• That game is pretty big… its probably not even a one man job. At best if dargoth is even the slightest interested i’d see him making a interface patch.

  1. Chibishiroiryu

    MGQ3 will be with Rogue i think.
    Anyways, thanks for the translation.
    Have to wait a little more than normal (one month) but hey, it’s finally out so no complain ! 😀

  2. Sajuuk

    MGQ3 will be translated by rogue yes. but even if it comes out it will take a few months to translate anyway…
    well dargoth u deserve a brake, but if you do plan on translating more games do let us know.

  3. Anonymous

    This doesnt include the mini bosses in the castle
    like Maribel (belzebub – the insect girl) or any others right?

    I know the forest is done

  4. Anonymous

    So I was playing through, and I am not sure if this is normal, but after I beat two generals, all of the rooms become locked and I have to fight Xueli, which of course results in my loss.

    Do I have to lose to her once and restart before I can clear out all the generals or is that not supposed to happen?

    Thank you for your work on this, I really enjoyed it.

      • Mena

        So how does this work then? I beat 2 Generals and reached Xueli and fought her until she showed her true power and then I lost of course. I got an “End” screen and was back at the title screen. Now when I load the save before her fight and go to her room again it prompts me with a choice: Confronting her or keep exploring the castle. I picked exploring the castle but the barriers are still there so I still can’t get to the last two Generals. Even if I lose to her on purpose before she shows her true power it gives me an “End” screen (just without the H-scenes this time) and I’m again back at the title screen and the same problem arises as I described above when I load my save. So how can I fight the remaining two Generals? Please help!

      • Mena

        Thanks for the quick help, but I still have a problem… I did it like you said – I loaded a save before the second general. This time I could challenge the third one after I beat the second one. But now the door to the fourth general (Amu) is still locked after that. I tried again fighting the Xueli and of course lost again – I loaded a save before the second general again – fought them the second and third again and still…. I can beat three now, but Amu’s gate is still locked. So I’m stuck again…
        Seriously… that’s a really weird play mechanic right there. I really don’t understand why they did something like that. Just give the player the choice how many Generals he wants to defeat before challenging Xueli right off the bat…

  5. minuore

    I won against Xueli, but still couldn’t unlock last 2 replay scenes. I am missing 1 special/corner monster, those mini bosses giving free stats, 4thRow 5thColumn.
    If I remember correctly, during Amu’s options I chose something like ‘save humanity’ and ‘felt good, with regret’. This results in – after all bosses in the castle are finished, kill 1 of the general, and you will be able to enter Amu’s domain, 1st from the left. I suggest starting from the right(Milfy) to left (Amu) domain, as fighting any other generals lead to only 2 to fight with. Kill them all to receive power to win against Xueli though.

  6. Anonymous

    uh, this is what i got after trial and error
    to fight amu you must pick “” at the beginning of the castle dungeon when you meet amu
    to defeat xueli (different ending), kill all the general and take amu offer for power
    for harem ending, turn down amu offer, dont kill any of the general (still need to fight and defeat em), and get defeated after xueli reveal her true power…
    hope that helps

  7. Mena

    I’m done now 100% and also watched the extra scene! Very fun game! I enjoyed it alot. My favorites girls were Milfy, Xueli, Amu and Chow. 😀
    Thanks again for translating this game, dargoth! You’re awesome!

  8. Drizzt78

    How exactly are you supposed to defeat the demon queen? I’ve trying accepting/refusing Amu’s power, sparing or killing the last two generals you fight… regardless, 3 special sword attacks and three grand magic’s barely bring her into the middle 1000’s, at which point you’re stuck trading blows – only she hits you for 100+ at a time, while you are lucky to ding the high 20’s.

    • Zworden

      take amu offer, kill all 3 general…
      dont waste any of your skill before her true power..
      heal when low hp and continue attacking…
      if it still doesnt work,and you stress out, go with cheat engine ^^

    • Kill all mini-bosses.Save your Recovery at least 4 cuz your HP is 1200+ now so recover is a good choice to survive. use all special attack and magic u got if save it. then spam your attack. when she got your HP under 400 or 300 use recovery.

  9. Cole

    Could someone assist me? I’m trying to get the patch to work and it won’t translate the text yes but things like the monsters’ info is still untranslated i removed the data.xp3 and it’s backup but still wont work. help would be much appreciated.

    • MetzgerWilli

      Try extracting the game file to a shorter directory path like D:GamesVH2 instead of D:GamesGoodGamesDargothTransVH2VH2VH2Folder.

  10. Anonymous

    I can’t actually get it to run, my laptop is in japanese locale but I get that weird startup.tjs error I can’t read and then a popup box with a bunch of buttons.

  11. Sid

    For anyone looking to unlock the three ending scenes.

    Ending 1) Kill all the demon generals, accept the girl’s power, lose to the Queen.
    Ending 2) Kill all the demon generals, accept the girl’s power, beat the Queen.
    Ending 3) Spare all the generals, don’t accept the girl’s power, lose to Queen.

    And for some monsters, you have to actually beat them to get their scene (Hellhound/Mermaid come to mind). I recommend you do a quicksave before each miniboss fight to find the ending scene.

  12. I (and I saw notes of others not liking it either) didn’t like the sound when you cum, so I changed it to the MGQ version.

    For people who want to change it too I uploaded it here: http://temp-share.com/show/f3Yg9832n

    Just extract that zip in the folder that you installed VH2 in and merge folders / overwrite files

    Want the old sound back? browse to /data/others and find the .ogg.old file and rename it to .ogg (first removing the old version ofcourse)

  13. Mei

    I seem to be missing a single scene. Replay page 3, bottom right. I think I managed to get everything in plain sight, so what did I miss?

  14. John

    Is one of the event CGs unused in the actual game? It doesn’t show up in the CG or replay sections and it doesn’t seem to be in the game, but in bgimage folder it’s event 40a-40e

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