1. TheAllSeeingEye

    Sounds fine to me for the 2 later names but the first doesnt sound just right for some reason…

  2. Moby

    So they really are all yokai. Yay me for being right. Seems another main enemy is Nurarihyon (a female one of course.) I say stick with yokai and ayakashi tho rather than translate them due to the fact that unlike the previous games this one can actually be said to be set in Japan, so it would make sense to use some Japanese terms…

  3. Anonymous

    Hngh dat kitsune! Do keep us updated, Dargoth. 😀

    About the monster term, I think it’s better if it’s kept untranslated. I don’t know, it just sounds more natural and less forced, considering the game’s setting and all.

    And as far as I know, yōkai is the more… general? term for Japanese supernatural creatures/apparitions/whatever. So yeah, I think it’s better to just stick to yokai and edit ayakashi out to avoid confusion.

  4. Anonymous

    Hoping the Empress will be an ‘encounter’ regardless of her being the quest giver. Maybe in the Extra.

    Agreed that yokai is well-known enough for it to be usable without issue. No strong opinion on the Chinese names.

  5. Anonymous

    Well, according to what I have read, Ayakashi refers to Yokais that appear at the sea. As for Yokais, they are Monsters and “ghosts” (or spirits). The word Yokai encompasses all monsters and supernatural beings, so yeah with that word you can technically name all the supernatural creatures that exist. I think you should use Onmyōji instead of exorcist, it will feel more natural and as you said, exorcising a yokai doesn’t seem right (if you consider that they can be either ghost, spirits or living creatures). Maybe use the word seal instead? That seems like a more global term, you can technically seal everything, or at least that it’s what i think. Of course, those are just suggestions.

  6. Anonymous

    Can anyone tell me whats my problem with this? The DL link for the VH3 Demo works fine, but the game itself after extracting is all… wierd

    Some Screenshots of my problem

    This problem also occurred for a few [not all] games that I have tried to play in the past, so it would be greatly appreciated if someone can tell me whats wrong and how to fix it

    Thanks in advance

  7. sigmazx

    Set your PC to Japanese local then download and extract again.

    BTW game is out. Currently downloading but I am too tired to upload it in time. Sorry 🙁

  8. passing chaos

    “a nine-tailed kitsune who is alternatively called both 九尾 (nine-tails) and 皇美 (empress beauty).”
    I’d assume 皇美 is her name and 九尾 is a moniker/tittle. For 陰陽師 I’d go with onmyouji just add some general information to the readme file like a terminology section.

  9. daweea

    I’d say that keeping the japanese names would be more appropriate, since this game seems to be set in Japan. More localization made sense in the first two games, but I wouldn’t try to shoehorn it in here.

    Maybe include a file with translator’s notes explaining some of the things that don’t translate well

  10. Prototype909

    Once again there’s multiple endings, I’ve only managed to get one. There’s way more choices offered than in VH 2 so it may take awhile to figure this out :/

  11. Anonymous

    Hey just bought the game, anybody able to tell what the stats mean when you level up and fighting buttons?

  12. John J

    I wish that he translates all the words where possible. Since that will make it easier to read instead of having to remember what all the words mean.

    Since this game looks more complicated than the previous ones, will you prioritize translating the interface?

  13. Anonymous

    God really? That tired joke? It doesn’t even work in this context. This is a hentai game. Of course it’s going where you think it’s going.

    • 2-tall

      actually they are called eroge so shouldn’t it be “I’ve seen enough eroge to know where this is going.”?

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