Finally hit 5000 lines translated in St. Monmusu Gakuen. I was hoping to be at this point well over a month ago, but oh well. Progress is being made and will continue until this damn VN is fully translated. Well… unless Paradox comes out this year, at which point things might get complicated.

Anyway, if you’re into vore (and monster girls obviously), check out http://www.dlsite.com/ecchi-eng/work/=/product_id/RE136066.html. It’s even translated into English already by the developer! It’s not the best English, but then again the story is an afterthought. The gameplay is simplistic, but doesn’t hinder the game. Art isn’t the best, but it’s all large animated sprites and pretty hot. Again, only for vore lovers.

Edit: I didn’t realize how short Demon Angel Sakura actually is. It seems more like an introduction for a longer series so perhaps we can hope for more. As others in the comments pointed out, it’s more hardcore than the vore in MGQ, but there’s no dismemberment or anything like that.

I wish I had more stuff to recommend, but it’s been a dry spell lately.


  1. lknd14

    Having some experience with translations, I can say that that is a big amount. I’m looking forward to this project, Wish you the best luck!

    PD: I finally completed the translation of VH1 to my language, thanks again Dargoth.

  2. Anonymous

    As a heads up, the game Dargoth is recommending is not just vore, but also light guro I think. The digestion process for the slime girl is, at least, not at all… well, uncomfortable looking, judging by how the liquid turns red.

  3. Billy Masakado

    Cograts reaching 5000 lines 🙂 About the game….lol… wow… I played the trial version and found it nice. The animation is quite humorous even with the vore elements. A simple game yet challenging. Definitely worth checking out, for any MG fan, or people who are into side scroling h games.

    PS : That slime milks you, turns you into jelly and says ”Itadakimasu” before slurping you….that just made my day xD

  4. WildHawk

    hey dragoth can you translate the character sheets of VH5 if there’
    s anything different or new added

  5. Sevalle

    Even if it’s light, vore just doesn’t do it for me, might as well kill the character right away. Give me a regular fuck to death kind of scenes. Slow days for Monster Girl fans…

  6. Goddess Ilias

    Yay i am looking forward for Monmusu Gakuen.
    Keep up the good work, i will always watching over your translations.

  7. Anonymous

    Yeah man it’s like MGQ ended and then a load of crap came out. Perhaps it’s cos they know paradox is gonna come out any minute and take all the sales. I’m in the same boat with vore too. It really doesn’t do it for me. Tbh the fuck’s that end in death make me a bit uncomfortable but at least I can derive something sensual out of it. I just don’t see whats so sexy about seeing someone eat something else lol. It’s not as if me having lamb chops for dinner counts as bestiality XD.

      • Billy Masakado

        Indeed. I have to say that I like her design more than Dragona from VH1. Not much of a scale( skin)-fan.

      • DungeonMasterBobbySmith

        Oh, great…I don’t believe I just did that. FUCK MEee!! While I was deleting a bunch of old files that I don’t use anymore, the folder that contains my entire VH collection (1 through 4.5), was accidently highlighted for deletion too. Everything VH has been destroyed. Now I have to download & replay from scratch. How long do you think it will take me to clear every ending, If I played “VH I,II,III,IV & ~another story~” back to back?

      • DungeonMasterBobbySmith

        I think I downloaded save for VH 2 before… If I remember correctly after inserting the save it caused a glich where if you were to play through it like regular, Amu’s chamber will never open.
        Oh yeah which remindes me, In VH 3 when you tell sei-mei to continue giving you the hand job, which results in game over, that screen where you pick (continue or not) is not translated.

      • DungeonMasterBobbySmith

        Something wrong with my computer… I think the registry is missing something or is corrupted. I tried to run patch the same exact way I did before, but it failed. My computers been twitchy lately. In order to repair my registry or whatever else is wrong, I need to know some specifics. Can u email me the services & their path(s) the patch uses. I have the software to fix my computer, but I need some specifics to use the software advance options. My email is at tadams587@gmail.com.

      • DungeonMasterBobbySmith

        I figured out how to better fix my registry, & fix a lot of my other computer’s problems. Whahahaha. Back to playing some good Eroge! Did you check on the 100% save for VH II?
        If not its OK I’d probably get around to replaying anyhow. How is St. Monmusu Gakuen coming along? Are you still on Sabbatical from translating the rest of the VH series?

      • DungeonMasterBobbySmith

        So I thought I fixed the problem with the patch not installing. Damn false alarm! I had fixed a lot of other problems with the registry but not the one for the patch. when running the patch, a black window pops up for a slit sec…I’m assuming its the xcopy.exe or command menu. but it closes after the spli sec, & does nothing. I did get my computer to run faster fixed a bunch of incorrect “paths” in my system files, removed some hard to find maleware.Its probally a single line of code left thats wrong or misplaced. A code-needle in a code-haystack. I’m at my wits end & I don’t want to do a system restore. Any suggestions?

      • DungeonMasterBobbySmith

        Theres a manual Install process? I though you just extract the zip folder’s contents into the games folder & open kikiriki.exe.

  8. Tyr

    Well i am not liking the design much….it kinda looks more like another generic hnetai game than a monster girl game

  9. Anonymous

    I was wondering how many lines are there in total for the game St. Monmusu Gakuen

    well I do hope you finish that games translation before starting a new translation project to many games get only half translated and then just sit there witout ever being finished,

    anyway I wish you good luck

  10. AnonS

    I guess I’m really only interested in Paradox but who knows. I don’t really like these other monster girl things, although the manga is okay and I read that.

    When is Paradox supposed to come out?

    • Billy Masakado

      Awesome. Another game to look for 🙂 Played the first one and enjoyed it ( although it was a pain without a translated faq). Thanks once again for the great news.

  11. Sevalle

    Man so many Monster Girl games out there now and…. Damn…
    Wish there were people more Like Dargoth who would do this for us. Hell, I would gladly donate but… ;_;

      • Roflcakes

        I don’t think he made a final decision yet, it’s possible he might be holding them off until he’s done with his current projects.

      • Anonymous

        His current project will take him 2 years or more to finish and than Paradox will come in between that time which will just delay things even further, so no he definitely wont be doing any VH stuff… By the time he finishes all his projects we will be up to VH9 or 10.

  12. Anonymous

    Just wondering how man lines are you translating a day? It is more or less than 500 lines a day? I may not have translated anything before, well not yet, though I bet it is not a simple task. Also keep up the good work and I hope to try out this VN also for some reason this site and pervious site that translated these monster girl VN could give a potential virus, since when I tried to get VH 1 English translated by using this site one of the stuff did not work, also I tried to follow the instructions yet for some reason renaming the data sheet that helps the game work and putting the English patch into the directory and it did not work for some reason and was still in Japanese.

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