VH5 (and ROBF S4U) are out!


ROBF S4U (Ragnarok Online Battle Fuck: Service 4 U)
You’re definitely going to need this thread for the ROBF expansion: http://www.ulmf.org/bbs/showthread.php?t=25557
The creator put in lots of Japanese puzzles to intentionally screw over non-Japanese people. He’s a cool guy. Or just wait for a 100% save and watch the H-scenes like I plan to do. This game is crushing the sales charts though, and supposedly the first one was actually a good JRPG? I wouldn’t know.

VH5 file size is 20% larger than VH3 and VH4. I guess there’s more music and sounds. Exact same 39 scenes + bonus that the previous titles have had.


  1. WildHawk

    That’s kind of a dick move and short sighted to try and stop non Japanese people from getting it, here’s and idea have it translated to English speaking fans can buy and play it. Actually i would say that to a few game makers just saying now off to get the next VH game wooo

    • Anonymous

      I think some Japanese game makers are afraid of their games getting media attention in more conservative countries. After that debacle with rapelay, more and more Japanese devs are actively blocking Western sites. Such a shame.

  2. lknd14

    ROBF S4U… can someone tell me if there’s something engaging in that game? aside from the animated scenes, I don’t know maybe variety of attacks or something else.

  3. Billy Masakado

    After playing the demo of ROBF4U, I knew that this game is worth getting. It has some nice new features plus the animations and battle system are pretty sweet. You would think that as a ”sequel” the game wouldn’t be able to top its predecessor, but no it really is an improvement.

    Regarding the creator’s intentions..I kinda bashed him in the beginning when I heard that he is going to confuse us with all these puzzles…but I don’t know. I mean sure it is definitely annoying for foreigners like you and me, therefore I can only conclude that he has REALLY good reasons to do so, or some sort of policy is putting a lot of pressure on him.

    I hope that he realizes that there are people who actually like his games, and that we are offering our support and enjoyment form his work and creativity.

    Without pondering further, let’s enjoy these 2 MG gems 🙂

  4. Anonymous

    can someone post a link with all of the cg when its out?
    i wont be able o get the game for the next month so yeah :/

  5. Billy Masakado

    Oh and in that forum link….start from page 17 and on-wards to get the solutions for the mini-games.

  6. Anonymous

    It’s great that the games are out, but now we are in a peril, noone of us can read Japanese, oh if only a person could translate VH5 xD

  7. Anicake

    I’ve been playing ROBF S4U for the past few days, and honestly you can get by with a very limited knowledge of Japanese, as long as you gain an understanding of how the mechanics work.

    I’ve only come across one “puzzle” so far, which required you to input the Japanese word for whatever item was displayed (chair, apple, clock etc.) to gain access to an area. I didn’t even need a dictionary, but I imagine jisho.org would suffice if you do.

    The gameplay is actually rather well done, considering it’s a RPG maker template and the character building is surprisingly deep with different skills needed to unlock others.

    There’s also a pet system very much like pokemon where you can catch monster girls after getting them below half health by throwing “monster eggs” at them. After that they appear in seperate rooms in the inn, and you can also equip them in the Support slot on your character to help you during battle.

    I guess that for once I can abstain from feeling guilty for pirating a game, since the creator obviously doesn’t want my filthy gaijin money anyway.

  8. Anonymous

    not very liked ROBFS4U, dontknow much about plot, but there not many variations of animation in
    h-scenes and some are copies with chanjed color (but art is good) and not much added from time of 1 game.

  9. Michiru

    I just hope the storyline is better for VH5. I haven’t played 4 yet since I can’t stand not being able to read what is going on, but I heard it was the same as the other three with too much of the anal.

