Fast Translation Ideas

I’ve been thinking about ways to get translations done quickly for at least a year or two now, but I’ve kept them to myself because I didn’t want to get anyone’s hopes up or have any ideas interpreted as promises. So just keep it in mind that these are ideas that may never happen. However, with VH5 coming out and it being clear that 1) I translate/edit/release slowly, 2) there are lots of games I’d like to see translated, and 3) no one else is translating them, it might be worth exploring some of these ideas, or at least seeing what people think or if you have better ideas and suggestions.

I should mention now that I’m not doing this for St. Monmusu Gakuen, but for other projects that would otherwise go untranslated.

The first general idea is for me to simply play through a game and record myself translating the lines in real time then have someone else handle editing. The biggest hurdle here is that I’m not fluent in Japanese, and even the best translator is going to stumble over lines that don’t translate easily into English. Also, while people do offer to help with editing, who knows how enthusiastic they’ll be to edit 10,000 lines. So what do I do with the recordings…

1. Speech-to-text: Install Dragon Naturally Speaking or equivalent and put text directly into the game as I go.

Easiest for me to edit out garbage on-the-fly.
Easy to pause to think about a sentence or look up a word I don’t recognize.
Easiest for other people to edit.
Can release unedited versions.

Hard to get sounds, onomatopoeia, etc. correct. Same with names and game-specific terms that the software won’t recognize.
More work on my end.

2. Audio recordings: Simply release the audio to editors

Minimal time usage for me.
No problems with sounds.
Easy for me to explain things, add notes, etc.

Matching up lines might be confusing for editors.
More work for editors, and more likely they’ll screw up something that causes bugs/crashes.
Half the audio could be me correcting myself or giving 4 versions of the same sentence.

3. Let’s Play videos

Similar to audio, except people could watch the game being played so matching up lines in the text files would be easier.

Copyright concerns?
Getting pulled from YouTube for pornographic content?
Similar disadvantages for audio.
More work for me than audio.

The second idea is something that Rogue himself came up with a long time ago: creating a translation site that allows anybody to contribute translations of lines for a game. Here’s how I envision it working:

Step 1: A parser that takes the game’s lines and formats them for the website.
Step 2: Build a website where people can view the lines and contribute translations for them.
Step 3: A compiler that takes the translated lines from the website and builds the game’s script file back.

Steps 1 and 3 will be engine dependent, but I don’t think terribly hard for Kirikiri games or RPGMaker games when combined with already existing tools. Either or both steps could be done with manual intervention if necessary too.

The idea here is that there are plenty of people who know Japanese but don’t want to spend hundreds of hours translating and editing tens of thousands of lines. Even beginners to the language can handle easy lines, and people who know no Japanese can still edit the English. It’d have a feature to enable users to flag lines for review and rate difficulty of lines so more experienced translators could take a look at those. Throw in some basic security and version control to prevent/revert vandalism and bad translations, of course.

Unsurprisingly, the reason this has never gotten off the ground is because it requires work…

Anyway, just throwing out some ideas.


  1. WildFour

    It finally came to this, we have to make a choice between speedy or quality translations. regarding the second idea, would someone be there to validate the lines that were translated? some games have been fully translated but unreleased due to the validation process taking quite a long time. But if that process is skipped will it not risk having random gibberish piled together since all the lines are being taken out and translated out of context.

    • The lines wouldn’t be translated entirely out of context: you’d still be able to see the whole conversation. It’d be nice to support uploading screenshots and maybe parsing audio cues and such as well. Lines would get validated by virtue of lots of people reading them. The original Japanese could remain displayed on the site beside the translation for easy checking.

      At any rate, it’s not really a choice between speedy or quality translations. I’m still doing quality translations, but for other projects that I simply don’t have the time to do and would never get translated otherwise, a speedy one is better than nothing.

  2. Roflcakes

    Having multiple people contribute translations seems like an okay idea, but I feel like it wouldn’t be a good idea to mix different people’s translations because the way the “character” will talk might be mixed up. I don’t know how to explain it, but you probably know what I mean.

      • Anonymous

        The second option would most likely only reduce your work if done in the same way that made those previous efforts flop. Doing it right… would take way more work than just translating, like making a clone of the Lionbridge company (Enterprise crowdsourcing company). Way too much work.

