Updating some old translations

So not much progress on St. Monmusu Gakuen lately, but today I actually updated the original Violated Hero 1 patch. Someone known only as John Doe created images for the ones I didn’t do, including the Dieselmine logo, title screen, save/load messages, etc. It may actually be a 100% translation now.

He has also already done a ton of work on VH2 so perhaps by the end of the month that too will be a real 100% translation. Thanks to everyone for giving me shit about “half-translating” things. Just kidding, I hate you.


  1. zionchar11

    Awwwww.. a tsundere… lelelele..thanks john doe for finishing it and dargoth for spending your time to do it in the 1st place.. those who always complain can eat the bottom of my boots. Lucky for you, yesterdays was raining.. and its muddy as hell.

  2. ChaoticNemisis

    I do bitch when people don’t do a 100%. However, I don’t count replacing images towards the 100%. Just so long as a list, table or other frame of reference is given to explain what things are. I could play through all the one’s you translated without any troubles, thus they are 100%(enough) in my books to let you go. However, you won’t get any major praise on the false 100%.

  3. Michiru

    That’s good to know if I ever decide to play them again. I didn’t like VH1 as much though. VH2 and 3 were my favs.

  4. user

    It seems the 1.3 patch contains an older version of the Englishscenarioscenariorp08.ks file, or at least I thinks so based on file dates and contents.
    The difference is “[wrap text=”begin”]begin” (v1.2) instead of “[wrap text=”being”]being” (v1.3) on line 230, and the dates 20.07.2012 (v1.2) vs 28.02.2012 (v1.3).

    • I guess I never updated my backups when I released 1.2. IIRC, that mistake was the only thing 1.2 fixed.

      I’ll have to fix that this evening. Thanks for spotting it.

  5. Anonymous

    Dargoth, your translations are great quality and I trust your decision on what is and isn’t necessary to be translated. Thank you for your translations.

  6. Anonymous

    So is this John Doe guy going to be able to work on any future translations, or is this just a one and done thing? I’d love it if he’d help you out or maybe start something of his own

    • He doesn’t speak Japanese and isn’t translating anything. He’s editing images, which is the part I hate doing because it’s incredibly time consuming and hard to do well.

  7. Anonymous

    Sorry for the double post but the demo is out now.


    Some (obvious) Demo notes
    -Progress is limited. Some scenes can’t be viewed.
    -It’s impossible to attain certain high level jobs/races
    -You cannot 100% the encyclopedia
    -The trial save will not work with the full product version
    -It’ll still be a while before the full product version’s release

    Edit: Torotoro is currently working on a mirror host as the current one is getting flooded, slowing downloads to a crawl.

    via: http://www.ulmf.org/bbs/showpost.php?p=593870&postcount=2236

  8. Anonymous

    And there is also the “manual” for paradox. Looks like Final Fantasy / SNES era RPGs. pretty retro. As long as they have decent graphics for the scenes πŸ™‚

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