1. Sajuuk

    vore games can be fun to play, but i dont like the fact you are a gaint worm in that game,
    i did play it a little to test it out however i soon got pity on the little girls they are children and i dont realy like games where children get eaten and raped by a big worm thingy.
    but that is only mine point of few. still thanks for letting us know

  2. chibishiroiryu

    Sadly, i’m not sure to like the vore game …
    Do you have some pictures so i can look at it ? 😀
    Anyways, thanks for the translation, i will wait two more weeks, hehehe !
    You always post on hongfire ?

  3. Anonymous

    Ever since installing one of the newest patches I’ve noticed that using Ctrl to skip through the Chinese Zombie in the castle’s first H-Scene causes the game executeable to lock up and freeze, sometimes irreparably (Requiring a restart). Can anyone replicate this?

    • I can’t. Her scene does have more image transitions than usual, but it still works fine blasting through it for me and none of the patches should have affected that scene whatsoever. Hopefully it’ll be fine for you once translated.

  4. ker

    So, i really have to say that I am quite surprised to see somebody taking so much effort to translate a game! thats GREAT!
    But i still got a problem when running the .exe file… i patched, i use japanese local (and used it during the important parts of the installation), but i did still not got it to work… here is the error:
    Thank you for your great work! 😉

    • 1. Try running the game from a shorter directory path. Yours looks really long, and Windows doesn’t like that with Japanese sometimes.

      2. Rename the game directory to something without Japanese characters.

      3. Check your locale settings again. The title bar for the error message is jibberish, which usually indicates some kind of locale problem.

  5. ker

    First of all thank you for the fast reply 😉
    I found the error myself… I had a german letter (ö) in the games directory path (it was in my username -.-) windows tried to open the exe from …/o/… Instead of …/ö/… as soon as japanese local was on…
    The game is working since i moved it to a directory without strange letters in it 😀
    Feel a bit lame now^^

  6. Anonymous

    thx man, i really appreciate what u r doing.
    does anyone here knows how to beat the mermaid, whenever i beat her the hero gets raped then dies

  7. Anonymous

    Hi there. I wanted to try out the translation since it’s to be done soon, but i faced a bothersome problem : since i have a data.xp3 file and no data folder, i have to use the kirikiri.exe to extract the file, the thing is that when i enter the command (kirikiri.exe -i data.xp3 -o data) the .exe is not recognized as an executable program. It says “‘kirikiri.exe’ n’est pas reconnu en tant que commande interne ou externe, un programme exécutable ou un fichierde commandes”. Which means something like “kirikiri.exe is not recognized as an internal or external command, an exucutable program or a command file”.
    I’m quite lost with it, when i run it in compatibility issues it also tells me it’s not compatible. So after quite some researches, i came back here to try and get someone who could eplain what’s happening (and how to resolve). I am in japanese local if you need to know.
    Thanks for the translation in any case.

  8. Sajuuk

    so hows the final patch going dargoth ?
    i hope you are making good progress whit it, almost cant wait to play the game.
    hope to see it soon

  9. Anonymous

    Hey dargoth , how is the translation comming along? can we expect another update anytime soon ? anyway thanks for the translations so far ,cant wait for more!

  10. JES

    For some reason since I’ve been installing these patches I can’t play the first Violated Hero. It tries to load up as VH2 then errors out. Is there a fix other than re-installing because I was retarded and deleted the rar with the installer in it

    • Did you accidently run the VH2 patch in the VH1 folder?

      Do you still have the original data.xp3 that came with VH1? It may be renamed data.xp3.backup. Rename it back to data.xp3, download the VH1 English patch, and run the English patch install.bat. Assuming you didn’t clobber the original .exe, you should be fine. You could always just redownload the game too.

  11. Anonymous

    Got a nice vid for those craving some MGQ! In Konyu Fantasy (OAV not eroge), the first scene is a LOT like a MGQ scene. Don’t hold your breath on the others though….

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