1. Chibishiroiryu

    Oh man, it’s difficult for me to wait for the whole translation. XD
    I can’t play seriously if i don’t understand the fight. :s
    Thanks a lot anyways !
    When do you think you will finish ?

    • Mindia is all right, but has the same problem a lot of RPGMaker games do: not enough art for the hentai scenes. The CG quality isn’t bad, but most of the scenes are really disappointing because they don’t actually show the characters having sex (or doing anything half the time).

    • Anonymous

      This might seam like a strange question, but are there any succubus eating/sucking out souls in this game? that would be the only reason i would buy it

      • Cio

        I’m currently on play, and until now, it’s all about mind control and enslavement, so i think no soul drain, although maybe in later game might be there. Monster Girl Quest have it, though :p

  2. Cio

    @Chibishiroiryu: India Ma Fantasy World – http://izundukd.blog77.fc2.com/

    @Dargoth: Yup, that’s the lack of this game, IMO the scene were pretty decent, i love the concept of the game where the succubus take control of the victim 🙂 , and the gameplay were actually fun too.

    • Good question. I experienced that once and wasn’t sure what caused it. SInce it never happened again, I didn’t investigate further, but it might be a bug. Try reloading your game or just getting yourself killed and restarting.

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