MGQ Paradox English Patch v1.21a

Well this has been a long time coming. After the nightmare of patches to the game causing dozens of hours of extra work and invalidating plenty more, we finally have a patch that’s actually compatible with the current version of the game. Yes, that means you need 1.21.

So… if you’re waiting on a patch that translates a big chunk of the story, you’re still going to have to wait. If you’re already playing the game anyway, a giant portion of the skills, items, jobs, interface text, etc. is done and this patch should help. All the h-scenes that were available in the demo are copied over, but no more than that. Now that the giant hurdle has been overcome just to get this far, actual content translation can progress at more than a glacial pace. Thanks for your patience, and sorry if the lack of content in this patch is disappointing.

Install instructions:

Copy patch into fresh copy of Paradox 1.21. Run the patch.exe program and click ‘patch.’ That should do it.

Bugs? Probably. Feel free to report them. If you’re having problems with the patcher itself, it DOES eat a ton of RAM so reboot, close other programs, etc. if you don’t have much RAM in your computer. If you hacked your 1.20 to 1.21, I can’t guarantee that the patcher will work with it either. I’ll probably upload some manual ways to patch because this patcher can be really finicky and slow…

MGQ Paradox English Patch v1.21a Option 1:

MGQ Paradox English Patch v1.21a Option 2:!bJZFWaSL!6RH6bG_p_QNmOxFgldt52aloC5CHzqJzc28epPjoO0I


  1. CwHart

    So everything concerning items, abit of the story, and the demo H scenes, well with the shit storm of all the patches Toro has been given, I can’t really ask for more, thanks for toughing through that bullshit dude. Hope there will be less bullshit to tough through

  2. Thank you Dargoth,

    Till you release a manual patch, here is the one I made using your executable patch and decrypting the contents afterwards
    MGQ Paradox 1.21_Dargoth.rar 6.8 MB!WMlW3YzA!hnXFC1oeupPvZtiRXIBGS_yjsxVpQ8lHa_qJA_6VfkM

    This only contains the Data Folder and Game.ini
    If you aren’t using 1.21 well upgrade before overwriting the Data Folder, if you are using the EX with 1.21 just overwrite the Data Folder and it will essentially uninstall EX.

    Use the Manual Patch Method For MGQ Paradox 1.21

    1. Download an RPGMaker decrypter (Included in EX or google it)
    2. Decrypt all files in Game.rgss3a
    3. Move decrypted files into game directory, overwrite when asked
    4. Rename/delete/move Game.rgss3a so it doesn’t conflict with the decrypted files
    5. Move and overwrite using “MGQ Paradox 1.21_Dargoth.rar” patched files

    On step 2: Run RPGMaker decrypter, Open File Game.rgss3a, Tools, Extract All Files; This should make an Extracted Folder containing two folders, Data and Graphics;

    Note 0: MGQ Paradox English Patch v1.21a was not designed for versions bellow 1.21, please upgrade to 1.21 before using

    Note 1: If Game Folder is in Japanese or Gibberish (A Sad Attempt To Display Japanese) rename it to something like “MGQ Paradox”

    Note 2: Game.rgss3a must be either changed or removed as it is read before the content that you are overwriting

    Note 3: If you already have a decrypted version of 1.21 only Step 5 is needed

    Note 4: If you encounter a save error try EX_0.5d_Save-Fix.rar, found in the readme for EX

    • DungeonMasterBobbySmith

      Thanks MGQ_EX, but the princess is in another castle! lol…

      I’ll wait for the more content patch, I might as well stick to the EX untill then.

      I know your .05f patch had some content from Dargoth’s earlier patch, so could you please make a new EX patch incorporating the changes in Dargoth’s latest patch?

    • DungeonMasterBobbySmith, I’m working on it though it will probably be a while to parse through all the data. Right now I’m reviewing Dargoth’s scripts to mine, noticing things that where off aesthetic differences, etc… Once that is done well down down the rabit hole

    • Casian Sarpe Socaci, I’m tired and have only got to the extraction part so I leave this for when you get the memo…

      Included is a modified version of Dargoth’s Patch (Based off the one I did right above) which has a few script interface alterations (If it wasn’t translated it got copied from what EX had as I went down the list making adjustments to both sides) and I also included this:

      Modified Game.ini For These Additions:
      WinMode= Discription
      Fit fits the game window to monitor size
      Full switches to full screen unless already full screened
      Window switches to window screen unless already windowed
      Resize resize the window to whatever size defined in
      Width & Hight (Might Cause Crash)

      Width Set As Positive Integer
      Hight Set As Positive Integer

      If for some reason someone wanted to play in close to full widescreen, as its a nice feature EX had why not have the same for Dargoth’s

      MGQ Paradox 1.21_Dargoth_Mod.rar 9.2 MB!2FlmXLBY!zhnglOFzaW6mNGYLG4Gh4cPYsRrC_9rK-oNHAAvKm18

      Also included is the extracted rvtext files that I have yet to review. Good night, morning, or whatever the case may be…

      • top key

        Is it possible to encrypt the files back once the patch is applied?
        Leaving it decrypted makes the game take a few seconds to start up, and a bit laggier on Windows, exponentially longer start up and magnitude of lag when trying to emulate on Linux.

      • It’s possible Top Key, however as most of my work involves decrypting it I haven’t looked much into it.

        In RPG Maker VX Ace Editor it is rather simple to recreate Game.rgss3a,
        File > Compress Game Data, Create encrypted archive

        I assume there is probably a standalone tool somewhere that would handle the task, perhaps something like

        If you find more info on it I would like to know but right now I’m a bit busy to research it further

      • I just got home and I’ll look over the file. I’m only interested in the database one since that’s where I saw the changes. I did get a clean copy before I left when I woke up and applied Dargoth’s patch and looked around in the items via the game. I saw very slight differences in weapons and armors and where I used simple clear descriptions Dargoth used fancier words. He did however have proper descriptions for the ones I did not but I know that’s because he has Jap knowledge and I just had crappy machine translations. I’ll see what and how many of the skills he did compared to what EX had and I think it’s time we took our conversation to private about EX. This is the name I go by on FB if you could contact me there that’d be great if not then you think of something else 😛

    • Chiron Maximus

      Ok, I did everything the post said, and when I try to fight enemies using abilities, I keep getting an error! I took a pic of the error:
      It’s the exact same error every time I try to use an ability, a normal attack, and even when I use defend all around! If it’s going to do this every time I fight, then I still can’t proceed with the story, and I can’t even farm enemies for job points! Luckily, I made a copy of my game before doing this. So, I guess I’ll hold onto the game in 1.21 and wait for a fix. Just one question though: is it possible to transfer save files form my original game to my updated one? In case you needed to know, my original is a 1.02 with an ex patch.

      • I’ll look into this, as for transferring saves it shouldn’t be a problem. There was an error with EX 0.5d though, however clean the save and it works just fine.

        Mind uploading a save that generates this error? I tried normal attack, special skills, used some items, and it does what it does…

      • Of course it is, just copy the Save folder over to the directory of the version you want them to be in. I don’t think versions of the saves matter though, just don’t use a recent version save in an earlier version of the game. That should be obvious that crashes may occur if you use recent saves (e.g 1.21 save) with early versions of the game (e.g. 1.02)

      • Chiron Maximus, you have the combat set high really no more then two steps… But I don’t see a problem, tried normal attacks, defending, stealing, talking, and spells.

        Try the latest version and if that doesn’t fix it try getting a clean copy of Paradox.

        MGQ Paradox Translation EX 0.5g.rar 12.7 MB

        • Chiron Maximus

          It worked. Now I can fight again. I’ll hit up the Forest of Spirits and see if I can get through the cutscene. Might be untranslated, but I won’t care.

        • Chiron Maximus

          IT WORKS COMPLETELY!!!!!!! I was able to continue through the cutscene and the sentences actually made sense! I guess all that’s left is to wait for the next stuff, and to make sure I pay attention to future updates and such. Thank you so much for you help!

      • Chiron Maximus

        Well, the combat does work, but the h-scenes and some of the conversations in the castle are botched up again.

      • Chiron Maximus,
        First off, yey its fixed!
        Second, yeah h-scenes are gonna be crap for awhile…

        I might temp them after a few other things are looking better, however if anyone wants to take a crack at Common Events 2000 – 5000 in the Dialogues file please feel free, post a link to what got changed, and I’ll see about integrating it into EX

        • Chiron Maximus

          English or Japanese one? Also, is it fine that I opened it in Notepad? I’m not trying to change anything, I just wanted to see what it was about.

      • Either really, English contains the translation and Japanese contains the original. Notepad or Notepad++ is fine, they are just text files. Changes to the English one will take effect next time you start the game.

  3. Anonymous

    I might wait a bit longer for some more content, also I don’t have internet at home atm so I will wait also for when I have a internet connection at home as well. Thanks again for all the hard work Dargoth 🙂

    • Anonymous

      I am waiting for translated fights, conversations and h-scenes. Until then I won’t touch it.
      It is good to see some progress nevertheless

  4. pertamax

    ty for your hard work sir!
    how many percentage progress in this patch? i guess it is still 30 % anyway good job sir dargoth

  5. machinaforce

    Gonna ask a noob question where do I get the 1.21 update been to the dlsite I used but just shows update info and not a dl link…. I’m lost.

  6. Anonymous

    Just curious. So, the only h-scenes that are translated are slime girl’s and bunny slime’s?

    Thank you for your hard work.

  7. Anonymous

    bit disappointed in it only being the demo content and nothing more. But that’s mostly because of how much time it took which was mostly because of waiting for 1.20.

  8. Anonymous

    It seems like the translation doesn’t take into account changes to traits that were made in 1.20? Most traits have been significantly altered since the last translation patch…. (for example, Kitsu now has 10% increased crit chance)

  9. DirtyCuckingFunt

    “All the h-scenes that were available in the demo are copied over, but no more than that.”

    Jesus christ, see you all in a year when the 10% translation is out.

  10. “a giant portion of the skills, items, jobs, interface text, etc. is done and this patch should help.”

    What kind of percentage would you say is translated in these categories? 100%? 60%?

  11. Anonymous

    This project operates on Dargoth time, comparable only to Valve time. Next month means 3 months from now. Bad weekend means another two months. It has been this way for all of his projects, for many years now. To expect anything else is unrealistic.

    But it’s still honestly disappointing to know that this is still not farther along than the demo.

    • CivilDeviation

      Yeah, a touch disappointing, though I am honestly grateful since I didn’t have to lift a finger to do the translating myself.

      That said, I am battling the compulsion to play whack-a-mole with the prattling trolls… Sadly, the efficacy of such antics is akin to dynamite in Caddyshack.

  12. Anonymous

    This isn’t surprising considering how many months it took TT to fix bugs lol. RPG Maker games suck for this type of thing.

    At the very least it’s nice to be past that giant hurdle. Thanks for the update!

  13. I don’t care if this patch almost add nothing new to the table but the fact that you update your blog is good enough for me.

    I go playing skyforge&the way of the samurai 4 in the mean while…Ah and yes testing English tree of savior cb as well 😀

  14. Anonymous

    Wow, not even the battle talk for the first few enemies is translated? I didn’t expect too much from the start, but this is ridiculous, since it means, you can’t actually PLAY the game in its current state at all…

  15. Anonymous

    Thanks for the hard work. I’d be lying if I said that I that I wasn’t disappointed at the amount that’s been translated over the past three months, but you’re volunteering your free time so frankly, i’m grateful for whatever i’m getting.

    I suppose it’s my fault for letting my expectations run wild, but if there’s no communication on the progress for three months it’s hard not to let it. I guess what i’m trying to say is- Thanks for all your hard work, It would be nice if you could let us know at least once a month if there has been any progress on the translation so we know what to expect. If you don’t like doing that then that’s fine too, after all, in the end it’s your show.

  16. Chiron Maximus

    Awesome, now if only there was a link to 1.2, so that people don’t have to look back into older posts to find it. *hint hint*

      • Chiron Maximus

        Dude, I can’t read half of the stuff on this page. how am I suppose to find- *sigh* Ok, I’ll try reading through all of it, but just so you know, if I don’t find it, which is likely, I will ask for a more direct link.

        • Duuuuude! Chrome translates foreign languages automatically, the search bar is somewhere in the upper right corner just type Paradox in it and you’ll get all the versions as a result. Go by version number not by text.
          Honestly that site always gets translated in my browser.

            • I was a firefox user myself once but I found that chrome fits my needs a lot better. Each to their own I guess but I’m pretty sure firefox should have an option to auto-translate foreign language webpages to your preferred language. Also that site isn’t necessarily for Paradox I’m pretty sure you can find other great games. Well mostly for fapping 😛

  17. Anonymous

    Can someone enlighten a dummy over here on how to update from a fresh 1.20 to 1.21? I have all the files ready.

  18. Arji

    Glad to see you are done with a big chunk of the non-story content stuff. Alot of people complain that there is little story progress, but these things are needed, and might aswell get them done with first so you can focus on getting the story content done after.

  19. Anonymous

    Anyone experience Luka just start walking in one direction without any way to stop it? Seems to happen whenever I click out of the game to do something. Definitely wasn’t happening before.

    • Anonymous

      Huh, actually it seems to happen whenever I try to use Cheat Engine. Just starting up the thing causes the game to mess up for some reason without even having to hook the engine up to the game itself.

    • Anonymous

      BF girls were recruit-able back in 1.20 so they will be recruit-able in all future updates sans bugs on ToroToro’s part.

  20. Chiron Maximus

    Ok, I’m just going to come out and say it: During the whole wait, I’m not sure what version I have and I’m not sure what to do. Can someone give me step by step instructions? I might just download the things and see what happens, but I’d like to know what to do so that I can do it properly and not half-ass it.

    • Chiron Maximus

      I checked my files and I think I have 1.02 cause there’s a file with Japanese that says “v.1.02”, as well as an EX patch, but I’m not sure which one.

    • Desert Eagle

      If it says 1.02, then it probably is that. If you don’t believe it’s 1.02, open the game.exe and check the upper left corner; The version number is there.

  21. The Noble Shade

    No story progress. Well, that’s the way it is. I really wish that I could help or contribute in some way, since my offer was denied (that’s fine, I understand). But all I can do is wait patiently. I believe in you and the team. Not in a “It’s-five-on-one-in-Gears-and-I’m-just-being-a-sarcastic-dick” way, but in a “It’s-five-on-one-in-Gears-and-you-have-the-Torque-Bow-and-I-know-you’ll-win-it” way.

  22. Anonymous

    I don’t mind the wait and I won’t complain because you are doing this completely for free but I do want to express my feelings and I feel terribly disappointed. I was hoping you would have translated all or most H scenes plus all the items, skills etc… Only then you should focus on the story… At least thats how I think a game like this should be translated but then again you can do whatever you like. I’m disappointed because the very long wait didn’t translate in content of any of the topics I mentioned above so you basically failed to deliver everything I was hoping for. It didn’t took me more than 10secs to find text in japanese as soon as I loaded my save and I’m not even one of those who are playing the game in engrrwish so I’m still at the beginning of the storyline! I thought you had people helping you!
    Anyway this is way better than nothing so I will check and play until I reach the end of the translated storyline. Thanks for your effort and see you in the next patch.
    PS: If you played the game already you should have an idea of how much % of the storyline you have translated so in future updates you should mention how much its translated just like rogue did, even if its just a rogue estimate. Better yet you should mention on the comment section how much % the next patch will cover to avoid a wave of disappointment.

    • Anonymous

      Same anon here. Now that I’ve checked more carefully there are really LOTS of translated items! I hope the team puts this much effort in translating the H scenes for the next patch.

    • Anonymous

      Why would you need a translation for the h-scenes? I can tell you what’s happening without even watching them. There are much more important things to translate in the game.

    • Anonymous

      Fuck the h scenes honestly. I’d prefer the story over the h scenes. Would be happy if that was the last thing translated honestly.

