Monster Girl Games/VN in Development

Since finding monster girl games that are actually released and worth playing has proven impossible, let me suggest a few that are still in development!

Quest Failed –

A visual novel in English with monster girls! And voice acting (that’s actually good)! There’s a demo available on the Patreon page and the full version will probably be out soon. The demo is fairly light-hearted, but that doesn’t mean the story won’t go in other directions. I’ve been backing this one on Patreon since it was announced since I’d love to see more monster girl stuff being made outside of Japan.

Monster Girl Island –

Another English monster girl entry, but this one is a 3D game. The models and animations on the sex scenes are pretty good, which is what counts. The rest of the game is still in early development and very raw. I’m not sure it’ll ever be a good “game” but I’m happy to support it on Patreon just to see more 3D monster girl sex. There are demos available to download and check out. It even has VR support if you’ve got a headset, which is probably incredible.

Zell’s game FOBS –

Unlike the other two recommendations, this one is Japanese and practically text free. It’s a side-scrolling action game with great pixel sex animations and is regularly updated with new monster girls. The game itself keeps improving, but it’s still fairly bare-bones in terms of actual gameplay and things to do. There should be an update relatively soon if you want to hold off playing it. Links to the game and passwords are located here:

I’m hoping these three games in development eventually turn out great because despite the good number of monster girl game releases, most of them are really bad. The ones with redeeming qualities are hard to recommend to anyone that doesn’t speak Japanese. Here’s a short list of releases this year that weren’t 100% terrible at least:

もんむす!逆レイプ学園 Another Dieselmine release, but this time a VN. Good art as always, but stale and boring.
犯されヒーロー~みんながボクの精液を狙ってる…!?~ If you aren’t tired of Violated Hero games.
魔立ロリサキュバス妖魔園 Monster Girl Kindergarten. Obviously loli. Made by the guy that did the MGQ Delicious! vore titles, although this game is light on vore. Playable with a walkthrough I guess.
モンスター娘百覧Vol.1 If you don’t follow Torotoro, maybe you missed Hyakuran coming out. Short stories in VN format. It mostly sucks.
堕落乙女異聞―堕ちたる勇者と真実の魔剣― Fallen Maidens Monster Girl Encyclopedia game. RPGMaker walking simulator with pixel sex. Incredibly disappointing. The pixel art is heavily censored. Pixellated pixels. Thanks Japan.
迷宮踏破 MonsterGirls If you remember Desire Dungeon, this game is Desire Dungeon meets Etrian Odyssey. The gameplay is all right, but if you want gameplay, just go play an Etrian Odyssey game or any of the dozens of great dungeon crawlers. H-content is mediocre.


  1. Anonymous

    Finally, another Dargoth update! Oh, it’s not a progress report (not hating, I appreciate and understand the time and effort needed to do this. Take as long as you need to)…

    …well, that’s cool, he’s giving us some other games to look at to hold us over with…

    …all 3 of the recommended good ones are all also in development (and yeah, ‘soon’. I do game dev and recognize that that usually means 3-6 months minimum. Once again, no hate; that’s just the price of quality) 🙁 Why do you have to torture me?

    I’ll throw a bit of money at Quest Failed, though.

  2. Incubusknight

    Played most of the games listed here and I’m in agreement with Dargoth on all of them.
    Aside from MGP part 2 the one I’m most excited for is Zell’s FOBS game.
    The game that I was most disappointed in with was “Fallen Maidens Monster Girl”

    Also lastly just to throw this out there encase folks haven’t heard, apparently “Milia/Echidna Wars” is supposedly getting a remake.

    D-Gate Milia Wars

    For those that don’t know Milia Wars is a side scroller style game with light vore elements and of course monster girls.

  3. Anonymous

    Thanks for this. I come here to check on translation progress, but as someone who is interested in monster girl games but doesn’t really know where to go looking for them, having something like this is nice to discover them.

    • Chiron Maximus

      The game’s called Forest of the Blue Skin??? Huh. I never knew until now. Also, brilliant idea putting up a forum for that game! Hopefully I can find an answer on how to capture the monsters I haven’t gotten yet.

      • Anonymous

        I that guide you will find descriptions on how to capture each monster that is able to be captured as of version 1.08 so unless you want to find out on your own you dont have to look anywhere else 🙂

    • Edale

      Correction for your capture method for Zombie Girl:

      You state you need to knock one down, the let it get back up before letting her blind you. This is wrong.

      All that is required to capture the Zombie Girl is to knock her down while blinded by her slime.

      It takes 2 hits to knock down a Zombie Girl. The easiest capture method is as follows:

      Hit a Zombie Girl once.
      Allow her to blind you.
      While blind, attack to hit her a second time (spam that attack button!), this will knock her down.

