1. Anonymous

    Slow month/year in general when it comes to things like that. Everyone is just waiting for the next ‘MGQ’ basically, since it was what kept a lot of people’s attention during its translation period. I imagine things will speed up again once Paradox gets out, or something that captivates a big enough audience like the original did.
    And wow, no torture/anal probing in After Story? I am shocked, though I have to imagine they kept to the trend of the protagonist basically got treatment equivalent to a sex slave/toy.

  2. WildFour

    I do miss the pseudo-couple relationship they used to make in VH1 & 2, now if only I can learn japanese faster than you would translate another VH (if at all). It feels like I am missing out on a goldmine here :-

      • Brave

        There is, to an extent. At least as much as there was in 2 as I see it (which admittedly was light in this regard).

        4 went further in that regard than the rest of the entries with Lilith.

  3. Anonymous

    Still no clues on paradox’s release date….This makes me sad

    btw, seeing as paradox is going to come in parts, are the monsters on their homepage
    (alice 1st, 6 ancestors, lucifina, archangels etc) going to be in the first part? does anyone know?

    • mikceron

      probably they will have they appearance in 1 pfrt in some sort, but they can be transfered to next part like it was in mgq with couple girls (like angel with snakes first supposed to be in 2 part)

  4. I think they are thinking other ways to make monster girls VN a thing… gotta say its hard to come up a plot for it..I guess the hype is now at low but its still there.. just no more VN’s that relate monster girls

  5. Sevalle

    I’m honestly looking forward to the VH games in the future. Hope you translate fourth one at some point. There are various monster girls games out there but very little translators unfortunately. I would definitely donate to teams that would pick up this niche genre.

      • Anonymous

        Not to sound impatient or anything, but do you have any idea around how many % that would be? I dont want to sound like im nagging, but would be nice to know so every time one checks the total %, we’d know how close it is to a partial patch ^^

      • Anonymous

        Sorry, I dident know that was a requirement when asking questions. I figured I should go with asking politely, not like a 12 year old who dont understand how a keyboard works. I will try my best to ask questions properly in the future…

        … Something like that? ^^

  6. tsuna

    I’ve got about half a dozen RPG maker monmusu games untranslated on my hdd. Though I seem to recall you saying that translating those is a bit of a pain given the format for rpg maker, or something like that.
    Other than those, I’ve found: Mon musume hato, Dance of the monster girls, MonMas 2, House of Monster Girls! Buxom Demon Musume Oppai Reverse Rape…I think that’s it. Sorry I don’t have links, they’ve been sitting on my hdd forever. Need to hurry up and finish learning Japanese.

    • mikceron

      also was monster girl unlimited its on english (if i remember correctly),but its not finished and probably wont be.

  7. ArchTron

    dargoth, I know you are busy, but if you could give a quick view on this post, just to see if I understood correctly, he wants to release the game before the summer, ie in the middle of June?
    This is ROBF by the way.. ^^


  8. evil-one

    • Anonymous

      also question for dargoth. is he going to translate the encyclopedia entries because it seems that there will be quite a lot of monsters in this.

      • Michiru

        I would guess that is all three parts. I can’t imagine having 550 monsters alone for the first chapter. Seems kinda insane then.

      • Anonymous

        well yeah i would imagine it would be all 3 parts but still 550 is still a lot of monsters. still that means that there will be plenty of variety of enemies and allies.

        • zionchar11

          Hope you will finish it dargoth!! Don’t stress too much we know your pain… well kinda but still you’re human so rest if you’re tired. Keep up the good work man

      • Anonymous

        Although something like 200 of those are gonna reuse old cgs (with I guess different scenes), which I don’t really understand the point of. I know it’s probably actually a little less than 200 since main characters and popular characters get new cgs, I’ll have to wait and see how it works out I guess.

        So it’s probably more like 350-400 actual new monsters and cgs which I think is the bulk of the work.

      • Anonymous

        Does this game seem a little too ambitious? Over 500 monsters, all of which can become companions, and around 300 new H scenes. Part of me thinks it’s awesome. Another part of me thinks it’s never going to happen or it’ll end up like a lot of Peter Molyneux’s games. Games that aren’t bad but failed to live up to what they were supposed to be due to the over-large scope behind them.

      • There are 300+ H-scenes in MGQ, and considering that the game is going to use a job system, adding more companions isn’t much extra work since they aren’t going to have unique skillsets or anything like that. It’s ambitious, but very doable given what Torotoro managed already.