      • Anonymous

        You are missing the point though. The thing is its not only MUCH easier to translate H scenes because theres not a whole bunch of npcs involved but also requires MUCH less text to translate. If you play the game for the story only then you belong to the really really small minority of people here. While I do care much more about the story I realise that is something that’s gonna take a while to fully translate and considering the difficulty and demand of our community it’s wiser to translate the H scenes before the story. It would be even wiser to translate the H scenes of the girls that can appear within the translated story but that would only bring more work.
        I want to take this chance and speak about something else. I noticed during the storyline at the village where they are selling the phoenix feathers there are some npc’s with their speeches translated and some who are not. That’s something that I would definetily not do. In a RPG people like to wonder around and speak with npc’s so you either translate the whole village or none…

      • Anonymous

        You can’t be serious Anon above me. If you play the game primarly for the tits then YOU belong to the minority my dear friend. Why do you think this game has gotten so popular? It wasn’t because of the H-Scenes thats for damn sure.

        While I do enjoy the various H-Scenes I play mainly because the story is so great and it’s also the reason why fans are so fanatic about getting the translation out. Even if you knew what was said in the H-Scenes you would not learn much new other than Luka’s pleads for mercy and the monsters being all dominant.

        So my point is that Dargoth must take thats most important to the fans first and that is NOT the H-Scenes.

      • Anonymous

        Not like ony of us can change the way Dargoth is going at it, but I have to agree with anon 2 spaces above me.

        H-Scenes might not play important role story-wise, but those are integral part of the game and I dare you to tell me that you don’t sometimes lose on purpose out of boredom or just for the heck of it.
        And then you see wall of japanese or piss-poor machine translation which is a huge put off.

        There is not that much content to translate, and while I disagree to translate all of it at a time, it would be more than nice to have them translated continuosly together with main story.

  23. I have to ask, does anyone know of a good way to get Small medals? been farming the bloody things in the final tower basement for 4 hours and only gotten two. there has to be a better way

    • Anonymous

      You could remember their locations and quickly run through NG+s. Amira gives 10 from affection and you get some from the Saki performances, iirc. Other than those and raising your item drop rate, there’s also the option of using Cheat Engine to acquire them.

      • been considering using cheat engine, but finding the right code for the medals is beyond my skill >-< its easy enough when you can raise and lower the amount you have at will.

        Might work if i scan and spend some and then re-scan for lowered value… gonna try that

      • nvm that, apparently you dont lose medals when you turn them in as i thought, so scanning like that wont work. can ayone tell me how one would go about finding a value that wont change? out of all the other 6k values i mean

        • Chiron Maximus

          Dude, you don’t lose medals when you use them at the queen? Then why, when I got the King and Pop classes (of which I had to choose the choice under king of the place), I lost the 30 that it costs? Care to explain that?

      • i went to the medal queen to decrease the amount i had to scan for the decreased value, but when i asked for the noble job i didnt lose my stuff, still had the 32 medals i had before. ive got everything up to the lord thing for 30 medals and still got my 32 medals on me. i havent even used the cheat engine yet, so either this is something new for the patch or my game is drunk. either way, im not complaining.

        guess ill just go through ng+ for the last 18 and imma be golden

      • Desert Eagle

        Well… I don’t know about cheat engines but it is possible to improve your chances of getting small medals from Honey Pots and Mimics. Merchant and Black Marketeer jobs get a passive bonus to item drop rates. Master the jobs sufficiently, and you earn the ability to increase item drop rate regardless of your current job.

  24. Incubusknight

    Thanks for your hard work Dargoth. The nightmare of patches was indeed mildly aggravating, but I’m glad it looks like we’re finally past that hurdle. As always do what you do and take your time and I’ll be looking forward to the finished project.

    For those of you who have grown impatient there are plenty of alternatives. Machine translator is of course one option, but better then that you can find other players who’ve completed the game and have typed up a basic guide with a rough translation of what’s happening.

    Many-Eyed Hydra’s MGQP play through is a prime example.

    If folks still prefer completely translated English version of the game well just be patient.
    It will come, and when it does it’ll be glorious.

  25. Anonymous

    Thank you for your hard work. Just found out this today and can’t wait to get it. Looking forward the story translation xD

  26. Sevalle

    Don’t want to troll, but I somehow expected a bit more. Guess I should forget about this for a few months and check later to see if story progressed a bit. Thanks for the hard work.

  27. Grandork

    Hey Dargoth, is there a special way I can send you the bugs?

    Fire Veil, Water Veil, Lightning Veil are listed as Normal Attack, instead of their perspective element.

    • Grandork

      Sun Slice is weird, it should deal Fire Damage, yet it’s a Normal Attack and it’s lacking the Effect: +
      Royal Life Sword is the same deal, except it has the Effect: +.

    • Grandork

      Rising Heavenly Inferno Slash, Red Lotus Heavenly Cyclone, Red Lotus Flame Dance are considered Normal Attack, instead of Fire.

      • DungeonMasterBobbySmith

        親子丼 means Oyakodon (parent-and-child donburi), a donburi, or Japanese rice bowl dish, in which chicken, egg, sliced scallion (or sometimes regular onions), and other ingredients are all simmered together in a sauce and then served on top of a large bowl of rice.

        Oyakodon is also Japanese term describing a situation in which someone manages to have his/her way with a mother and her daughter at once (most often, in a sexual way).

    • Grandork

      Hm… I just noticed that these skills I said had in their Note that they were elemental, I guess that changes them right? If so, Ignore the ones I said were Normal Attack. Sorry about that.

      But this is not, 1130: Frozen Club is Physical, should be Ice Element.

    • Anonymous

      The grey kitsune’s name after recruitment is Kitsu, but is originally Kitsune. (Not necessarily a bad change, though)

  28. Anonymous

    hello anyone knows what are the traits of the battlefuckers girls?, those are the only non-translated ones

    • Chiron Maximus

      Honestly, you could probably guess based on their jobs upon recruiting and their personalities, but that’s just me.

  29. Anonymous

    I don’t see any difference between dargoth patch and EX patch. Doesn’t EX patch has more stuff than dargoth ?

    • CivilDeviation

      EX patch is machine translation with quite a bit of tinkering, however while it has almost the entire game translated, the grammar and wording is funky at best.

      The Dargoth translation is a man-made, line by line translation. As such it should have a much better feel and the grammar will be sensible. The con is that takes umpteen hours to do a line by line translations.

      While I prefer Dargoths work by a long shot, the Ex-patch makes the game playable without need of text-hooking soft-ware and even worse auto-translations.

      • Chiron Maximus

        There just needs to be a patch/ex patch that combines the working capabilities of the EX patch, but has the proper sentences and translations of Dargoth’s work. What do you say guys? work together to bring a masterpiece to reality?

    • Chiron Maximus

      You should already know that you change jobs and races at Ilias Temple by speaking with the High priest, or whatever he’s called. As for cooking skills, well, you use them in combat and you’re suppose to get the food when you choose it, but I’m not sure if the bug is fixed yet.

      • Anonymous

        I started playing the game and remember being told about changing jobs with the priest, but now I’m using a save state and idk where I am or how to get back to Illias Temple. I figured there must be some other way to change jobs since Idk how to get back to the Temple.

        I’m assuming in order to use my cooking skills that I must change my job to a Cook right?

      • Anonymous

        Some characters or races will allow you to use cooking skills in any job. That scylla with the mouths on her tentacles is an example of a character that does it and Kitsune Geisha is an example of a race that does.

        The temple is connected to the north of the initial village. The temple is always the second teleport option (top-right corner), assuming you have the pocket castle. If you have any Harpy Wings in your inventory, you can use them to teleport there.

    • Anonymous

      You can change jobs with the head priest in Ilias temple. You should be able to use cooking skills from the menu at any location. Before 1.20, they could only be used in combat.

  30. MGQ_EX I got as far as mercantile skills go for now or skill 1881 and I’ll have to turn in since it’s 2 am already, I’ll continue tomorrow and hope to finish with the skills at least and when I’m done with them I’ll send you the database and you decide if to go all Dargoth or keep what I didn’t replace. I’ll get on equips after I’m done with skills and that will probably be it.

  31. Anonymous

    Would love to enjoy this patch, unfortunately I can’t find anyone anywhere that has the base V1.21 so I can use this patch lol ._.

  32. Anonymous

    I can’t understand how they thought it’s a great idea to make a mgq sequel with rpg maker. The old formula was fantastic, I’m not too sure about the new one… kinda sad actually

    • Anonymous

      I kind of like it but also wish they had just reused the original engine instead because it was better for storytelling.

    • Anonymous

      I on the other hand really love this version. The feeling of freedom is great, customizable party and eq are great too. Feel a bit like pokemon games on steroids. Or final fantasy with more potential party members.
      The only weird moments are those when you are creeping around in bushes to get some girl you want. Some can be very stubborn even with 100 affinity.

  33. Chiron Maximus

    I just realized something funny! The strange being, Nuruko, follows you around and moves to get to you when you get close enough. It’s too funny how when I move around, she moves through the environment to get to me. The next time you’re near Nuruko, try it out and see for yourself.

  34. themengsk176

    Thank you for the patch. There are many here that appreciate your hard work and willingness to continue to put effort into a hobby project like this. Thanks again.

    • Anonymous

      Working ‘harder’ may not be the best solution when translating a porn game. It usually leads to unexpected breaks.

  35. Harbinger

    Hey Dargoth, when I try to apply the patch it reaches only to 49% then it stops and says “wrong version” What is the problem?

  36. A small request Dargoth can you please translate Luka’s shout in batlle it always annoys me that the first thing in battle has not been translated.
    Also would like it if the chevvos were even machine translated..

  37. Anonymous

    Not gonna lie, I hoped for partial story translation in this patch.
    Still, thank you for translating and good luck with future patches 🙂

      • Anonymous

        I don’t want to be rude but please don’t share any illegal download links here.Let them find it on their own.

        • Chiron Maximus

          Oi, just what are you insinuating? I got this link from MGQ_EX himself. Well, I got the link to the site to get it, and I clicked the one for paradox 1.21 and copied the link from there, but it was legitimate the whole way, so don’t be giving me any crap ya silly wee lad/lass.

      • Anonymous

        You can at least give them some hints but don’t give the whole thing. I think I’ve read somewhere that Dargoth disapproves sharing of links.I’m just concerned 🙂

        • Chiron Maximus

          I either give my full help, as much help as I can, or no help at all. It’s my policy, so if you don’t like it, rant about it somewhere else. Besides, imo, teasing belongs in pillow talk, sweet nothings and friendly banter.

      • Anonymous

        Ok ok cool down. I don’t want to start a misunderstanding.I appreciate you helping others like you said earlier you got the link from MGQ_EX. He just gave you the link to the site.Not the direct link to the Paradox link you just posted. We don’t want to have the risk of Dargoth and his site getting busted.

        • Chiron Maximus

          Bruh, why would I want to bring all his hard work down to ruins? If I really wanted to do it, I would have done it differently and a long time ago.

      • Anonymous

        We’re all the same.I don’t want his work go to ruins like what you said. But sometimes, we’re unconsciously doing so. I really really appreciate you helping other people man I mean no offense.Sorry if I said something that may have meant something bad to you.

        Let see…
        You can find other ways of telling the link to him right? Like a private message or an email for example.Just don’t put links to the site directly. That way you can still help fully, yes?

        PS:I messed on the reply part somewhere…there’s a post below similar to this.

  38. Gadgetfeak

    my save is not playable after upgrading directly to 1.21 then Ex 0.5g
    i use to use 0.5 c before this.
    please fix save the last save only…

  39. Harbinger

    Just ran into another problem, when I try to start a BF battle with claire in Illiasburg I get this huge error message and so I wondered if anyone might know what the problem is?

    Error Errno::ENOENT For but it occurs, it could not continue processing.
    If No Similar Bugs in the Official Site, [Patch Support],Please report.
    We are sorry for the trouble …..

    No such file or directory – graphics/pictures/ev_mob_murabito1_h1
    ** backtrace:
    ( KilloZapit – Cache Back ):199:in `initialize'( KilloZapit – Cache Back ):199:in `new'( KilloZapit – Cache Back ):199:in `normal_bitmap'( Cache ):91:in `load_bitmap'( KilloZapit – Cache Back ):115:in `load_bitmap'( Language File System ):4498:in `load_bitmap'( Cache ):57:in `picture'( Sprite_Picture ):40:in `update_bitmap'( VXAce_SP1 ):130:in `update_bitmap'( Sprite_Picture ):30:in `update'( Spriteset_Map ):252:in `block in update_pictures'( Game_Pictures ):25:in `block in each'( Game_Pictures ):25:in `each'( Game_Pictures ):25:in `each'( Spriteset_Map ):250:in `update_pictures'( Spriteset_Map ):184:in `update'( 視界制限 Ver1.2 ):192:in `update'( Scene_Map ):64:in `update'( Scene_Base ):14:in `main'( KilloZapit – Cache Back ):257:in `main'( Base/Module ):129:in `run'( 【WF-RGSS】Exit-EX 終了処理 ):118:in `run'( 【WF-RGSS】Exit-EX 終了処理 ):127:in `block in ‘:1:in `block in rgss_main’:1:in `loop’:1:in `rgss_main'( 【WF-RGSS】Exit-EX 終了処理 ):127:in `’ruby:in `eval’

    • Chiron Maximus

      You’re missing an important cg. You will need every CG to make it work. Give me a moment and I’ll make a rar that has every graphic you need.

    • Did you:
      2. Decrypt all files in Game.rgss3a (The 1.21 version)
      3. Move decrypted files into game directory, overwrite when asked
      4. Rename/delete/move Game.rgss3a so it doesn’t conflict with the decrypted files

      Graphics Folder needs to be in the main game directory, also that file was added in Paradox 1.10 so if you went from 1.02 and didn’t update the assets beforehand probably a good time to do so


      Only need to worry about the ‘Audio’ & ‘Graphics’ folders, if your missing any files from either copy them over

    • Anonymous

      Just noticed that I don’t lose medals when I turn them in to the Medal Queen…

      Is this a bug or is my game just broken

    • Anonymous

      For me it seems random. Sometimes I do get the item, sometimes not. A shame, my first golden breastplate was given to me by monster and never appeared in eq.

  40. Anonymous

    We’re all the same.I don’t want his work go to ruins like what you said. But sometimes, we’re unconsciously doing so. I really really appreciate you helping other people man I mean no offense.Sorry if I said something that may have meant something bad to you.

    Let see…
    You can find other ways of telling the link to him right? Like a private message or an email for example.Just don’t put links to the site directly. That way you can still help fully, yes?

  41. Anonymous

    I am not sure if this is a bug or not, but when I create a food dish it does not appear in my inventory. Its like its lost somewhere. Even when I create food thats already in my inventory, the amount doesnt change. Am I missing something?

  42. machinaforce

    Question about the EX patch I placed it in a fresh copy of the game moved the files into the game directory that were needed and moved the old game.rgss3a out, but the game still comes out in Japanese am I doing something wrong?

    • Did you decrypt game.rgss3a first?
      If not get the files from it and put them in the game directory
      then overwrite those files with the ones from the EX.
      finally either delete or rename game.rgss3a to game.rgss3a.bak

      • machinaforce

        Ok so what I did was I started the Decrypter selected the .rgss3a went to tools extract all it made a folder with two folders inside Graphics/data I moved them to game main folder overwrote when asked deleted the .rgss3a and moved over DatabaseTextEnglish.rvtext, DialoguesEnglish.rvtext, and ScriptTextEnglish.rvtext. Loaded them game afterwards and still just the japanese characters I was following what was in the readme don’t know where I went wrong.

      • You didn’t move the other files from the EX over…
        ‘Audio’ folder contains an audio file EX can use but mostly its there just for show…
        ‘Data’ folder deals with how the game works, if you don’t overwrite these then the game won’t read the rvtext files and thus won’t offer any translation
        ‘Graphics’ folder contains some presets for a cache system to try and compensate for speed
        ‘Patch’ contains the latest patch, not really needed if using direct 1.21

        Just copy everything in the EX archive into the main game directory, overwrite any file with the ones in those folders

      • machinaforce

        Oh I see the read me didn’t mention that… Thanks for putting up with me I done goofed. Got it thru thanks for the assist!