  10. Anonymous

    After playing a bit of the VH5 and seeing all of it’s CG… I have one thing to ask… How much money do i need to donate for this to be translated? I mean come on… someone…

  11. Hello. I’m slowly crawling my way through translating RBFS4U, don’t know what your plans are regarding that Dargoth, but I’ll take a while yet with it. Also, with it being an RPG maker game, even if I do get round to finishing it, releasing a translation in patch form would be tough, as I’m having to edit the dialogue scripts themselves through the RPG maker editor…

      • DungeonMasterBobbySmith

        So In MGQ, is Ilias really a goddess? I know she is definitely an angel, but I kinda got the vibe that for IIias, the term “Goddess” was just a self-appointed title she gave herself to further invest in her flawed ideology. Perhaps the better choice of words are; to further indulged in her delusions. I believe I read somewhere in the menu that she doesn’t believe she should be in the monsterpedia. (Breaking the fouth wall, lol). So what do you think? Is Ilias a godess, angel, or both? Does she belong in the monsterpedia, or not?

      • Ac

        I would imagine that Ilias is called a goddess because she’s the most powerful angel. Technically, all of the other angels are offshoots of Ilias herself, so they would be clones of a goddess. I think the reason that she’s a goddess and her minions/offspring are angels is because they’re clones.

      • I thought that Ilias is the counterpart to “Alipheese Fateburn I”, the very first Monster Lord. While Alipheese Fateburn I was dark, Ilias was the light. They created monsters/angels after their own image. So one could say both of them are gods.

    • Billy Masakado

      Actually I think that this will be your biggest challenge….to repack ( or compile) the scripts in whatever patch format. Unless you are good with hex editors or programming, there are no known tools to help you with RGSS3A.

      • RGSS3A is a pain because I can de-crypt it myself to get access to the dialogues within the RPG maker editor, but then as you say, the problem comes with putting it into patch format, for which I have no tools to assist me with. I’ll jump that hurdle when I come to it though, need to translate it all first!

      • Anonymous

        Not really. Once you decrypt an RGSS3A, you just need to give out the Data/Scripts folder while leaving the graphics and other data alone.

        That way they need the original game in order to get the translation to work. The guys over at UponHerLips who translated Illusionary World Mindia used that system.

  12. CivilDeviation

    VH5…. worse graphics, samish gameplay, similar plot, and hscenes aimed at group sex. Yea, not getting it. Hoping market pressure forces them out of their one trick pony productions.

      • Roflcakes

        Well either way, I enjoyed the artwork much more than 3 or 4. Some of it reminded me of 1 and 2, which is a good thing.

    • Subzero

      Bullshit, VH5 is easily the best one they did since VH2. The characters where amazing, the graphics and scenes where great, the voice acting was awesome and that’s all that matters. Considering how not many monster girl games get released and certainly not many that have this good of a artwork and voice acting(not to mention how easy they are to translate compared to other games where even the authors intentionally make it harder for non-Japanese speakers to play), we should consider ourselves very lucky if this ever get’s translated.

      So keep your opinion to yourself.

      • Anon87

        The fact that someone has a different opinion than you does not mean that they are less entitled to voice it.

        This is a place where people can discuss how they feel about the games, and asking someone to keep their opinion to themselves is therefore rather arrogant. You should simply argue for why you disagree (which you did) and leave it at that.

        You can rest assured that a few westerners talking trash about the game will not even register with Dieselmine – let alone have an impact.
        If you’re afraid that they will stop making these games, the capitalist model has a very simple and effective solution: The way to have a say is to vote with your wallet.

        I haven’t played the game yet, but I’m planning to at some point. I usually enjoy the format, even if it is rather simple. There have been quite a few misses in the past few releases for me, but I’m hoping that this one will have more stuff that suits my taste.

  13. wf71

    Take ROBFS4U, its really a freshener. Also ROBF if you haven’t manage to play it. You wont regret it (except people who only search for the H scene). Since the strong points of ROBF series is the game system

    • wf71

      You could always use online translation apps like VN reader if you didnt know a bit about japanese language

    • mikceron

      well I for example play hentai for hentai about athor aspects there is better games, even legend of queen opala series its more rpg than hentai.
      about VH5 seems they not added that much (just go with they stable fast relises), but they added moans in h-scenes though.

