August Monster Girl Game Roundup

Since August has been such a great month for monster girl and reverse rape games, I wanted to point out a few releases that you may be interested in playing. If you just want 100% saves of these games, check out and ctrl+f the Japanese title, or google the site if the game has been pushed off the front page.

1. Violated Hero 2 犯され勇者Ⅱ

You obviously haven’t missed this one if you’re reading my blog, but I thought I should give a mini-review of the game anyway. Now I’ll be the first to admit that the first game wasn’t all that great, but the sequel is an improvement in every way. It’s twice as long with twice as many H-scenes, plus all the women this time are non-human, unlike the first game that threw in three humans (and an elf that was close enough). The story is essentially the same, but the added length  and choice to go with the “big bad + 4 henchman” formula worked out great. Each of the Demon Generals has her own personality, and you get lots of story scenes with them before you actually meet and fight them. It’s not Monster Girl Quest, but the added characterization is appreciated and goes a long way in making the game more interesting to play. The battle system is better too, but ultimately still a pile of crap. At least you don’t have to grind this time.

The art and voice acting speak for themselves and put 99.9% of the games on DLSite to shame. It’s hardly believable that a couple people at Dieselmine made this game in 8 months.

2. Monster Girl Academy 聖もんむす学園

This is the latest monster girl visual novel from Vanadis. They’ve made a few of these focusing on specific monster girls, but this time it’s a school full of them.

You play a human professor hired to teach Human History in an all-monster-girl academy, and obviously they’re hot for teacher. There’s no gameplay because it’s a visual novel. You just read and (I assume) make a few decisions here and there. I haven’t played more than the demo, although I did check out the h-scene gallery.

It has full voice acting and very good art, but like other Vanadis games, it’s fairly vanilla. Don’t expect much beyond the usual handjobs, blowjobs, and consensual sex.

3. Mononoke Village 昇天! もののけ村!!

The next two aren’t exactly monster girl games. Mononoke are spirits from Japanese folklore, but for our purposes, they’re essentially monsters.

This game is totally lacking story, but it does have unique gameplay. It’s a 2D side-scroller where you only move to the right, attack, defend, and use special abilities. The enemies don’t move at all. The gameplay is fairly bad, to be honest. If you get hit, you lose and get raped. If you win, there’s a chance you can make the mononoke your companion. She’ll give you a special ability, and you can have sex in town. So essentially, the game is half rape-on-lose and half rape-on-win, although it’s hard to call either situation rape. The protagonist doesn’t say anything in the game, and since he’s released after sex, it’s hard to say whether he’s enjoying it or not. As for the mononoke, they aren’t exactly complaining when you choose to have sex with them either.

Art is about average. There’s no voice acting, but the game does have moaning and good sound effects.

If you want to play it, I did a bare bones translation of the menu and weapon/ability bonuses to make it easier to play:

4. Mononoke Quest もののけクエスト

You play Jun, a young Japanese salaryman who gets on the train after work, falls asleep, and wakes up in the spirit world. That’s about the time I got tired of reading the text.

This is an RPGMaker game, although it’s kind of a point and click adventure with JRPG battles and some walking around. I haven’t seen any full walkthroughs posted, but you’ll probably need one because finding where you’re supposed to click on screen and what to do with the items you do find is a huge pain in the ass.

I haven’t played much of it and there isn’t a 100% save available, but from what I have seen, the H-scenes are pretty hardcore. For example, in the first scene, you’re transformed into a dildo, and the second scene is a gangbang complete with pegging. I don’t think Jun lives through very many of these either. It has sound effects, but no voices or moaning. Average art quality.

5. Succubus Queen 淫魔の女王

This one isn’t a monster girl game, but it’s male protagonist reverse rape with a battle-fuck system made in RPGMaker. All the women are succubi, and there are some cat-girls, elves, etc. mixed in there.

You play a high school student who is dared to enter a haunted old schoolhouse alone at night. Upon doing so, you get magically teleported to a world full of succubi. A succubus takes pity on you, teaches you sexual techniques for three days, and sends you on a quest to meet the Succubus Queen who can hopefully return you to your world. On the way, you have sex with succubi and try to make them come before you do, or else you lose.

Be warned that the tutorial is absurdly long and the battle system is somewhat complicated.

The art is below average, but not terrible. It’s the kind of drawing you see in all the shovelware RPGMaker games on DLSite.


  1. Pain E

    I tried Monster Girl Academy and, even though I don’t speak Japanese, it wasn’t bad.
    I hope someone will try to translate it in the near future.

    In any case, thanks for your hard work on Violated Hero 2, I liked the first one 🙂

  2. Sajuuk

    intresting game list to bad i cant read japanese maybe i will try and learn it one of these days.
    anyway keep up the good work dargoth.
    maybe you will also like to try resuming the work of rugue translator on VH
    as it is now he wont be translating that game.anymore would be a shame if it never got finished.
    anyway hope to see the 100% patch of the game you are translating now.
    and i am looking fowared on any of you future projects

  3. weee

    i gave up on num.4, i was stuck on the toilet part after i defeat the mermaid thingy and get the screwdriver,spanner and open the box on the toilet.