    • Well anonymous you should really try 1.21,
      Now cacao should effect the Casino scripts, as you modded them not much help there though you could either use Dargoth’s 1.21a patch (auto or manual in the first comments) or EX 0.5g and open up the scripts and copy them into something like WinMerge to compare those scripts to see what doesn’t match as it could be a simple typo that you added. However unless you did a major overhaul to the scripts its easier to just copy the changes you think where good and start clean to fix that error.

      Though a simple script call like: $game_party.gain_coin(I’m Rich Bitch)
      Changing “I’m Rich Bitch” to the amount you wanted say 1,000,000
      So: $game_party.gain_coin(1000000)
      And gain a million coins, ah its fun to play with the backend though getting help with it not so much

      EX 0.5g

      • MGQ_EX could you check for me if skill 2044 is single target or affects all party. EX says it’s all party dargoth’s says it’s single party member. You know voodoo better than me so I guess you could find it faster.

      • Alright thanks one more question. Dargoth added the power of healing skills as well to some or all I’m not entirely sure should I bring those over to ex as well or keep them as is?I alalso found the sonic icon thanks to Dargothth’s file, 176 if it may help you in the future.
        Also I think by tomorrow all skills and items that are in Dargoth’s file should be integrated in the database, I’m on a 24h shift no one bothers me and there’s just mobile internet which means no distractions.

      • Not a problem. Power of healing? eh unless you feel the wording is better don’t worry about it. Sonic Icon added to the list thanks! Damn 24h shift, well what ever keeps you from going insane… Standing the mid watch used to be so boring… ah fun time fun times

        Is it just me or is windows 10 somewhat duller… seems less 3d and more 2d

      • Casian Sarpe Socaco

        No idea about Windows 10 I’m still on 8 with Classic Shell so I don’t have to put up with the swiping. To be honest I would of stuck with 7 but there are no drivers for my laptop’s components for windows 7 so I was forced to move on. I didn’t copy everything from Dargoth more or less the technical stuff and the messages the equips should go a lot faster since there’s only a handful that really need changes, I won’t change descriptions or names unless I was clueless about them or if they involve mgq world history. If anything else comes I’ll pester you with questions here.

      • All of Dargoth’s skill entries assimilated in the EX database file. I will skip consumables and materials as they have already been translated and go straight to weapons armors and accessories. When I’m done I’ll mail you the file if my crappy net will allow me.

  43. kana-art

    Please answer me. If I finished the event in the Witch Hunt Village, I will get Lily and Lucia or can I choose only one?

    • Chiron Maximus

      I’m guessing you can only choose one, but when you complete the whole chapter, you can go into NG+, keeping everything you collected so far, and go through all over again, this time, letting you get girls you couldn’t before!

        • Chiron Maximus

          New Game Plus. It’s basically starts you off from the start, letting you have everything you gotten throughout your play through: Your level, characters, items, and other things, and since it’s a start over with all the characters you collected, you can choose differently the second time, getting the girls you didn’t before. For Example, if you start the chapter with Ilias, then go into NG+, you can choose Alice the second time, adding her to your ranks, so that you have both the tiny monster lord and tiny goddess on your team. At least, I think it works for them, but I know with a good feeling that it works with Lucia and Lily.

      • CivilDeviation

        Incorrect sadly, in NG+ you get EITHER Illias or Alice, not both. That being said, with NG+ you can get Lucia in one run through and Lily in the next so you have both. Just can’t do that with Alice and Illias

      • Anonymous

        That’s a bummer.

        They might tweak it to let you have both in your team/harem/whatever in the final part. Maybe they opted to not let you have Alice and Ilias for now for plot purposes or something. It would be nice to have them both.

  44. A0

    Not sure if this question has been explored before, but is there any value in using the machine translation to make the hand-translation easier / faster? ie: instead of translating for Japanese to English could we translate from Engrish to English?

    • Well a machine translation helps those not fluent in Japanese lend a hand, somethings don’t come out right however some research usually corrects that, however a few things are lost in the machine…

      Stuttering, cute sounds or sound effects in general, and some concepts (especially the happy kind so many love).

      You could look at the EX rvtext files, though they received a lot of work correcting the machine there is still plenty of raw google translate data in it especially in dialogues and scripttext.

    • Anonymous

      Theoretically? Sure, can be done.
      In practice you’d still need to look up the original all the time if you want a good translation.

    • Depends on personal preference

      If you don’t know what your doing (or don’t care to think about it) download the latest version (1.5gb) from the official site (or learn to use google so you don’t flood the forms with request for things that can be found in 10 min or less)

      If you feel competent in yourself and already have a previous version just update the files that changed, this involves using unencrypted files. Roughly from 1.02 to 1.21 only 200mb changed so either download 1.5gb for the complete game or 200mb and update the changes

      As for patching for translation, if you got the latest official version with no modifications Dargoth’s automated patch should work however if you update content the manual patch will be needed.

      • CivilDeviation

        MGQ_EX: I apologize for my naivete on this, but would it be feasible to install the Ex patch then install Dargoth’s patch over it? I’d love it if it worked though I am afraid I’m grossly underestimating the complexity of patching.

        • Chiron Maximus

          I don’t thinks so. I tried playing without the EX, and it didn’t work when I reached a certain point. I think it was in battle, and it didn’t work until I put the EX patch in. So I think you plan won’t work, since the EX stuff would be overwritten and not work.

      • CivilDeviation, its possible but error prone… Though until I finish going through it I guess it couldn’t hurt, here is the dialogue changes update file (Casian Sarpe Socaci is currently handling the database and I haven’t gotten to scripttext)

        Unofficial_Dargoth_DialoguesEnglish_Update_EX_0.5G.rar 205 KB!uZ1yDK4D!TMoO-P2Z82LEsqeRa782-5wDZtBj4Yw2_6U1vIpo4rs

        Note: though my equation mostly worked some unintended things got caught
        Dargoth’s 1.21 Patch – Japanese 1.21 = Only Dargoth Changes For 1.21
        Only Dargoth Changes For 1.21 – EX 0.5g 1.21 = Only Dargoth New Changes
        Only Dargoth New Changes made into an update file so I can compare EX 0.5g with Dargoth 1.21 changes

        Things probably wrong with this:
        1 – Some things are untranslated, Dargoth updated some names through a mass search & replace. Nothing wrong with that but that makes those entries unique to both the original Japanese and the EX modifications…
        2 – Looks like a few errors occurred with some entries in Dargoth’s patch, causing some content to blur.. Some conversations might get shifted with this; Like the Head Priest is suppose to complain twice about Luka and Sonia running in the temple but one of the Head Priest text gets cut off in Dargoth’s patch.
        3 – Some items might not have been updated correctly. As paradox is massive and changes with versions well somethings might simply have not been corrected between versions. Only way to really check for this is comparing to the original Japanese

      • CivilDeviation the misc stuff from Dargoth’s patch(items weapons armors ALL skills) will soon be absorbed in the EX patch, I just sent MGQ_EX the database file with all those integrated, As for story and such we’ll have to wait and see

      • Dargoth and his team didn’t touch any of the DownWords neither for Actors nor for Enemies. I checked. I’ll see if I can come up with anything for later on since I just got home from my 24h shift and I won’t be able to do anything now no matter how hard I try. I’ll have to compare what’s in the script file with scraps I can find from online translators and we’ll see if I can come up with anything decent, though at some point these cries of desperation should repeat themselves. Or at least I hope they do. If they don’t repeat respect for Torotoro team for putting so much effort into making every character unique and fuck them for giving us so much to work on e.e

      • Casian Sarpe Socaci, Get some rest, they wet themselves a lot in those… They repeat, each one could have a few variants spread out from type and class… Some change to be more unique while others just change the end to something like a music note, shorthanded, and such. Alice and Ilias are considered the base and many derive from them. Still working on dialogue, getting distracted so its taking longer, go through see something that wasn’t changed then an error right next to it and yep still going.

      • Well unless I pull translations out of my ass I won’t be able to do anything. All the translations from online translators don’t even come close to what should be there. I even tried to get them to translate in my native language to see if I can then translate in english but no luck. So unless I make something up using what’s given in the script file I can’t help you with DeadWords at all. I still have some real life issues to attend to for now and when I’m done I’ll see if there’s anything left in the Database left I can work on like the enemy skill descriptions(what they’re actually doing when they’re used). Also I’ve seen a minor difference when it comes to skill messages. Dargoth uses a present continuous and I used past simple, or vice versa I can’t remember well now. Should I go through them again and go with Dargoth’s tense or leave it as is?

      • Thats fine, I can’t expect you to work miracles and some of those lines are probably broken (I’m done foooor…) and I doubt the machine can do jack with those. Hopefully your real life issues aren’t to bad. As most of the skills should be present (they are using that skill at that moment) eh I’ll look at it when I get to it, so many things on the to do list. Thanks Casian Sarpe Socaci

  45. Chiron Maximus

    When the Angels get put in, I hope Eden is one of them, and that she has her paradise rape scene as a request. I gather that if Angels do get in, I would surmise their affinity would have to be even higher then the base 10-100, since angels are very strict about sex and stuff.

    • Anonymous

      Angels didn’t give me the impression of being very strict about sex in MGQP3… But yeah I’d love to have Eden in my team. She’d permanently be in my third row.

      • Chiron Maximus

        Oooooooooooooooooh. Burn.
        Also, the reason I say strict is because they’re angels, beings of purity and light, and in MGQ3 they had to fight with pleasure because that was their order from Ilias. The only ones that actually took joy in using pleasure on humans was Cupid and Dominion Endiel, the “Angel Whore”.

      • Desert Eagle

        Where does it say they were ordered to use pleasure attacks and that being against their preference? It seems to me they were simply exerting their own skills in their invasion on human world. Heck, they even have angels like Ranael, Power Berryelle and even Power Muzukiel. Not to mention Eden’s little transformation.

        • Chiron Maximus

          Dude, during most of the angel battles, the angels actually say it in one form or another, like “Neuter the hero with pleasure” or “As the Goddess commanded …” You were probably not reading the entire thing, or haven’t payed attention at all to the text outside of battle. And of course they were exerting all of their skills and angels, it was a world wide war; and Eden’s transformation was only to fight Luka in the event her made it to heaven’s gate and gotten through!

      • Desert Eagle

        It could also be “As the Goddess commanded, (eliminate the human).”

        What you’ve said can be considered as circumstantial evidence. There isn’t a clear statement that says they don’t like fighting with sexual attacks. On the contrary, a lot of them smile and/or tease Luka during the H-scenes. That doesn’t point towards disliking the act.

  46. Anonymous

    Been wondering about something.

    The ‘Devil Fighter’ Regina’s trait says ‘Succubus Swordsman,’ but her race is Yoma. Not sure if that’s a mistranslation or just a weird thing from the original game. Maybe it should say ‘Demon Swordsman’ or something instead? Not that it really matters.

    Also, there are lots of really random things translated throughout the game. Like when you talk to the Devil Fighter girls in battle near Witch Hunt village a lot of their dialogue is translated now. Pretty sure I’ve seen other things too.

    • Anonymous

      The original doesn’t say anything about Succubus. Don’t know if it’s a translation flub or some weird conscious decision.

  47. Cellulanus

    Ah well. I’m only interested in the story really so I’ll just keep waiting for a large story patch.

    I just hope toro is done with the patching on his end.

  48. Anonymous


    Interesting game,

    wish I could understand Riot’s backstory if she has one…guess I gotta wait for translation.

    hmmm Paintgeist h-scene is just one and it’s lethal…hmm bit of a letdown but it is just a painting.

    And hopefully more angels show up later though….

    anyways thanks toro and dargoth

    • Desert Eagle

      Riot probably has a backstory but I suspect you can only find bits and pieces of it from her conversations with others. That, and the general story behind the apoptosis monsters.

      And yeah, monster girls with only lethal scenes is kind of depressing.

      • Anonymous

        Riot has a decent sized back story compared to some of the others and I suspect some more will be added in as Tartaros and Apoptosis are explained. I wrote up an explanation if anyone is interested but it’s a bit wordy despite my best efforts so take a seat.

        A couple of things to note:

        I’ve had a couple beers. It’s part of the reason I went out of my way to write this.

        My interpretations of her and the wording may not be completely accurate but it should be fairly close.

        All information was taken from her library entry, her combat dialogue, and her request scenes.

        I wrote this up in the span of half an hour on August 5th / 2015 and all these interpretations are mine and mine alone. If anyone says I plagiarized them, they are lying, at worst, and at best, simply mistaken, because we both have to work with a small amount of source material and are likely to draw similar conclusions. If I’m still accused of plagiarism, I don’t care. I’m just an anon voicing an opinion over a character from a porn game. They can have the credit for all I care.

        Her library entry is pretty basic but it does give a few clues. Her brain was programmed to repel invaders on instinct and her body is basically in heat all the time. It mentions she’s a beast hybrid with cybernetic augmentations, possibly in an attempt to create perfect lifeform. In one of her combat conversations, she states she has no allies or comrades so I’m pretty sure she is unique, probably a trial run or failed experiment. The fact that you only ever fight one of her at a time supports this. It mentions she has brutal and proud nature and prefers to fight with overwhelming force. If she wins the fight, the man becomes her victory prize and breeding stud. However, it does make special mention that how or even if a cyborg, Beast Hybrid, Dragonoid can have children is unknown. It is entirely possible that she has a high breeding instinct but is effectively infertile. If she was an experiment to create a perfect lifeform, whoever created her wouldn’t want her to be able to breed if she turned out flawed and make a bunch of imperfect children. They’d wait until they could make a perfect lifeform and then give it the ability to breed but all this is just speculation on my part.

        Actually interacting with her yields better results, unsurprisingly. She says she has no idea how she came to be in Tartaros and anything even before that. She doesn’t even know that there is a world outside because the only indication she has been given is the appearance of Luka and maybe a few members of the expedition team. She only stays in Tartaros because her instincts are telling her too and she doesn’t know anything else. In one combat conversation with her, she’ll ask Luka what she was before this Luka can respond with Human, Dragon or Pet Lizard but really his guess is as good as ours or hers. However, the third option is just the troll option and the library makes no mention of Dragon DNA, just a hybrid of beast and something else so I’m inclined to believe she was once a human, but captured, and experimented with gene splicing and then cut up and turned into a cyborg.

        One last thing to note that is pretty important is that while she primarily a slave to her nature, synthetic though it may be, she is capable of overcoming it. She manages to go against her nature and leave the Tartaros because she was curious and probably a little bit attracted to Luka’s shota swagger like every other girl in the game. And while her first request scene is the same brutal push down as her loss scene with minor variations, her second scene is nurturing to say the least and while it might be possible she has mothering instincts along with her breeding instincts, it seems far more likely that since the scene requires 100 affection, she just didn’t want to break the pelvis of the guy she kind of liked. She doesn’t even force Luka to be her mate after it’s done, going against her supposed described behavior in the library unlike the first scene where she does force Luka to be her nightly playtoy after the deed is done.

        I really really need to make a name already.

      • Anonymous

        I feel bad now. I thought the posts detailing the change log in MGQ_EX were long but this is just ridiculous now that I can look at it in its actual size. I hope that other Anonymous comes back here and reads this so I didn’t clog up the comment section for no reason.

      • Anonymous

        The thing about apoptosis is that they’re horrifying amalgamations that are created by chaos time space combining a bunch of raw material into a new form so any physical facets they have aren’t necessarily a reflection of what they were like in their past life. She reacts pretty strongly to the indication of being a dragon so she might have been a type of dragon in her past life, but the apoptosis phenomenon has combined her with a bunch of other weird things that weren’t originally a part of her.