      If done correctly, when your sight returns, she’ll be capturable.

      The easiest place to do this:

      Take the warp to the swamp area, and go to the lower left section of this screen, there should be 1 Zombie Girl alone.

      And yes, I discovered how to capture her completely by accident, and it took quite a while to narrow down the mechanics (especially given I died before I could save, so had to capture her again, only knowing it was possible, heh).

      I actually had just spent 2 hours straight trying to capture the Swamp Lizard, and had just given it up as uncapturable when I found your post (was actually gonna post my findings for capturing monsters, but you beat me to it).

      Thanks to your post I managed to capture both Swamp Lizard and Vampire Girl!

      I’ll post a bit more detail on some of the things in your guide shortly.

      • Edale

        Captured monster h-scenes controls:

        Walk up to a monster in your gallery area, tap down to have the girl mount you.

        At this point you can tap up to cancel the scene, or down to have the girl start, once the starts you have to finish to end the encounter.

        While the girl is working, tap right to have her speed up, and left to have her slow down, and tap down to ‘finish’.

        The girl starts at the slowest speed, there are 3 speeds, the animations may be slightly different for the different speeds.

        If the girl can endless rape, she will pause for a few seconds, then continue. Tap right while she’s paused to end the encounter.

      • Edale

        Emblem Locations and Mummy Girl:

        Tribal Girl emblem location:

        Use the warp to the wooded area (the one with Mushroom Girl).
        Take the door immediately to your left.
        Jump up a level, there’s a Tribal Girl on a ledge immediately below a save point.
        Defeat/capture the Tribal Girl.
        The wall just past (to the right) the Tribal Girl is a fake wall, walk through it, the emblem is there.

        The Tribal Girl emblem unlocks a titjob scene in the gallery area.

        Kappa Emblem & Mummy Girl:

        Equip the Dark Keystone in your house, and enter the Mansion.
        Exit this room, and enter the room immediately to your right.
        Kill all of the Doll Girls in this room, there is no way to capture them. They take a lot of hits to kill.
        This will unlock a hidden room to the far left, enter it.
        The middle door unlocks the Mansion warp, the red door goes to the Mummy room.

        The Mummy room has 3 levels, you start at the top level.
        DO NOT enter the bottom level until you’ve triggered 5 different Mummys.
        Masturbate onto the FRONT of each Mummy. You’ll hear an unlocking sound if you’ve done it right.
        There are 2 Mummys on the top level.
        There are 2 Mummys on the middle level.
        Now, go to the far right of the middle level, and jump on the small box, then keep going right.
        This hidden room has the final Mummy. masturbate on it.
        Enter the bottom level.
        Go to the far right, and collect the Kappa emblem. You should hear another unlocking sound.
        Go to the left until you hear a ding (if you missed a Mummy, the path will be blocked, and a Mummy Girl will kill you).
        Return to the far right, there will be a Mummy Girl there now, waiting for capture.

        The Kappa emblem unlocks an oral prostate milking/handjob scene in the gallery.

      • Edale

        Tips for capturing specific Monster Girls:

        Tribal Girl:
        Attack her until she’s knocked to the ground, then approach her, she’ll initiate rape.
        Let her finish raping you (don’t escape), and she’ll be capturable when you’ve finished.

        Mushroom Girl:
        You need to tap ‘A’ rapidly while masturbating to finish quick enough to capture her, the default speed won’t do it.

        Little Ghoul:
        Equip the slime ability, masturbate on her, don’t move and quickly start spamming the slime ability.

        Brown Rabbit Girl:
        You need Tribal Girl’s ability (faster running speed) equipped.
        Race her, and smack her ass. Quickly run the other way to avoid her attack.
        Repeat 3 times to capture her.

      • Edale

        Dark Keystone Location:

        Use the wood area warp.
        Head down in this room, past 2 Mushroom Girls.
        You’ll see a step on the far left that’s made of darker wood, with blue grass growing on it.
        Get on top of this step, and tap up to enter the Slug Girl room,
        Go to the far right of the room.
        Equip the Kappa’s ability, and use it to dash through the opening, collect the Keystone, then use Dash to get out.

  4. WildFour

    While I am glad the dieselmine is sort of starting to pick up the Monmusu torch, I personally feel like they kind of went with the quantity-over-quality route, I can’t put my finger on what’s ‘wrong’ with the newer VH releases, its just somehow they didn’t give me the same kick as the first two did. Maybe some of the better old VA got replaced, maybe they switched artist, maybe studio momiji was actually the one who knew how to make a monmu nukige work, who knows.

  5. Anonymous

    So basically, you just recommended the games that I already kept my eyes on.

