VH2 Xueli harem scenes done

VH2 version 0.38 http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?3soipj291s3f6us

Here are Xueli’s harem scenes. Well, that isn’t exactly what I’d call a harem, but that’s what Diselmine calls it anyway. 🙂

Also, if you’re American and registered to vote, go do that. Don’t let old people take away your rights and mortgage your future because you’re too apathetic to vote and they aren’t.


  1. Sajuuk

    good to see you are making so much progress looking fowared to more
    are there any otther good monster girl games around in english that are worth playing in the mean while

  2. Cio

    Wow, never thought that Insector scene this amazing. Her attitude for teasing Lucia were great and how she keep him inside her womb.

    Thx for the trans dargoth.

  3. Hi! I wanted to ask you about one game that still wasn’t released yet…
    It’s a monster girl game too:
    I’m not (and wasn’t) quite interested in this type of games (I’m a fan of this company’s Kagura series) but today I was on the game’s site and 2 types quite interested me:
    http://www.debonosu.jp/debonosu/game/cl/character.html?chara=3 (she is… yeah, Berserk :3)
    http://www.debonosu.jp/debonosu/game/cl/character.html?chara=10 (and she is Rusalka – even though they have mermaid already http://www.debonosu.jp/debonosu/game/cl/character.html?chara=9).
    So I wanted to ask if you’re planning to translate this game or at least consider this project…

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