      • Anonymous

        The problem is that you’re asking for multiple editors as well, and they’ll be inconsistent with each other. I know you can’t get these done in time, but this just seems like it’ll take the games and turn them into a mess

      • verd12w

        I completely support the community method. I would personally volunteer as both an editor and and once I get better with my Japanese, a translator.

  3. Anonymous

    Actually i like dargoth’s idea and I have actually thought of it some point ago as well:
    I support it and restating pros for Dargoth
    -it utilizes the community and effectly reduces the burden on Dargoth, even people with basic or beginning Japanese can contribute with the help of a machine translator for simple lines
    -cuts the waiting period on titles significantly resulting in near instant translations
    -many more games translated
    -quality vs speed concerns aren’t really an issue imo. they can always be edited or reviewed afterwards by Dargoth or fluent Japanese speakers in finalization if that’s a concern
    leave more text untranslated. similar to the way minor characters or trash filler enemies text has been ignored in VH. unessential text should be left untranslated. you can pretty much figure out whats going on in violated hero gameplay and what to do. focus on the h scene~ or important essential text

    /similiar community contribution to what dargoth was saying, people translate and submit different texts which come under editing possibly for each h scene etc.

    • “leave more text untranslated. similar to the way minor characters or trash filler enemies text has been ignored in VH. unessential text should be left untranslated. you can pretty much figure out whats going on in violated hero gameplay and what to do. focus on the h scene~ or important essential text”

      People already give me enough grief over not translating encyclopedia entries for everything.

  4. Kyon

    If the dragon causes you to spend more time and work, it might be out of the question, but if editing is possible as you play it might be good for us to use when we play something you may never have any interest in editing.

  5. Anonymous

    I think the idea of a site where everyone can contribute seems fine, it could yeld decent to good translation for games that would otherwise never be translated

  6. Jake

    Dargoth, I would actually go with Rogue’s idea.

    Let’s be realistic, videos etc. are going to be a hassle anyway, and you won’t get as many people volunteering.

    But with the community idea, this could become something more than the games you were going to do. With enough people coming over, it could become a site for lots of games and projects. Say somewhere there’s someone who wants a game done, and there’s one or two people willing to do but aren’t in the know-how to rip the game apart to do it, simply redirect them to the site and allow them to set up a translation project for that specific thing. This in turn allows other translators to find things others are working on and lets them contribute, and for users and translators they can find new projects/games they wouldn’t find otherwise.

    I mean, It’s a big picture, but at least the second idea has a lot of potential to lead to something very productive.

    In a lot of cases you see posts and threads about things people would like translated, and it’s usually one person who will appear and say “I’ll do this, but I don’t have much time” and it either never happens or gets abandoned, but I feel the idea has the potential to stop this.

    I’m not sure if I’m remembering correctly, but I think there used to be something similar to this but for subbing anime, and it worked quite well, unfortunately I think they got shut down due to copyright or something. I honestly can’t remember, but copyright is something you would need to look out for I guess.

    Your only real problem with the second idea is setting up a website and script re-packer, etc. Where/how are you going to do this?

  7. Anonymous

    if you mean concentrate on h scenes of vh, and make video with subtitles would be good.about uploading it on youtube isnot it possible to just upload videos on downloading sites how it was with patches?

  8. it requires work you say?

    but how much time does it need?
    and which company would allow this?
    All these things to think about.

    Seing the tool i made for you it would be easy to convert this to a database.

  9. Anonymous

    The idea of page, where any1 can translate was already made by team translating Fate/Hollow Ataraxia. To sum it up, more work trying to deal with incorrect translations (or copy-paste from translate google) and verify each line, than it would be translating it by yourself or small team of trusted people.

    • Tlwiki was essentialy a site devoted to anyone can help translate/edit, and it ended badly. The only projects that finished were team ones that didn’t host anything. Any and all0 hosted projects that anyone could edit ended quickly, badly, or never started. Community trans might seem like a good idea, but it just lends itself to machine translation and a massive headache at the end when someone has to fix all the errors and check everything because that one guy machined part of the game and now everything is suspect.
      It’s not that it can’t work, but just a public anyone can do anything site will fail. Either to trolls or people who think a complete machine trans is good enough.

      • did they use a different site for that or did they used the wiki?
        Asking because on a special site for that you could have people vote for the right text line. you could also report a person to be doing machine translation and basicly remove/revert all the lines he wrote.
        Also for copy pastarino of google translation you could automaticly check against this.

        Of course at the end there still have to be people that work in the background.