    No, I’m not critizicing you. I’m basically frustrated at the reality that this is all we can hope to get about Monsters Girls these days, apart from the future second part for Paradox and the Monster Girl Quest 2. For non-H department, it’s been a really good year though, and I hope it keeps getting better.

  6. Sixpathes

    Hey Dargoth, I just wanted to say I appreciate how much work you put in with translating for us! Thank you for these games too, I’ve been rather bored recently I’m gonna have to try some out!

  7. Wobby Wobman

    I always thought Monster Girl Hyakuran looked really neat, especially the Resident Evil parody. Is it just the artworks that you dislike? I don’t think they’re bad but they’re not as good as most of MGQ. Or is it the actual writing that you dislike? I still wish that someone will eventually pick it up for translation, but maybe you say it isn’t really worth it.

    Does it have lots of Death by Sex scenes? That’s what I love about MGQ the most.

  8. Anonymous

    Did you ever check out Succubus Rhapsodia Dargoth? It’s basically like Succubus Quest and was pretty fun from what i’v played. It only has a few monster-like girls (like an alraune or wolf girl) since its main focus is on the succubus-type family but I think it’s worth mentioning.

  9. FrostWorks

    Hey there!

    Thanks for the feature, Dargoth, I really appreciate it! I did get a little curious when I saw my downloads on the demo had spiked drastically in the last couple of days, haha, and was surprised to see my game up on here while casually browsing for updates on things. I’m also a big fan of all the hard work you’ve been putting into translating Paradox, and the VH games. Keep up the awesome work!

    And for anyone curious about the status of the first chapter of Quest Failed, when I say ‘soon’, in this case I really do mean it–like the release is imminent within the next few days as I put on the final touches to everything right now.

    • Craig!

      Oh, and Demon Angel Sakura.
      It has the benefit of being already available in english, and actually being kind of legitimately fun. It’s pretty much all vore though.

      • Sevalle

        True, monster girls were among the first that started my heavy fandom. There is just something hot where girl just want to fuck you to death.

  10. Dern

    Dargoth, pass on the ownership of the channel if your not going ot be active on IRC, to someone who is active most the time.

  11. Jellal

    This is like… showing me a naked girl and telling me that her pussy is extraordinary but I can’t taste it for myself. What a tease.

  12. AnonS

    I think MGQ was just a special game and phenomena, and really didn’t usher in that much of a continued monster girl craze. Although I like the monster girl manga and that has been doing pretty well.

    I don’t know how I found MGQ and Rogue Translations, but that was a long time ago and I don’t think I’d find it again. I think I found it off hongfire or something, which I never read or stop by anymore. If there’s an MGQ reddit that would maybe be kind of fun, but I think we need more of a community like we somehow had with Rogue back in the day.

    If we got that community going maybe we could work together and really get progress done, I dunno. I assume Rogue had less to translate with MGQ, but he was also a monster and we have really come to understand that.

  13. Incubusknight

    It really was. My reason for liking MGQ so much was that the story was quirky and funny while also being serious. The characters are memorable with everyone falling in love with their desired monster girl which also spawned a crap ton of fan art and even fan made music .

    That being said I owe all of my enjoyment of the series to people like Rogue and Dargoth.
    I doubt the series would have gotten as much attention if Rogue hadn’t taken up the translation project for the first MGQ game.

    Now with Dargoth and team working on MGQP I am both relieved and happy that the series can continue and I look forward to it’s completion.

  14. Corruption_

    How many monsters are in Quest Failed? I remember downloading it the other time and got up to the mummy girl, how far beyond that does the game continue?

  15. Anch

    Paradox is easily the best thing to come out of MGQ by a mile, and I’m really happy that work to translate it is being done.
    That’s all. Just wanted to say something positive.

  16. Menthols

    Oh man I’m so excited, It should be any day now! I have had MGQP just sitting on my desktop, haven’t played a single minute of it. It’s been difficult to resist but I heard this next patch will put it in a playable state so I think it will definitely be worth the wait.

    Thanks for all the hard work and effort Dargoth+Team, you guys are the best.

      • Let’s call it next weekend. Like the last few patches, there will be some rough edges that I won’t have time to smooth out, but it’ll be translated and readable at least. Sitting at 48.8% so it should be a 50% patch with a few more events here and there translated in the next week.

      • Menthols

        @Dargoth This game so far is really such a step up compared to the original MGQ in terms of actual gameplay. I may be wrong but I have a hunch it is much more difficult to translate than the previous title because of all the branching paths, whereas MGQ was pretty linear.

        Thanks for all the effort and hard work, I’m really excited for next weekend now.

