Violated Hero 2 犯され勇者Ⅱ~勇者なのに、ちんちんをピクピクされてばかりのボク…~

As you may have noticed, Diselmine has released a sequel to the game I translated earlier this year. I’m currently in the process of translating the new one. If you’d like to purchase the game, it’s on the Japanese DLsite here:

or English here:

It took me two months to translate the first game, although this time I don’t have to deal with learning how to extract and patch the game. My Japanese has gotten better too.

The monster girls seem to mostly have 2 rape scenes each instead of 1, and the total number of rape scenes has been upped to 39 and a bonus (versus ~18+bonus for the first game). It also appears to be much less grindy than the original, although if you played the translated version, I had removed most of the grinding from the game by tweaking the numbers. I probably won’t mess with this one, but I haven’t played it much yet.

The game has a ton of images with text, including names of enemies in battle, the tutorial stuff, interface items, etc. Even the nameplate has your character’s name written into the image. Very annoying. I probably won’t end up translating most of these images, unlike the original game which was nearly 100% in English.

On the subject of names,
the protagonist is ルシア – Rushia/Lushia. Lucia seems like the best translation, but that’s a female name. Maybe it’s appropriate that your shota hero has a girl’s name…
the main antagonist has her name written in kanji as 雪麗 (snow beauty) but the pronunciation is シュエリー. It actually shows up in variable names as Shirley in English so I’ll have to go with that, but… Demon Queen Shirley? Really?

So anyway, I’m planning to throw together a basic patch with some options, battle text, and the first few story scenarios on Monday. After that, I can easily post translated scenes as I finish them, which will be simple to copy and overwrite the Japanese ones.

One mistake I made with the original game is that I never took a full line count at any point. Based on the labels used for saving games, it was around 2400 lines (one line = one screen of text, which may be one word or a few sentences). This game is over twice as large. I intend to do the basic combat and interface stuff first (which isn’t included in the line counts), then the main story, h-scenes, meeting and before/after dialogue, and finally the monster battle dialogue (stuff like “take this!” and “ouch that hurt!”). If I work at the same pace as last time, it’ll take 4 months for the entire game. Hopefully before MGQ part 3 comes out. No, there’s no date on that one yet, don’t ask.

Translation Progress:

Non-H Scenes: 135/2511

H-scenes:  0/3263 lines (0/40 scenes)

Total: 135/5774  (2.3%)