  9. Sajuuk

    is there going to be a new monster girl quest game, will it be a new story, or is it going to be a remake ??? just asking,

  10. AnonS

    Well I guess there is MGU as a forum, but otherwise there really isn’t a true community for it. And MGU really isn’t based off of MGQ, there’s one thread there for that and that’s about it.

    MGQ really isn’t getting side stories or patches and Rogue is long gone as well, so I’m not sure what there is to discuss. Dargoth’s site is the only one I really know of now. There is a wikia but wikia is not a good community page.

  11. Anonymous

    Is there any news about MGE Kenkou Cross game?
    I heard that months ago he posted new screenshots from it or something

      • DungeonMasterBobbySmith

        It has been & month or so since this “May May May” update so just wondering are dead or busy making merry dargoth? Personally I hope it is the latter. How is Sei Monmusu Gakuen comming along? There has been an update on VH5 at http://dieselmine.com/20140613.htmI. They are bringing know you’ve been on holiday from the VH series, though to be honest my mind is still riddled with hope-filled anticipation for a translation of VH4 & VH4~AS~. Any new updates in the progression of your er.. um…. “Hobbies”? Yeah.. “hobbies”, lets go with that terminology. Any uh… “June June June” updates, so to speak? Any… Any… OUCH, FUCK!! Damn IT. I took an arrow to the Knee!XD

      • Still translating regularly. Real life has been eating away at my free time (in a good way, for me at least), but I’m still making progress. Not the rate I want, but it’ll get done.

        Nothing besides the VH5 splash page, and no other interesting news to report that I know of.

      • DungeonMasterBobbySmith

        Dargoth, what are your thoughts on VH5 having a tenshi (angel)? I remember the first one having one. It was ok, however I thought the halo was a bit much on her. They seem to be sticking to the standard, angels have white feathery wings, succubus have batlike wings prodruding from lower back, vampires have batlike wings prodruding from thier upper back, & harpys have their wings attached to their arms. Gotta say, I wish one angel in VH would get the “fallen angel” treatment, a.k.a. Black feathered wiings.

    • Billy Masakado

      Awesome, thanks for the heads up 🙂 The characters look sweet as always. Can’t wait to learn more about it.

    • DungeonMasterBobbySmith

      Awesome VH5 is gonna have a tenshi (angel). I believe it was the first VH that had one too. I wonder if she’ll have a more prominent role in the story thou.

  12. Sajuuk

    well I do hope you won’t give up on Monmusu Gakuen the game looks awesome, and will be a nice change from what I usaly see of monster girl games

    • Billy Masakado

      Interesting 🙂 She definitely looks like the one in MGQP. Who knows ? Hope they do though. Seems pretty hot.

    • wf71

      That succubus also the work of shiki (psychedelic G2). I guess the three succubus are his OC, and he’s gonna put it on MGQ. Im not expect that much quality level of CG though hehe

    • Cio

      Haha, yes, that’s really a short game with no chance of win for the battle. Love Msize’s femdom, and this one is pure gold where the hero turned to chair until he is broken to loved being sat by the succubus, i too voted this if Dargoth have time and interest to this.

      For the CG, it’s not as much, you can get it at exhentai too.

  13. Anonymous

    Just don’t burn yourself out. And you can always put the translating on hold if you’d rather put more focus on real life.

    I’m actually just going ahead and learning Japanese. I figure I watch enough anime and play enough games for it to be worth it. I could start importing some of the games we don’t get here in the west like that Gundam Extreme VS Full Boost. Hnnnnng!


    (And of course, it’d open up a whole new world of fap material to me.)

  14. Raze

    hi so i got some question hope you can answer:
    -do you still translate vh4? cause i have seen in a tchatbox that they are other people translating it
    -http://hiyoban.b.dlsite.net/archives/1666720.html the game sound fun (love DG) but it’s a small game no? is it popular(cause didn’t see any one translate it ='(
    -http://hiyoban.b.dlsite.net/archives/1672092.html i suppose this game is not out?
    -when the new mgq will be out do you will you translate it whit rogue?

    sorry for the question if it’s annoying you just wanted to know whish you good luck and have a good day^^

  15. Zhura

    I’m a little lost about this translation, so i will appreciate if someone answer me. The patch is already out, finish or still in progress?

    • zionchar11

      there’s currently a guy translating it.. the website is never10release and its under wordpress too so you might check him out a bit 🙂

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