  17. Anonymous

    inb4 Dargoth is teleported to a world full of monster girls and is thusly unable to finish the patch. Everyone loses their shit while Dargoth is the unwilling(?) victim of monster girl loving.

  18. Lazarus

    魔立ロリサキュバス妖魔園 (Lolis, Kindergaren & Reverse Rape)

    This game is amazing. To bad nobody is translating it for now.
    At least a partial patch would be good.

    • Anonymous

      I don’t think you’ll get any NA/European translation teams to work on that ever, given the content conflicts with most laws and even checking the dlsite page probably puts one on a watch list. If that does manage to get translated before warabimochi’s Ultraman doujins, though, I’m going to personally end Delphinus’s career. Because my rage towards that level of injustice is random, incoherent, and non-sensical. Plus, Delphinus’s art ruined part 3 for everyone.

  19. Anonymous

    Good news everyone. FOBS 1.09 is out and has a bunch of new stuff, release page implies 10 new enemies and 4 new H-animations although those numbers seem quite high if that’s 10+4=14 animations, but quite strange if it’s only 4 so 10-4=6 have no animation at all. Either way is fine by me though, game is fantastic, hopefully by the time it’s fully out it will have as varied mechanics as Repure Aria, especially the mechanic whereby it’s sometimes a good idea to share the dick around a bit rather than try to fight every girl

  20. jflana1996

    Has anyone been able to find a walkthrough for 魔立ロリサキュバス妖魔園 (the kindergarten one), I can’t find one

  21. Anonymous

    Can anyone tell me the game where the hero gets pissed on by his enemies or gets fucked? I remember seeing a few pictures but i forgot the name.

  22. Anonymous

    Oh man, its very soon now, I can feel it….. The hype for the patch overwhelming…..
    So just to be sure, the main story will be translated whole in this patch or another part of it?

    • Not Dargoth

      Not Dargoth but yes, when Dargoth says that all the maps are translated he means that the dialogue in the maps, meaning the story also. Should also mean the small quips that the different characters make? (correct me if I’m wrong).

  23. Anonymous

    hey dargoth, just here to cheer you on for the final stretch, I know there is still a lot to be done but so far it seems like the big stuff is nearly finished, great work and i look forward to the next update. and thank you for the recommendations to tide us all over.

  24. Wobby Wobman

    Yo, this is kinda thinking ahead a bit and who knows if we’re even still alive by that point, but…if the second game actually ever comes out and you’re still up for translating that beast, it’d probably be best to translate all the h-scenes first. Toro will likely be putting a 100% save up again, like he did for the first part, so you have all scenes unlocked already and I mean, it’s a hardcore h-game, sex is the main part of the game.

    I admit, the thought behind my post is entirely selfish, but who knows, maybe enough people agree and would rather have all the h-stuff done asap, with the gameplay and story being done afterwards for people who are into that.

    • Anonymous

      I’m WAY more interested in the story than what random sexy-talk they say in the h-scenes. So Dargoth translating the storyline first is exactly what he should do. We are still going to get access to the h-scenes and not knowing what they say during those scenes are not going to change much, for me atleast.

    • Anonymous

      i’m agree with WW as at least loss scenes translation would been nice to have sooner, but i think it was mentioned somewhere that translating by locations is easier or something like that.

  25. Wobby Wobman

    Fair enough. I’m still a bit baffled though that so many people take the story over the hentai content, when the story is basically just a collection and parody of the usual JRPG tropes, with the added gimmick of “Monsters now fuck you”. It’s all very tongue in cheek and fourth wall breaking where it actually knows how dumb the premise is. Point is, if monster girl femdom porn wasn’t the heart of your game, you’d probably make damn sure not to include or even mention any of that stuff at all.:p

    Eh, if there are actual technical reasons behind the translation order,so be it, the second game is lightyears away anyway and now with this game’s main story translation being done, I’ll hopefully get my wish soon enough anyway.

    • The hentai content writing is all low effort, poorly-written schlock. Once you’ve read one scene, you’ve pretty much read them all. The art, designs, and the scenarios are the high points of the hentai, and you can enjoy those without being able to read the text.

      • CwHart

        I love it all, but it would make more sense to get the story done. The sexy times can be enjoyed without text, granted I do like reading the smut too XD

      • Civildeviation

        I actually like the scene translations, yes there is a lot of commonality which might make it comparatively harder to write and translate. Yet when interceded with bits of humor, terror, excitement, and the nuanced personality of each MG they each take a life onto themselves. I think because Japanese is such a nuanced language, its hard to write a compelling and and creatively inspired interpretation of each scene.

      • Wobby Wobman

        I think the dirty talk and exact descriptions, also, Luka’s terror and excitement, as well as whatever happens to him after the scene add a lot. The story itself is your typical JRPG shlock too, if we’re going that way.