      • Anonymous

        To be honest, I hadn’t really taken into Riot’s nature as an Apoptosis because is still so much unknown about it. I know it is supposed to be the embodiment of chaos brought about by the fusion of light and darkness at the end of the first game, thus retroactively fucking up the timeline because that’s how chaos rolls but my story sensibilities tell me there is more going on here. Torotoro could easily just make Apoptosis some crazy big bad out to destroy the world for chaos’ sake but that feels a bit lazy if not thematically accurate. I just get the feeling that there is going to be a head or a voice at one point which implies some sort of intent or intelligence behind Apoptosis. It it highly likely that Riot was born by a bunch of random stuff thrown together by the fact she is supposed to protect Tartaros makes me think there is something else going on. To be fair, it seems like the library entries are written from Luka’s POV so anything in there might just be his interpretations and not factual at all. There’s also the idea that nature, although chaotic has certain compulsion like breed or eat so maybe Riot’s instincts to protect Tartaros is like an animal’s instinct to protects its home or its family because to an Apoptosis, Tartaros is their home and family.

      • Anonymous

        The entries aren’t wrong. Riot as she exists is a ‘beast type apoptosis’ (stated by both the encyclopedia and Ilias in the evaluation) and whatever is written there is most certainly fact. The thing is, the original being that forms the base of her personality is not “Riot” and thus doesn’t necessarily have to have anything to do with beasts. The machines parts were also most likely something that combined with her after becoming an apoptosis since she seems confused to their presence and wonders how and when they got there.

        As for apoptosis, they don’t seem to have any evil intent or intelligence to me, really. It’s just a self-defense mechanism from the ‘world’ itself. Apoptosis is something programmed into the DNA of all living things so they’re basically just following their genetic programming. The idea of something/someone controlling the process isn’t unfeasible but it seems to me like it would have to be more of an abstract being or a concept rather than an actual person.

      • Desert Eagle

        Riot is definitely has something of “beast” in her but definitely dragon as well. One strong indication of this is that she has access to both beast and dragon races. I think she identifies more with the dragon part than anything else though. Perhaps she’s a land dragon of some sort? Wingless dragon.

        In any case, I like her a lot. She’s part of my main team and quite possibly the strongest member. Or, well, she becomes the strongest when under the influence of Luka’s skill “Einherjar”. She contributed the most to the defeat of Death (before 1.21).

      • Anonymous

        I did a bit more digging and found some stuff. I think that it is fairly safe to that she was an originally a Dragonoid like Granberia. As Desert Eagle said, she identifies as a dragon in most of her conversations and others like Mummy Girl, Dragon Pup, and Miranda all recognize her as a dragon. When the Apoptosis phenomenon came along she was merged with Beast DNA giving her the Beast Races and the Minor Chaos race all apoptosis monsters have. I’m still inclined to believe the cybernetics came after the merger though. When going through the Labyrinth of Chaos, if you enter a lab area like where you find Hild, Riot will say was born in a place like this. Either, she was made a Beast/Dragonoid Hybrid by apoptosis and then modified in the lab or she formed as a cybernetic Beast/Dragonoid Hybrid and she just happened to appear in a lab. The former sounds more likely. I also doubt that she was born in the Tartaros we found her in. For starters, the tilesets between the lab and the Tartaros are completely different so Riot wouldn’t mistake a lab for a Tartaros zone especially considering the South Eastern Tartaros didn’t visibly incorporate a lab. Secondly, their purposes seem entirely different. The lab is obviously for research while Tartaros seems to be me made of some sort of military complex mashed together with other environments. If Tartaros incorporated a warehouse or an assembly line, that would explain all those weapons we keep finding inside them. I still don’t know what she is doing in Tartaros. She was either placed there by someone or she simply ended up there after the dust settled and apoptosis finished blending the world.

        Also, I can’t wait until we get the Berserker job change item considering I learned the berserk status 50% attack boost stacks. I use Mina with battle master dual axes, her passive berserker ability, the berserker mask, and Einherja when she dies and she hits godly strong. Combine that with Enhance Attack, LittleBug/Lippy’s armor break on an enemy and you got yourself a boss killer. I can’t wait to apply that to a Minor Chaos Riot so she is immune to almost all statues.

      • Anonymous

        A lot of the Tartarus is mostly made up of Remina, at least one of the Apoptosis is a former Remina researcher, and it’s highly implied that an experiment in the Remina laboratory that went wrong is a part of the origin of what’s happening. I would figure that she’s just referencing the Remina lab.

  49. Anonymous

    ok so im trying to patch the game, but i keep getting cockblocked by a secured file, “acces to the path C:WindowsSystem32wfp is denied”, ive been looking for ways to get around this, deleting it isnt an option and i SUPPOSEDLY got full control to it and it’s still denying me, i dont know what to do at this point.

  50. Jam

    Hey guys, I’m having some trouble recruiting Chrome. I’m at the lowest level of the cave where you get her doll kit from the blue chest, but it’s not opening for me. Luka says it’s sealed with magic… I have a thief with the level 2 lockpick ability in the party, but it’s still not opening… Is there some item/event that I need to clear first?

    • Anonymous

      Did you actually get Chrome to ask you to find it and offer to join if you do first? Seems obvious but there seems to be a lot of people who have that issue for some reason.

      • Jam

        I figured it out just now. Yeah, I defeated her and tried to get to join, but it turns out that in order to recruit Chrome, you need to head back to Monte Carlo (or whatever it’s called, the slum place ) and head into the rogue/freedom fighter HQ–the building with the guard in front. Once there, you need to go up to the second floor and talk to these two women towards the lower right part of the room. One of them will give you a clue as to where Chrome’s doll kit is, and it’ll trigger some dialogue from Luca and the gang to head there.
        Once you go to the cave (it’s located east of Rubiana), make your way down and there will be a cutscene with a shady puppeteer, and some part 2 foreshadowing. After all that, head to the lowest level and Voila! The blue chest will be unlocked (granted you have a thief with you).

        Sorry for the long-winded post, but after everything I went through trying to get that blasted chest open, I want to make it perfectly clear for anyone else who may be having trouble getting Chrome.

  51. Havin small graphical problem with win 10 my Pc is hooked on to my TV but every time I get the game to fullscreen It switches from modes on the tv to 16:9 and a small percentage of the game is not seen i can’t see the edges of the game it’s small stuff but it’s annoying.

    • Chiron Maximus

      I think it would be one of the new girls, somewhere along the lines of a perverted RPG, like Saki the Succubus Popstar, or maybe a silhouette of a certain new face in the game.

    • Anonymous

      Sonya? Ilias and Alice were both pretty big in the last game, but now that you can choose between them, it would seem weird to have a mascot that’s not with you all the time. Promestein has the same problem as Alice and Ilias even if she has her moe nerd librarian look now. Sonya is Tsundere Childhood Friend and she’s always with you but she’s only human right now and it would be weird for a mascot to show up in part 2 or 3 when it’s revealed she’s a monster or is made one by apoptosis or whatever horrible fate surely awaits her. So I guess we’re left with Nuruko or Hild? Nuruko will probably win out due to being a big breasted adorable bundle of tentacles that would make Nyarlathotep squee in delight but Hild has the charm of being all like, “I’m a murderous chaos cyborg but I’m innocent to the ways of the world like morality and emotions.”

      So of course the winner is Shinifa. It’s so obvious she is best girl with that gorgeous smile.

      • Chiron Maximus

        Tsundere? Sonya? She’s a bigger Tomboy than Sara, and she’s an all work, never play priestess. So tsundere ain’t gonna cut it.

      • Anonymous

        Wait, I’m confused. Are you saying Tsundere is too weak a term for Sonya or that it’s not appropriate? I get that Sara is a tomboy. After a long day of politics, she’s like, “Hey Luka, wanna fuck?” as if it’s no big deal but I always found Sonya really girly. Sure, she likes to play detective and go on adventures but she’s always looking after Luka, making sure he’s on time and that he doesn’t make stupid life choices like sewing his oats in every field of monster girls he finds. And then, whenever they have to do something scary like go into a dark place she chickens out and wants to leave. Or when she is in the town of perverts and finds them all disgusting repulsive people. Of course, if Luka does do something perverted like fall for a seduction or grope Don Dahlia’s tits, Sonya gets super pissed because the guy she likes, who she hasn’t admitted it to yet, is doing something she’s not okay with, like its her business or something. I mean, who cares if Luka wants a blowjob from an Orc? But Sonya buts in anyways which screams classic Tsundere behavior to me. I don’t know, maybe there is another level beyond it which mortals have yet to reach like SSGSS Goku.

        • Chiron Maximus

          Dude, she has deep feelings for him AND she’s a All-Work-Never-Play Preistess of the Goddess of Light, so of course she’s gonna have a fit if Luka gets flirted with or does something naughty/stupid.

  52. Anonymous

    How can I hack the game to change stuff? I want to have 0% EXP and JP on everyone for a challenge run. Do I need some tools?

    • Using RPG Maker VX Ace editor you can alter the backend scripts…

      Probably override: Game_Actor gain_exp

      class Game_Actor < Game_Battler
      def gain_exp(exp, cexp)
      # No EXP For You
      #change_exp(base_exp + (exp * final_exp_rate).ceil, true, :base)
      #change_exp(class_exp + (cexp * final_cexp_rate).ceil, true, :class)
      #change_exp(tribe_exp + (cexp * final_cexp_rate).ceil, true, :tribe)

      Commenting them out to get the effect you want… Have fun with Paradox in Paradox you masochistic

  53. Anonymous

    Hey Dargoth,

    I tried to patch the game, but I got an error box saying Error: Wrong Version. I’m trying to patch 1.02 to 1.21. Did anyone else have this issue and have a way around it? Thanks!

  54. Anonymous

    Wait, so let me get this straight: to update to the next patch(es), I have to decrypt the game all over again?

    As stated, I have 1.02.

    • Anonymous

      I’m sorry, I’m just *REALLY* confused and frustrated right now. I’m not too good with understanding how to keep this game patched and updated, and not sure why I can’t just find the download patch on the main page instead of digging through an ocean of 800+ comments to find the right link I need.

      • Anonymous

        OK, I think I finally got it. I removed the game.rgss3a file and copied the 1.02 to 1.21 clean patch into the MGQ Paradox directory; but when I tried to load the game I get an error: Unable to find file Graphics/Casino/PokerTrump

      • Anonymous

        I placed the RPG decrypter into the MGQ Paradox main directory folder to save some time, selected game.rgss3a, then selected extract all files, then deleted game.rgss3a.

        I apologize in advance for any frustration or confusion I may have caused; I’m probably stressing myself out or either misread/skipped a step.

      • Eh take a deep breath, now relax…

        1. So did you move all the decrypted files back into the main game directory?

        2. Copied everything from that 1.02 to 1.21 archive into the game directory? You should be overwriting files

        3. Copied everything from the Dargoth Manual archive into the game directory? You should be overwriting files

      • Anonymous

        I’ve attempted so many things in this folder several times it’s a jumbled mess right now. I honestly can’t remember what I did or what version I’m on. I might just have to delete the folder and start completely from scratch all over again back to 1.02. When I do this is what I’m going to do:

        1. Decrypt the game.rgss3a file into the main directory
        2. Delete the game.rgss3a file
        3. Extract the 1.02 to 1.21 patch into the main folder and overwrite everything

      • That or just download the latest and be done with it.

        However make sure you copy over your ‘Save” folder. In fact do yourself a huge favor and make a backup of that!

        Figuring out the process is one thing though loosing your progress is a different beast

      • Anonymous

        I would LOVE to do that; but unfortunately DL site has this stupid policy about deleting downloaded files after the first month or so; then you have to pay to download the whole thing all over again. >_<

      • element

        The poker trump error is caused by not putting the extracted files back into the original game. In the ex patch folder after you extract the files there should be a folder called extract copy and paste that into the clean 1.21 game, then copy paste the patch on top of it. After that delete game.rgss3a file and it should be good to go

      • Anonymous

        OK! Clean slate!

        I deleted that jumbled horrific mess of a folder I recently had and currently now have an english version of patch 1.02. Now to just take a calm deep breath, and need to know the next few steps to upgrade to patch 1.21

      • Anonymous

        Damn, I got another error. >_<

        Script (Japanese Symbols) ver1 line26: NameError occurred
        uninitialized constant Object::NWPatch

      • 0 – Decrypted Files, changed game.rgss3a, game still works? Good
        1 – Copy 1.02 to 1.21 files into game directory, overwrite files? Good
        2 – See if game runs, it will be untranslated but for this if it works it works? Good
        3 – Copy preferred manual patch into game directory, overwrite files? Good
        4 – See if game runs, this time it will be translated? Good
        5 – (Optional) If you backed up your ‘Save” folder copy it back into the game directory now

        If at any time you say this step isn’t good figure out what went wrong before proceeding to the next step

        Unless you know what your doing don’t cherry pick files & folders, they all go in the main game directory

      • Anonymous

        Ok, so far so good! I’m near the end of the forest! I’m currently at 1.21 patch (Japanese, Untranslated); but I can’t get past step 3. When I tried extracting Dargoths english patch into the main folder and running patch.exe, it says error: wrong version

      • Anonymous

        Nevermind; I got it! Used your Manual Patch and it works! I am now finally up to date with an english version of patch 1.21! Thank you very much for your time and patience helping me through this MGQ_EX, I apologize for the wall of text and any frustration I may have caused. Now for sure I know in the future I only need to decrypt the game.3gssa/whatever file ONCE and keep an eye out for your upcoming manual patches in the near future. Thank you so much all again. 🙂

      • Anonymous

        “I would LOVE to do that; but unfortunately DL site has this stupid policy about deleting downloaded files after the first month or so; then you have to pay to download the whole thing all over again. >_ [Left Sidebar: “Download History/Redownloads -> History: All] -> [Month Selector: Either the month you bought it in, or “All”] )

        I should know, I purchased it in April and redownloaded it this month.

      • Anonymous

        Whoa, that got garbled. Apparently, this blog doesn’t like what I did with parenthesis. Here in a hopefully less garbled version:

        Go to “My Page” in the upper left corner, then, in the left sidebar, select “Download History/Redownloads” and “History: All”
        On the page that follows, it offers you which month’s purchases you want to see – it defaults to the current month, but you can select either the month you bought MGQP, or you can just select “ALL”.

        I bought Paradox in April, I redownloaded it five days ago. You just have to deal with their… interesting UI.

    • Good questions…
      1 – Keeping The Game Updated;
      * Torotoro’s current update system is why this is a hassle, he offers patches to fix minor bugs and re-releases the whole game on important updates
      * As Dargoth works with translating he doesn’t take on the additional burden of keeping people updated and relies on Torotoro’s distribution system
      * I however if only a few files change well just download the changed files hence the link from the first post.
      2 – Keeping Up With Translation Patches;
      * As Dargoth relies on Torotoro’s distribution system he only released the automated patch to work with the current files (keeps people from crashing for not having files from the newest version)
      * I however am not fond of the automated patch so took the files it changed and made a manual hence the second link

      As for it being hard to find well it would be nice if it was put in the main news page…

      However you could also try the EX 0.5g

  55. Anonymous

    “Using RPG Maker VX Ace editor you can alter the backend scripts…

    Probably override: Game_Actor gain_exp”

    Where can I find the editor? And where is that file with “Game_Actor gain_exp”?
    I managed to open files like “DatabaseTextEnglish” as text files but I can’t find it.

    • From the sea that is the internet… Perhaps where those that still fly the jolly roger… Just search for RPG Maker VX Ace

      As that is a script you won’t find it in the rvtext files. You will be messing with “DataScripts.rvdata2”

      Mistakes here can crash your game, so be a bit careful messing with the backend

      • Anonymous

        Thanks for your patience. I got Gemini and can now access all scripts. I went to Game_Actor and found “def gain_exp(exp)” on line 448. But I don’t understand which lines I should overwrite.