    • wf71

      True, people play H games for H contents haha. I just like it when there are actual gameplay, so the H Aspects feels like more “rewarding”. Kinda hate that VH-V still use the same old system x_x

  14. I'mNotGivingMyName2A-Machine

    So! Before I get my hopes up, what are the actual odds that VH5 will get any kind of translation treatment? Because I’d be pretty super interested in that, for obvious reasons.

    • Roflcakes

      Yeah, I’d prefer this idea, but it’s all up to what Dargoth wants to do. Even though VH4 doesnt seem as good as VH5 (#opinions), I’d like to see a VH4 and Another Story translation before doing VH5.

      • Subzero

        I would also prefer VH4 to be translated first, but if we get any VH game translated i would still be happy at this point.

      • Anonymous

        yeah ill donate if i have to cause both VH4,another story and 5 look really awesome and i would want to understand what they are saying. Though so far VH5 looks to be the best along with 2

      • I'mNotGivingMyName2A-Machine

        Honestly I’d be happy with just ‘Another Story’ as a tide over if nothing else…

      • Sevalle

        Well from what I played VH4 looks better then VH3, which was weakest in my opinion. VH5 is another step up. Hopefully someone translates it.

      • Roflcakes

        I just hope VH4 and VH5 translations won’t turn people off like what VH3 did with the fairy and the thorn girl, lol.

    • I’d like a translation of V as well, but I don’t wanna interrupt Dargoth unless he actually wants to get to translating the games and then go back to it. Still, after looking at V’s scenes I can’t wait to play in English. Then again, I’ve been thinking that about IV for some time.

    • wf71

      Yeah, ROBF need you to really think in order to complete the quest, Playing ragnarok online will help btw 😀

  15. fufufu

    Well after playing vh 5, i have to say that vh2 and vh4 are still much better than this. There are several things i dont like about vh 5 :
    -aside from those 5 great monster girls, almost all monster girls look boring, too cute and childish in
    -too many harem scenes
    -we got only 1 main ending (harem again)
    -the graphic seems not as good as the previous title

  16. John Snow

    I think I dig designs from fourth game more then this. The characters here have a childish-like , dwarf body features. Hopefully we get the fourth one in the near future…

    • Roflcakes

      I wouldn’t say any of the games are “bad” as all of them at least have 1 scene that I enjoyed, but here’s my order:


  17. Subzero

    Hah, if so many of you guys hate the cute/childish appearance of the monsters then you are gonna LOVE Sei Monmusu Gakuen that Dargoth will translate eventually…


  18. Billy Masakado

    Ok after having played all the VH games up until now I am confident to share my own personal preferences and reasoning behind them :

    Top VH game : VH 2. No arguments for me here. It has everything. Excellent voice acting, extremely good art designs and scenes, and most of the cast is like-able. 14/15 of the MG are great.

    Number 2 : VH3. Although many conceived it as the worst in the series, I think it is far from it for several reasons. The art design and voice acting is top- notch as it was in VH2, and the game has a habit of teasing your choices ….a lot !. Meaning that it screws you over most of the times. Personally I think that this is great. It is not about holding CTRL button all the time, and paying a little bit more attention. I almost all of the cast and scenes with the exception of that Fairy Queen and cyclops girl. 90 % of them are HOT, have sadistic and dominating personalities (especially Fang-Mei and Sei Mei). 13/15 MG are great. It has not harem endings but that is because of the story.

    Number 3 : VH1. Excellent voice acting and art designs. Plus the most challenging VH game in the series. Good scenes, awesome harem ending. Downsides : It’s too short, and it has generic human girls, which are nothing really special ( magic girl ? thief ? warrior ?). Still a great game, and unique.

    Games that I did not like in the end : VH 4 and 5.

    Let’s start with VH4 : The cast and most of the scenes just don’t do it for me. Most of them are too ”buffed” ( not only breasts but also thighs and body types) and are a lot less attractive compared to the previous games. The only girls I enjoyed are Lilith,Sharia,Fenrir, and Android Girl. That is a whooping 4/15 downgrade. That says a lot. Moreover, the piss scenes and continues anal rapes might be great violent/humiliating reverse rape scenes….but they are boner killers, and too over the top for my taste. Additionally the game is ridiculously easy, with the summoning system, which gets minus points from me.