        Actually, the h-scene writing is the one point why MGQ tops all other games imo. The writing in the Violated Hero series just can’t muster up any real eroticism.

      • Anonymous

        Funny thing, I remember when Rogue was translating the original Monster Girl Quest there were some H-scenes I actually liked better before I knew what the dialogue was.

        I guess when I didn’t know exactly what was happening my head was filling it in with what I hoped was happening.

    • Anonymous

      I’m for story over h-scenes too. For most h-games I’d agree with you because they usually have horribly bad gameplay and writing but MGQ is an outlier. I can view the hentai content without a translation and figure out what’s going on from the pictures, while I CAN’T enjoy the story at all if it’s machine translated or not translated.

    • Noar

      Have to agree that H-scenes are last on the list of things I’d like translated. Heck, I’d rather have the regular battle dialogue for the Seduction status effect translated before actual H-scenes, since the former would increase gameplay depth somewhat.

    • Anonymous

      I’m excited for the Panty Sensei translation. I have a whole portfolio of panties as my party is an elite, panty-raiding force, and I have no idea what the hell sensei saying!

    • Anonymous

      You could do that without taking over the chat. If you’re working side by side with Dargoth, you’ll know what’s the word and in his stead you’ll tell us how things are going, and when he wants to, he’ll say things as well. Instead of asking to take over, ask him about his idea and I think he’ll agree to this better than you taking over the chat.

      • Kenshi

        That is the problem, Dargoth won’t respond, talk, smile, or blink in the chat channel, and has not updated the topic in over 9 months. the channel is set so only the founder or channel op can edit the topic. I can’t do anything the way it is, He won’t do shit in the channel, he only cares about the blog, and that is fine. But let someone who wants to keep the chat channel going run the chat channel then, there is nothing wrong with that. Dern has asked him to do this, and so has 3 other ppl in the channel. It doesnt have to be me, though i have the best experance with running channels, like Hentai-Heaven in the 1990’s and Anime-Apex in the 2000’s. but Dern might be willing to do it, but no one else is.

      • I’ll op you and let you do whatever. Can’t see what harm that’ll cause to a dead channel.

        I don’t do anything in the channel because no one ever says anything, and if they do, it’s while I’m sleeping or at work and they’re long gone by the time I’m home. I’ll post the chat logs for the last several months when I get home for laughs.

  26. Wobby Wobman

    “well cg’s show what is going on, but the text is shows how it’s going on, sometimes in a seductive way.”

    Right, and I wanna add to this point. When I made my previous comment I was kind of in a hurry.

    Take the first request scene you can get from the slug girl for example. All the CG shows is a POV shot of her sticking out her tongue, that’s it. Only with the text description and dialogue do you know Luka was begging her for a blowjob but she refuses and teases him by sticking out her tongue and allowing him to jerk off to it’s view, dripping her saliva on his cock to use as lubricant and only after begging her throughout the whole ordeal does she rub her tongue slightly over his tip and let’s him jerk to the end like that. Makes the whole thing waaaay hotter than just that image of her tongue.

    Or take the golem girl loss scene. The CG just shows Luka stuck in the huge girls pussy. The text shows it’s basically a form of capital punishment, the golem girl is draining his life and cum and there’s this girl overseeing and handling the execution that’s taunting him throughout the whole ideal. She’s not even seen in the CG artwork, so it adds another layer. Same as the audience during the loss scenes in the colosseum battles.

    Playing for the story kinda sounds to me like the age old “Nah, I’m just reading this porn magazine for the articles”.

    The gameplay I gotta say though *is* pretty well thought out for a hentai game. I can’t say if it’s balanced all that well in the end (But even a lot of mainstream RPG’s aren’t, so who could blame MGQ?) but it’s a really elaborate and well put together job system.

    And for what it’s worth Dargoth, from what I’ve read so far, the h-scenes of all the recurring monsters from the original read better in your translation than they did in MGQ’s, so despite our very different priorities, I still appreciate your work very much.

    • Wobby Wobman

      “Or take the golem girl loss scene.” – Forgot to add that this example was taken from MGQ2 in case it wasn’t clear.

    • Anonymous

      I don’t know man I hated most of the porn in part 3 but I still played for the story and loved it. For many people MGQ was “come for the porn, stay for the game (and porn)”. Don’t get me wrong, I’d love to have the porn translated too for the reasons you’ve mentioned but I’d rather have the story first. Seems a lot of us MGQ fans are really perverted people, we desperately need to know how the heroes defeat the villains between fucking.

      • Wobby Wobman

        MGQ3 had all those grotesque machine-girls. I can definitely see how a lot of people didn’t like those, especially the Xelvy artworks, but I love the weird stuff.

