Violated Hero 2 Initial Patch

Update: Found an error, download this new version or you’ll crash at the forest warp.

Updated version 0.032:

If you downloaded the old patch, here’s an update of the one file that needs fixing. Just copy into the game directory and overwrite.

If you used my patch for the first game, you should be no stranger to the installation process. Unzip everything to the game’s directory and run the .bat file. The readme has instructions for a manual install if something screws up. This hasn’t been extensively playtested so I can’t promise it’ll work flawlessly. If you do have a problem, you can just rename the .xp3 file back to data.xp3 and play in Japanese without problems. One thing to note is that since the Japanese text isn’t word-wrapped, sometimes the end of characters will get cut off on the right side of the screen. No big deal.

In this initial release, not much is translated. The intro, tutorial section, “meanwhile in the throne room” story section, and all the choices in the game are translated, plus a few lines before the choices so you have some idea of what you’re choosing. All the battle text is translated as well, although the entire interface is put together with pictures that are going to be a huge pain to edit into English. You shouldn’t have a hard time playing the game in its current state though; most everything is self-explanatory. I reused the options screen from the first game so the colors don’t match, but that’s a small price to pay to save an hour in Photoshop.

Further updates to the game will be forthcoming every few days. All you’ll have to do is copy new English files and overwrite the original Japanese ones. Very easy.

I plan to knock out all the storyline files this week and then begin on H-scenes. I’ll put up a poll later in the week so you guys can vote on the order you want the scenes translated in. So keep your favorites in mind when you play.

Translation progress: 190/5774 (3.3%) (only includes dialogue and narration)


  1. Anonymous

    Hey Dargoth, just thought I’d let you know about a ‘glitch’/error. I also reported this on hongfire but I thought I’d mention it here in case you don’t check there often.

    I get a critical ‘game ending’ glitch when I go to the warp portal after beating all the monster girls in the forest. It displays an error message then locks me into a black screen with the choice from the demon girl question earlier in the forest just sitting there, without interaction being possible.

  2. egofed

    Hmmmm…can’t get the game running before or after your patch. First game runs great using HF papploc. This one gives me a text box in japanese with an additional blue background console? window with a ton of settings, and then a very small window with some weird buttons. Hard to describe. Maybe try a different applocale program? Thanks for all your contributions.

      • Applocale doesn’t always work with kirikiri engine games. It’s a little odd that the first one worked and the sequel doesn’t, but at any rate, I’d suggest keeping your computer in Japanese locale. At the very least, try that and see if the game works.

  3. Sajuuk

    intresting you translating a other game your first translation was good i wonder how the next translation is going to be,
    and if you are also going to start translating other games.
    hope to see more of your work soon

  4. Anonymous

    after i remove the data.xp3 file i get an error when i launch the English patch install. The main boss fight’s are still in japanese. I run the game in japan locale. Bought the game from the dlsite jap site and used your translate after, just wonder if the main fight’s are in japanese.

    • The initial patch was just the intro and some battle text. 97% of the game is still in Japanese. As for the patch install, it requires data.xp3 to properly unpack the files. You can feel free to delete it afterwards, but it does need to be present when you run the install .bat.

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