      • It gets overwritten a few scripts down, its a ruby thing…
        While looking over the scripts
        press: Ctrl + Shift + F
        (This will let you search all scripts, Ctrl + F searches the current script)
        enter: “def gain_exp(exp, cexp)” without quotes
        (This is the one Paradox uses, def is where the function is defined)

        Now as you simply want to nuder this well everything between def to end gets commented out. Review the post with the code section, copy that into notepad so you can see a template

        I can go on to say what each line does as there is only 3…
        1st change_exp handles the base level (F Power Levels comment this out)
        2nd change_exp handles the job level (F Job Levels comment this out)
        3rd change_exp handles the race level (F Races, its discrimination comment this out)

        Having a # in from of them comments the line out though I would add another comment right above it to
        A – Leave a note as to why you did it and B – easily find it if you want to change it back

        Now after battle the game will call gain_exp(exp, cexp) with the exp you won from battle however as nothing gets processed (you commented out the calculations) you don’t gain any exp

  56. Anonymous

    Why not just wait with all that until the game is completely translated? half the fun is to actually understand whats being said and not just look at the pictures.. watch a porn movie or two meanwhile or something lol..just saying 🙂

    • Anonymous

      Ironically that’s my plan all along. I just want to stay updated so I don’t fall behind. I still have a LOT of other games to finish before I tackle MGQ Paradox. 😀 (Elder Scrolls Online, Witcher 3: Death March!)

      • CivilDeviation

        Yeah that is the unfortunate part of inadvertently training one’s arousal to be paired with novelty it creates specific overused neuropathways with diminished returns. Add in changes in testosterone with aging and yeah… porn doesn’t do it all for a lot of us.

        • You’re not. I’m pretty sure mostly everyone plays for the story but the porn is a nice added bonus and honestly chrome’s scenes in jibberish english are far better fap material than any of the crap brazzers shits out.

    • Desert Eagle

      I am waiting. I’ve played through the game once. Now I’m waiting for a full translation so that I can start NG+. 🙂

  57. MGQ_EX add to the database the following description for <>
    [Accessory] Normal attack becomes “Random Attack”
    I forgot about this one and finally remembered now since I’m sure that item is in the current version of the game
    Also <> Desperate Attack
    <> [Accessory] Normal attack becomes “Desperate Attack”

    • Anonymous

      From what I’ve played, it adds a bit to the story. It used to stop at the bandit’s cave, but now it’s translated up until what I believe is the end of the slums.

    • Anonymous

      Well I was back to EX patch in half a day after starting new game. Though I must have fucked something up with translation since I had unstranslated parts even before slums

  58. Anonymous

    Which is the best difficulty to play PARADOX? Like when it’s challenging but still playable? The original trilogy was way too easy on normal and unbelievably well balanced and challenging in the best way possible on hard. PARADOX though has so many difficulty levels…. I don’t even know what to chose.

    • Anonymous

      If you do not have the habit of running away from most fights you don’t want to fight you will find normal difficulty veeery easy. Maybe the exception would be if you change party comp often.

      So aim for one of higher difficulties. You can always change that in the middle of the game anyway

    • Anonymous

      Difficulty = Time Grinding. This is how you choose. Do you want to grind for hours on Paradox or not at all on Very Easy. Most pick something in between to suit how much grinding they want to do

    • Anonymous

      Normal is actually a pretty good difficulty. The enemies aren’t too tough but they will still kill you if you’re underleveled or if you are goofing off. That being said, Paradox is a very exploitable RPG and it is pretty easy to turn your characters into death machines with the right skills, abilities and buffs, making most fights a cake walk. If you want to steam roll over enemies, take Very Easy or Easy. If you want a balanced experience take normal. If you feel you’re pretty competent and would like some challenging fights that require thought, take hard or very hard. Unless you like steep learning curves, I’d hold off on Hell and Paradox until you really know what you’re doing, like enemies’ weaknesses, where the best items can be found and good group tactics.

      • Anonymous

        so it’s hard or very hard then. I was just wondering if hell and paradox are impossible difficulties like hell was in the original trilogy. Well, anyway, thanks for the advice, guys.

    • Desert Eagle

      Play it on Hell mode. It’s still playable at that difficulty but still challenging enough. That’s the difficulty I chose and I’m not regretting it. You won’t get bored.

      I tried Paradox mode at first but after being raped by slime girls for two hours, I decided it just wasn’t going to work.

  59. Anonymous

    Question for sir EX,
    Is your latest patch (0.5g) compatible with Dargoth’s v1.21a patch? By compatible I mean if it adds your translations without overriding absolutely any translation made by Dargoth. If it is then I think you should be clear on that at the very top of the readme file. If it’s not, are you planning on releasing such patch soon?
    How does your patch compare to using ITH+TA ? What are the advantages?
    Sorry for all the questions but I couldn’t find the answers at your readme file.
    Thanks for your time.

    • At the moment they don’t overlap that way, its one or the other (as both overwrite critical files in different ways). Though a few comments back I did post a raw dialogue difference of Dargoth’s patch for EX 0.5g (The words raw apply as I’m not done with it)
      I’m reviewing what got added with Dargoth’s patch and plan to release an update when thats done.
      Your the first to ask that so I thought it was clear however perhaps I’ll add something to the readme later.
      As for time estimates perhaps by the end of the weekend if I don’t get to distracted however as I tend to help people out, easily wonder off to shiny things well, and after a few hours get tired of sitting looking at a light bulp (essentially what all monitors are)…
      For comparison perhaps a player that used either more frequently then me could comment however EX overwrites the text in game so your not looking at an external window plus it has some extra features if you read the readme such as full widescreen or a close fit to it. As for the quality of the translation well anything the was pulled from Dargoth’s patch, some of the items Fanservicefan posted, the works of Casian Sarpe Socaci, and anything I did will always be far better then raw google translate which was the initial base for EX. Though because EX externalizes the text on startup it is slower then Dargoth’s patch which just changes the internal data.
      Hope that answers your questions.

      • Anonymous

        Thanks for answering all of them and so quickly! 😀 I did read the readme (not the whole thing tho obviously) and the window features seem really cool. I wonder if Dargoth will implement that in the future. I assume it doesn’t conflict with any of the edited files so it should be a plain and simple addition to the patches.
        I’d love to install your patch but since for now I must choose between yours and Dargoths there’s really not much of a choice. I’m really looking foward to your next update so I will finally be able to play on a decent sized game window! (since I use ITH+TA I can’t play on fullscreen)
        Once more thanks for your time and effort!

      • Anonymous

        Sry to bother you again, just a quick question. Do you know if there’s a monster item steal + item drop list somewhere? I lurked for a bit and didn’t found anything so I’m currently making one myself but it would be a waste of time if there’s one already.

      • Not a problem, though on the first page of the comments I did update the manual patch I made for Dargoth’s 1.21a patch with a mod that would add that functionality and from comparing the scripts translated a few things that where not in Dargoth’s patch (Like achievements and some menu items) so if your bored and don’t want to switch perhaps try that.

      • There is no steal and item drop list probably because you get that info ingame in the Library. Grandork’s lists consist of what each class and race learns, skills and abilities. So go for it, no one made one yet or mentioned the intention of making one.

      • Anonymous

        The mod is great! I managed to resize the window multiple times until it got to the exact size I wanted without a single crash. As for Grandork’s guide, it’s not exactly what I was looking for but quite useful info as well. I will keep making my guide/list then. It will probably help someone in the future.
        Thanks again!

  60. Anonymous

    I’m having some problems with the latest EX patch. You see, I have version 1.20 patched with EX 0.5a, and I recently got ahold of a separate copy of version 1.21. I patched the 1.21 with 0.5g and transferred my saves from 1.20. What happened next was that the 0.5g patched 1.21 couldn’t play my saves from 0.5a 1.20! Right now I’m trying to mess around and find a fix.

  61. *Error – v1.21.00 – 2015-08-07 18:15:14 (Friday)
    Exception : NoMethodError
    undefined method `+’ for nil:NilClass
    [“( ベース/Window ):712:in `display_use_item'”, “( トリス修正J ver7 ):179:in `display_use_item'”, “( トリス修正J ver7 ):224:in `use_item'”, “( Scene_Battle ):573:in `execute_action'”, “( ベース/Scene ):449:in `process_action'”, “( Scene_Battle ):48:in `update'”, “( Scene_Base ):14:in `main'”, “( ベース/Module ):129:in `run'”, “( 【WF-RGSS】Exit-EX 終了処理 ):118:in `run'”, “( 【WF-RGSS】Exit-EX 終了処理 ):127:in `block in ‘”, “:1:in `block in rgss_main'”, “:1:in `loop'”, “:1:in `rgss_main'”, “( 【WF-RGSS】Exit-EX 終了処理 ):127:in `'”, “ruby:in `eval'”]

    What’s my problem ?

    • Not exactly sure Nikolay Gavrichev, so this happened when using an item or a skill? If so do you know what the item/skill was and who you where using it on? Any chance you have a save that can easily recreate this error? Also what patch version is this for?

      • I start ng+ with save from previos game version. When i patched jap ver 1.21 half of characters have no names. The problem is , when i play with them and they start attack this
        Exception : NoMethodError
        undefined method `+’ for nil:NilClass
        [“( ベース/Window ):712:in `display_use_item’”, “( トリス修正J ver7 ):179:in `display_use_item’”, “( トリス修正J ver7 ):224:in `use_item’”, “( Scene_Battle ):573:in `execute_action’”, “( ベース/Scene ):449:in `process_action’”, “( Scene_Battle ):48:in `update’”, “( Scene_Base ):14:in `main’”, “( ベース/Module ):129:in `run’”, “( 【WF-RGSS】Exit-EX 終了処理 ):118:in `run’”, “( 【WF-RGSS】Exit-EX 終了処理 ):127:in `block in ‘”, “:1:in `block in rgss_main’”, “:1:in `loop’”, “:1:in `rgss_main’”, “( 【WF-RGSS】Exit-EX 終了処理 ):127:in `’”, “ruby:in `eval’”]
        always happened. So, any suggestions?

      • There was a name error going from EX to Dargoth’s or Original. EX 0.5g added a few rename functions to correct this.

        Use EX 0.5g and do this:
        1 – Load Save with actors that aren’t showing their names correctly
        2 – Go To Pocket Castle 1F South (If already there leave then return)
        3 – By the large door to the left is a sparkly scroll
        4 – MGQ_EX Extra Menu, Select Rename Actors, Clean Up Actors, Custom ‘Actor List.txt’
        5 – Save your game

        Note: Actor List.txt needed to be in the main game directory.
        You could also use Restore All Default Names

        That will restore all actors to the defaults used in Dargoth’s 1.21a patch
        Should also fix display_use_item error as it will correct the subject line throwing the exception.

      • Chiron Maximus

        You need the latest EX patch written over Dargoth’s 1.21 patch in order to get everything working again, right?

      • I don’t know I have separate versions and always keep the latest version clean and archived. EX doesn’t have this problem Dargoth’s does. Heck I don’t even play anymore I just keep it for viewing how the descriptions look been a long time since I actually sat down and played since every job and race available to Luka and Alice are already mastered and every job up to the Soldier mastered for everyone else except the new additions like the BFers scat captan panties teacher pilate the sabasa and san ilia generals. All that would be left if the Chaos Dungeon but I honestly don’t find it that appealing since it seems pretty unfair in power balance. I don’t plan on tackling it till the level cap is removed and the other classes and races are available especially the fallen angel race that’s probably where you get Daystar which was my favorite skill in the original.
        And from what I read, some of MGQ_EX’s comments overwriting with EX over Dargoth’s causes errors so it’s best to either have one or the other. Or both but not on the same version of the game.

  62. Anonymous

    kind of a noob question, is there some kind of quest log in the game or not?
    because if there is i sure as hel can not find it.

  63. Does anyone know if you can find a recruitable Onahole Girl in the game? I have seen her several times within the labyrinth but she is the only monster that I had not seen prior to 1.2 so I was wondering if I had just missed her when I was doing the story.

  64. Anonymous

    Hey i gotta ask , i downloaded it from hentaibedta its a 1.21 version but i cant patch it, cuz it says , wrong version, what to do , pls help q.q

  65. Jam

    Hey, does anyone know how to unlock the ninja and the berserker jobs? I can’t seem to find a guide on how to obtain all of the intermediate jobs anywhere.

    • Actually Ninja I think comes from the Chaos Labyrinth, I’m pretty sure I seen it in the files I was looking over 🙂 once all this is done and I’m done with the next patch I’m going for god

      • Not so much an item… You got to go through Nanabi’s boot camp, and she only teaches you one thing per visit so you got to meet her multiple times to learn everything and multiple more times if you want everyone to learn as she will also only teach one person per visit 😛

        Common Events/969:イベント:七尾/Page 01/002
        face: nanabi_fc1, 0
        After the Beginner Course, Ninjitsu is available.
        Rudimentary Ninjitsu you will also be able to learn.

      • Jam

        Alright, thanks for the reply! So what exactly is this chaos labyrinth and Nanabi’s boot camp? I’ve played through the whole game so I may have been there but don’t quite remember it.

      • Not a problem. In the Chaos Labyrinth (Talk with Death as its a new feature) they added some random events to spice it up and make you actually want to take the challenge.

        Some rare items and skills can only be gotten from there. So at random some character will appear to teach you something and Nanabi is one of them. If you take her Beginner Course (Aka initial Boot Camp for new ninja recruits) you get access to Ninjitsu, and the ability to learn lower skills from her though you have to do this multiple times. There is also an Advanced Course to learn even more powerful Ninjitsu skills.

      • Jam

        Okay, thanks. Where can I find death? Is it that girl with the scythe who’s in that room where you go when you die?

      • Yep, thats her. After you get far enough in the game to pick up the “Key of Hades” you can go there from Iliasville Temple, the place you change jobs, just go one floor up and have a look at the wall thats guarded for no good reason.

      • Sounds like a pain to get. Let’s see if I understand. So after you meet Nanabi in the chaos labyrinth the Ninja class becomes available to just 1 person and you can only learn skills one by one by meeting her inside the labyrinth and not through job mastering?

      • It sure does 🙂 And this is only Part 1… If we are lucky perhaps 10-15 patches per chapter so maybe 50 more parches to go… I’m sure this will be expanded on sometime later. I highly doubt the labyrinth will only have 300 or so floors… the funs just getting started

        So enter the labyrinth, randomly hope the character with the skills you want to learn appears, learn 1 skill for 1 actor, rinse and repeat until you either go insane or master everything.

      • NOPE! There’s 162(I think) characters and 10 skills to learn. That’s 1620 approx trips through the labyrinth to get them for everyone and that’s without taking into consideration the random nature of Nanabi’s appearance. The skills aren’t that strong either. I pity the one who has that completionist obligation to get everything. I have that too but I’m not going that far.

      • Hehehe… As I said they plan to expand 🙂 Chaos Labyrinth God achievement is obtained at LV 200 (and once I’m done I’m taking a break to do just that), and I’m sure they will freshen it up when Part 2 comes out and it will probably get even more love when Part 3 comes out.

        It was meant to test your soul, or eat away at it whichever comes first

  66. Anonymous

    hey guys n gals, ive recently switched to windows 8 from xp but for some reason it doesn’t like chiitrans lite at all and keeps coming up with server error every time it tries to translate even with atlas v14 which its not recognizing as being installed. can someone suggest a program combination that will work please.

    • Desert Eagle

      ITH (Interactive Text Hooker) + Translation Aggregator + TAHelper. Use substitution plugin as well if you’re capable of identifying a japanese word.

  67. Anonymous

    Dargoth did you and your team added some extra lines in the english translation request scenes in the castle? for some reason the scenes last longer now (which i think is a good thing)

    i also don’t recall the imps calling you boss and stuff 😛

    • Yes, they took the raw data and spiced it up in their own special way 🙂 Took quite a bit to go through as some of it didn’t line up properly, a few minor errors, etc… and I still have so much more data to parse through

  68. Xoverguy

    Ok I am a bit stumped here, but more in terms of a specific item. Where can you find the Combat Item known as Grimoire Page? It’s an item that Promestein uses as ammo for her elemental page skills in her Magical Librarian Job. I tried searching in the normal town shops but only found Shurikens. I also tried stealing from the Page monster girls in the Library but so far no dice. Any help on this would be gratefully appreciated. Thanks in advance.