        And MGQ3 introduced a bunch of “Monster girl rapes several guys one after the other” scenes which were pretty much the highlight of part 3.

      • Skuya

        MGQ3 did not only have these “grotesque Machine Girls”, but the “warped Angels” as well. I liked part 3 mainly due to the story and those angels – idk, most of them looked sorta badass if you ask me, and I seriously hope Delphinus strikes again with some of them for MGQ Paradox as being done already regarding Luxuru & Vitae. I don’t think many people share that opinion though. :’D

    • Menthols

      Everyone discussing which parts to translate first are all correct. That’s the thing about MGQ. It’s not just the story, it’s not just the porn. Both of these things are done so well in this game. When you combine them it’s easily one of the best porn games ever made. Both are almost equally important to translate, but I’m more in favor of the story.

      The way I look at it is; without the story being translated, I wouldn’t even bother playing the game because skipping through the plot when I can’t understand it is pointless. I would have to replay the entire game once it’s translated. With the porn I agree that losing the dialogue takes away like 80% of what makes the scenes so good and it sucks ass that pretty much none of it is done, but I could also argue that the story itself improves the porn aspect because the story allows you to get to know the characters in a more intimate level, which makes the porn even better.

      The fact is that the porn can be replayed endlessly whenever the person wants, where to replay the story you would have to start a new file. That’s why the story and gameplay elements have to take absolute priority over everything else.

      • Anonymous

        the fact is to enjoy the story you also will wait translation of skills,items,side quests, random people dialogue in cities,battlecryes while loss scenes is not depend from anything of that,

  27. Chiron Maximus

    In full honesty, it seems the fanbase is 1/3 “When are the h-scenes getting done?!?!??!”, 1/3 “How is the story pregressing along? I hope it gets done soon.” and 1/3 “Can’t wait for everything to be done.”, and where I am is the guy who waits patiently for certain parts to be done and plays by ear until everything is done.

  28. Chiron Maximus

    Quick question: I just maxed out all jobs and races for Luka and I decided for him to be a hero for the rest of his time until more jobs are available and I just wanted to know what was the best gear for him. I have the Zorin shape: Earth dagger, Mythril Circuit: Earth, Mythril Shield: Earth, Crimson Samurai armor and merchant’s knowledge for kicks. I figured I’d save up to get the Caladbog weapon, with the idea it’s the most powerful sword in the game, but I also wanted some advice from others.

    • Anonymous

      Try Battle Master job and use whatever best weapon you have that adds Attack, Hero skills use attack stat and Luka does bonus damage when using it too.

      • Chiron Maximus

        Ah. I thought it was the most powerful sword since the name is exactly the same as Tidus’ Celestial Weapon in FFX. Oh well, guess I’ll just whoop butt as a battlemaster until I find the most powerful sword for Luka to wield as a hero.

    • Noar

      Your best bet for Luka is probably to dual wield Excaliburs and use Death Sword Chaos Star. If you stack all applicable buffs in the game, you can probably do millions of total damage with one Death Sword Chaos Star even without using any seeds.

      • Chiron Maximus

        Better than wielding Beast Claws and Dark Claws and doing Red Lotus Heavenly Cyclone? I compared Death Sword with Red Lotus and It looks like Red Lotus is not only stronger, but also hits every enemy AND does fire damage, which for level farming in the tower basement at the very edge of the map, is very useful.
        I don’t have data on Excalibur, so you have a chance to provide data and proof that two Excaliburs are better than wielding Beast Claws and Dark Claws.

      • Skuya

        I hope I don’t get in trouble for spoilering/leaking.

        – Atk + 188
        – Def, Mag, Will, Agi, Dex +99
        – Strengthens Holy Attribute Skills
        – Increases SP Recovery

        If you ask me, dual-wielding that is beyond sick, actually.

      • Skuya

        You got Luka maxed, but didn’t beat any superbosses yet?

        I started with a 1,100 Willpower (Convert Ring + Magic Converter) Subterrean Insect Pope (Shestra/Sunny) with Grand Cross (which I also use for wiping random monsters), Luka or Sofia (Snake Miko for Lethargic Dance) if a Superboss is vulnerable to debuffs, and Eater/Luxuru because of Minor Chaos (=immunity to most ailments, including Death & Ascension). Eater doesn’t really have any real purpose though, but she knows Demon Thunder Thrust which is slightly better than Necrosis, uses less SP and is multi-target. Luxuru serves as Vocaloid, so she can buff all stats at once which doesn’t override other existing buffs like Saint’s Protection or Attacking Song for example.

