VH2 English: Paula and all other 4 generals scenarios finished

VH2 English patch v0.69: http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?j9jwc3o2aegw1av

Well, that took awhile. This patch contains every file (besides the bonus scene) related to Xueli, Amu, Paula, Milfy, and Insecta. The hellhound and succubus are done too, of course. All that’s left are the 8 side bosses. I’m really, really going to try my best to finish this month. The side bosses are easier to do because I don’t have to worry about continuity, cross-references, or anything. They’re each self-contained, thankfully.

Also, if you thought Lucia escaped having his ass violated with Paula, you were wrong. Hehe. Poor guy.


  1. Anonymous

    Wewt! Thanks rogue!!! Been checkin in periodically for this one hahaha. You are definitely the MAN, major props. Have a safe new year, and just know that there are tons of people out here appreciating your hard work.

    • Anonymous

      I mean dargoth LOL, sorry man, workin 12-hour shifts fries your brain, and I check both your sites haha, no disrespect meant =P

  2. JP90

    I think Paula is my favorite “bad end.”

    Anyway, any plans after you’re done? Take a rest, or on to translating another game?

  3. Sajuuk

    glad all is going well,
    only a matter of time before you finish the translation now,
    cant wait to see the full english patch.,
    and am realy intrested in what you will translate next

    keep up the good work

  4. Anonymous

    Haha. My birthday is at the end of this month. Turning 21. Gonna have a drink for the first time. It’ll be nice to have this as a birthday present. XD

    • Who knows. Diselmine doesn’t seem to announce games until they’re a week or two away from release (it was 8 days for VH2). They do tend to milk their franchises and crank out games quickly so that gives me some hope, but on the other hand, they might not have anything more to add to the monster girl genre. Releasing alongside MGQ part 3 would probably be a terrible idea too.

      • TheBlackWolf

        I believe I heard some mention as to this being the last “dick like a fire hydrant” (supposedly someone from Diselmine’s words) game that Diselmine was planning on releasing…if that’s true then sadly I don’t see a 3rd as a possibility…and even if they did make a 3rd it would be tuned way down and it just wouldn’t be the same Dx It would be awesome though if they continued dev for Violated Hero! Keep up the great work Dargoth, I’m looking forward to finally figuring out what the hell is happening with the robot girl!

  5. Anonymous

    great game the story look good Thanks for the translations this game 😀

    anyone know if there guide or walkthrough i google it don’t find it >.<

  6. Sajuuk

    well i hope the final stage of the patch is going along fine.
    almost cant wait to play the game but i want to play it fully translated so
    i waited,
    well i hope it will be done soon and thanks for all your hard work

    ps are there any otther monster girl games that are in english exept from monster girl quest and this one.

    and maybe otther good games non monster related

  7. YAYY

    Do I just download the VH2 English patch v0.69 and install it, or do I have to install every patch before this to have it translated?

      • Anonymous

        Well, that sucks ;_;

        AGTH can only catch the bottom text, but not the options, so it becomes a little more of a guessing game, although, form what I understood from the Demo, the story is just there for the lulz.

        • Yeah, all of their Lv.1 games love to present you with a bunch of choices in Japanese and give you a second or two to make a decision (or else you fail). I often can’t read them all in time either, which is pretty frustrating.

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