• Pain E

        Some guy tried to translate it years ago and held a poll in which he asked what names he should use. Usefull info:

        The protagonist’s name will be Shinku(71%).
        Dragon girl’s name will be Rin(66%).
        Centaur girl’s name will be Sirene(A close one, with 40%).
        Bee girl’s name will be Bibi, as expected.
        Doll girl’s name will be Comet(42%).
        The lamia’s name will be Mirita(Another close one, 44%).
        The scylla’s name will be Vera, as expected.
        The harpy’s name will be Kyute, as expected.
        Ghost girl’s name will be Pham(42%).

      • Pain E

        Forgot to post the walkthrough. Use the following options to get the girl you want.
        Ghost (Pham) is part of the extra scenario, if I remember correctly.

        1 –> 2 –> 1 –> Dragon
        1 –> 1 –> 1 –> Dragon
        1 –> 1 –> 2 –> Doll
        1 –> 2 –> 2 –> Doll
        2 –> 1 –> 1 –> Centaur
        2 –> 1 –> 2 –> Wasp
        2 –> 2 –> 2 –> Wasp
        2 –> 2 –> 1 –> Centaur
        2 –> 3 –> 1 –> Lamia
        2 –> 3 –> 2 –> Skylla
        2 –> 3 –> 3 –> Harpy

  1. Cory

    Good luck Dargoth! I have been thinking about getting this game for a while. Can you tell me some about it? Sell it to me? 😛

  2. yuki


    Whenever I hear of a translation project for a Vanadis game it always ends in tears. I don’t want to discourage or dissuade you so I’ll phrase it this way: You’ll be the first to prove everyone else wrong!

  3. CwHart

    I am glad you are prioritizing MGQ over VH. Only thing VH has over MGQ is art and even then I like more CGs in MGQ then I do in VH. VH is only good for viewing the CG which I dont need English to do. Thank you for picking up the Baton from Rogue and dropping the inferior series. I might sound harsh but I have played 1 2 and 3. I dont care for the series. On topic, I have never played a Vandia game but will check this out if you are able to put up a full translation. Thanks for your translations again.

  4. Cio

    As long you’re willing to translate MGQ:Paradox, i’m fine if you didn’t work VH4 (But i still hope to because of Lilith alone 😀 )

    As for Seimonmusu, i don’t think i will like it very much because it’s just a VN without any gameplay, but the story surely is good, i think i will past this 🙂

  5. Anonymous

    Curious that you’re attempting what is likely their longest title first. I suppose because it’s also their most varied? Little something for everyone instead of just the Lamia or just the Alraune or those others with two-three choices?

  6. HK-47

    That’s a great news it’s true that i wanted VH4 but i was interested in sei monmusu even before i played any vh game, every translated games with monster girls are about protagonist fighting the monster girls in fantasy world so something like Seimonmusu is refreshing and more interesting so i’m looking forward to it and i hope this time it will work, as for the VH 4 i doubt that the MGQ paradox will come out sooner than in second half of 2015 so there will be plenty of time to translate it and even if not you can always translate it after you’ve done with MGQP, it won’t run

  7. Masakatsu

    Dargoth.ever since I found yours and rogues websites I have developed a massive monster girl fetish. I am grateful for that and this would be one more glorious addition to my growing collection.

    I Pray that you come out of this endeavor victorious.

  8. Anonymous

    Dargoth, have you heard of VN reader? From what I can understand it basically lets you add subtitles to the game instead of actually editing the games code. It stores the subtitles in cloud storage. I’m thinking that you already heard of it and there’s a reason that you didn’t actually use it but just in case http://www.hongfire.com/forum/showthread.php/410340-An-ITH-based-Galgame-Translator-Annotator .

    Also, it would be great if you translated SMMG :). I personally much rather have that translation then another VH game.

  9. Anonymous

    Holy shit! THAT GAME?


    you were right though, I’ve seen others try to translate it and fail. I hope it isn’t cursed

    best of luck, monster translator (・ω・)ゞ

  10. Anonymous

    I have been looking forward to this VN to get translated and now that you are going to work on it, I am sure it will be finished. Best luck to you with this project!