      • Xoverguy

        Thanks a lot for the answer. It definitely steered me in the right direction. To be specific to the rest of those who might be looking for the same, I specifically went back to the Cathedral Library and recruited Yoko, whom is the magic book with a huge stone hand behind her. After you recruit her you have to maximize her “Magic Book” race level to 10 and then she will learn Page Creation. If you want the unlimited surplus of Grimoire Pages to rain hell on anything (Except Archangels in the apparent bad future), you’ll have to work for it so to speak.

        Speaking of Archangels, despite me not thinking it will be possible until part 2 at the very least, but is there anybody here that has tried to fight and beat the Archangles? If so, I would like to hear what you figured out. Do they still have the “Only Luka can kill them due to an angelic barrier” gimmick that was shown in the original? If anybody finds a youtube link of an attempt, I would love to see that too if possible. Thanks a lot for the info on the Grimoire Pages, though. I really appreciate it. Have a nice day everybody.

        • Archangels can be beaten and even farmed. I know I did so in an attempt to get them to drop items. From what I remember Luka was my damage dealer but I’m not sure if the others did any damage at all to the angels. I remember everyone but Luka bit the dust and I kept going like that because I was doing it only to have them drop items, which they don’t. I’m pretty sure you can beat either of them if you have Gnome and Sylph you’re good to go and something to really hurt them I’m not sure what I used maybe something with the Dark element? I usually go with Purifying Light since my Luka is quite doped with seeds and such.

          • Chiron Maximus

            The archangels take heavy damage from Pleasure, since they’re angels, also the snake one takes more cold damage and the one with the snake hair takes more Lightning damage, but Pleasure is your best bet. So, use Luka or another team member to get that defense up for the whole team, cause both hit the entire team and can hit hard, and them nail em with pleasure and powerful normal skills, or skills with the element they’re weak against. If you can’t raise defense, then raise agility or evasion for the team and they can dodge, but defense or evasion boost, you have to make sure to us pleasure attacks mainly, as it will drop them fast. They’re tough and a bitch and a half to fight, but they give the most job XP bonus than any reoccurring monster in Chapter one. When Chapter two comes out, there’ll be better monsters, but for now, the archangels are the best bet for fast job growth. If you need regular Xp as well as job XP, then go to the Safaru Ruins, near the entrance of the building in the second area, as Sandworms and Sand traps there can give 10 XP a pop.
            Wow, I really went to town on this. Hope it helps.

            • Chiron Maximus

              Well, this was my method until I recently got the patch, and I just gotten Luka’s new race, and I’m gonna do a bit more farming before I continue. Good to know in the future though. Thanks!

            • No you should continue, beef up Luka’s willpower, give him a holy staff (in Lucia’s tower, give him a royal crown archangel bra and a convert ring + convert magic ability. Mow down everything with Purifying Light.

            • Chiron Maximus

              Ok, got the tip, but I will still have to do some grinding, cause I just got lowly angel for Luka and I”m farming the archangels for some jobs. He’s rank now and I’ll have him finish up soon, then I’ll have him take High Angel, Valkyrie and Cupid, and along the Way, do some jobs that’ll grant more willpower, so when the time comes, I will mow them down. Also, I have promestein, with max levels on all Angel Races available for now, in my team, so I will have two sets of Purifying light, instead of one.

    • Fozze

      Dont quote me on this, but i think its an item you make. Some class should be able to make them for 10 mana each if i remember correctly.

  69. silverlik

    hi, i’m wondering, untill where in the game is it patched, because i’m playing the game, and after a decent part of the story, everything became japanese again. so i was wondering untill what part in the game is it patched?

  70. lythka

    why is it that certain files, from upgrading to overwriting of patch 1.02 to 1.21a, are all scattered? The post is so disorganized, missing some of the patches. To top it up, all solutions are all found at the comment section. Heck!, even instructions on the comments are all messed up. It’s very frustrating that it makes me laugh

    Is it even possible for someone to make all information in one post? Even for the very least, show each step properly & what to download. Even if your way of words are bad. please, just be clear. I beg of you! someone!
    Oh. and, please use ” “. I even messed up merging 1.21 to 1.02 knowing that “1.21 to 1.02” is a whole file

    • because… this is dargoth’s blog, and he’s not making the EX patch, or the method for people to upgrade stolen version of the game, if you paid for the game, using an account at dlsite, you just download the game there, and it’s up to date, so you install the dlsite version, and dargoth’s patch works on it. No further instructions needed. All the other comments are helping people with stolen versions upgrade, because they don’t have a legit copy on the site where it’s for sale, and are doing their own machine translated version, while also not being dargoth.

    • Anonymous

      thats right you have no right to bitch about anything. all these retarded noobs who can’t even follow simple steps… sigh.. thats what makes me laugh.

      just buy the fucking game and you won’t have any problems.

      • JohnTitor

        The issues are caused by the upgrade patch, whether you applied it wrong or something went wrong.

        You don’t need to buy the game to not have issues with it, just download v1.21 and apply the translation patch.

  71. Let’s see I got a few questions how do you get the Exhausted and Frightened Imp panties and milk? Are these versions of the Imps in the labyrinth? and finally does the Imp in the labyrinth use Omega Blaze because the normal ones on the overworld map don’t seem to have enough MP to cast it. I’m only asking the last question because I’m such a glutton for punishment and I’m sure there will be a “Hit by x techniques” achievement. It’s a MGQ tradition. I’m just planning ahead.

    • For the finally the answer is yes as they are of an entirely different breed some could even contend with Monster Lords in their own realms, now go forth and get punished 😛 Though I haven’t finished with the changes to ScriptText from 1.21 that dealt with a lot of their battle cries… ah so much still to do

      • Yea I’ve seen the script file and it’s huge compared to the database. How long do you estimate till the next EX patch? I’m still looking through the database looking for things I might be able to make sense of and I corrected Daystar’s messages and some of the tentacle enemy skill messages but still not really making any progress with the “sexy stuff” I don’t think I got what it takes to make it sound appealing or understand what the actual message describes that’s happening. I still wanna know what “brute man stir”, “blame” and “potash” refer to these sound so silly during rape scenes…

      • Eh depends on how much I want to cram in though I’m hoping to have something either later tonight (use the last island on the far edge of the planet for time tables :P) or before Monday. Dialogues is updated, I’m parsing through the Database now but for things that aren’t matching up well I’m cherry picking as I cross reference with the Japanese database (other then for a select few I’m using E-SSS ranks that the original uses, I can easily verify them not so much with the percentages), the backend equations are nice but with a couple thousand entries I’m going with how it appears, after that I probably glance through ScriptText to see if anything significant was changed. So many tens of thousands of lines left to go…

      • By the way, where are the entries for the library stored and the additional info for the weapons and armors that appear when you press “A”. I could probably clean up the enemy skills as some of them look like garbage due to Google and there’s the thing that bugs me where if an armor has elemental damage reduction it says for example WaterAttributeTolerance x%
        Although I can’t see it all the time somewhere in my subconscious that really bugs me. As for the monsterpedia I’m sure I could just copy the descriptions for the monster girls that appear in the original from rogue’s monsterpedia translation. I just looked at the Slime Girl’s Monsterpedia entry and it seems to be exactly the same as the original. So if you could tell me where I can find these descriptions I could potentially fix all the nonsensical Google descriptions since it’s just typing from one source to the other. I also checked and Dargoth’s version is still untranslated.

      • The Library shouldn’t add much more details to the items, other then for where they came from.. I’m probably wrong on that eh good questions 🙂 If anything is additional it might come from notes though most of it should be pulled from the database

        Job Descriptions

        Actor/Enemy Descriptions

        Presents (Response to Love/Hate)

        Custom Skill Phrases

        Special Names From Notes

      • No the Library doesn’t add any details to equips except where they’re found. I’m not sure where the pop-up window draws the info from because if it were from the notes in the database the info would still be in japanese. What I’m asking is in which of the 3 files can I find the Monsterpedia entries (Database, Scripts or Dialogues)

      • Ok I found the monsterpedia entries but this will take a while since there’s a fair amount of text to copy. And it has to be done manually. I’ll only replace the script entries that seem to be identical to the original. For example the imp ones don’t 100% match from what I can tell. I probably won’t be able to do much till Tuesday when I’m at work again. There’s always peace and quiet over there and I can work a lot better than I do at home.I’ll keep track of which entries I edit and mail you the list and the script file when it’s done.

    • Chiron Maximus

      First you have to talk to the harpy near the beds in the inn of the haprie’s home near happiness Village (The town with the big tree next to it, you enter the tree), then you go to where you save Hans and fight the Bunny slime, there will be a sparkle on the spot you have to go on for the cutscene to play, then you go to the Sacred Mountain Amos. There may be another cutscene that plays when you get there, it played for me and if it does play for you, prepare your tear ducts, then you go to the top and find the sparkle, like before. After that, you will have to wait until Chapter 2 comes out.

  72. Anonymous

    Can someone please tell me how to display wolrd map? the guard in ilias temple tells me to press button 8 but i tried every button on my keyboard without any result :/

    • Chiron Maximus

      You must have the setting on display gamepad. go through the settings until you find the word gamepad, then click it to set it to keyboard.

    • Anonymous

      ok seems to be a problem with the ex 0.5g patch i tried to reinstall the game and tried to display the map step by step and it failed when i installed ex 0.5g

      • Yep seems like it, I checked it on both versions, Dargoth’s version has a world map EX version doesn’t. MGQ_EX will probably fix it after he’s done implementing Dargoth’s translated dialogues.If we bug him enough 😛

      • Actually I’m finishing up things now. That bug was in the Language File System, what happens is a blank message is to display until someone presses a button to close the map however it wasn’t displaying the blank message… Will be fixed in the next update

        Any feature request or other bugs while I’m writing up the changes in the readme?

      • MGQ EX 0.5h

        Bug fixes, updates, and all the good things… Now lets break it 😛

        Special Thanks To Casian Sarpe Socaci for his outstanding help with the database.

        Cleaned up EX Readme, hopefully it is more clear also archived any History item before EX 0.5 to save space.

        • Chiron Maximus

          … I don’t know if I should download this or not. I’m not having any issues at the present, but can you tell me this will fix some of the problem I might have in the future?

      • Eh hard to say on that one Chiron Maximus, that’s more philosophical… Though as I plan to keep moving forward you either keep with what you know as there is safety in such practice, you might be tortured but at least you know how big the dildo is where if you try the next version, it could be a nicer experience or the dildo could triple in size however each new version tries to fixes bugs though it is possible new bugs will be introduced and the cycle repeats. Now if you want better dialogue and bug fixes well this one you can use the map feature, Dargoth translated some of the earlier scenes that people love which got introduced in the version, some areas where cleaned up so they are legible, and I’m sure it fixed a few underlining things people haven’t noticed yet. I recommend updates as if you report a bug on an old version and it got fixed in the newest one well that is a bug neither of us had to deal with.. Report all bugs and hopefully with each update sooner or later they all get squashed or a work around to make them tolerable

        • Chiron Maximus

          Ok, 1) a little weirded out by the dildo thing. 2) Really weirded out by the Dildo thing. 3) By what you say, I guess I’ll just upgrade when they come out and report any trouble in my side.

      • Chiron here’s what you do. Always have a clean decrypted japanese copy with your save folder in it. Keep it separately and don’t patch it. Make a copy of it and use the patch on it. Do this every time you want to update to a new version of the patch just to be sure you don’t screw up your game if you’re that afraid of copying over new patches. Honestly ever since the EX patch got around I’ve had very few errors that eventually were fixed in a matter of days.
        @MGQ_EX I’ve sent you the Script file with the Monsterpedia entries that could be brought here from the original. What is it specifically that I should be looking at between the h and h rc1 versions? I’m rather confused. They both seem to be ok looking although there’s something aesthetic that really needs to be corrected. The fact that you made the descriptions be 4 lines long makes the description box overlap with the abilities box. If you can you should shrink that box by 1 line so they don’t overlap anymore. Also since the 4 line description box effect I’ll have to go back to the database file and add punctuation to the descriptions. They look very unprofessional now and I don’t like that. There’s also one thing that I’m not sure how to fix. The Oracle skills that have random in their description even though they had a full line space between Random and the rest of the description they appear in 1 line instead of two and again it looks amateurish and idk not appealing.

        • Chiron Maximus

          Honetly, I just don’t know anymore. So much work to stay safe, and I really do like this game, but I’m starting to get overwhelmed. Even if I got a new japanese copy of the game, my save data is already patched with ex and such.

            • Chiron Maximus

              Ok, I’ll download a fresh japanese copy and copy my saves into it, but I do have a question. because of my cautious nature, I made a copy of my game before putting the most recent EX patch into it. So, when I download a fresh japanese copy, should I copy my saves form the game copy with the EX patch, or the one before the ex patch?

      • Either one should work just fine after all the EX patch does have an option that fixes save files. Don’t ask how it fixes them that’s something only MGQ_EX can answer. But if there’s no difference in progress and you want to be extra safe use the one you haven’t played with EX. also, don’t forget to decrypt the game.rgss3a(I can’t get that extension right) move the extracted stuff into the game folder and delete it or move it. After that you have a clean copy that you can copy and apply upcoming patches. Also I’m pretty sure the saves from a japanese copy are no different than the ones from an EX copy. But I could be wrong.

        • Chiron Maximus

          OK. I’m redownloading a fresh japanese copy of 1.02 and I’ll decrypt when It’s done. One final question, regarding the copies I have already. should I keep them for any reason or just toss them?

          • Well I see no point in keeping them. After all EX 0.5 h includes everything skill item and equips related from Dargoth’s patch and idk what else but definetly more content from his patch. Next one will contain some encyclopedia descriptions since I sent them to MGQ_EX already and who knows what else we’ll include after that. Don’t download 1.02 download 1.21

            • Chiron Maximus

              Right. Forgot. Also, while I do respect your advice and opinions. I’m going to keep them. That way, I can still follow your advice, but I’ll also feel safer i I still have my playable versions.

            • There’s absolutely no harm in keeping them but I thought about saving space since I used to have a small HDD before and each copy takes about 1.2GB of space. Even if that’s not your case. Ever since I started using EX I had very few errors. One was by port natalia, crashed after a battle, was fixed very quickly after that, next 2 or 3 crashes were my fault since I edited the database and Wordpad didn’t save the japanese characters and instead turned them into question marks. Next 3 crashes were again my fault since MGQ_EX posted a save for testing purposes that had an airship in it and I went to places that aren’t yet implemented in the game. And finally there was a save game error as in I couldn’t load my 313h save at all and that was also fixed. Apart from those I never had any crashes at all that happened because of the patch. EX was pretty stable for me.

            • Chiron Maximus

              Ok. I;m going to move my save data over to the fesh japanese copy after I decrypt everything. then, I will start up the copy that has the EX patch and go through the story using the guide. If I run into any errors, I will let you know immediately.

    • Desert Eagle

      Keep trying. Some monsters are more difficult to recruit than others. You just have to keep at it. (There are items and abilities that can increase the odds of recruitment though.)

      Personally, I had trouble recruiting the Sandworm Girl. That took a long time.

      • Chiron Maximus

        I found that alternating between normal and pleasure attacks when defeating them helps recruit them faster, because I noticed sometimes when I defeat some monsters with pleasure, even if their affinity isn’t that high, they’ll ask to join. Try beating her a few times with pleasure attacks and see where that takes you,.

      • Desert Eagle

        I dunno… That sounds more like a myth. Is there an actual mechanic for pleasure attacks increasing the odds of recruitment?

