VH2: Xueli’s first two loss scenes

VH2 version 0.23: http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?j4d0t7nwpblxm4j

Hi guys, here are the first two of Xueli’s h-scenes. I also made a few fixes to the word wrapping so it’s more efficient with space and so the Japanese text doesn’t get cut off.

I’m going to get started on the Milfy scenes and finish those before returning to Xueli.

On the Monster Girl Quest news front, check the game’s homepage on Oct. 6th for the next update. He’ll probably show off another 2 monsters, but I wouldn’t expect a release date yet.


  1. thenobleshade

    Did ToroToro announce that update through his twitter?
    Also, let’s hope that if there are new monsters, they’re not creepy. The Bound Angel was okay, but that Angel Plant thing was… wrong.

  2. Anonymous

    Thanks for the update.

    and yeah, I’m always shocked at Luka’s apparently eternal priapsim, considering some of the monsters he “fights”

  3. Jos

    Silly question, when you fight the regular mobs, you do not get a H-Scene right? So are there any special mobs, like bosses you have to fight to get the scenes? Cheers

  4. Anonymous

    I had a really crazy dream about MGQ last night.

    I dreamed that Promstein developed “male energy” extractor belts which they attached to captured men, then released them back into the population. The belts then were activated remotely and sent the extracted energy to Ilias’s minions as needed during battle. Luka, Alice, and co fought a guerilla war but were eventually defeated by the angels because so many men were assimilated. Then, I was captured and Ilias was trying to attach one to me, but I woke up. Thanks the gods.

    Now wait for that to be in the actual game….

  5. Anonymous

    So i downloaded Violated Hero 2 Storyline Translation and now i downloaded this one but dont know how to add this file to the game =/ pls help

      • Anonymous

        So if i download VH2 Hellhound translated which i think is the latest patch…i dont have to download anything else???

      • Anonymous

        Ok so i tried to do it but when i click the english patch thing thats all black with alot of words i couldnt tell if it installed or not because story mode took some time but when i tried this one it just opened and said press any keys then it closed which i think it didnt do anything …so i deleted everything and redownloaded it since my file already had story mode patch and i think that was the problem ….but its gona be a pain to delete everything every time a new patch comes out…..is there anyway i can fix that (cause im new to this) or am i gona have to delete/redownload everytime ….sorry for HUGE text xD

        • If you’re having a problem with the batch file, you can upgrade to a new patch by just copying everything from the English directory into the data directory.

          The only issue I’ve found with the batch file is when your computer isn’t in Japanese locale but the game directory name contains Japanese characters. Renaming the game’s directory fixes that easily.

      • Anonymous

        it wasnt a problem but more like i couldnt tell if it got updated or not since it looked to fast compared to the story patch. Also tx for updating this games and replying back to me about my problems xD

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