    Sigh….VH 5 : Can I ask you guys a question ? When did it become arousing/hot to get raped by childish characters ? The art design, is just too immature, and the cast is……..terrible this time around. And again : What’s up with the big thighs and over-sized boobs ? Ariel and Witch are the only ones I enjoyed from the game…..that is 2/15 characters !! Major downgrade. Most of them are too child-like, both appearance and personality wise, and some have too buffed up body types.

    Even when you compare some of the reoccurring MG’s, VH 5 has some of the worst : Examples : a) Merrona compared to Plant Girl from VH3 and Alraune from 1 is easily the worst Alraune ever. Unnecessary big boobs with a stupid bra, looks more like a Cosplay, and that personality……..no words to describe that. b) Worst Slime Girl in the series or should I say ”10 year old slime girls”. Slime Maiden from VH3 dominates in everything ( scenes, art, personality,uniqueness) followed by VH1 slime girl ( yes she lacks in scenes, but her design is a lot more appealing to me)

    And lastly when it comes to main characters : VH5 has the most pathetic main character….hands down. Just look at him, with his blonde hair (I hate his blonde hair). It’s like all the others in VH 1,2,3,4 looked like 15-20 years of age…..and now you have this kid who likes like a 10 year old.

    Bottom Line : VH2 and 3 are the best, followed by VH 1.

    VH 4 is meeeh and VH 5 …….is a cartoon MG hentai game.

    PS : No offense to anyone who thinks differently and perceives these titles in a completely different way….but that is just my opinion, and I like the people who think in the same way a little bit more 😉

    • Anonymous

      So basically, what I you are saying in the threads is that you don’t want Dargoth to continue translating VH games? Yeah, it’s your opinion, you said it, but constantly throwing it around the threads isn’t giving you any credit.

      This game is about domination and femdom so of course ass rape and other painful insertions are the series’s main trademark. And he wouldn’t cum if it wasn’t good so…

      And I love how people are hanging on the buttrape parts and how it hurts while completely ignoring the obligatory every scene where character cums 5-6 times in a row which would leave a little more then burning sensation…

      Let’s face it, the rape in this game is anything but pretty so get over it already. And yes, I would love to see Dargoth get VH4 and 5 done in the future.

    • Kyuubi for Empress

      VH2 wins because the femdom there is more about the psyhological side of the sex, where the monstergirls are making the guy fall for them by making out in a manner so hot, that the guy gives himself up willingly in the end for them, for they will be able to enjoy themselves for the rest of their lives. Imo, THAT is true femdom as there’s no need for exessive violence to make the situation awesome, the interaction between the characters alone makes it so already, which gets topped by the actual sex scenes.

      In a way, VH3 is even better as it has youkai in it, and while I disliked the Chinese name for the obviously Japanese kyuubi monstergirl, it actually had a sadly short plot with pretty good music for such a nukige. I don’t get why the sub bosses had to die when he let the main girls live though, so there’s a bit of inconsistency.

      From VH4 on, it’s turned to the hardcore femdom which is anything but appealing to anyone who isn’t a sick pervert. It’s a shame as VH2 and 3 were quality games in the genre and Dieselmine seems to abandon that to cater to the other fans. And with that, they abandoned the trait that set this series apart from other MG games.

      If you just want brutal female on male rape, there’s plenty of messed up games on the market. There was no need to screw up a series that was well on its way to become well liked.

  19. Anonymous

    Jesus Christ… you guys are really gonna be butthurt once Dargoth releases Sei Monmusu Gakuen, seeing as EVERY character in that is childish to the extreme.

    • I wouldn’t say that. They’re all essentially seniors in high school, and a few of them have even failed a few times, putting them at ~20 years old.

      • Anonymous

        They could all be a hundred years old as far as the story goes, they still all LOOK childish. This is nothing new with Japanese games and anime anyway…

      • Billy Masakado

        I was about to answer something similar. Even their body sizes and heights fit that age range ( 18-20). I didn’t observe any child-like features. The same goes for their facial characteristics and personalities. Only that puppet girl is kinda loli’ish…..all the others are nowhere near half of VH5’s designs.

