• That was 2 weeks ago, and yeah, last week’s patch was a bit bigger and earlier.

      The percentages can be a bit misleading. The two files in this patch are the two largest by file size / character count, even though they didn’t have more lines than usual or anything.

  1. moonblack

    Thank you for the translation! The first part of the game was a lot more fun now that I can understand what’s happening. Now to wait for the second part to get fully translated…

    Two errors I noticed:
    1) During the battle against the plant girl one of her battle lines is: Purane/pla2032]H-how have you done… this much to me…!
    2) After defeating Fan Mei for the first time, if you choose “Put a stop to this” one of Ren’s lines is not translated. It’s like this:
    – I scratch my head in confusion for a second when–
    – (untranslated line)
    – The ground underneath Sei Mei begins to tremble, and numerous tentacles burst forth.

    No other errors seen.

  2. Anonymous

    need help before i click to go to the third stage i see this
    whats this means???..

  3. Anonymous

    I found an error where the big blue thing wielding a sword that gives a state point upon defeat from the seventh stage doesn’t appear in the enemies scroll in your statues menu. Minor issue, not sure if it is significant towards unlocking anything, if not then never you mind it.

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