Violated Hero 4 Fan Submission Voting is up

Go here to vote:
Click on girl you like, click the button in the middle of the page, and then click the button at the bottom. Hard to mess up since there isn’t anything else to press. You can vote once per day, although I don’t know if that means 24 hours since your last vote or if it resets everybody at a specific time. Voting lasts until Sept. 23.

Since some people don’t realize I keep daily updates of my progress, the page is here:

I have all the storyline scenarios translated, but I’m still working on some battle lines and then I need to do a second pass over 2000 screens of text. Look for a patch this weekend. I’m hoping to kick it up a notch because I really don’t want to be translating this game for the rest of the year, but yeah…


  1. mikufanboy

    Oh nice, thanks Dargoth. I’m placing bets on the succubus, though it would be nice to have that loli plant man eater story.

  2. Dick Dangerous

    I voted for sword and shield girl, only one that struck my fancy that wasn’t part of the usual monster girl lineup. Still, I wonder what the hell she is, some sort of slime or something? A bond spirit, maybe?

    • Anon Unknown

      I voted for the maid robot. It’s not very often that you see one of those in a monster girl H-game, so she kinda caught my eye.

      • yuki

        Same, I voted maid robot. The world needs more maids.

        That said, a lot of other choices were pretty boring. Mummy girl? Really? Do we even want to take bets on whether or not she will be bondage based?

    • She’s like a mimic and cursed item rolled into one. She disguises herself as equipment like armor, clothing, etc. to trick humans into putting her on, at which point she becomes attached to her host to feed/reproduce. Then they go adventuring together like a married couple for the rest of their lives. Happy ending? lol

  3. Anonymous

    Is the text important? I kinda don’t want to vote if the text describes possible scenarios or something. I like all monster girls, but the scenarios are what separate the great ones from the rest for me.

    I really wish I could vote for all of them though. πŸ˜› Except for vore girl. I like vore, but not not flesh shredding vore. *shivers at the thought

    Seems like most are pulling for the one with the enormous breasts. I hope it’s not just because of the ENORMOUS breasts lol.

  4. SpectralTime

    All of my favorites are at the very bottom. *sigh*

    Guess there will be neither asurae nor mummies in the final product…

  5. Cio

    Hmm, Dargoth, can you please translate for each monster girl? Design alone, i’m interested in Incubator, the last monster girl to be exact…

  6. Anonymous

    I voted for the plant girl, I can’t read the text, but she looks like she’ll have a vore scene, which are my favorite.

  7. Anonymous

    i only have a very basic understanding of japanese, but is the last girl called incubator? and what the hell does that mean

  8. Kyon

    I voted for the possessed sword. I felt like mummy was a bit cliche and The hindu god out of place. and i was tired of witches too since it was also cliche

    • Oh nice, let’s see, I can read off some of the ones in kana: Succubus Girl, Vilka (wherewolf), Goblin Girl, Succubus, Minotaur, Doppelganger Girl, Bunny Mother (what), Jaws, Centaur, Centaur (futa), Shapeshifter Girl, Succubus Slime, Marantula (?), Perfume Succubus,

      • DeathbyPANTSU

        That is a lot of succubus… we do not need another one from the vote nothing wrong with her design wise if a bit generic but there is to much a good thing

  9. Anigai

    not that i have anything against that cow girl thing with the big boobs but i was soooooo hoping for the robo maid, voted practically every day i could :'(

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