  11. Sajuuk

    Well I am happy you dicided to translate this game alwais wanted to play it, and the VH games are all the same in the end so this will be a nice change. I wish you the best of luck

    • Nothing in particular. It’s just that well-known translation groups don’t do niche hentai games like these so the people who do attempt them are solo amateurs who get in over their heads.

  12. Anon

    Great. I thought that Vanadis games were basically not happening, but I definitely like this decision more. Good luck!

  13. Kurei

    Well as much as I love seeing VH 4 getting translated, I also understand that this ”change of air” as they say might actually be enjoyable to you and others. Hope you have a great start.

  14. DungeonMasterBobbySmith

    Thank you, your hard work is greatly appreciated. Gotta say I though the first two VH were the best. I did enjoy new battle system in three but I felt the eroge scenes weren’t as top notch.

  15. Worshipperoferoways

    You shall succeed, the power of all internet pe… err Connoseurs is bestowed to you by the gods of translations ! *Starts to build altar to said gods to give Dargoth extra translation power* ^.^

  16. WildHawk

    Concidering of fast they come out by the time your done and MGP might still not be out you might have VH4 5 and 6 just saying

  17. Anonymous

    I took a quick glance at the script for this beast and all I can say is I wish you luck. This looks like something for an entire freaking translation and coding team, not just one person. Still other then the size it doesn’t look too overwhelming, just time consuming. I hope your will holds up, my friend!

  18. Anonymous

    I’d much rather see this translated than VH4 to be honest. It’s a better game than the third but if I wanted just porn and sex, there’s already tons of it. Monster Girl romance is still rare in English. Totally support this, goodspeed.

  19. Anonymous

    Sei Monmusu Gakuen probably has almost as much text as the Lamia, Alraune, Slime/Scylla, and Spider/Harpy/Cyclops games combined.

    Granted those games are fairly short. Sei Monmusu Gakuen is still kind of tame compared to the average length of most eroge these days. 6 months sounds doable but you’d have to be committed.

  20. Xander Tyrann

    Ive read some of this already with my limited japanese skills and enjoyed it, good decision and i’m really looking forward to your translation.

    Just dont burn out before MGP!

  21. Bipolarized

    Thank you based Dargoth! I was just thinking this morning how I’d like to see a Vanadis game in english. And lo and behold, you start translating one. You’re like the Santa Claus of monster girl porn.

  22. anon

    so in VH4 there is no real special skills instead there is help from monsters defeated. Only 4 stat gains. What is the page with Amu in it? And what happened to her, because isnt the ending with hero and Amu the true ending?!

  23. Anonymous

    Wow, a game I’ve actually played. If this game works how I remember, there’s basically a route for each girl and your choices are incredibly simple and basically split you down the tree of which girl you choose. Also, I think some routes aren’t available until you play others (ghost girl I think is one of those), but I’m not 100% sure if that’s this game or a different one I played.

    The doll girl is my favorite though, because there’s one scene where they get around censorship where she takes off her hand and attaches it to your penis, and whatever she does to her fingers I believe you’re able to feel, so she sucks her fingers and stuff and gives you a really wacky blowjob. Although it sounds kind of lame typing it out.

  24. ChaoticNemisis

    I really do wish you luck in this endeavour, As it is a massive undertaking. If I wasn’t bloated like a goblin gangbanged by minotaurs in school work, I’d offer my assistance translating, editing and releasing in anyway I could. If you need some editing assistance, let me know, and I’ll try to make some time.

  25. Wow, this is a really huge project to take on Dargoth
    Translating a whole eroge/nukige by yourself is no easy feat. Consider getting some help and don’t overstrain yourself with expectations and whatnot
    Best of luck and keep up the good work

  26. Moby

    Bringing joy to all monster girl lovers out there. Finally… FINALLY!!!!!
    (In other news, top 5-6 of the VH5 polls are out. Pretty much going as I expected)

  27. Hizoku

    Oooh, I was hoping someone would pick this project up again.. hopefully this time it gets finished xD
    Good luck Dargoth!~ we’re fapping for ya~

  28. Anonymous

    I was expecting this to never be translated. It’ll be nice to get some more vanilla Monstergirls for a change

  29. Anonymous

    Awesome! I saw you post a screenshot, but I figured you were probably just trolling. If you complete, you’ll move up to my 3rd favorite person in the world instead of only the 5th.