        I mean, I could defeat an enemy without taking any damage and then they would offer to join with me. That doesn’t mean perfect performance increases the odds of recruitment. It’s just a coincidence in a random chance.

      • Anonymous

        The first time I met a candle girl I was way too weak so I couldn’t afford to rise her affinity and went straight for the kill. Ended up defeating her with a pleasure attack from Lime and recruited her. She only had 27 affinity or something and still asked to join me. It was not only the first time since the begining that I defeated an enemy with a pleasure attack (Lime is not on my fight team) but also the first time someone with such low affinity asked to join me.
        I honestly didn’t even thought it could be related to the pleasure attack until I read this post but now I’m starting to wonder. Might be just a coincidence…

  73. Anonymous

    Just wondering, is there some sort of bonus for getting max Affinity from talking to the various monster girls besides increased recruitment rate? Like an achievement or some sort of conversation that has an affinity threshold requirement? I know they give you items sometimes, but anything besides that?

    Also, I was wondering if the abilities that affect EXP types affect the whole party or just the individual using them? I’ve been staying away from playing through the whole thing since it’s not fully translated; and as great as the EX patch is, I would like a better understanding of the story before I proceed, so I haven’t really put in the time to experiment with numbers yet. If someone could enlighten me it would be greatly appreciated.

    • Desert Eagle

      EXP effects usually only affect a single individual.

      If you want to be sure, you can make sure of that by checking their statuses. Under Basic Info –> Adv.Stats, you can find a character’s XP rate. If it’s 100%, it’s normal.

    • The only EXP related thing that affects your entire party are songs. And those I think only affect the ACTIVE party members not those in reserve. As for abilities yes they only affect the party member equipped with them. Same goes for the wrists, shoes and bracelets with the same effects as the abilities.

      • Purple Haze

        Yep, I’m using Saki as my main singing dancing prostitute and equipped all my reserves with EXP items or abilities. Even without the EXP song, her other songs and dances are still very vital so far. That, and how can you bench such a sparkling face..

      • Purple Haze

        I still haven’t done any Chaos Labyrinth (I should probably try Sphinx out first), but I do imagine myself still using the Regen songs, But I do not know what this Daisy Bell is you speak of,

        • Daisy Bell is a song the Vocaloid race learns. I can’t say what it actually dies because I’m not sure and I can’t look at the description right now but I assume it raises Mag and Willpower since holyarts do more damage afterwards

      • Desert Eagle

        Yes, Saki is a great girl, isn’t she? I can’t fit her in my team though; Nuruko’s already filling the prostitute role and I’m not taking her out.

        Saki sparkle!~☆

      • Purple Haze

        I see, I might have to consider that for my Purifying Light bringer Illias. And yes! I have the exact problem with Nuruko on my end, can’t seem to fit her in yet. I might just save her for the NG+.

      • Purple Haze

        Holy Moses, that IS sweet! Combine it with ATK/MAG Up and that should do some diabolical pains. Damn you vocaloid…

        • Yes but your vocaloid has to have the SP for it since it costs 7 SP to cast. I turned Luka into my main damage dealer since he mastered all jobs and races and didn’t need exp or job exp anymore. So Holy Rod, Archangel Bra, Royal Crown, Convert Ring, Medium as job, Cupid as Race, Holy Boost 15% ability, Magic Convert ability+Daisy Bell=1 hit KO for Honey Pots. That’s over 12k damage in 1 hit. I’m pretty sure you can do this with Ilias as well or with Promestein. I don’t like Ilias very much especially after I went with her to the Chaos Labyrinth. On one floor she said something like “One day the power of chaos will be in my hands” and that really bothered me because we all know what she did in the original trilogy e.e

      • Purple Haze

        Yes, indeed. That’s why I’m hoping something will go horribly wrong for her near the end of the trilogy. As in “Thank you for lending me your power and your lovely banter, now you may die.” for example. I certainly did not expect Luka to turn into an angel so early on, otherwise I probably would’ve stuck with Alice. I was thinking SP wouldn’t be such a problem with Battle SP Start Up, thinking it was a class ability, but sadly it’s not. So that’s gonna take 1-2 turns before I can use it after the Regen song. I’ve been walking almost the same path with my Illias, only things I’m missing are the Archangel Bra and her being a medium, I’m still doing the other Will based classes. Small medals are such a pain, even with 2x Item Drop and Begging for Items.

        • Well if you get crazy like me and start leveling everyone up and max their jobs out they won’t be a problem anymore. Honey pots and mimics drop them and seeds for exp and job exp so it’s a win-win situation. I say don’t beg for items just go for the kill if your party isn’t well prepared Honey Pots can be quite troublesome. Mimics are less of a pain to be honest if you have the scythe skill Darkness Seal Formation or any other skill with Ghost Killer attached to it, there should be one Heroes can learn too it’s called Undead Slicer maybe that would work better if your Luka is on the melee path,

      • Purple Haze

        Oh no worries about that, Honeypots are dead before they even have any chance to scream. That’s why I have the luxury to Beg for Items while Singing about Luck. It’s just the usual story that sometimes I won’t see a Small Medal for hours.

  74. Anonymous

    so when will the combat text, talk stuff be translated priority wise, as it’s a bit disconcerting to be fighting when half the stuff is untranslated.

    • Anonymous

      I’m curious about this as well. Personally, I have no intention of touching the game until the combat text/dialogue is translated, so know how it’s weighted on the priority list would be nice.

    • That will take a while, a long while. there’s approx 600k lines in total for battle text and dialogue together. 309899 for battle text and present responses each entry has 4 lines out of which 2 don’t need to be translated 1 is a blank line that serves as spacing the other is the name of the entry that’s already in English. So 2 sometimes 3 to translate.
      334533 lines for dialogues. each entry consists of 5 lines, 1 is blank that serves as spacing 1 is the name of the entry and the other 3 are the name of the person talking and 2 lines of dialogue.
      This is a rough approximation using the files from the EX patch but I think you can get the general idea of how much text there is to translate.

  75. Anonymous

    Is Mary (first BFer bugged in this version? I beat her, but it won’t allow me to recruit her. Every other one works so far.

    • Chiron Maximus

      You have to recruit almost all other Battle Fuckers before you can recruit her. I think you need just 10 or 15, but try to get all of them, just to be safe.

    • You need to defeat 15 BF-ers in order to recruit Mary but honestly I don’t recommend recruiting them for one reason and one reason alone. After you recruit them they won’t be there anymore and in your next playthrough you can’t visit them and do BF in order to have them in your teleport list from the pocket castle. I honestly regret recruiting them since they’re not all that spectacular.

      • Anonymous

        None of that is true. You can still go to them for Battle Fucks and on a New Game + you can still use them and they appear in your teleport list once they do. Perhaps you should actually try doing this before apparently pulling things from your ass

      • Ok I apologize for misinforming, that was what I noticed. I didn’t notice until now why it happened. Some of them appeared some did not, the ones that did not appear were in my current party and I didn’t notice and thought it was just how it goes.
        @Anonymous I’m pretty sure I’m not the first to pull things out of his ass so calm your tits I made a mistake.

      • CivilDeviation

        Easy mistake given the bugs, the translation changes, patches, and our own perceptions on game often unclear game mechanics. That said, please don’t be shy about posting, you’ve given some really helpful game insight in the past.

      • Jam

        Might I add that if having them in your teleport list is what you’re concerned about (since you can teleport to them in order to reach areas quickly), with a time mage’s “warp” skill you can teleport to any town or city that you’ve visited before; they also have a skill that teleports you out of dungeons.
        Far more useful than relying on the BFers’ teleport feature.

        • And then there’s harpy wings and escape ropes. I know about those don’t worry but I don’t usually have time mages around and I’m very stingy with everything by nature, that’s why I relied on them a lot

    • CivilDeviation

      Depends on how you build them, personally I like Alice and Illias when using their perspective Dark Magic and Holy magic with appropriate race and job…. That said it is always good to have a few skills that return MP if you want to try the Chaos dungeon. Correct me if I am wrong, but magus fist, black mage, and alchemist have a few mp returning abilities.

  76. kore

    Hey just wanted to stop in and say thank you, I am a massive fan of this series and am not exaggerating when I say that if not for people like you and Rogue I would have never gotten to enjoy them at all. thank you so much for doing all this.

  77. goten1986

    I have a Japanese 1.21 version, but whenever I try to use the patch I get like this “Unhandled exception error” thing. Help please. 🙁

    • You keep your level job and race mastery for all your characters, all your money, all your key items, all your items, all your weapons, all your armors, all your accessories, affection for monster girls, all your recruits except for Alice/Ilias, you can’t have both at the same time. Yes you can do side quests again. The only thing I noticed that reset are Vanilla and Papi’s shops. Also all treasure chests are refilled so are drawers closets and pots you can get items from.

  78. jchris1_2000

    Should be fun to see how some characters recruit or work out, I could only get dark elf to join and not the mage but then got the mage class so just change her job over 🙂 Like Alice the apprentice hero I am working on 🙂

  79. Anonymous

    Just wait dargoth your going to get a ton translated and right before you make a translation patch a surprise patch will get dropped on us by Torotoro again adding new content and changing the line numbering and map names again

      • DungeonMasterBobbySmith

        Hey Casian Sarpe Socaci,
        I read that apparently at one time, you received a save with an airship.
        Is that airship natrually part of the game, or did MGQ_EX add it?
        If it is already part of the game, where do you obtain it at?

        When I heard of this I immediately thought of the boss ships from “Super Mario Bros. 3”.

        • MGQ_EX said every RPG Maker game has its own version of the ship it’s something that’s implemented in the program I guess and PAradox’s airship will most likely redesigned to look like Galda. There is no such thing in the game yet and honestly there’s nothing to see beyond the borders of the game. There are no encounters on the land outside of what you can visit, hellgondo isn’t even drawn on the overworld and neither are the other things outside your visual field it’s just water. And where there are islands or terrain where you can move on there are no encounters and if you enter an area outside of what you’re allowed to the game crashes. Obviously because those places aren’t in the game yet not due to patches and such.

      • DungeonMasterBobbySmith,
        Test save was posted in the link bellow, it was an added feature for testing and is not in the original game (in fact some areas will cause crashes because they aren’t meant to be reached yet) though I assume something similar will be added later. Super Mario Bros Airship would be nice but its the generic RPG Maker blimp similar to Final Fantasy 6. Only reason it will cause a crash outside of EX is do to a missing sound file…

  80. element

    Hey MGQ_EX whenever I try to look at the turbulent jushin accessory my game crashes. Is that just from looking at something that isn’t supposed to be viewable?

    • Actually its a bug in Paradox itself, the game is trying to pull data for the item but a typo prevents it from doing that. I also informed Dargoth of the problem and it will be fixed in the next update

      def battle_start_skill_name(ft)
      Original Line
      prefix = ft.value[:per] == 1.0 ? “” : ft.value + “%”
      prefix = ft.value[:per] == 1.0 ? “” : ft.value[:per].to_s + “%”

      What it is suppose to do from how I read it was return the percentage if there is a probably of it using a battle skill on start but instead it returns a hash value which can’t be added to a string, the correction will return the percentage converted to a string then add the percent sign to that

      I would release an update sooner but I’m currently also testing a new feature I want to implement and want it somewhat tested before I make it public, someone will probably break it anyway but a man can dream, a man can dream…

      • DungeonMasterBobbySmith

        Granted the air ship won’t allow you to go outside the continent. (unless the game already has content there)
        However will the airship allow you to fly over mountains & lakes on the overworld. (You usually pass them by going through caves, tunnels, and dungeons)

        Does it stop monster encounters?

        Will it interfere with events on the overworld?

      • Oh you can go outside the continent, there isn’t much out there though… some concept art perhaps.
        Its an air ship… A ship that goes through the air 🙂 I guess that bs existed in Final Fantasy 9 so eh perhaps some merit to that one but overall goes over everything, like in Final Fantasy games is particular on where you can land (not on forest, mountains, water, etc).
        It stops all encounters because nothing was programmed to handle it and on that note yeah probably would do a number on continuity of the story as its not suppose to exist. Treat as a joy ride test feature, something if you have got to the end of the game (or just bored) and just want to see things that are in the works.

    • I honestly have no idea what you’re trying to ask. If you’re talking about BF just stay at an inn or use a couple of herbs or a healing spell. If you’re talking about getting the monster girls to rape you give them gifts in the pocket castle(mostly food items). If you can’t endure a BF try leveling up or changing race and/or jobs to one with more HP. Increase your HP with nuts that you find throughout the world in pots, chests and drawers. If none of this answers your question then you need to rephrase it and give more details.

      • Desert Eagle

        Ummm… Hmm. Luka doesn’t require recharging between castle scenes. You can replay request scenes as many times as you want.

        • Chiron Maximus

          He’s right. The scenes are how the monster interact with him if he asked for it, and no, if you go through the ore scenes, the deaths don’t count (at least I think they don’t). Since the scenes don’t actually impact the game (so far in the game, might change ahead), Even if Luka plays a scene where he goes full genital sex, he’s still a virgin in the story.

  81. CivilDeviation

    Not sure if these are bugs or not… After installing the new g ex patch onto a fresh copy I had a couple of issues:
    1) Anytime a monster requests money or items during battle (talking or otherwise) I do not lose the item or money.
    2) At the casino, I do not lose money while buying sheets/coins.

    When using just the Dargoth patch:
    1) I was able to get special items from regular enemies: like the holy dagger from slimes (showed up in their library index), and muskets from one of the apoptosis enemies in the first tartarus hole.

    • Looks like the script I added to correct another bug, XS – Popup Item, changed how it decreases values for items and gold, currently you get a free pass but will be corrected in the next update
      Doesn’t appear to effect gaining items and gold though

      For the part about Dargoth’s patch, is EX not adding items gained from enemies to the Library?

      • Sean

        I’m currently using the EX version that was updated on 08/09/2015, but it still seems to have problems when I try to obtain items from monsters with certain skills. I think all of the thief skills are working fine but I can’t obtain any items when using the [Talk] skill called [Beg for item].

        I’m not completely sure, but I think [Garden Harvest], [Product Delivery], and [Black Market Connections] all have the same problem as well. It says that I gain XX item but it’s not in the inventory whenever I try to find it. 🙁

        I hope you can figure out how to fix it soon. And thanks for the translations guys! 🙂

  82. Anonymous

    So I installed the EX patch for the first time and I’m loving it so far. Only one down side, why change the % values of combat attacks and job and race status values with ranks from A-E(?) ? I would like to hear the reasoning behind that decision and if there’s a way to revert to the original values I would like to know how. Thanks for the awesome patch!!

    • Reason for that was the percents are an extra Dargoth added, and the ranks was easier to cross reference with how Paradox originally has the data as a few entries where incorrect so I either went with comparing to what the Japanese version making it as accurate to the original as possible or spent time with a few thousand entries, percent charts, pulling data one by one from the main database (internal one with all the data and not just translation information), and such comparing the difference. To save time used the literal translation (as Paradoxes ranks are already in English) though a few entries where not changed as from what I got from the description in Japanese was something generic like variable dependent and Dargoth pulled data from the backend to make it appear nice. Probably could make something to toggle between the two views but thats a possible feature for a later date.

      • Anonymous

        (Same anon)
        Didn’t knew those were added by Dargoth and I was afraid the data wouldn’t be accurate. In that case I welcome the rank system. It actually didn’t bothered me much on combat but when I got a new companion I wanted to check if her race + job + trait were a good combo and noticed the % were also gone there. Not knowing if D represents 100% or 95% or anything else really was a turn off because I love RPG’s and I’m a perfectionist no less…
        Anyway if the data isn’t 100% accurate then it’s better to have a ranking system instead, however being able to toogle between yours and Dargoth’s would be really cool. I would love to help you out since you are doing an amazing job and I have lots of spare time for now but my coding abilities are non existent and even my english is very limited.
        Almost forgot! This would be much harder to do but possible I’m sure… until now, whenever I missed some important text during a conversation I could simply check ITH’s log. But now that I’m playing on fullscreen with your patch, doing that would be bothersome. Yap! I’m asking if it’s possible to add a backlog feature in the future… if it doesn’t require much work ofc because there’s a chance torotoro might add that at some point.
        Anyway thanks for the patch it really helps me a lot!

