1. WildHawk

    too bad i cant read japanese i do believe you but i could tell what i was looking at, second this came pretty fast guess they believe monster girl is a very profitable angle to go with works for me

  2. Anonymous

    What speed, we barely played 3 and 4 is already announced.
    Other developers could learn from their example.

  3. Anonymous

    Umh ended VH3 3 times already but no matter the choises i take i’ve always ended on Lei Ling as the final boss. What do i’ve to do to get the other 2?

    • Anonymous

      PS: i went through all 4 combination for the first part (run-power run-know fight-power fight-know) but non of this made a 2nd choise between the encounters with the kyuubi appear i can only selecet unable to do anything

      Anyway they work fast

    • I made some comments in the readme (ha, who reads that), and I think the only thing that matters for the endings is that you have to deal 500 damage to Fan Mei in 5 turns when you fight her at the end of area 5. The game kind of hints at this by giving you a choice with only one option if you fail to do so. After succeeding at that, you’ll get a choice of final bosses once you reach area 9.

      It hurt my head trying to make sense of all the route flags and various point totals, but I’m pretty sure they’re irrelevant. If you lose that fight, you get +3 points with the Empress. The most number of points you can possibly get with Fan Mei or Sei Mei if you lose that fight is also 3. However, ties go to the Empress because her values are checked first. So if you lose the fight, you get the Empress. If you win the fight (and have cleared her route before), you get to choose your route no matter how many points you have with each girl. It appears that the only case in which the points matter are if you win that fight on your very first play-through. I guess that would take some grinding, luck, or both. If you do that, you’ll get Fan Mei’s route unless you have more points with Sei Mei. Kind of silly.

      • WildHawk

        i know it probably wont happen but it would be a little funny if by the time you finished VH3 there was 2 or three more that got developed

      • Don’t feel bad. I wasted 2 hours trying to make sense of the route flags and points myself. They helpfully provided comments in the code, but one of the comments was incorrect, which really threw me off.

  4. Crimrui

    We see anime/ manga with characters having similar design all the time but people always find something new within a character they like. I’ve seen quite a few Lamia’s out there but all of them are pretty unique in their own way. So even if they don’t ”invent” new designs coming back to those standard ones will still be interesting.

    But anyway, I would suggest a centaur girl. Anyone with Japanese knowledge can pass this wish of mine to them? ^^’

      • shakey2

        That and breast milking, I mean, you can’t tell me that game isn’t gonna have breast milking! Also judging by the images and the title it feels like its going to include alot of harem manga/anime cliches *except with lots of adult content and monster girls obviously*, I’d play it, but probably only for the monster girls and not the story, I’ve seen to many harem anime in my lifetime and know all the cliches, I rarely get surprised by that stuff anymore.

  5. CivilDeviation

    Wont be buying VH 4. All the others illustrated that they have taken a cookie cutter approach to storyline, scenes, game mechanics, and monster girls. The fact that they have 4 announced with so little downtime illustrates that they sold out to the mainstream publishing zeitgeist. That being reproduce what people like, add a bauble or two, then publish for profit. It lacks the ingenuity that makes a run of the mill game great.

    • In their defense, the games are getting better in terms of story and gameplay with each one, and they’re getting longer too (VH3 has ~55% more lines than VH2, which was much longer than VH1). Also, just because they announced a contest of sorts for VH4 doesn’t mean it’s coming out any time soon. For all we know at this point, it might be released next year and end up being really good.

      I’d rather Dieselmine churn out more monster girl games than make stinkers like Total Male Slave or just sit on their asses making nothing at all. As long as they keep putting more effort into each sequel, I’m not willing to take them to task for churning out low effort titles for quick cash.

      • CivilDeviation

        Fair points on the length increase and the improvements in story. Those are improvements and I’m glad you aren’t taking them to task and that I am. Any franchise needs both fair weather and franchise loyal players to succeed.

        My set keeps the creative process going such that developers don’t get lazy w/ the cookie cutter approach; meanwhile, yours supports a good team long enough that they can get past the inevitable creative slumps.

        That said, I have zero tolerance for gaming companies that utilize real world pay-for-perks or unlock/gear systems that give significant advantages for addicted players against the casual.

    • Anigai

      Very true, mass effect is just an example from the top of my head. But you gotta love the companies that aren’t just out to squeeze as much blood out of a stone as they can before finding another stone. Terrible analogy i know lol.

  6. Sajuuk

    well that is pretty fast I have not even played part 3 yet, how is the translation going for part 3.
    well all in all more things to look fowared to, keep up the good work,

  7. ChaoticNemisis

    I think monster girlwise, we’ve reached a point where we are looking at variants of different species, and variations in designs of ones already done. I don’t know if a kobold has been done. Cthulu’s female form could be interesting. From here it’s all just artists renditions.