        Of course that requires access to Vicarious Clara, Endure and Holy Martyr as well – So far I was able to beat Astaroth, Adramelech, Alice XIV, and Soniamainyuu. I lost against Reaper and probably will lose vs. Lucifina & Micaela as well, but I didn’t get those so far.

        This made me want to try once more, to be honest. ‘_’

        • Chiron Maximus

          … No offense, but you have SO put me off the Labyrinth. I did want those Excaliburs, but honestly, FUCK all that unless I maxed ALL of my army.

      • Noar

        Red Lotus Heavenly Cyclone’s damage is only 600% atk. Death Sword Chaos Star hits for 180% 5 times which totals to 900% against a single target, such as Lucifina or Reaper. It also gets +100% damage from wielding two swords, and has normal attack + so the combined Holy Booster 100% from 2 Excaliburs also comes into play if the target doesn’t resist holy attacks. I still haven’t found a chance to start my 2nd playthrough with Alice despite traversing thousands of Labyrinth floors, but I’m sure that once I do Luka will jump from being death fodder to being Gnome-tier (who has eaten all of my magic seeds after the stack hit 99).

        For super bosses, cratebox has a nice guide here:

        From my own experience, super bosses are actually pretty simple. If you stack Vicarious Clara and use Antibiotic Injection (& Anti-Death Song/Prevention:Phoenix Tail if no genji helm/immune race or up against a boss that uses climax), you are literally only vulnerable to Bind, Reaper’s time stop, and being dispelled. For my first few super bosses I believe I struggled through with Promestein and a Kitsune buffing, and spamming only Holy skills with no insects.

        My strategy for the longest time isn’t optimal but gets the job done so easily that it doesn’t need anything better. Gnome as damage dealer (Dark Fairy at critical HP for 100% crit Demon Flame Dance spam), Promestein as Adventurer (support with both EX Item and Medicine skills, and able to do secondary DPS via Geyser or Celestial Robe’s Embrace), a time stopper or Kitsune in the 3rd slot (or someone dead to boost others’ damage), and a risk control Minor Chaos (Vitae) equipped with Vicarious Shikigami in the 4th slot (since I don’t employ any strategies to ensure my first Claras go up, she starts spamming Clara and Phoenix if things go south within the first 2 turns). I generally choose Vitae for 4th slot (risk control) since she can use Division while being Minor Chaos race and can also use Daisy Bell for a big damage boost.

        Note that even without using seeds, Gnome should be able to reasonably solo DPS any super boss other than Lucifina if you can find Reaper to teach her Demon Flame Dance (although Demon Ice Burial or Demon Thunder Dust will do somewhat more damage to Alice). Once you manage to kill Sphinx once and get a Spirit Inheritance accessory, she can do Magic Charge, Demon Flame Dance -> Demon Flame Dance, Demon Flame Dance for absolutely ridiculous damage. I also use her for plowing through regular floors. With 3 dead members and her at critical HP w/ Conversion Ring, I basically skip random encounters: they all end in 1 second flat with one skill while holding A+Z. That setup will be pitifully susceptible to priority moves unless you grind agility seeds, though. (And without magic seeds, you may need to use Demon Thunder Dust against Valto, Demon Ice Burial against Jeannie, and Pegasus against Dark Elf Mage. Should be able to one-shot everything up to floor 200 or so that way.)

        I might be plugging Gnome too much, but she literally carried me through the entire Labyrinth after learning Demon Flame Dance, to the point where I didn’t need to do much else. Once you start gaining momentum with super boss drops and have enough Venus Shields, Genji Helms, & Spirit Inheritances to equip your whole team, the fights start becoming trivial. Reaper is still a gamble, as there’s nothing stopping her from using two consecutive Chaos Drives at the beginning of the battle before you can mana drain her with Mitsuko. Unless you outspeed her, which is completely possible if you spend a few hours farming agility seeds.

        • Chiron Maximus

          ………………………………………………………………………………….uh. I’ll just … I’ll just wait and max jobs/races, then see into details, ok?

      • Skuya

        What I wanted to tell you, basically, is you don’t even need “maxed” Jobs & Races for beating anything in LoC. There are some who are more or less useless (probably those my Luka is still lacking, Nurse, BF, Smooth Talker, etc.) as you need only a few abilities to defeat the LoC superbosses (which everyone is doing in their own way). Anyway, this isn’t what I’m here for, I just though I’d mention that. Take your time, it’s fine as well.

        @Noar: Does the Fairy strategy work with “normal” Fairies as well (i.e. not Gnome) or does she have an unique advantage over the rest (like Eater trying to eat the opponents at the end of your turn)? I’m still looking for some I find appealing (for some reason I’m more addicted to the abominations x’D), but didn’t find any so far, unfortunately. Same for the Kitsunes, I don’t really like Kitsu or Kamuro even though they’re so good…

        • Chiron Maximus

          Well, when i max out everyone, then I’ll establish a plan for LoC, cause if I want to take on a labyrinth of hardcore monsters with superbosses at each end, I want to make sure I have a team that is ready to shift at any time. Thanks for the vote of confidence, though.

