1. Something

    Thanks Dargoth !
    It’s 40%, I’m waiting for the 100% translation to play, I want to fully enjoy the game,
    Same for MGQ.

  2. Anonymous

    Take your time. You’re already so nice by giving us update every weeks. While I can’t speak for others, I do appreciate your efforts a lot.

  3. redtack2009

    as everyone previously stated the whole being late thing doesn’t matter. everyone would rather a precise translation (like the ones you’ve been doing) rather then a rushed piece of work because of a deadline

  4. Dick Dangerous

    Yeah, dargoth, you’re pushing about 1% a day anyway. That’s phenomenal man, way more than I’ve ever seen most translation groups accomplish. Don’t sweat it.

  5. Alex the Lazy

    Take your time man. There is no need to push yourself… unless there’s a terminally ill person out there that you want to finish this for… though I highly doubt that’s the case.

  6. Anonymous

    Thank you Dargoth, you rock!
    And I agree with the rest, don’t worry about “being late”, you actually are doing an awesome job as it is.

  7. Barack Obama

    I see no problems with the pace of your updates. This is a great service you’re doing for all of us- keep up the good work.

    • Cory

      It wouldn’t be Violated Hero if it wasn’t brutal! It would have been hotter I admit if Ren wasn’t screaming in agony and such, and it instead felt good. But hey, I still kinda enjoyed it for what it was!

  8. Anonymous

    Does anyone have some guess as to what direction VH4 is taking in terms of h-content? It seems that with each game the content gets more hardcore. I’m really debating whether to buy VH3 or not by the looks of some of the CG, and at the rate things are going I’d say that VH4 is going to be a lot more intense.

  9. Anonymous

    Dammit I can’t wait for the Giantess-elf one, she is really the only one I want to see and then I’m out of this game. The thorns/reverse rape and stuff are really NOT my thing.

  10. logicdefyer

    i love this firefox rapid release or patches , thanks dargoth .
    if only the same could be said about firefox .

  11. Midian

    sorry for bothering you dargoth, but I saw this message on the website of the creator of ROBF, I just want to know if it will return only in 2014, or this is the release date?





    • I don’t keep up with ROBF so I don’t really know what he’s talking about. My best interpretation is that he’s been working on another project that’s almost 50% done, and if things go as planned, it’ll be done by the end of the year and be about 3 hours long. Next year or if he finishes that project early, he wants to work more on ROBF.

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