      • I’ll see about a toggle feature, though right now I’m digging through data and making corrections, standardization, and bug fixes so its a little low on the to do list (though still on it). As for helping out well all levels of talent are appreciated, I only have one set of eyes and Paradox is massive so even just trying to break it is useful.

        If you wanted to try a test build you could download the zip from

        Being a test build though its still in the works and probably buggy, not all features in the readme are fully flushed out, etc.. github has an issue feature, use that to report any errors with the test build

        As for a log… I’ll look into it as a feature request, though anything that saves anything to the save isn’t an option, as it breaks save compatibility

  83. Soultwist

    Hi. Ran this translator so I could try the game and in the game almost nothing in battle is translated? Like if you use “talk” nothing is translated, making everything a guesswork. Is it just not translated yet or have I done something wrong?

  84. Anonymous

    Just want to report some bugs which I think have to do with the EX patch. At least that’s what I’m using.

    Changes in item count or gold don’t occur during conversations with monsters in battle. So if slime girl asks you for a herb and you give it to her, you don’t lose a herb. On the other hand, items (and I think gold) given to you by monsters do not appear in your inventory. So if slime girl gave you a herb, you wouldn’t actually gain it in your inventory.

    Medal queen doesn’t seem to take away any small medals when you trade in medals. So essentially once you reach the required amount of medals for one item you have access to an infinite amount of them. Kind of breaks the game early on.

    • Anonymous

      Also forgot to add…

      Not sure how it happened but I was getting crazy equipment from later in the game in the early game. I’m not sure how but I noticed in Harpy Village I had a crystal plate and a knife that was more than double in stats from other weapons… no way to access this equipment this early in the game but I have no idea how I got them.

  85. DungeonMasterBobbySmith

    What levels are necessary to open higher ranked chests.

    Also, out of the basic job classes, which three give you the highest hp; or atk; or magic, or will boost.

    Also, out of the advance job classes, which three give you the highest hp; or atk; or magic, or will boost.

  86. Anonymous

    I feel like I should say for everyone here trying to open metal chests. There IS an item now in the chao Labyrinth that allows you to unlock Metal chests if you equip it to a party member.

  87. Anonymous

    One question:
    Is it possible to recruit both Lucia and Lily?
    I’ve heard that it could be possible only in NG+. Is that true?

  88. jchris1_2000

    should have the quests again, but imagine already having Promistine when you go to the lab and meet with her, or having the bandits when you go to the hideout. I’m waiting to have the level and items to beat Nanabi and the Arch Angels to bring them along 🙂

    • CivilDeviation

      Nanabi is recruitable, the archangels are not. All you get for beating the archangels is gold and exp, no items. Sadly not worth it, though if you are aching for exp it is the second best place for it other than the basement of the final tower.

  89. CivilDeviation

    MGQ_EX: found another bug.
    After leaving the continent and going to look at the mithril deposit Papi was unable to use her blacksmithing skills. She acted like she never got the training even though she had.

    • Wouldn’t happen to have a save of that CivilDeviation? Sounds like something got switched off though neither EX or Dargoth’s Patch should be switching variables so thats an interesting one.

      Also though a bit rushed EX 0.5i

      Fixes the Free Pass where gold and items wasn’t being deducted (Removed XS – Popup Items)
      Removing that means some items gained won’t display correctly (though they still will appear in the inventory, a cleanup will be done but its a few thousand entries so a slow process)
      Added Script: YEA – Ace Message System
      Standardizing some entries to use codes that reference the Database more, should make some translation errors easier to fix in the future (will update further later)
      Fixed a Database entry error submitted by LostDGod 08-13-2015
      Corrected Battle Start Percentage Hash Not Returning Intended Value
      Added an option for Game.ini to toggle between default Ranks and Dargoth’s Percentage Chart (Only works for Job Change at this time)

      • Chiron Maximus

        Well, in the statistics there is the “Raped by companion” thing, but I don’t think it’s truly in the game yet, otherwise it would have happened to somebody by now. Maybe, they’re gonna add it in for Chapter 2, or it’s a bug that everyone seems to have at the same time.

      • PR

        I assume he means from the seduction status effect. It causes females to sexually attack Luka and causes Luka to masturbate. I haven’t tested to see what happens when a male companion is affected by it.

        Outside of the labyrinth, the only monsters that I have seen cause it are Vampire Girl and Alice XVI. There are likely more that I haven’t noticed that use it.

      • PR

        I just went to rebattle Vampire Girl on Paradox, waiting every turn. Rechecked that the count was at 5 when the party was seduced. The next turn when my party attacked and made Luka come, it incremented to 6.

      • Desert Eagle

        It’s happened to me. Lily was seduced and decided to sexually attack Luka with tentacles. He was low enough on health that he came.

  90. Anonymous

    Do harpy sisters ever separate into two companions? It seemed hinted to me by their separate scenes in image files and their request options do not lead to those images ever being used. I am a bit confused now

      • Anonymous

        True, but there are images for two scenes that I can’t request. Ones that weren’t there back in MGQ. That’s why I thought they separate after they level up or something.

  91. CivilDeviation

    Gotta say, playing on Hell and paradox mode I am really loving the digestion + predation combo, not just for killing enemies outright, but because the commentary the monsters have when the tables are turned are hilarious. Ex: Kelp Girl 🙂

    Oh and MGQ_EX & Dargoth: just in case the page flip caused ya to miss it, I posted a new bug on the other page. I am not sure whose patch resulted in the blacksmithing bug.

    • Hey CivilDeviation, commented on your previous problem dealing with the blacksmithing bug. but seeing as its a page back wondered if you seen it? If not mind posting a save?

  92. Anonymous

    i just want to know if the english patch for sei monmusu gakuen its still live or working on my hopes are that still alive u.u

    • Purple Haze

      Actually I haven’t. Closest would be Illias at 29, others are around 24-26. I’ve been focusing on Job Exp exclusively. So I guess when the time comes, it would be Post story around the Final Tower. Hell, it could even be in NG+. But that’s a very unlikely chance, unless I really want a spare item such as another Holy Rod.

    • Chiron Maximus

      Well, when I reached 30, I hadn’t gone to Ilias Port yet, and I was farming in the cliff area where you encounter candle girls, since at the time they gave the most job exp while being wicked easy to beat.

    • I haven’t even had any body reach 30 yet except for Papi I beat the game at low 20’s My second playthrough is more focused on recruiting, leveling, and finding the right jobs for people.

  93. Anonymous

    I’m recently playing without getting any EXP and JP on Hell Mode. So basically I replace my team throughout the whole game. I believe that aside from the first boss (I could only beat Bunny on Very Hard), every story boss is possible even on Paradox Mode, because every boss is vulnerable against some status effects. Kind of disappointing.

    • Anonymous

      well some people don’t play on those modes…if they did put an unbeatable boss in there you would complain about that too 😛

    • Oh hush, if there’s one thing I truly despise about all the RPGs i’ve ever played it’s the fact that they’re all immune to status effects. And if they’re not immune to a certain status it doesn’t make a difference.

  94. jchris1_2000

    zombie girls and twin fares still had japanese names and text, but were able to join, still didn’t get the chrome quest so left the mansion for now.

    • Probably a good idea to refresh the names in the save as the system is becoming more reliant on them. In the readme under “Using MGQ EX Rename Functions” are instructions to reset to default (or for any area thats been coded whatever name you want within reason) As for dialogue, I’ll look into that

  95. Xoverguy

    Hi guys its me again. Thanks for all the help with the strategies on killing the archangles. Now I have two more questions that I need help with.

    The first is in terms of recruiting Chrome and Fredrika. I understand that you need to go to a cave and lockpick a treasure chest that has an item that is needed for the recruitment. However, when I get to the chest that I know has the item required, I cant lockpick it, and the ability is active on Lime my Slime girl. When I try to do so, it shows me some Japanese text that I can only assume means I need to accomplish something else first. I heard on other forums that you need to go to an isolated tower accessible through the same cave (one that has poison swamp around it) but when I try to get into it it says its locked from the inside. Kind of hoping that I did not hit a bug here, since I returned to Chrome and she doesnt offer me any other options.

    Secondly, since I saw a lot of talk here about update patches and the sort I wanted to be sure. Do new patches render older save files obsolete, as in unplayable? Just want to be sure since I really would not want to have made so much preparation on my game just to have to redo it again. Thanks in advance once more for all your help.

    • Purple Haze

      I see your first question coming up quite often lately. I’ll try to backtrack what I did to get Chrome.

      After the Chrome fight I talked to her, but she didn’t want to join, telling me I had to go fetch some item, I reluctantly moved on. Then I wanted to go into a cave, but Illias said NO and wanted me to go to the tower first. I did my talkie talkie business in the tower until I got escorted back to the world map. Then I just went back and entered the cave and looted all the chests including Chrome’s. She was happy to join my party after.

      So if after you returned to Chrome, went back to the cave and you still can’t loot the chest. Then I guess messing up that order proves to be more fatal than one would expect, and you should try again in NG+?

    • With Chrome it’s not a bug, there’s just one more trigger besides her asking for the puppet string, someone made a more detailed comment on this post a while ago about recruiting her. I’m not sure but I think you have to talk to one of the people inside the rightmost house in Salon and only after that go to the cave and get the string. Again I’m not sure about this, if you read the older comments I’m sure you’ll find what you are looking for.

    • Desert Eagle

      You talked to Chrome again and accepted the quest to go fetch the magic-imbued thread. That’s good. However, Chrome doesn’t know where it is and cannot guide you to it. Before you can go get it, you must have a good idea of where to get it. Luka must be aware that the puppeteer’s tower exists.

      Try to get into the mafia building in Saloon (the eastern most building, large. Can’t miss it). I think someone in there has the information you need. Then you can go and get the thread/quest item.

  96. Anonymous

    Weird the enemies on this game don’t display an HP bar when even the original trilogy does! Played around a bit with RPGVXAce to add Basic Enemy HP Bars v2.1 by V.M. and altough adding the script was as simple as copy paste, I couldn’t make sense to connect it with game.ini at the end since I have no programing skills… I think I got pretty close though…
    From what I’ve seen so far it works flawlessly with the exception of enemies that occupy the entire window (mostly bosses).
    What do you think of adding it as an additional optional feature EX? Not sure if people will enjoy this one although I certainly do!

    • Hmm pictures on top of the pretty pictures that keep people coming back… If it can be toggled and doesn’t cause issues I’ll look into it, though I’m still fixing a mass about of other things so thrown on to the list of possible future features, you got close huh, where did you place it in the script list?
      Try placing it right bellow Script: “VXAce_SP1”, it might be other scripts bellow are effecting compatibility

      • LostDGod

        I placed right bellow “YEA – Debug Extension” and it works but to make it public it must be toggle-able through game.ini and that’s the part I failed to do. I tried to make it by coping how you added the “UseJobChangePercents” but there was some part of the code I didn’t quite understand what’s for (I did it just like you did anyway) and placing DTP_HP::USE_HP_BAR(True) like you did on the “Enable Bonus Features from Game.ini if an entry exists” part would result in a crash on opening the game. The rest of the code I added didn’t affected the game though. By the way “DTP_HP” is the module for the HP Bars script and “USE_HP_BAR” is the command (?) you can set true or false.
        And yes I agree that adding a bar on top of cute girls isn’t a great way to add the hp bars. Ideally it would be right on top of the attack menu. The script is pretty malleable so I might try to work on that… it should be actually very easy considering you can only find 1-3 enemies at a time.

      • DungeonMasterBobbySmith

        An HP bar would be nice, however I’m not sure if it should be added unless you make sure it doesn’t block the Sonya battle cgs or a great deal of the pictures. Maybe instead of a bar you should do a small pie that also changes color. (green, yellow, red)

      • LostDGod

        It’s optimized to be displayed either above or bellow the enemy pics, never on top of it. That’s why it would probably not show up on enemies that fill the screen with their pic.
        What I would like to make though would be placing the bars with a definitive position based on how many enemies there is and right on top of the fight menu with the same design as the original trilogy HP bars. But that requires programing skills I certainly don’t have… Nonetheless I will try to do it.

      • LostDGod

        The pie suggestion is actually a really good one. It opened my mind to several other good possibilities in case a bar doesn’t work on every case. It’s pointless to add it if it doesn’t always works. I’m still kind of early in the story line of my save so I’m yet to see all the enemy pics which makes me unable to judge wether it’s better to add a bar or something smaller like a pie.
        Another question is, should the bar be added for bosses? It’s kind of more exciting to fight them without knowing their HP (%).

      • MGQ_EX I honestly would love to see enemies have hp bars or something similar but won’t that slow down the game? It’s not like you need them anyway, you get their hp value in the monsterpedia and most of them you can 1-shot anyway after a while. Maybe it’s just me but after the rename and cheat features were added the game seems to start up a lot slower. I’m not against this just wondering if it’s gonna affect performance

      • Hmm… Well as you all would love it you get the chance to peck the sh@t out of it 😛
        Deleloper test version

        Probably a slight slow down do to it reading that ini file for the additional settings, I probably should look into an optimized praiser for that… code monkey like fritos

        As for standards, settings, customization well r&d it and see what happens. EX Readme has some basic things I pulled at a glance

      • LostDGod

        Well that was quick! And you even rewrote a hell of a lot of code! It’s working really great well behond my expectations. I like it! Making it only visible when you select the enemy solves a lot of problems! There’s just a small error(?), even though it’s supposed to appear only when you select the target (if you don’t turn that feature off) it still shows up for a small fraction of a second at the start of the battle. Not sure if that’s something that can be fixed but it’s negligible anyway.
        I really didn’t expected you to put so much effort into this… at least not this fast so I feel bad for saying this but there’s just one additional feature that I think it would be the killer one… Adding status icons on the right side/below the bar(s) just like in Final Fantasy. So if you inflict an enemy with sleep its respective icon would be displayed and so on…
        It’s already an amazing work as it is so take your time I’m sure you have lots of way more important things to do.
        Thanks for everything!

      • LostDGod

        That’s probably because the icons are too big? It’s possible to resize the images through code so I think it’s quite possible to add this feature but it might add latency.

      • No the icons aren’t too big there’s just not enough space to display them probably due to how much space is allotted for names. If the battle interface would have been something like the one in Breath of Fire 1 where all chars had separate battle windows overlapping as you input your command maybe the status icons would fit and only 3 at a time fit currently.

      • Oh I’m sure a lot of it is possible but I’m not rewriting the whole battle engine, not because it wouldn’t look cool when done but because this is part 1 of 3 😛

        Here is one of the many overhauls for just what is possible

        So lots of reading and not much done, updated Developer test version
        Good, you get states and the option to customize the display text
        Bad, the current method used is a simple method with not a lot of features and I rigged something to work but its not the correct way though it does do what it does.. Also there seems to be a limit on how much text can be displayed (I assume it has something to do with proportions of the draw area and a few other things but for a later date)

        If nothing else it was a fun learning experience and probably will keep the concept on the back burner to revise later, let me know if it breaks anything

      • LostDGod

        Very interesting features I didn’t even thought about. I agree it’s better to leave it as it is since the game is still being developed and there’s a big chance devs will implement some of those in the future.

  97. DungeonMasterBobbySmith

    In the original MGQ, in the forest of Sylph, a few characters mention of an Alraune who also lives there. Yet for some reason I don’t fight an Alraune until after I obtain Gnome. Did I miss something?

    • Purple Haze

      If I remember correctly, you don’t fight an Alraune in the original MGQ until much later either. Chapter 2/3 was it?

    • LostDGod

      From what I recall they mention a strong weird-looking enemy (chimera) that has been eating monsters. When they find her, Alice said she would deal with her since