1. Prototype909

    The final scenes you’re missing are probably the other endings. I haven’t figured out the correct responses to get them yet myself…

  2. Prototype909

    Found the route branch.

    First choice – Bottom (Question her motive before asking for power). Choosing the first choice in the H-Scene leads to a game over

    Second choice – Top (Don’t run away)

    After this you just play until you end up fighting the 9-Tails. If you did it right there will be two choices. If you screwed up you’ll only have one.

    • Prototype909

      I should also mention this was with 100%ing every area, I don’t know if this has any bearing on anything.

      • Prototype909

        Lose to Fang-Mei in the second half of the fight in the forest with her (5th Area fight). It’s the footjob scene.

      • Waldo

        I did the 2nd choice at the very first option and first choice at the 2nd option, and then 3rd would be the h-scene one that I am not suppose to click top so i went with bottom. Anyways the order seems wrong, I cant seem to figure out the combination for the other route with all the last several scenes. The two options did not show up entering the 2nd phase of the battle with the 9 tails so something is wrong.

      • Anonymous

        Did you do this in empowered mode (lvl 20+)? I did this all plus losing to each monster girl on purpose and I still didn’t get the second choice. Maybe it’s based on level?

  3. Crimrui

    Thanks for this. Will buy it, just like last one. Bu I’m gonna wait for full patch before I play it.^^

  4. WildHawk

    ok i was not here waiting for the first two games to be translated but since you have already done two dose that mean you will be able to translate faster then the first two games or similer speed as the last two games???

    • CivilDeviation

      Hah, I’m glad you are excited for it to be translated but Dargoth has a life like the rest of us so we can’t make assumptions about the translation process based on familiarity with tools and writing style. We still gotta wait patiently.

      That said, I’m not really liking VH3 as much as 2, feels like Circle is falling from inspiration based game development to formulaic. I get that they still gotta pay their bills, but they can do better imo.

  5. redtack2009

    its probs just me being fail but im on the final route now and im missing a load of cg’s. i got all the ones from the girls guarding the seals but theres loads more. as far as im aware the basic monsters dont have cg’s what am i missing?

    • Prototype909

      There are a few monster girls in both the forest and castle that aren’t required to break the seals, there’s also CGs for losing in the second phase of every final boss fight (Multiplied by 3 since that’s the number of final bosses). Then there’s the “win” CGs for every final boss fight. Losing to Fang-Mei in the second half of her forest boss fight also gives a CG.

      The rest of the CGs are just “Game over rapes” from losing against the monster girls.

  6. Anonymous

    Just accidentally lost to the Yuki-Onna. In all honesty, why is she.. y’know… the way she is? Is she possessed by a parasite like that mermaid? She sometimes acts like it. Maybe I need to find a translator to see what that Yuki-Onna is talking about :

  7. mat

    Missing one scene. Page 5, top row, center. What is the scene about? (Trying to decide whether it is worth it or not.)

  8. 2-tall

    yo I drunk when play this game but did that 1st oss have like vagina dentata or something or was I really out of it?

  9. Anonymous

    can i just ask how long were looking at to get the whole thing translated am not moaning or anything just wondering because I’m waiting for the monster girl quest 100% patch which will take a while because its a big game

    • The whole thing? Really hard to say. Rogue translates faster than I do so I wouldn’t be surprised if we finish at about the same time even though MGQ is longer.

      I’m going to put out a patch this weekend with a nearly complete interface translation (skills, items, and all that jazz), battle text, etc. and the tutorial area + plant girl scene.

  10. The Dark Master

    You know, I actually was going to buy the third game legit since I enjoyed the first two, but felt they were massively overpriced. However, the site requires that you give a phone number to buy them, but all that would work for that is my home phone since I don’t have a cell, and fuck that.

      • The Dark Master

        I’m hesitant to do that for legal reasons, but I might. We’ll see. I have since noticed that the DLsite does cover mainstream stuff too, so I might just make an account for that first.

      • mrtt

        Oh, i see.
        At a glance the sites seem very similar (which is explainable by using the same template on wordpress), including the categories (MGQ & VH in both sites).

        I found it unlikely that you are both translating both games and was wondering if you are working together on it or maybe a single person posting on different sites… however, more careful inspection revealed that you translate VH and merely report about MGQ releases, while s/he translates MGQ and only reports about VH

        • To make matters more confusing, Rogue translated a game called Violated Heroine, whereas I translate the Violated Hero series. The two have nothing to do with one another, but are both called VH.

          We DID collaborate on Desire Dungeon though.

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  12. Blackstream

    I get some error message about ansi and unicode when I try to run the game after kikiriki extracts files, with or without the patch applied. I’ve run everything in applocal, and the files appear to be properly japanese. But I’m not sure what’s going on.

  13. Blackstream

    I’m kind of curious how other people are stating. Right now I go 1 into strength, and 1 into physical and magical defense every level, and on 4 point levels, I distribute them into hp and mp in some fashion, usually aiming for mp break points (extra uses of my main attack ability). I’m relatively early in the game though, I have no idea what the end game is gonna be like.

    • evil-one

      I used that same build my 1st run through ya douche. It will work for a time, but keep in mind when you need to change your stats there is an item that allows for redistribution of points ya fool.

    • redtack2009

      i went pure strength until it maxed out at 25 then went hp and mp used physical attacks and skills only and never used magic….kept that pattern of power lvling strength and pretty much nothing could touch me. on occasion i had to use an item but that was it. i always saved before a fight would instantly surrender then reload after getting the C.G and did it in one

  14. 2-tall

    We love you Dargoth! That being said how does one go about translating these games anyway? like extracting the text and whatnot? Also what books did you use to help learn japanese? I want to get my hands on those books that is why I ask.

    • http://tlwiki.org/index.php?title=Tools is the best source of tools for VN-style engines.

      A basic textbook series like Genki is probably a good idea if you’re just starting out. Beyond that, the Dictionaries of Basic/Intermediate/Advanced Grammar by Seiichi Makino and Michio Tsutsui are amazing. I’ve looked through a large number of Japanese educational books and those are the only ones that I feel are worth anything. I’ve read every word of the basic and intermediate ones (probably twice over), and now I’m slowly working through the advanced edition.

  15. Anonymous

    Hey Dargoth. Just wondering how the finished tutorial + plant girl update is going. Thank you for your hard work.

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