      • The wiki itself hosted files, with the owner of the site(Moogy and someone else) having the ability to kick anyone they wanted from the site. The biggest problem is that interest was lost in any longer project and quality checking was insane. You want to do a voting system for a game with 30,000 unique lines? How many people will bother making it to the end? Motivation will be shot, since they are not reading they are working so almost every project will end in a partial unfinished state, just like Princess Trainer 5(I think that’s the one) or the Idolmaster games, where if anyone does help out it won’t be enough in the long run to finish the projects.

        As much as I wish there was a way to do the system “right”, there just isn’t without money or mind control(for motivation).

        Oh, and I bet someone on Fuwanovel is trying this or will/has tried it. With their community, more then 50% of any project will be machine translated with the rest being either decent or not done, and they have plenty of people to “help” with English but none of them will care. It’s the same with Hongfire and ULMF translation projects, people will accept any level of English as long as it’s understandable(Machine or not), making quality checking pointless. People could help, but few try.

  10. Michiru

    i like the community idea, but can understand the problems that might arise.
    How bout Dargoth approves people as translators with a test and give them the “Translator” title. So that means these people are the main ones who translate the text and go over it. Of course as Dargoth doesn’t have time to approve each and every person then he can simply have one of the early good ones take that position to give out the tests and approve people. and it would not be the same test either, but changes since people can cheat.

    That way for those who don’t make the translator cut can still translate, but only those approved for translating can decide what to use for the final draft before going to Dargoth. And then the ones who can’t translate at all can go over the drafts and discuss if anything makes sense or needs to be changed and whatnot.

    • That’s essentially just creating a translation group, and the problem there is there are virtually no people willing and able to translate niche porn games.

  11. Anonymous

    People. That’s the main problem. People with the skills and willingness to do this stuff. We don’t get many folks like you and Rogue around. Which is unfortunate, but inevitable.

    Honestly, I’m not sure if there will ever be a real solution to this until machine translations become about 40 times better. I remember someone machine translated MGQ2 while we were waiting on Rogue’s first partial patch and the damn thing kept translating “pussy” and all it’s variants as puntako which is so unsexy even typing it in on Google Image doesn’t result in porn.

    I know a few editors that use machine translations as something of a base board for more exact editing, but I don’t know if that speeds up the process at all or just makes it easier in terms of effort rather then time. Other then that I think a translation group is really you’re only hope, but most of those focus on quick projects. Things like doujin/manga. Still if you loiter around Fakku you might be able to poke one of the doujin translation groups there into at least helping out on line translations for you that you could then just code into the game yourself.

    Speaking of patches. Are you going to be doing partials on vandis’ chimeric pornolith or are you just going straight for the big finish at 100%?

  12. Anonymous

    Making a google drive folder with the untranslated text as the documents, spread out over intervals (days, episodes, etc.) and letting everyone use the suggestions feature seems to work for some translations. As suggestions are implemented, the original lines would be kept for rechecking by making them a comment of the translation, or of a special character before the translation (like #). The original text should also be kept as a separate document so the original information is not lost. The problem here would be at least one person is needed to actually accept the suggestions, otherwise there will be a lot of machine translations, general mistakes, and occasional trolls that delete everything messing up the progress. Whoever ends up having the admin privileges would also need a decent knowledge of Japanese to make sure that the translation is even relevant. Not sure if this would mean more work than actually doing the translation yourself, but it would definitely help with the editing portion since the translated text can still receive suggestions for further improvement if necessary.

  13. Anonymous

    The best solution is probably a combination of several things. Record yourself unedited narrating the dialogue of a scene, release the untranslated text to a community portal along with the video, the community edits and some moderators you have appointed review that the video and translated text are correct, then you put the text back into the game. Requires trusted moderators and some time setting up a site where you can submit your project in sections.

  14. DeonDarkHunter

    I would gladly help to translate with this idea of the public lines (even if I’m learning Japanese and English is not my native language).

  15. Anonymous

    Good stuff, I know Vimeo is fairly lax on porn, nudity and such,. But I am mostly for the Lets Play idea since I think it would be amusing!

    I love the idea of the translation site. Working on typos and such wouldn’t be too hard for me, although I am far from perfect.

