1. Cory

    Great job as always Dargoth! Was starting to get a bit worried we would have to wait for this coming weekend! ((Not that there is an issue! You just never said anything. Life is life though))

  2. Anonymous

    Ok, I’m sure this will end in me looking like a moron, but I’m having trouble with the patch. I’ve tried on 2 different copies of the game, because the first one had some weird shit going on and I think it was the uploader’s fault in that case. But now this is happening; http://i.imgur.com/g45C6O3.jpg
    What am I doing wrong?

  3. anon

    Does anyone else get have a problem with the patches?, in both this one and the last one whenever I unpack/ install them onto my removable storage drive it uses up all my remaining space (more than 1 gigabyte).

  4. Edale

    Oh my god….A H-scene in a VH game that doesn’t once involve things being shoved somewhere they don’t belong…

    Hero’s ass, urethra (remembers fairies **shudder**), mouth, throat, stomach, ect. are all safe.

    Hopefully this trend follows through on more H-scenes, but not holding out hope, lol.

    • 2-tall

      also it is femdom so hero being made to submit to his partner’s whims and being degraded like that is what it is all about ya know?

      • Edale

        I’ll point you to Monster Girl Quest to very clearly illustrate how fem-dom can be done without anal play. Like 100 H-scenes, and maybe 10-15 that involve any level of anal play, and only maybe 5 that involve insertion of anything larger than a finger/tongue.

        It’s like the difference between S&M and BDSM, even though in popular culture the terms are used almost interchangeably. Any time you see someone tied up, restrained, violated, whipped, hit, ect, basically anything involving confinement and/or pain it’s BSDM, not S&M. S&M is merely a dominant/submissive relationship, it’s the particular kinks of the setup that determines if it’s BDSM or not.

        MGQ would be closer to S&M for most of it’s H-scenes and closer to BSDM for a smaller percent. VH is hardcore BSDM for 95% of it’s H-scenes.

  5. Anonymous

    Hey just like to say awesome work on the translation. And also I would like to ask a question. I seem to be stuck after the battle with octorith. All maps are 100% but the last map and the only place i can go is past a barrier that keeps telling me i can’t pass. I’ve defeated all enemies on that map but a shadow that looks like the nine tails.

  6. Anonymous

    Yeah i got past it thanks mate. It seems to be a bug that has nothing to do with you’re translation efforts. I simply loaded an earlier save and played through again , from map 2 … sigh, And it worked fine this time. I would recommend to people that they keep regular saves in a few diff slots so they don’t get stuck 🙂

    • Anonymous

      Hey I’m also having the same problem and I tried replaying the game but I can’t get past that barrier. Can you upload a save file right after passing the barrier?

  7. milothefirst

    thanks for all your hard work man, you rock.
    btw, can anyone help me get a 100% game. i have been playing the game (even the parts that are not translated) and have reached the suppoused ending. but even after completing all the maps and fighting all the regular enemies and mid bosses and bosses i ccould get. and defeating the short girl with straight-cut bangs and snakes (with 1500hp) and getting what i guess is a bad ending with h-scene. mi cg and replay is around 70%, the obvious asumption is that some of them depended on the choices given to us. so can anyone post a mini walktrough consisting on which choices to make, in the fashion of top/bottom.

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