      • Anonymous

        VH5 still has more mature looking characters than SMG, who honestly has some of the worst looking monster girl characters i have ever seen(the graphics are good, but the designs are terrible). Not to mention the cheesy and corny story and overly cutesy faces they all have. The game is more of a dating SIM then an actual monster girl game we are used to.

        Ironically the characters you are mostly complaining about looking to childish are from fan votes, so i guess thousands of other peoples opinions > yours.

      • Looking forward to SMG, to be honest. I don’t see why it being a dating sim is a bad thing or looking like one, I thought it was akin to that when I first saw him announcing translating it here.

  20. WildHawk

    I liked this one and I`ve liked most of the games, ya ill be that guy. The only One I did not like for a good chunk of the game is VH3, it had too much pain sex in it i don`t care how good you think your powers are when you have thorns up or vagina or cutting me with blades I`m loosing stiffness fast.

    • Billy Masakado

      If you think VH 3 had too much ”painful sex”. How about VH 4 and 5 ?

      VH 4 : Anal rapes ( I have lost count), piss rape scene, thorn pussy, electrifying rape scene ?

      VH 5 : Alraune makes you pregnant ( groooossss), Getting pissed on your face by Shiva ? another electrifying scene ? Tentacle rape that turns you into a girl ? ( what ?) and most importantly….half of them that rape you are basically children ?

      You are not only losing stiffness but also permanent size…..

      VH 3 cuts and bruises are god send compared to the horrors of 4 and 5. As I mentioned they are over the top compared to 3.

      • WildHawk

        well unfortunately i have not learned to read moon-speak yet as much as i really want too so sometimes i cant really tell whats going on so i skip through it just to see the scenes

    • Roflcakes

      But VH3 had thorn pussy and anal rape too.

      And once again, people have different opinions, no need to sound so rude.

  21. JimmyTon

    Yep, my thoughts exactly. VH 2 and 3 are indeed the best in the series. 4 and 5 is a lot less erotic, with all these weird ass crazy scenes. Plus the designs are less appealing (too XXL). And I don’t know about you people but I like the girls ”mature” and sexy, not baby-faced with 12 year old bodies.

  22. to start off i can say i finished the vh 2-5 within 2 weeks, VH1 was finished months ago. Anyways to the case. Personally i can’t say how good VH4 and 5 are. Due to them being untranslated. For me i find it alot more interesting when the game is translated, you understand whats going on. Take vh5, the tentacle one where the MC turns into a girl. I’m like wtf? mostly cause i don’t understand a word of whats going on.

    • There wasn’t a whole lot to get. She just turns him into her companion, although s/he does still have a dick and no visible tentacles so who knows what’s up with that. It’s implied they’re going to go rape humans together.

      • CivilDeviation

        Can we stop the railing directly or indirectly about how “X” game is not going to be translated? I for one am grateful Dargoth has done so much already for the MG community as is. I really would hate to see him disappear because we pushed him into regretting his volunteer translations.

      • Subzero

        This is true. Without him we wouldn’t have any of the VH games already translated and none of the future games he planes to do. What i do hate is that people keep bitching about this game VH sucks or that VH sucks… And ultimately it just might deter him even further or anyone else thinking of picking it up, not to mention it might ruin his idea of different kinds of ways we could translate games from his previous topic. If we just keep discouraging everyone.

        So i think we should all just shut up and be grateful to have as many games translated as possible. You don’t like this one game? Fine, there are thousands others that will like it, so let’s not ruin it for everyone else by thinking our opinion somehow holds precedence over others.

  23. Anonymous

    Dargoth, would you please consider go to Japan and film yourself doing cosplay or roleplay delivery health. Monster girl if possible. I wish to watch. sorry if my english bad

  24. Anonymous

    Seems like the mini bosses (the enemies that give stat points without leveling) have voiced scenes when you lose to them now, but no CGs. Not sure where to find their scenes other than loading a save and losing to them again. Anyone have any luck finding a replay for them?