      • Noar

        Gnome has two unique advantages: One, her trait grants her Wild Lands status at critical HP, which gives +100% crit rate. Two, she has an innate 25% resistance to Bind, which is the only abnormal status that can affect someone under the effect of Antibiotic Injection.

        All other fairies can still use the Dark Fairy race, which has a 130% in Magic and can use Dark skills. (And Pegasus.)

      • Chiron Maximus

        Skuya, I tried Dungeon, and first boss I fought was Gnome (With Gnome in the team, was probably kinda awkward), and while she was crazy tough, I managed to beat her, but I saw no green chest. I think I need a brief, but still sufficient explanation of how it works. First run was random, getting what chests I could while running through it and when I beat gnome, no green chest. Are Superbosses on particular floors or was Gnome a Superboss and I did something wrong?

        • Chiron Maximus

          100 floors?! I was barely able to beat Gnome, but I have to survive and conquer 100 floors of that insanity?! …. Daaaaaaaamn.

      • Chiron Maximus

        Ok, I took another stab at the Labyrinth, and I actually did really good. I went through lots of the floors, found Allie and skipped 10 floors, found the mermaid shop, encountered Undine (which is neat considering she’s not in the game yet), and I got to floor 100, but I found TWO flames. TWO. Not sure what to do, I chose the regular flame and got Sylph. I thought “Sylph, ok. I can do this.”, but after I choose all my actions, she does this super sex attack and wipes out my entire team! Luckily I have Holy Martyr for everyone, so I was able to revive, but she just keep plowing us down and I lost. I was THIS >< close to getting a green chest, and I get pwned like a noob. I'll keep grinding for now until I can think of a more sound approach. *Long sigh*

      • Noar

        Superbosses are purely optional fights. On any floor that is a multiple of 100, there is still a regular miniboss fight and a regular chest on the left side. The only difference there is that you must beat the boss to access the chest, i.e. you cannot simply loot the chest then leave as with other floors that are a multiple of 10. The items in that chest are the same as any other floor that is a multiple of 10. You can’t get to the green chest just by beating Sylph, so there’s no need to stress out about losing to her.

        The flame on the right side allows you to fight a superboss and proceed to the applicable chest upon victory. Keep in mind that even floor 100 superbosses can do fifty thousand damage and have hundreds of thousands of HP, so you probably won’t last long if you struggle with the regular minibosses.

        • Chiron Maximus

          ……………………………………………………………………………………………………………….Crap. Guess I … I better max out my others and get together a super team. I kinda figured to try with Luka, Alice, Sonya, and Gnome, but even with them maxed, I can only go so far. Maybe a fairy team to dodge most attacks or something.

      • Anonymous

        Im honestly really excited to know how the first chapter ends. i stopped playing when it wasn’t in english. Its sorta weird that im more invested in the story then i am the fapping now.

    • Anonymous

      Yes, it should be complete according to Dargoth and a few fellow gents waiting for this great game’s translation xD. It will be awesome if toady is a patch day 🙂

    • Anonymous

      Dargoth always makes his updates in the very late part of the day. No point in playing the build up game and constantly refreshing the screen. If you’ve waited this long, you can wait another day. Check back tomorrow and the patch will very likely be here. If not, regardless the story is very nearly translated and you’re almost done with waiting for it anyways. It’ll be here soon.

  29. Balkoth0069

    Dargoth and all the team that are working on this masterpiece! Forget the whinny little impatient people, I want to personally thank you for all you have done in the past and all your doing now. Your plate is full, but remember, if you become overburdened with this task, it’s not going to make a lick of difference to the impatience of people. What you all need to keep in mind is WHY your doing this. Never lose sight of the art your creating, and bringing to the community! I would love to help in your quest, but I have no skills to bring to the table. Thank you, once again for your hardwork, and for all you do!

    • Anonymous

      Words of wisdom right there, Ilias bless thee. Seriously this is just hype, I am impatient but even if
      Dargoth is late by a month even I will not complain, because he and his team are doing this for free so that we can all enjoy this great game. Thx Dargoth, and whenever you release it is totally fine! xD Cheers, Jolly good!

    • Damn but no patch is no translation, no translation is no understanding, no understanding is no story, no story is no completion…

      You’ll never know when something turns in to the next Half Life 3

      • Anonymous

        I think he would tell us Dargoth always answers are questions and other patches have been late but they have been there the man isn’t consistent but he always gives us his work.

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