1. nin

    I was in a good mood, so I donated 12 dollars. I have no idea how they managed to get one guy to donate 20,000 though.

  2. The Noble Shade

    “Unlike some other crowd-funded monster girl project which shall not be named, MoGi is actually being made by people with experience and talent.”

    Sick burn, man.

    I’d donate, but I’m unemployed. I hope for it’s success, though.

    • Maybe I shouldn’t have mentioned it, but I do think vaporware projects that take people’s money with virtually no hope of success are bad for the community. But hey, he’s still working on it so maybe he’ll prove everyone wrong.

      The idea wasn’t so much to shit on that guy as it was to say “if you’re scared off because of THAT project: don’t be, because these guys have experience in making games.” I edited it to not sound like a dick.

      • The Noble Shade

        Maybe I wasn’t coming across correctly, but I was agreeing with you. I honestly think that other project looks terrible.
        But I’ve seen MoGi, and I think it looks awesome, especially since Ucogi is helping with it, whom I believe is very talented.

  3. Sajuuk

    I have been following this game for a long time and already made a small dolnation. still I am shocked that 1 person would dolnate 20k
    I am really looking fowared to that game

    • Kurei

      I can only imagine him thinking : ”Hmm jeez, I have 20k to spend. What should I do ? A new car perhaps ? Blow away my girlfriend with the best holiday and gift possible ? Nah. I want my Monster Girl fix.” ( assuming it is a guy of course otherwise replace )

  4. Obsidious

    Dargoth although I agree with your opinion to a certain hgame, I disagree with your stance to crowdfunding. Not every game needs to be perfect or even finished for crowd-funders to see a return of investment, statistically speaking. That’s why every investment inherently comes with risk.
    Seems only people have forgotten that nowadays. So let’s not make this a big deal.

  5. Kell

    Sorry to get off topic here, dargoth, but can you please reupload the patch you had for Mononoke Village? Original link is deleted.

  6. Anonymous

    I don’t know if I should thank you or not. Thanks to seeing this I ended up dropping 95 bucks I probably shouldn’t have spent to get the super deluxe digital guide pack and the wallpaper/screen saver pack. 🙂

  7. DungeonMasterBobbySmith

    Dargoth, I understand you won’t be translating VH 4 or 5 any time soon. Due to my impatience I’m going to play the copy of VH 4 I already have, blind. The only part I’m caught up on is the bottom two Stats. Health is already labeled Hp, You start with 50 Magic/Mana so the Stat that starts at 50 is it. But as far as the other two, I’m guessing one is Defense the other is Strength/Attack. What one is Which?

    • Attack then defense below it. You shouldn’t have any difficulty with the gameplay considering it’s just like VH3. As for the special skills, I think all the ones with the same cost do the same damage, the only choice is which girl you want to see. I can type up a quick guide to unlocking scenes if there isn’t already one (can’t remember if I’ve posted something like that).

      • DungeonMasterBobbySmith

        TY. as for the quick guide, no there isn’t one, Believe me I looked in case of multiple endings, which is always the case for VH so far. It would be very much appreciated if you did type one.

        • The only choices in VH4 are whether to visit Lilith’s territory before her identity is revealed (scene 32 on loss) and whether to confront Sharia before recruiting all her lieutenants (scenes 33-35, alternate ending for winning).

          If you defeat all 4 lieutenants then defeat Sharia, you get the other ending. To get scene 32, visit the last area of the four lieutenants when they open up before defeating any of the others. You’ll get a battle with Lilith, lose to her for scene 32.

  8. DungeonMasterBobbySmith

    TY. as for the quick guide, no there isn’t one, Believe me I looked in case of multiple endings, which is always the case for VH so far. It would be very much appreciated if you did type one.

    • Anonymous

      Huh, I was bored enough to dig into that and apparently it’s still alive. It seems that he neglects to update the main website and focuses on his tumblr.

  9. Anonymous

    As much as I’d like a monster girl game from a halfway competent English language dev, this game has hideous designs for most of the girls. The demo has one sex scene that I find hilarious unsexy, so that’s not encouraging me to help the funding. I’m a little bummed it fell so far short on that aspect.

  10. Sajuuk

    I don’t think you can Judge an entire game on a single Demo, I do believe you are right about only having 1 rape scene per monster if you get defeaded by it but there will be more hostage rape scenes and all. I think the game is promising, and it’s not a VN so It will be a refreshing change
    but all depends on how the game plays once it’s released then I will Judge if the money I spend on it was worth it or not

  11. Sevalle

    On another news, Illusion’s Artificial Academy 2 is in the works. That will keep me entertained untill I see new content from Dargoth.

  12. DungeonMasterBobbySmith

    I finally beat & unlocked all scenes in VH IV. Does any one know when Violation hero V comes out?

  13. Kurei

    Speaking of which the vote results are finally over. You can check out Dieslemine’s website. Mirror Demon and Sweet General general are the winners from the new group. Nice ! Three headed goddess and that girl with the steel dress are the winners from the older group. I like the results ( although I wanted that magician instead of that steel girl but you cant have everything ).