  30. Brave

    Interesting, have to say I didn’t see this one coming.

    I’ve found the few earlier Vanadis MG games I played to not really be my thing, but Gakuen looks to be a lot more interesting.

    I’m just wrapping up VH4, so no great loss for me if that goes untranslated.

  31. Cheech

    Dargoth you’re so based. I was actually wondering if you would pick up a Vanadis game.

    Keep up the good work man, it’s awesome

  32. Anonymous

    Best of luck dude, I hope you keep up the good work.

    I’ll be watching regardless of what you translate, big props to you 😀

  33. Sajuuk

    you say many have tried and all have failed, I hope you are not including yourself in that aswell. are you. anyway I am happy to see you translate this game, but I must say VH 4 also looked intresting in art and stuff. but the game you are translating now will be revreshing change. so I will only say one more thing good luck Dargoth dare not fail or I am going to send all the monster girls from the games you translated after you,. greetings Sajuuk

  34. Anonymous

    Whether you succeed or not, you get massive props for even trying in the first place, Dargoth.

    And I do think your odds are significantly better than those of anyone who’s tried before you.

    Best of luck. I believe in you.

  35. Anonymous

    Honestly looks way too damn vanilla as oppose to other monster girl games i’ve played. I think i will skip it, mgg without any hardcore femdom is not a real mgg IMO.

    RIP VH 4 and 5.

  36. I’m happy to see you translating this, but I really hope you eventually get to Violated Hero 4 and 5. I don’t mind waiting, even if waiting longer, I just don’t want you to drop them for good. I’ve loved them ever since VH1.

      • Anonymous

        Just to make sure i understand you… It would take you at least 6 months(and you are even doubtful yourself) to do SMMG and a month(confidently) to do a VH game and you chose to do SMMG first? Wow… you must have really gotten sick of VH lol.

        I guess it’s smarter from a business standpoint, it would attract a large crowd and make you famous for doing something everyone else failed.

        Still i hope you do come back to VH some day, best of luck.

  37. Alphotix

    Was wondering why this game hadn’t been translated yet, now I know. Well if you think you can pull it off I’ll definitely check it out, good luck to you man.. Just don’t overdo yourself lol

    Also, I’m curious about the new MGQ game coming out, Paradox. This may have been asked before, I’m not sure. I’m assuming you are translating it since Rogue retired (sad day it was), are you going to be translating the Monsterpedia? Also, I’m not sure what kind of skills/items Paradox will have but I know some monsters will be returning, Will things that return have the same name as Rogue’s translated version? I’m not sure how you choose to convert Japanese names to English, I know you are good at translating, It’s just sometimes translators choose to make up a name, not sure if Rogue did or not. I don’t know Japanese so they are most likely a reason behind that though

    Sorry for the text wall… lol

  38. tim

    i finish the game in japanese although i don`t know what exactly the content of sei monmusu gakuen, the cg is really good and the girl are cute

  39. fou_lu

    Have Tried Googling about this game, but still quite didn´t Understand wat the actual gameplay look like. It’s Just a Visual Novel? Or it actually has some battles on it like MGQ?

    • Everyone who has tried had no experience and just flaked, their is no real issue. The japanese is said to be pretty basic, and with no gameplay engine there is no stupid hacking issues. Though the one Dargoth picked is by far the longest.

      • Anonymous

        In a way, sometimes the pure VN games are the scariest. Unlike games with simple combat branches (win or lose) you can get to some pretty insane line counts if every choice leads down different branches tie together to get the required N + 2 (where N is the number of girls and 1 harem and 1 no girl) endings.

  40. Anonymous

    You’re a legend mate. I’ve been wanting to play this game for so long, it’ll be great to finally have an English patch out! Good luck!

  41. Aurst

    I believe in you Dargoth, if you accomplish this you can accomplish anything. You have my support and you’re one glorious man.

  42. tester323

    I remember asking you about this game earlier! I’m so glad you decided to go on this journey, good luck!

  43. Anonymous

    As long as you can finish it without dying, I don’t care if it takes you two years, my patience is eternal. Take your time, and don’t push yourself

  44. Coldblood2345

    i have a copy of vanadis mamomo musume and try to do my self a translation by myself and kinda just wonder off. So the stuff you guys do I couldn’t not even imagine the work on those.

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