• Error message isn’t helpful, unfortunately.

      Does it work in Japanese? What happened to data.xp3 and the /English directory? You don’t need either after installing the English patch, but they also don’t delete themselves…

        • That error is supposed to pop up a script window showing which line caused the crash.

          If the games work in Japanese in your VM, the problem would seem to be related to the English patch. Try this:
          – Put a fresh copy of the game in a new directory (make sure there aren’t any Japanese characters in the path too)
          – Run kikiriki.exe -i data.xp3 -o data
          – Rename data.xp3
          – See what happens when you run the game. If it still works,
          – Copy the English files into the data directory
          – See what happens when you run the game.

          My gut feeling is that the problem is with kikiriki. It seems bizarre that you’d get an ANSI-UNICODE conversion error *after* installing the English patch instead of before.

      • ;-; not working. Am I suppose to run kikiriki in the game folder or is extracting it in a separate location ok? I don’t know how to navigate in the command prompt so I have to use the default location it gives me. Also, is there suppose to be a little box with “Control” on it and a yellow zigzag and a red exit button and three other blue buttons? And is it possible to use machine translation like Atlas on this?

        • kikiriki really should be run from the game directory or else it isn’t going to decrypt the files properly. I bet that’s the issue you’re having. If that isn’t possible, you’ll want to explicitly give it the path of the game .exe (and the other files). Something like:

          kikiriki.exe -i C:VH2data.xp3 -o C:VH2data -e C:VH2VH2.exe

          Navigating in a command prompt is really simple though.
          cd = change directory
          x: = change to drive x

  1. Anonymous

    I used the batch file, but after this i found that in data folder, your file in English folder doesn’t appear, it’s still the original file such as config …, The batch file and kiririki just use the data.xp3 file, they don’t use the file in your English folder?.? Sr for my bad English

  2. mrtt

    is there a way to make the map larger or to lock it so north is always up? it shows very little and keeps on rotating, making it completely and utterly worthless.

  3. Anonymous

    I dont know if someone read this….but apparantly i am just to dumb to save a game file….i tried every key on the keyboard and nothing works.(Also read the readme.txt,but there was solution int it)The only thing that works is quick saving.Any help on this one would be great.

  4. Anonymous

    Yeah I downloaded a different version and its still the same outcome , the texts are a mix of English and Japanese.

    • It’s a popular code hooking library that kikiriki uses to pull the decryption routine from the game’s exe in order to decrypt the game’s files. Some virus scanners think anything that hooks into another exe is a virus. Also, the library can and has been used by malware in the past, but it is not a virus on its own.

  5. Zymemaru

    ok so I put all the stuff in the patch folder into the main folder and ran the bat file. it ran the cmd then when it finished I tried to open the exe for the game and got this error message


    I’m sure my local is set to japanese so I’m not sure what i’m missing

  6. Jam

    Hey, when I run the English patch install, the window opens and then disappears instantly. I’ve copied all of the files from the patch to the game directory, my system locale is in Japanese, and the game works in Japanese just fine. Is there something I’m doing wrong?

  7. MetsuChinko

    helllo dear dargoth I need your help! Apparently Kikiriki doesn’t work on Win10, I tried the patch install it didn’t work because it didn’t found the XP3 even if he was on the same directory and so I tried the manual installation but when I put the console command it tells me that kikiriki doesn’t work on my PC! Whyyy goood!

    • MetsuChinko

      Apparently it worked when I tried to put the game in my program files buuut it is still in japanese. I us a local emulator to make the game works, so I can’t see the problem 🙁

  8. Anonymous

    I downloaded the game, successfully patched in English. However whenever I start the game I get a random error message and the game freezes. Then some weird bar appears on the right side and the game doesn’t proceed to play any fix would be appreciated.

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