    • Anonymous

      Seems like save is the only way to go. It would have been nice if the mini bosses were made to be the boss at the end of every first stage in each area. That way the last block wouldn’t seem so pointless.

  25. Alright after re-”viewing” VH 5 and seeing some of the scenes I have to say that the game deserves some more extra credit than I initially gave it. EXCEPT the scenes with the cartoony immature looking scenes ( which are almost half of the scenes in the game) the other one’s are actually good ( double scenes, harem etc.) I feel that because of the comparisons that I had in mind with the previous titles, I kinda undermined it’s value a little bit more.

    Perhaps I have started a small flame war after I have read some of the answers. That was not my intention. I am the type of person who likes expressing his own opinions, without saying that I try to convert someone to them (opinions and observations).

    With that said I still think that VH 5 is unique in it’s own merit, that it’s still a good MG game, and that it offers some nice art, voice acting, and scenes.

    I still dislike the childlike looking character though (7 of them), but the other ones are a nice addition. The art and character designs doesn’t beat VH 2 and 3 but there are different fetishes for everyone in this game as well, and you will find something to enjoy.

    Oh and for those who think that I go on different threads, downgrading different titles…..I don’t. I have only posted what I think in two blogs, ( this here and another) and I don’t get any credit for doing so. Chill out 🙂

    Do I want a translation for VH 5 ? Most definitely.

    • ChaoticNemisis

      If the later VH’s are to ever be translated, either 6+ are going to have to really step up their game and be developers(like MGQ quality) instead of Producers(Rehashing the same shit for money, cause it’ has sold, ergo it will still sell, ergo Call of Duty: Rehashed Warefare.) all deiselmine seams to care about is the money. Yes there is quality, but only enough that it will sell.

      MGQ has an almost cult following because it’s just that damn good. They had a story, but more so they made us like the characters. Hell, there are 3 or 4 in MGQ I’d like to have as a GF(without any sex). VH. NOPE. The only kind of cult like following VH could really spawn is one about their quantity.

      VH4, AS and 5 will only be translated really if the comunity as a whole translates it.

      • Subzero

        VH4 is already getting translated… and so will the rest probably. It’s a game about monster girls raping you… the story is not really gonna go that far. It’s amazing what Totoro did with his stuff but i am pretty sure that’s as best as we will ever get in terms of story and characters.

      • I'mNotGivingMyName2A-Machine

        If VH4 is being translated this would be the first I’ve heard of it, and I’d appreciate it if you’d elaborate a bit on the who what when where, and I’d bet I wouldn’t be the only one…

      • Anonymous

        You might know the guy translating it, it’s a guy named dargoth, and he has a few posts on his blog about his progress.

      • Anonymous

        Actually I’m dumb. All that snark and I forgot he’s working on monster girl high school, not vh4. As far as I know anyways, maybe someone else is working on vh4.

      • Johnny Cage

        Give me a fucking break. At least be objective if you want to point shit out. MGQ isn’t even THAT good. The game enjoys it’s status for being one of the first monster games translated and, for it’s uniqueness, captured a lot of hearts of other players. The first time in everything leaves the greatest impact.

        The game’s plot isn’t even new, it’s another race not all being evil/join with ”bad guys” to fight other bad guys kind of plot, all have been done before, only in different form. The game however has great atmosphere, the Kenkou’s Alice and interaction with the Luca is what’s the most interesting, with few other side characters. Traveling around the places and few sex scenes of some decent done enemies that can be given credit. Nobody mentions that half of monsters aren’t that great in design and half of monsters don’t even have a sex image, just it’s same battle stance picture with dick in pussy in one corner.

  26. Anonymous

    ROBF S4U does it only can play till those slime monster ? , coz i am getting Error on second monster@third ….LOL

  27. (同人ゲーム) [130427][RJ112559][アスガル騎士団] ROBF Ver3.0 + ultimate save
    Also a very good game.
    But this series of games not even close to the game:
    楽園魔城リピュアリア / The Paradise Fortress of RePure Aria

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