1. WildFour

    percentages?would you mind posting them every update? makes it easier to bear the wait >.< or did do you have a reason for not doing that…

      • Anonymous

        Yeah but i really don’t understand how the hellhound could rate so high atleast compared to many other better scene, i mean the 2nd is normal but u could see even without translation that the first one was just about getting something in the ass(either a dildo or a dick). The only think i like of this char is the way she speaks 😛

        Really looking forward to see amu translated, Actually the spoken part is actually pretty simple so even I, with my BASIC lvl of japanese understanding, could get the meaning, but the description part still has too many kanji i dont know and use a other grammatical rules and conjugation i’ve yet to see 😛

  2. Anonymous

    first up, great work so far, thank you!
    but i got a question: i defeated the 3 generals and let them live. but amu’s way is still blocked. did i make a wrong decision earlier in the game, or why the seal still intact?

  3. ZoddtheGod

    Hi, can you post a link to dl the entire game and all the translated stuff and patches so far? I really want to get into this while I wait for MGQ3. Or does the latest patch contain everything I need besides the game itself?

  4. Herp

    This might be off topic but i your translations seems to never work for me. For VH1 , after i extract all the patch stuffs into my my VH folder. I clicked the bat file, and they told me error , cant find the kikikiri exe. Then I tried the manual, it didnt work too. Same thing happened

    Windows 7. Do i have to use applocale ? A little help please, and thank you for your hard work.

    • Kikiriki.exe is included in the patch and has to be copied to the game folder along with the other files. As long as it’s there, you shouldn’t be getting an error about not being able to find it.

      If your computer isn’t in Japanese locale, you’ll need to use applocale for the game, but kikiriki doesn’t need it.

      • Herp

        Just wanna say thanks for everything, and yes i use hp app to play the game (to change it into jap locale) .

        Just leaving a comment:
        You should add to your VH1&2 readme, that if you want to properly extract everything and be able to detect the kikikiri exe. You have to change everything in your foler or your folder to english words . And make a data folder. That solved my problem .

        Thanks for your hardwork 🙂

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