    • Sevalle

      Meh, aside from Mirror Demon I don’t like the others that much. Especially the steel one, she looks plain to me…

      • Kurei

        Yeah that steel girl isn’t really up to par compared to the other one’s. On the other hand overall, they will not look like this after they are done drawing them. With a bit of Dieselmine’s quality standards they will definitely look enhanced.Add also the personality traits, voice actress, rape scenes and execution of a character in general, we might get surprised with the end result. These results are more like 40 % at the moment in my opinion…..

  14. WildHawk

    hey dragoth can you translate the final page to the winners of the next VH game i cant tell whos doing what??

  15. HK-47

    There is new update on Torotoro blog and two girls, one is new cute kitsune (YAY!) and other is ……something i wouldn’t want to meet

  16. DungeonMasterBobbySmith

    Out of pure boredom, I have just played & unlocked all scenes of Dieselmine’s “The School of Instantly Reverse R*pe If Captured”. I heard it was like VH, but in a school setting. It has same femdom genre in it, but it seems like a game that was half-assed thrown together. It has no levels, items, or battles; Only Scenes, which are mediocre at best. Not at all worth playing. Let me know what you guys think of it. http://sukebei.nyaa.se/?page=view&tid=394320

    • Anonymous

      Dude, it’s not even meant to be a battle game, not every single hentai game has levels, items, or battles. In fact, majority of hentai games don’t have any of those, and these games are called visual novels. I’m pretty sure at least half of all visual novels don’t have any of those.

      • Anonymous

        Screw half, less then a tenth of Vn’s actually contain anything like gameplay aside from choices of where to go/see. For Dieslemine, as far as I know, the only gameplay titles they have made are VH and maybe a raising sim at some point. The reason VH and that school thing would be compared is artstyle, scene style, and the brand(Dieselmine Masoforte which means the game focuses on Sadomasochism).
        Fr those games that do contain gameplay, maybe half of those are RPGs, the other half being weird minigame things, adventurer games, and other misc. genres.

  17. Sajuuk

    true most VN games do not have an active play element. like battels and stuff. most games are just romantic story’s or smut games, how ever you call it the games that are all about sex witout any logical reason, like boobwars 2 and many other games on mangagamers they release them a lot, personlaly I like games with a little action in it, to play like the VH games and monster girl quest. and a few other games like kamdori. well I am looking fowared to the new releases of Dargoth lets hope he will do well, and that he is save.. so please don’t go into any dark allyways..

  18. Someone

    Just was happening by Tokinokogiri’s page and he has some rough drawings for what looks like Monstergirl dinner

  19. Anonymous

    Dargoth, how is Monster Alchemist (what are the H-scenes like and when do they occur)?

    Also, there’s a ROBF sequel coming out. If it’s in a more translatable engine than ROBF1 are you thinking about translating it at some point down the line? (Or if that guy making a tool to translate VX engine games etc succeeds in finishing it)

    • Last I heard, someone else is taking on ROBF’s translation.

      I didn’t play much of Monster Alchemist. The H-scenes seemed a pain to get and the art wasn’t very appealing, plus I don’t think they had sound effects or voice acting.

      • I think it is time for me re-introduce myself. I was known as Kurei here for quite some time now, and I feel like participating with my google plus account from now on to make it a little bit more personal. I will be known as Billy Masakado.

    • 2-tall

      Mars ain’t the kind of place to raise your kids
      In fact it’s cold as hell
      And there’s no one there to raise them if you did.

  20. Kurei

    Hey hey hey.News about ”Violated Hero IV Another Story” is out !! Go check Dieselmine’s websites. This looks like a what if scenario or it might be an expansion. It seems they will use that sword and shield girl from a previous poll. Interesting… Anyone has a rough translation of whats going on ? I can’t wait for this to come out…as always 🙂

    • Roflcakes

      Holy shit, I never expected another part 4. So hyped that they now have my 2 favorite votes from the old poll, I was wondering why they weren’t in the vote for V. So that means there’s going to be another game right after this one?

      • Roflcakes

        Sorry for the triple post, but I’m guessing this is going to be an expansion? 540 yen seems pretty cheap for another game.

      • I know right ? I think this is an interesting move from Dieselmine. My guess is that its going to be smaller in size than the original VH 4. Perhaps some further announcements can shed more light of the games’ nature. It could be an expansion but I noticed that in the requirements section there is no indication stating that you need the original game. Spin-off perhaps ? Oh well, in times like these you would wish to be involved in these projects yourself ( or at least to know how to read Japanese).

      • I think it is time for me re-introduce myself. I was known as Kurei here for quite some time now, and I feel like participating with my google plus account from now on to make it a little bit more personal. I will be known as Billy Masakado. ( Sorry for the double post )

      • 2-tall

        I hope the bad ends are something I can fap to this time around… (Raidy 3 messed up my favorite part of the Raidy series in that area, ya know!?)

  21. moonblack

    Funny, just yesterday I finished and removed VH IV and today we get this.

    Well, Lilith (the succubus) was my favorite character from VH IV and the sword-and-shield girl was my favorite choice from the first poll, so I’m not complaining.

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