Violated Hero 2 ending list and 100% save

100% save:!fQo1hCjY!UnzvMS_6ItYMaZhMqxEgI0eNP6YIuDSccD58Dp3W3s0

(just put that in the /savedata directory)

Like the first game, there are three endings in Violated Hero 2: a victory ending and two failure endings. In order to get two of them, you first need to answer the demon girl Amu’s questions correctly when she visits you before you enter the castle. The correct answers are:

1. Because I want to bring happiness to the world.

2. Answer that it felt good, but with regret.

The actual text is subject to change, but both are the second options. After you defeat any one of the other demon generals, Amu’s far left door will open so you can fight her. When she’s defeated, you have the option to take her power or decline. Taking her power is the only way you’ll defeat the final boss, and the power boost scales based on how many of the generals you finished off.


1. Defeat the final boss. You’ll want to kill all the generals for the power boost.

2. Lose to the final boss with any of the generals dead or undefeated.

3. Lose to the final boss after sparing the lives of all of the generals. Harem ending.


  1. Cableman

    How do you get the extra ending where you lose, then you get a suit of armor that makes you own everyone. Then Amu summons all the monster girls you beaten before and ends with a CG with everyone in the same room. The final boss riding your dick and Amu is riding your face.

    I don’t know if that ending is on your save file, but I downloaded one that unlocked it and was just wondering how to get it in game.

  2. Joshua

    So do you need to start the whole game over if you answered the second question wrong with Amu?

    I almost don’t think it’s worth it for the ‘good’ ending then/

  3. whowherewhat

    I beat two generals and now the doors to the remaining 2 are locked. What did I do wrong and how can I unlock them again?

  4. Anonymous

    Sorry to bother, but could you post an alternate download-link for the 100%-file? For some reason when I try MEGA, when the page says ‘Download completed In order to complete the file transfer process, you need to manually save your file’, pressing the ‘save your file’-button doesn’t do anything. I pressed it like a hundred times, I reloaded the page five times, I even tried some of your other MEGA-links to see if it was perhaps a problem with my PC, but the others all worked, just this one doesn’t.


    • Just a Puny Traveler

      While exploring the forest, and after the fight-cutscene with Insecta, answer both of cloaked-woman’s questions with 2nd answers,
      in the castle, defeat the first general (your choice) and spare her life (2nd answer),
      save before attempt to defeat the second general (keep this save file),
      defeat the 2nd general (just to be sure, don’t pick the left most room), also spare her,
      lose to Demon Queen once,
      load the pre-mentioned save file,
      defeat and spare all three generals, from right to left,
      after defeating Amu (the left most room), answer her question with the second answer,
      now go fight Demon Queen, damage her until she get serious (516HP -> 3200HP)
      lose, and you will get the 3rd ending.

  5. anonymous

    fuck i kill 3 generals, save go to get my ass kicked by a generic monster so i can reset my specials,potions an health, decide that what specials i have left might be enough so i got save outside Amu’s room but i get an error message and since im runnin it with applocale its just boxes.
    so it wont let me save at all i try to load and i get a much larger error message >.< gotta start from the beginning damn thats a good few hours wasted

  6. Anonymous

    I have a problem. Whenever I defeat two generals the game blocks me from going to any other of the generals, forcing me to fight against the demon king.
    Any way to fix this?

  7. Drawner

    I fought and lost sparing all the generals and there`s no harem ending. And I don`t know how to defeat her anyway. Any help?

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