  4. Anonymous

    So about violated hero 2… has anyone downloaded this game and gotten it to work? I’m having trouble. When I try, it keeps showing me some unintelligible moonspeak, along with a file name: krdevui.dll… I dunno what I have to do to get this game working. If Dargoth or any other person who got this to work knows, help would be appreciated.

    • Anonymous

      After fiddling around with file names I finally managed to get both parts into the same folder, but I get an error message when I try to start the game up. (I’m running in Japanese locale) I believe its the same issue as the above post, so here’s a link to a screen shot of the error message I’m getting, hopefully this helps:

      Thanks for any help anyone is willing to give, would like to play this game as soon as possible.

      • Anonymous

        Seems like this might be going in the right direction. Now when I try to run it with the English patch installed it gives me the same screen as when I tried to just run the Japanese version. When I tried to play the English version before this it would go straight to an error message, the game didn’t even open. Don’t know if the error message is the same or not, here’s another screen shot of it:

        Thanks for the help so far.

      • I posted a second file; try that one too, though honestly that looks like the exact same error as before, which certainly shouldn’t happen. Make sure you’re actually overwriting the old messagewindow.tjs file.

      • They’re both the same file name, just two different versions. I want you to replace the messagewindow.tjs in the game’s /data/system/ directory with the messagewindow.tjs in the zip, then try running the game. Something’s going wrong here because there’s no way you’d get the same error message with the edited file…

        Wait a second, you need to rename data.xp3 to something else. The install batch file should have done that for you, but apparently it didn’t. Just change it to data.xp3.backup or something.

      • Anonymous

        Hmm, somethings funky..I don’t even have a /data/system directory until I extract the messagewindow.tjs into the game directory. Here’s what the directory looks like before I do that:

        Once the folder actually showed up I tried replacing messagewindowtjs2 into the /data/system directory but it just created another data/system/ folder inside of the existing one, and all it contains is: mainwindow.tjs

        • Did you run the English patch install batch file? It doesn’t appear like you did.

          Also, mediafire says I have 0 downloads on that second messagewindow.tjs version. I think you may have accidently downloaded the first one twice.

      • Anonymous

        Okay yeah..I feel dumb now..ran the batch file, it does give me an error message in the DOS command:

        I assume it was directory so I went with that, when I tried to open the game afterwards I got this:

        Also tried with the file option, different error message this time:

        Either way both choices do change the data.xp3 filename to data.xp3.backup. I did not do anything with the messagewindow.tjs file, like replace it with the ones you supplied yet. Either way, I really appreciate all the time you are devoting to helping me solve this, however it’s getting late and I don’t want to take up any more of your evening than I already have. I will be back on in the morning to fiddle around with this some more, plus follow any more troubleshooting tips you post from here on out, once again though, thanks a ton for putting in the effort for me.

      • That’s weird that your command prompt isn’t in “ANSI/OEM – Japanese Shift-JIS” by default. That could be causing issues with the file copying, but it’s probably more important as a symptom that your region/locale settings are screwed up.

        The error message you were getting before seems to be related to copying Japanese text into a Windows system variable. There shouldn’t be any problem doing that in Japanese locale, but if your locale *isn’t* set properly, it’ll screw up like that.

    • Anonymous

      Is there a method of running Windows in the Japanese locale while it’s doing this? I forget exactly what program I used for the first VH, but its just a simple right click and “run with Japanese locale” option when I click on the application file, not sure if its actually running in the locale when I’m doing the copying, but I’m guessing probably not…

      Either way thanks for the help dargoth..I’ll be trying again in the morning..not giving up so easily on this game yet.

      • krna

        Go into ‘Region and Language’ in Control Panel, then click on the tab labelled ‘Administrative’, then click ‘Change system locale…’, change it to ‘Japanese (Japan)’, and then restart.

    • Anonymous

      Okay guys, here’s an update:

      I did what krna suggested, and had my locale changed to Japan while it did the copying. That did the trick I guess, because instead of it being an instant error in the command prompt, it actually started copying files for a few minutes. When I went to boot up the game…SUCCESS!!

      Everything seems to be working fine, couldn’t have done it without you guys, thanks a ton. Thanks to you Dargoth for troubleshooting the problem for me and figuring out what was going wrong, and a big thank you to krna for something that should of been obvious..haha. Thanks again guys for spending some time helping me with to play through this thing. 🙂

  5. PerBert

    I know that you get this a lot… but have you considered the translation of Mononoke Village: Ascension?

    I concur that the gameplay is fairly terrible, but the “grind” system is nice and from what I can get using ITH and Translation Aggregator the rape scenes have some interesting and even touching texts… better than VH2 in my opinion.

    Since most of them now end with the hero’s demise (expecially the “betray” ones) I feel we are in par with Monmusu Quest

      • PerBert

        As I said, my only reference is what I get from automatic translation. But in almost all the “betrayal” scenes the undertones are darker than the base game (after all the hero is wounded and the mononoke freed from control). There are more endings like the Tengu ones in the base game (in wich the hero was killed in cold blood).

        So it is more like “Monmusu Quest” but with less humiliation. Darker but not masochist…

        And the expansion is out at 105Yen… I’m still trying to understand how it is possible…

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