  16. Anonymous

    Theres no better motivation for people than self interest. Ethics aside, translators could start a kickstarter campaign. Money would be a good incentive

    • Anonymous

      I’d pay money for that, just as long as we dont have so many games go to waste while we wait on one game to be translated in 2-3 years only to finish it all in on weekend and think… Well that was worth the wait…

  17. Sajuuk

    Kickstarter is an option but only translators who really have time and resolve should use that,
    the moment you start acepting money you have resposebility to finish the work you are promising to.
    you cant stop halfway, many translators I have seen stopted working on translations around halfway even some that stoped at 90% completion.

    on a other note I do find some of the ideas Dargoth has good,
    but most of it will depent on how many poeple can help him make it come true.
    well we can only hope.

    good luck Dargoth with you translations and keep up the good work

    • I see a lot of people say a number of translator’s stop at 90~ but I don’t think that’s true. While some RPG Maker projects do get some left out stuff, any project that’s 90% that stops without releasing was a lie and a troll. Unless they were being payed and the money stopped coming, no one would stop that close to completion.

      • Depends on what they consider “translated.” If they did 90% of a really rough translation and were looking at spending dozens of hours on editing, I can see why someone might want to give up then. I try to do my best job on the first pass so I don’t spend all that much effort on editing later.

  18. Billy Masakado

    Hmm interesting topic. Personally I think that if you go with the idea of a let’s play sites like xvideo, vimeo and even daily motion ( to some extend) can help you with the pornographic policies and copyright issues.
    Disadvantages : Can spoil the game, time consuming, audio issues as mentioned.
    Now, regarding creating a forum for example where people can throw in bits of translations, this also sounds like a great idea.
    Of course the problem would be trolls, and machine translations can kinda get in the way with the whole authenticity and accuracy of the translation.
    Another problem is finding a common ground on how the translation will look like ( in this case the ”character” and form of the wordings and so on). However, the point is that it gets translated in my opinion.
    Therefore, if you go with this idea I can suggest a few things. You can try it out for a few months, assembling members who are committed to do their part. For example one member can translate one H scene, while the other a generic encounter. This can split the work making your life easier. Another key component is to assign someone ( or a few) to check the authenticity of the translated text, and correct it for their mistakes etc.

    Main Disadvantages : Finding members capable,skillful and committed who have an interest in niche games is challenging. Sacrificing some quality is almost unavoidable.

    Crappy solution that can be acceptable : Members use machine translators and slowly slowly give the text form/change and implement more authenticity.

    Conclusion : Creating a forum for the purpose of translating sounds like a good idea. But yeah….it is not perfect.

  19. Anonymous

    what is your process in a translation currently? i know both take a long time but is it translating or computer stuff that takes most time. what programs are you using? i am interested in knowing the details just to see if there is anything i can do

    • Computer stuff doesn’t take any time at all. I have a bunch of files with lines in Japanese; I delete them and replace with lines in English. I use EditPad Pro and have the game running so I can listen to lines to get context right.

  20. Hizoku

    #3 is currently being used by someone called Akumu Ryuu on youtube, he is translating Shin Koihime Musou using text hookers and translation software (his understanding of japanese is basic). He’s been at it for a bit over a year and he’s completed 2 of the 3 main routes plus a bunch of the side content (he’s skipping the H-scenes due to youtube content rules). Also, he became part of a translation project earlier this year which will be working with MangaGamer to make the translation official.

    • Interesting. He’s creating subtitles though, which at that point he may as well be putting the translation into the game. I was thinking of using a microphone and translating in real time. It’ll be rough and completely unedited, but rather fast at least.

  21. fou_lu

    Especially Liked the last one. I certainly would try translating some easy lines to contribute, would be good to start praticing.

    I started trying to translate the H Scenes of Chaos Labyrinth, but things are going rather slow because of the kanjis. I am just putting the translation on a text file for now, if I start to make some progress I will start think of doing some word wrapping to the game files.

  22. Zane

    I don’t know how you are doing it right now, but normally, then if a VN is being translated, then it’s normally done by a group of people. Why not try to see if you can find some people to help out with each area? It would make it go faster, and the quality wouldn’t suffer this way.

    • Vincent

      We would have had quite a few translated titles by now if it was the case, from different people. Aside from Dargoth I didn’t see any other Monster Girl game being translated at the moment (MGQ aside). Which leads me to belive that this is a very niche genre and not many are interested…. :/

      I really hope a hero shows up and get it on. Honestly I would pay for translatons, I’m desperate. Hadn’t had my fix in a long time. And playing untranslated Monster Girl games out there just aren’t that setesfatory. I need to know their punishing speach while they ride out hero to it’s (pleasure?) doom.