    • Crimrui

      They can use the same monster as base again. I’ve seen many Lamias out there and all of them have something unique. Besides, so many anime/manga today where you see a lot of similar characters but still people find some unique thing in them every now and then.

  8. can we get an update on MQ3 progress now. it seems like you havent posted on since you said that it was going to be coming out last month

  9. I don’t think Monster Girls will ever die, since I don’t think it’s a spinoff of traditional ryona.
    I mean think about it. In traditional ryona all you ever see is girls getting raped by monsters or assholes or both.

    In monster girl games, there’s variety as either the guy can be doing the raping, or it’s the girl. There’s a lot of scene variation.

    • Crimrui

      To each his own. I love Monster Girl games because of the male rape, with menacing girls being assertive and sadistic towards you. If the guy does the raping then it’s no different then the same vanilla thing that is present in every hentai/game/VN out there. Fortunately for me, there are a lot of games like Violated Hero out there and I hope they will continue to come.

  10. WEEGEE

    I have an unrelated question.

    How do you make a text document display properly if it has foreign language characters in it? Does it get messed up during extraction of the file from the zipped folder?

    For example, in the 0.txt of your Desire Dungeon patch, you get things like:
    numalias save_or_load,16;ƒZ[ƒuƒ[ƒh”»’è—p•Ï”

    numalias isclick_wait,20;ƒNƒŠƒbƒN‘Ò‚¿Šm”F

    The game seems to run fine, but the text file is nearly unreadable.

    • Crimrui

      Tried this one myself. It looks good, and sex scenes are really long. Reminds me of Nocturne game. Cool that you have a monster girl companion but unfortunately I didn’t see any rape on loosing. Seems like there is only vanilla sex with more important characters.

  11. shakey2

    Dargoth don’t suppose you could point me to the skill set/knowledge I would need to translate japanese games like these? All I know is Hex editors is one of the tools translators use. I’m learning japanese now so I’d like to start learning the other skills I need to achieve my goals of contributing to people enjoying these great games from japan, and being able to share the games “I” like with others in english.

    I’ve had a hard time getting other translators to divulge any information on the subject and when I do I always get “google it” which funny enough all my MANY google searches yield aside from “use hex editors” is links to forums where other people asking the same questions get told “google it”.

    • I’m probably not the best person to ask about the technical details because I stick to games made in common engines that already have tools written for them. I feel your pain when it comes to googling that stuff though. I’ve tried and found virtually nothing myself. There really isn’t much online about this kind of thing, but the best tutorial I’ve found is this one: http://proger.i-forge.net/Stage_Once_-_a_Visual_Novel_hacking_tutorial/IPD

      The Russians seem to have a much more active Japanese game hacking scene than we do in English, which is unfortunate for us. Trying to be both a hacker and a translator is tough work though.

  12. Anonymous

    What happened to Rogue?
    Is he alive?
    He didn’t update his blog in a month.
    I understand that he can be busy with his life or work but he could take 1 minute from his busy schedule and write something like “My hands are full right now so I won’t translate in this/next month”. It’s better than not knowing anything. Maybe he got in an accident or completely forgot about translation or he was abducted by UFO.

    • Anonymous

      Do realize that genuine curiosity turns to pestering as more folks ask Rogue about the next patch’s ETA. Add in that some folks deliberately slow down their progress when annoyed; so maybe it’d be wiser for all of us to collectively take a deep breath, zip it, and wait…

      Also, a month without posting for a translation project is common…

  13. SilentWill

    Other than Rogue, I’m also waiting for news from you, dargoth! VH4 seems like a great game (played it through in entirely Japanese) and I was wondering if you’re still continuing the translation project. Let us know what you’re up to please! We crave news 🙂

    • Not much to say about those images, it’s just standard sex talk.

      First image, right side: You wanted to do it like this, right? Mireshian boy… (name of the place he’s from I guess?) Can you see? Your dick is buried all the way to the base. Oh, it’s pretty thick… huhu, such a bad boy. Ngh, that’s right, grab me with both hands and hit me deeper.

      Left side: Oh my, you’re breathing so heavily through your nose… you’re just like a beast. You’re really stirring up the insides of my vagina… Hehe, do you want to come already? Oh well… hora, hoora… come, huhuhu…

      Second image, right side: Ngh… can’t hold on much longer, can you? You’re twitching… That’s all right, your face drowning in pleasure suits you well. Nn, haa, hora… since you’re a good boy… ah, ngh, huu, ah, fufufu… ngh.

      Left side: Nn, haa… nn, what… there’s so much of it… Even though you just came from my paizuri. Huhu… I’m starting to like you… Well then, let’s stay together a bit longer like this.

  14. So the VH 4 monster poll is up. Not sure if they will rotate in more monsters over the coming weeks? I have to say the Nightmare and the electric eel lady are looking really good. Most of the entries have descriptions of their H-scenes too.

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