
    >lsph SP_CURSOL,”:l/2,400,2;cgcursor1.bmp”,388,580

  15. Anonymous

    Dunno if anyone said this yet, but in the japanese version of the game, it tells you your current thief level when you open chests. This seems to be missing in the english patch version.

  16. Kyon

    After some extensive work, I have created a cheat table for the game using Cheat engine. Basically the address for HP is 02BC21E0 and the address for MP is 02BC21E8. Since for me Oroboros was impossible for me to beat since I didn’t find all the necessary items and Succubus was too hard to seduce without losing.

  17. Anonymous

    I found that if you search for mov %e_maxhp and mov %e_maxmp in the 0.txt file you can edit the first value (low for the faerie, more for other monsters) to a low number such as 1 for each monster they become extremely easy to beat by any means.

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