      • Zane

        Here is an example of what I wrote, a group is translating a certain VN (I’m not revealing any names at all), for people working alone, then translating around 10%, it would take around a month, this group has done it on 2 weeks, + edited around 8%.

        Yeah, I do know it seems like not many are interested…………but that might be wrong, there are many who wants to work on translating VNs, but where they just don’t want to do it alone. Maybe they know how to edit, but they don’t know how to translate, then there is no way for them to get started.
        That aside, I bet it’s possible to find some, whom would like to help translating, editing, or checking the translation’s quality. Finding those, it’s not always a matter of interest for the genre, some just want to work in someway on translations. Go to any anime / manga focused website, and then ask people there, then you’ll see interest in monster girls.

    • Anonymous

      Part of me shares the curiosity about the story, though given diesel’s cookie cutter output of these “games” I honestly wouldn’t expect anything different. Hero boy is trying to save humanity; he fights and gets raped. Main baddie visits hero boy and gives a domination footjob such that he realizes how helpless he is. Heroboy powers up and then depending on “choices” has “multiple” endings…

    • Story:
      The 10 connected worlds – Elysia.
      This is a world within the 10 universes ruled over by monster girls.
      You, despite your fear of the threat the monster girls pose, have been considering doing something about the situation from your home near the World Tree in the lowest layer of the 10 worlds.
      That day has come.
      An angel appears and informs you that you have been chosen to save the world from the rule of the monster girls.
      Without understanding why, the sadistic angel molests you in order for you to receive divine protection and to prepare you to be a hero.
      Are you really a hero…?
      Can a human defeat the monster girls and save the world…?
      You will travel the 10 worlds and engage in fierce battles with beautiful, seductive monster girls.
      If you lose, you will be subjected to hellish rape for every drop of semen you have.
      Can you really save all the worlds!?
      Or will all your semen be squeezed out by the monster girls…!?
      As battles and intrigue move through Elysia, your adventure for salvation begins…

      • Billy Masakado

        Haha awesome πŸ™‚ Thanks for the translation. So in other words :

        Angel Ariel: Hey Sion ( name of the hero), you have been chosen from the heavens to become a hero in order to save the world. So…’s raping time.

        Sion : Wait what ? Ahhh (Cums buckets)

        Angel Ariel : To be honest I think you are pathetic….I would rape you anyways, since it’s my favorite hobby….I love it.

        Sion : What’s going on ??? I want to save the world, and you molest me to give me divine protection ? Is this for real ?

        Angel Ariel : But it feels great doesn’t it ? You better be honest with me, because truth prevails in the end you know….otherwise prepare for punishment.

        Sion : Yes, yes it does ( not that I would lie anyways)

        Angel Ariel : Good boy ( squeezes him more)

        Sion : Wait what are you….ahhh ( more cumming out, gets divine protection). I told you the truth….why???

        Angel Ariel : Ara ? Have I forgotten to tell you ? Reward and punishment is the same.

        Sion : Whaaaat ? I don’t understand anymore…….God give me wisdom

        Angel Ariel : Be careful what you wish for.

        Sion : Oh crap…..

        Angel Ariel : Welcome to Dieselmine’s messed up monster girl awesomeness πŸ˜‰

        And so begins an epic journey to battle the tyrannical forces……or cum trying.

        More details about the game here :

        The game will be available… the end of July ??? That’s great !

      • moonblack

        Sounds like the angels are trying to use the “hero” to weaken the other monster girls so that they can take over all the worlds.

    • WildHawk

      that’s my only problem with games like this since it’s an Rpg i have to guess what im doing most of the time

  23. Roflcakes

    VH5 release date is on July 25th, and the composer is the same one from VH4.

    I wish they would make their games widescreen.

  24. Anonymous

    Did you test Dragon Naturally Speaking with the speach of the game, or do you mean you’re reading it aloud and the software puts your voice into text.

    I tried that with a movie(succubus returns) and failed πŸ™

  25. Sevalle

    Fifth VH was a pretty step up in terms of character design and overall atmosphere. This new one looks even better.

    • Roflcakes

      I kind of wish they would do the same thing with the VH3 demo, which was put 2 bosses in the demo instead of just 1. Still can’t wait till it releases though.

      Also I wonder why they haven’t put up a link for the demo on their official website yet?

      • The plant girl has a pretty short scene. I assume there’s going to be a follow-up to it that just wasn’t included in the demo. There’s also the customary preview of other scenes.

      • Anonymous

        yeah there is sort of miniboss wich has small scene with text but without cg in 2 world 3 girl.
        customary preview is sort of funny thing because it basically as you had handjob but before cumming it stopped xD

    • Sevalle

      Meh, to each his own. The idea of girls to rape the player is what drew me in to try Monster Girls type of games in the first place. Aside from casual stuff where both sides are willing, there is something more alluring when girl is being more perversive and dominating. Raping Monster Girls puts them in the same damn style that 80% hentai is all about. Honestly, I’m tired of that.

      • Billy Masakado

        Suit Yourself ;0. Personally I find both scenarios fascinating. An example of male dominance is this : you fight a challenging monster girl ( or hot female ), and you think to yourself ” I am going to screw you biatch…you have kicked my ass….now its my turn..raaawr”. After you beat her, you can make that thought or raw instinctive aggressive sexual emotion a reality….doesn’t that feel great ? And what is better is that there is a chance that the female character starts to crave for it and enjoy her condition πŸ™‚

        As for an example of female dominance : You find a female character ( or MG) very attractive, to the point that you allow her to rape you, it doesn’t matter if you get your ass whooped : ”dang you are hot and sexy….ok you win….screw me all day if you want to…” That type of submission that creates this sexual arousal is also great.

        Therefore, I like both dominating types, but that is just me :). It really depends on the scenario.

  26. Yaz

    I don’t claim to know anything about translating besides it takes a long time and requires a lot of effort to translate each individual line, then place it in order back in the game.
    With that being said, #1 sounds like a great idea in terms of convenience.

    How I imagine translating goes is someone has to read the original sentence in Japanese, then type out each individual sentence in English which for something like MGQ might as well be translating a novel to another language by hand. Being able to just play the game and read the original sentence in Japanese and physically SAY the lines in English and having it magically appear by itself in a neat little word document sounds amazingly convenient.

    As for the end product, it’s not like you’re planning to just read the entire game once and release the transcript as-is right? Obviously there will be some QA to make sure what comes out the end in the game screen isn’t google-translated nonsequitor garbage. I say #1. Great idea and it sounds like it will take a load off your back with no change to end quality. Go for it.

    As for #2, it seems even easier for you considering you have an actual human scribe readily available to transcribe your recordings into text, but as you predicted, there will be a lot of mix-ups, errors, headaches, and “fuck it i’ll do it myself” moments if you go that route. #1 takes miscommunication out of the equation which will definitely help you more than hurt you.

    As for #3, never ever mention this again. Holy shit I cringed a little just reading that idea.
    The thought of you (no offense) clearing your throat and reading porn lines from the game while lewd sounds are going on in the background would kill my boner so hard that I’d never get it up again. You’d give me ED if you went this route. You’d give everyone ED. You’d be #1 viewed on Retsupurae with a million views if you did this. I can’t nope hard enough for #3.

  27. I would just like to thank you for all your hard work and to say I will be and have already started translation of VH4.

    Depending on how the progress goes I plan to pick up VH4 Another Story and VH5. So thank you for encouraging me to pick up some more lewd lingo to fill my vocabulary.

  28. Bad Penny

    I don’t mind waiting, even a couple years, as long it gets done eventually.

    Too many translation projects like these get abandoned for good.

    Many thanks by the way.

  29. Anonymous

    I was taking a look at the games, when I notice a game called: House of Monster Girls! Buxom Demon Musume Oppai Reverse Rape, I wanted to try it out, however, the language I tried to play is in Japanese, I was wondering if this could get the translation, it said that it’s a simple fun adventure, and it shows five monster girls, so it could be a quick translation, I’ll post a link if you’re interested:

  30. Anonymous

    Your fourth idea might be workable if you do a bit of quality control. You’d need to have a group of trusted translators… Maintain machine translations of the lines for auto-flagging if someone gets clever and loads machine translations… Have several levels of translation, raw, tentative and accepted maybe. People vote on raw to make them tentative or accepted, ~90% threshold for accepted. ~66% for tentative, trusted translators can move translations however they please. multiple translations for each line. Each with an individual vote count & ability to lock votes.

    Then you can sort by scene if you can maintain that information from the script file. Set current priorities, search through flagged translations.

    It’s pretty much a standard Task management system set up for democracy and translation.

  31. MaikelX

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